Nutec Study

The Centre Head A.R.Sehar is a Mechanical Engineer with great analytical skills. Have already guided many students in the year 2010 and made them successful in his personal capacity. Hence we have decided to guide the students in the organised way in the year 2011. What we do for the aspirants preparing for the IITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 ??? We'll analyze the tests you have written like all indian test series for IITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT -2011 conducted by the premier institutes, the tests you have written so far conducted by your coaching institute and send you our detailed test analysis report, which will help you to improve your marks in the next AITS and future tests. We will guide you how to reduce your negative marks, because in ITJEE even if you get -1 mark, your all india rank will come down to 100 ranks approximately. We'll tell you the method to improve your positive marks. We'll give you the schedule for studying the study materials given by your coaching institute. We request the parents also to monitor that your children follow our schedule and study accordingly. We'll tell you how to balance the time management in the ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 Entrance examination. We'll make you to aim for a particular marks and also for a projected all india rank in the ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011, based on the marks you have secured in the AITS you have written and will make you to improve your marks step by step upto an increase of 30% from the present marks you have obtained. For example if your AITS mark is 160/480 we will make all efforts to see that you score 200 to 210/480 in the IITJEE Entrance -2011. We'll give you a statement showing what cut-off marks you should get in ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 and what will be your all india rank for such cut-off marks, and also the statement of cut-off mark in the year 2010. For outstation students we guide them online also. What the students should do who are preparing for ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 Please scan and send your AITS question papers you have written, marking the choices you have ticked in the OMR sheet, together with answer key, whether you write all india test series of IITJEE(or)AIEEE or your test papers of your coaching institute. For students who have not been selected in ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 and wish to appear for the 2nd attempt in the ITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT-2011 Please do not get dejected. Your success is not far away. You are near the winning post, Please scan and send us your score card of IITJEE/AIEEE/BITSAT2010 and discuss with us about the marks you have scored, Your negative marks etc. We'll guide you in the right direction and will mould you to become an IIT an /NIT an/BITSAT engineer, in the year 2011 Entrance exam.