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Modern laws in the United States require the use of flame retardants in certain areas where events are held. As a result, the demand for flame retardant fabrics has dramatically risen over the years. Flame retardant fabrics essentially reduce the risks of textiles catching fire, thereby effectively protecting event hosts, attendees and their property as well as the environment.

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For practically all types of events, table skirts are a must-have. The common practice of table skirting involves arranging decorative fabrics to appear like skirts that create an attractive and elegant finished look, for otherwise dull, ordinary tables. It is applied to head tables, registration tables and formal dining tables. Table skirts can also cover the storage space under the furniture, in addition to effectively protecting it from damage and stains.

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When it comes to planning trade shows, stage presentations and other organized events, a primary aim is to impress prospective clients, attendees, spectators and guests. As such, it is highly important to create an attractive environment, without the high costs. One of the best methods professional employ is the use of pipe and drape system to address a venue’s backdrop needs.

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Events that require decor and interior design elements should also consider the safety aspects of the materials used. While event hosts and organizers need to pay attention on how beautiful and creatively designed the whole venue is, fire codes must be met to ensure the overall safety and protection of all attendees during the course of the celebration.

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Most events require the use of tables where guests will be seated and entertained throughout the celebration. Tables, being an indispensable piece to any party venue, should be presented in a way that makes them look elegant and complimentary to the event theme and decor. Table skirts or table drapes that cover the perimeter of a table can offer a finished look without adding too much expense.

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When it comes to selecting a venue for any event, the most ideal place will have to be roomy enough to accommodate all guests – especially when numerous attendees are expected. Wide areas may be the best option, such as gymnasiums and auditoriums, but such venues may need to be sectioned or divided into specific smaller spaces without doing so much work. A pipe and drape system is deemed essential for this type of venue transformation.

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Occasions, parties and such – no matter how much planning into them – are not insusceptible to accidents. Even the most organized event cannot be too certain about safety, and still requires robust security systems in place for the entire duration. While certainly not hoped for, it pays to be safe than sorry when it comes to avoiding accidental fires. Sadly many of the fabrics used in décor are made from organic compounds. As a result, polymers commonly decompose into combustible products upon exposure to heat which can initiate fires or propagate flames.

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For a professional look to any event, it is a must for tables to look presentable. This however, doesn’t have to involve buying new tables, in fact, beautifully set tables can provide the finishing touch to an event. By covering up a table, event planners are able to hide the unsightly seams or dings in the furniture. For every party host or decorator, the real challenge, therefore, lies in selecting the right type of table skirts that helps transforms a lifeless table into an amazing centerpiece or accent.

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Often seen in trade show, weddings, fashion shows, concerts, interior design, theatrical stages or even show or movie sets, the pipe and drape tandem has become an indispensable part of practically any event. A backdrop system is able to cover distracting, less appealing walls and can also serve as room dividers.

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When it comes to picking decors to pep up a venue for any occasion, table skirts are hard to miss. Table skirting is becoming a popular alternative to buying costly decorative tables that match the theme of a particular event. Over the years, more and more table skirting products have been introduced in the market to serve two primary purposes: give the table a pretty look fit for the occasion; and hide unnecessary items that could be kept underneath the table.