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New Google+ Local Optimization Service Launched by Reports NorthStar SEO, LLC

Google+ Local optimization services are now essential to all business owners due to the rising popularity of local searches. Statistics show that the number of consumers using the internet to conduct local searches for businesses is rising. The number of consumers searching for businesses in this way is expected to continue to rise dramatically over the next couple of years. Businesses need to get their Google+ Local listings claimed, verified and then optimized as soon as possible to get the best results from this free service from Google. Mobile phone users who search for businesses that are close to where they are usually use Google to conduct their search and the Google+ Local listings that are optimized are the listings that come up on the first page of the search results. This new trend in the way that consumers are finding the businesses that they will be visiting or calling is the reason that The experts are now offering a local optimization service for their clients.

James Dreesen's Book 'SEO for Google Places' Tops Best Sellers List by NorthStar SEO, LLC

NorthStar SEO, LLC recently published a book called “SEO for Google Places” exclusively on the Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. The book written by Minneapolis-based Internet marketing consultant James Dreesen has now topped the best sellers rank in multiple categories.

New Book About Google Places Released by NorthStar SEO, LLC

The Minneapolis based SEO company, Northstar SEO, LLC is already known by many as an incredible success. In the short period of time since they launched their business, they have proved themselves to be an amazingly effective and efficient team of experts who can provide local businesses with real results. Their guaranteed SEO services are proof that they have what it takes to guide a business to success through online marketing and helping them create an impressive online presence. Northstar SEO, LLC is run by the founders of the endeavor, Travis Van Slooten and James Dreesen, two highly qualified SEO marketing experts.

NorthStar SEO, LLC Offers a Unique New SEO Guarantee for Their Clients

NorthStar SEO, LLC continues to help numerous small business owners drastically improve their businesses’ overall online presence in 2012. The services that they offer at NorthStar SEO, LLC are not just one's run of the mill SEO services that take months to deliver the higher website rankings which are always promised. NorthStar SEO, LLC is different and is so confident in their local SEO services that they have just announced their guaranteed SEO services.

Informative Insurance Blog Obtains New Ownership After Website’s Auction Says Northstar SEO, LLC

Website developers and entrepreneurs alike should look into the auction for the blog. James Dreesen, a managing partner of Northstar SEO, LLC, has decided to offer this Insurance website for sale. James who received his insurance license in 2008 decided to build a highly successful and trusted Insurance blog and did so over the last 2 years. “The goal of the site was to provide up to date and relevant information about the confusing consumer insurance industry,” Dreesen said. A public auction for this Insurance blog just recently end and can be seen here. Sees Explosive Growth in Requests for Their Free SEO Analysis Service was launched in January of this year and one of the unique services they are offering is a free SEO analysis report for small businesses. Co-founded by internet marketing professionals Travis Van Slooten and James Dreesen, NorthStar SEO was established to provide affordable local SEO services to small businesses who have little or no knowledge of building their web presence.

Minneapolis SEO Company, NorthStar SEO, LLC Publishes SEO eBook for Small Businesses

Minneapolis SEO company, NorthStar SEO, LLC., launched only a couple months ago but it is already taking big strides in making its services more accessible to business owners. In addition to having their services available through the website, the company also recently published an ebook on small business online marketing, written by Travis Van Slooten and James Dreesen, experienced Internet marketing professionals and co-managers of NorthStar SEO, LLC.

Minneapolis-Based NorthStar SEO, LLC. Acquires

Minneapolis-based NorthStar SEO, LLC recently acquired, a website offering San Francisco SEO services to companies who recognize the benefits of a dominating web presence but don't know how to achieve this. Prior to the acquisition, had been successfully working with small businesses within the San Francisco, California area and even in other parts of the country for over a year.