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Swift Water Logistics and Magline CooLift Featured in Quality Digest

LogoWhen looking at a direct store delivery (DSD) tool, Swift Water Logistics focused on a solution that provided demonstrable safety and quality. Swift Water Logistics’ search for a total system thinking solution was found in the Magline CooLift. Swift Water Logistics approach to supply chain improvement is based upon a framework that functional groups do not succeed solely within their business area. Significant cost savings within a supply chain are identified between functional groups; the touch points where information and processes are handed off.

Magline CooLift Ergonomic Solution Featured in Quality Digest

LogoQuality Digest reported last week that warehouse SKUs have quadrupled during the last 15 years, which has exacerbated the complexity of organizing and ensuring the accuracy of loading and delivery of product. The article by industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler noted, “On top of all of this is the importance of safety and maintaining a healthy workforce that is too often plagued by injuries. An aging workforce with great experience and knowledge is being lost due to the inability to endure the physical activity required for DSD delivery. Fuel costs and increasing fleets have also contributed to this complex quality equation.”

Innovative Self Stabilizing Truck Produced from Magline Rotacaster Partnership

LogoMagline, Inc., the innovative lightweight route distribution company, and Rotacaster, maker of the first multi-directional industrial wheel, developed a partnership with exclusive rights to the “Self-Stabilizing” truck in the U.S.

Magline CooLift Delivery System Drives Ergonomics Advantages and Keeps Drivers on the Job

LogoThe Magline CooLift Delivery System and Magline hand trucks can potentially reduce the force a driver handles on a typical route by up to 25,000 pounds, thereby substantially reducing injury risk, according to a recent survey by Humantech, Inc. The cumulative force is supported by the drivers’ hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and back joints.

System Thinking Solutions CooLift by Magline Featured in Quality Digest

LogoThe current issue of Quality Digest features Magline’s CooLift as a system thinking solution for Swift Water Logistics. When looking at a direct store delivery (DSD) tool that addresses these issues, Swift Water Logistics focused on a solution that provides demonstrable safety and quality.

Magline Key Sponsor of BevOps Fleet Summit in Las Vegas Starting April 22nd

LogoMagline, manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, will attend and provide sponsorship to the premier event for Beverage Warehousing, Operations and Fleet Management. The 9th annual BevOps Fleet Summit, hosted by Beverage World magazine, is April 22-25 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Ergonomically Designed Magline Hand Trucks Reduce Injury According to Humantech Survey

LogoThe results of a Humantech, Inc. survey conducted for Magline have been released. The study was initiated to explore the relationship between Magline hand trucks and the potential injury prevention with cost savings in the supply chain.

Magline CooLift Delivery System Profiled in Industrial Supply

LogoMagliner CooLift Delivery System was profiled in Industry Supply trade magazine. According to the publication, the CooLift System combines an easily maneuverable and high capacity hydraulic lifting truck with integrated plastic “half” pallets for improved safety and efficiency. According to Industrial Supply online, “With the CooLift Delivery System, product can be delivered to the store with up to 50% reduction in driver product touches. Orders are built directly onto a CooLift pallet inside the warehouse, and then loaded into trailers using traditional fork lifts with CooLift Pallet Adapters. At the delivery location, drivers can transfer product to its final destination through a traditional door, unlike with full-size pallets, because of the CooLift pallets’ compact size. Combined, these time-saving features have provided proven cost-effectiveness for customers across North America. The CooLift systems have demonstrably increased delivery efficiency, improved driver retention and longevity, and provided for lower fleet operating costs.”

Newly Designed Magliner Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck Drives Raves at MODEX

LogoMagline, manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, introduced the Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck (NAHT). The overall height reaches up to 68 inches, holds a capacity of 500 pounds and the lightweight aluminum frame of 31 pounds makes the hand truck easier to maneuver. The durable aluminum construction is 23 percent lighter than steel equivalents.

Magline Teams with Rotacaster to Produce Self Stabilizing Innovative Solution

LogoMagline, Inc. has developed innovative lightweight route distribution solutions for the last 100 yards of delivery. Magline, Inc., and Rotacaster, maker of the first multi-directional industrial wheel, have teamed to produce a Self-Stabilizing truck in the U.S. The hand truck is the newest of innovations by Magline. The Self-Stabilizing technology includes Rotacaster wheels.