Home Grown Solar Products to Drive Indian Solar Power Industry

LogoIndia’s focus towards solar power is rising due to growing need for energy and shortages in conventional power generation sources. With this demand for solar photovoltaic panels and products are also increasing. As a result manufacturers are expanding their existing capacities to meet the rising demand in the country. Also, the India government has initiated subsidy schemes to support domestic manufactures which would help domestic panel producers to scale up operations and improve their cost competitiveness.

Largest Share in the Market Is Claimed by the Commercial Segment

LogoIncreasing government support, better FDI inflows and increasing investment by private players are some of the major driving factors for growth of Russian Pharmaceutical Industry. The commercial drug segment occupied approximately 15% share in pharmaceutical market owing to the increasing consumer preferences for branded products and strengthening of Ruble. Besides, increasing healthcare spending and rising ageing population has been driving the sales in the commercial drug segment. Majority of drugs used in the country are imported which impacts the share of domestic pharmaceutical players in the commercial market. Therefore, the Russian Government has even introduced new policies and measures to restrict the access to imported medicines.

Automation Driving the Indian Poultry Industry

LogoThe Indian poultry sector has emerged from entirely unorganized farming practice to commercial production system with state-of-the-art technological interventions. Automation has lead to significant improvement in hygiene and quality of production. New techniques for automated processing line, vacuum packing, skin packing, MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) to enhance the shelf-life of the meat etc. are fast gaining ground in India. It is anticipated that the poultry industry will grow at a CAGR of around 11% during 2012-13 to 2016-17.

Lack of Regulation: Mushrooming IVF Clinics Across India

LogoIn value terms, India’s IVF market is anticipated to have touched the mark of INR 14.2 Billion by the end of 2013. The very market is anticipated to register a double digit CAGR over the 5 year period spanning from 2013 to 2018. In the coming years, many new IVF clinics are likely to start operating in India. Furthermore, on the technological front, some novel and advanced technologies are also under development, which will find substantial use in the field of IVF. These factors will significantly impact the growth of IVF market in India in the near future.

US Food Safety Testing Market to Reach US$ 4.4 Billion by 2017

LogoWith uprising foodborne illness due to Listeria, E. Colli, the food testing market of US has been vastly expanding and is estimated to reach US$ 4.4 Billion by 2017. The countries’ food producers have adopted the use of high end technological food testing programs for minimizing the risk from contamination. In addition to this, these producers are also using the “rapid test methods” as a way to check the level of adulteration in food items. Policy decisions such as Food Modernization Act are being taken up to shift focus towards prevention. On the other hand Europe, one of the largest importers of food, has been restricting itself with traditional testing technologies. In comparison, developing nations like India and China are going through a transformation phase, backed by increased spending from the government.

Increasing Clinical Approvals Showing Promising Future

LogoRising cancer incidence has been driving the monoclonal antibody approvals at a high pace. Moreover, the potential of oncology market has prompted market players to concentrate more on R & D of cancer mAbs. Approximately 50% of the monoclonal antibodies are relevant to cancer therapies of total monoclonal pipeline. The market has vast array of clinical approvals which led to significant entry of pharmaceutical giants. A lot of FDA approvals are in market and a lot more are in phase of development. Meanwhile, players have been making huge profits not only through FDA approvals but also by providing personalized treatment.

Industry Report "Global Electric Vehicles Market Outlook 2020" Released

LogoRNCOS “Global Electric Vehicles Market Outlook 2020” report offers a comprehensive study of the propelling market of Electric Vehicles’ globally with the major drift showing sky-scraping growth for the industry.

Online Cosmetics Buying - a Growing Trend in Singapore

LogoSingapore has rapidly adopted the western trend of purchasing online and cosmetic is one industry that is reaping benefit from it. An increasing need for comfort among consumers is a prime reason for increasing online cosmetic sales. In mid-2012, there were more than 4 Million internet users representing 75% of the total population. With growing internet usage and changing work lifestyle, the online shopping culture has grown in the country. Generally, consumers in Singapore purchase branded products online as there is no fear of quality in case of branded products. There are a number of popular online portals selling branded cosmetic products in Singapore.

Growing Demand for Affordable Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Boosting India's Used Car Market

LogoDriven by improvement in the economy, social stature of the Indian population is rising with people having better spending power now. The growing wealthy population with the change in spending pattern is providing immense growth opportunities for used car market. Presently, in India the upward middle class is driven by the desire to own a luxury car at relatively lower price. This is leading to the rise in the ratio of people heading for the affordable pre-owned luxury cars instead of new small car. This trend is anticipated to continue in future and to propel India’s used car market.

Telehome Market to Witness Growth in Telemedicine Sector

LogoThe deployment of telemedicine services has significantly improved the healthcare services owing to various technological innovations. Besides, consistently rising demand for high quality healthcare services, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases are some of the factors impacting the growth of this industry. However, a lot of telemedicine applications have gained acceptance due to adoption of advanced telemedicine services.