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Executive Auto Salon Announces Auto Detailing Specials for Spring 2014

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is now offering auto detailing specials for spring 2014. This month, drivers can get the company’s exterior hand wash, wax, and undercarriage cleaning for only $95. Technicians will clean wheels, tires, door jams, dashboards, door panels, consoles, and windows, plus apply tire dressing and hand paste wax the exterior. The hand wash also includes interior vacuuming. Upgrade to the Executive Detail for a full interior and exterior cleaning.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Food Truck De-Winterization Services for Spring

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is now offering food truck de-winterization services for spring. As the warm weather approaches, food truck owners will dust off their mobile restaurants and get back on the road. Especially if food trucks have been in hibernation for the winter, they will need some prep work before business can start up again. In addition to standard de-winterizing, vendors will need their truck’s equipment tested, plus full mechanical inspection and service. Executive Auto Salon does full mobile food truck repairs in Philadelphia and will perform maintenance on generators and clean trucks inside and out.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Customization Services for Winter 2014

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is now offering a wide variety of customization services on most vehicles. Whether customers need repairs, practical fixes, or just cosmetic changes, the body shop has helped many drivers in Philadelphia with their expertise and customer service.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering 100% Financing on Custom Food Trucks

LogoExecutive Auto Salon now offers 100% financing on custom food trucks. Food vendors of any type can customize a mobile kitchen for their business. Whether a restaurant serves dessert, ribs, or a full menu, the technicians at Executive Auto Salon can install whatever equipment necessary in a food truck. Cooking appliances can include grills, ovens, fryers, and microwaves. Refrigerators, freezers, and other storage spaces are available. Executive Auto Salon builds each unit from the ground up to suit every client’s specific needs.

Executive Auto Salon Announces Mobile Vending Truck-Building Services

LogoAt Executive Auto Salon, business has never been better. The company is taking off with the addition of its mobile vending truck-building services. People may have noticed all of the mobile food trucks popping up all over the country, particularly in and around Philadelphia and New Jersey. This is all due in part to the dedication and hard work of Executive Auto Salon. The company has taken orders to build mobile trucks for business all throughout the country. Even though the service is fairly new, the response has been great and Executive Auto Salon has quickly become the leader in building mobile food trucks and trucks for other various mobile businesses. People interested in a mobile vending truck anywhere in the country, please contact a company representative by calling 215 289 1500.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Detailing Services This Fall 2013

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is pleased to announce they are now offering detailing services for all types of automobiles this fall season. Having a car detailed on a consistent basis is important to keep the value of the car the highest it can be.

Executive Auto Salon Receives Finalist Award This Fall for Best Detailing from Philly Hot List

LogoWith exceptional service mixed with the most innovative detailing technologies, Executive Auto Salon is pleased to announce they have placed fifth this fall season and received a finalist award for Philadelphia’s best detailing auto service from the phl17 Philly Hot List. No matter the detail that a particular vehicle is in store for, the technicians will leave every customer satisfied with their work.

Executive Auto Salon Will Now Repair the Body of Vehicles

LogoEvery time the ignition is turned in a car, drivers run the risk of some type of damage occurring. Drivers like to get to their destination as quickly as possible and the results can leave any vehicle dinged up. Whether the hood needs to be repaired, the bumper is falling off, or the rims are smashed in, Executive Auto Salon is proud to announce they are now repairing the body of vehicles. When drivers get rear-ended at a red light or side swiped on a city block during the night, the professional auto repairmen will make any vehicle look good as new.

Executive Auto Salon Has Just Announced New Reasons to Consider Auto Detailing

LogoThose who love automobiles understand the passion that the staff at Executive Auto Salon has for cars, trucks, and anything with wheels. However, the casual automobile owner may not be fully aware of the level of professionalism and detail that goes into every vehicle at Executive Auto Salon. Executive Auto Salon offers auto repair in PA and much more. Whether someone is in need of a fully customizable automobile modification or auto detailing in PA, Executive Auto Salon is the place to call. Now, Executive Auto Salon is informing prospective customers about important new reasons to consider detailing their vehicles.

Executive Auto Salon Is Now Offering Detailing Services for Exotic and Luxury Vehicles

LogoThe staff at Executive Auto Salon has an unparalleled passion for automotive service. Whether a customer is looking for auto body shops in PA or professional detailing, Executive Auto Salon always goes the extra mile for their customers. Many customers of Executive Auto Salon take great pride in keeping their vehicles in pristine condition. Exotic and luxury car owners have relied upon Executive Auto Salon for a variety of services. Now, Executive Auto Salon is offering extensive detailing services for exotic and luxury vehicles.