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King Restaurant Royal Dinner

LogoOn Visiting Hue, one would love to discover this City not only the tourist site but it beautiful and Colorful booking in Royal style.

Special Tour Discount on New Office Opening

LogoOn this special event of new Tourist Information Center opened in Hue city

New Tourist Information Center Hue Office Provides

LogoThe First ever Tourist Information Center in Hue opened on 23rd July-2010 and run by Asiana Travel Mate (ATM).

Tourist Information Centers

LogoAsiana Travel Mate is the only Tour operator who open 3 main Tourist information Center. First one was in 2007 in Saigon, ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, at 4g-4h Le Loi str., Dis 1 Ho Chi Minh whose office now moved to 92-94-96 Nguyen Hue str., due to the reason the building knock down from Government.

Travel & Tour Operations Responsible Travel and Sharing

LogoAsiana Travel Mate focusses on individual, inbound travel into Vietnam, extending to Cambodia and Laos. Our tours differ from most other operators in the Indochina region with our services geared towards customization for the individual, families and small groups although we also offer regular, scheduled tours. From the very first contact via the internet, or face to face over the counter, our consultants assist you in planning and budgeting your travel, paying special attention to your personal needs and preferences.

Asiana Travel Mate's Ethic of Responsible Travel and Sharing

LogoAsiana Travel Mate was founded in 2006, against the backdrop of unprecedented the growth of tourism in South East Asia with the consequent economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts, both beneficial and adverse. The last decade has also been marked by natural disasters, epidemics and the rise of global concern for environmental and social equity issues. In the face of both the opportunities and challenges, Asiana Travel Mate has grown beyond expectations within a relatively short period, the outcome of our endeavors in providing personalized services with optimal values, efficiency and integrity.

History of Asiana Travel Mate

LogoThe wisdom of the combined strength of three cords is a universal theme reflected in the folklore of many nations and cultures. The three fold bond represents the principles of harmony and balance in a world of duality. In early 2006, Nguyen Dinh An (Andy), Nguyen Ngoc Quyet and Bui Van Chi, decided to pool their experiences, skills and resources to establish a new and unique travel and tour company; Asiana Travel Mate.