New Study Answers if You Can be Jewish and Celebrate Christmas

In its new December Holidays Survey,, an independent non-profit publisher and advocacy organization, found what celebrating Christmas means for the growing number of interfaith families now choosing to raise their children Jewish. The way that interfaith families address this issue is important in America’s increasingly multicultural society and can serve as a roadmap for tolerance of others’ beliefs and traditions

Searching for Afikomen and Easter Eggs: Interfaith Families’ Attitudes towards the Spring Holidays

For the eighth time in the past decade, Passover and Easter overlap again this year. And even though the holidays have some similar elements, such as searching for the afikomen and for Easter eggs, 85 percent of people in interfaith relationships will keep the holiday celebrations separate, as opposed to blending them, according to a new survey released today. This is an important finding given concerns about the future of the American Jewish community and the current debate about stepped-up efforts within the Reform and Conservative movements to encourage conversion of non-Jewish spouses.