100% Pure Yacon Syrup (Gluten Free and Organic) to Help You Shed the Pounds Now with Discount Offers

Yacon syrup could be the next big thing in weight loss. The Dr conducted its own test to see if it lived up to the hype. Learn more about the results, how it works and whether it’s right for you.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Yacon Syrup is a new high quality and all-natural product has been recently launched that offers the variety of health benefits along with the weight loss. According to an article on the company’s website, the Yacon Syrup has been found in the research to have the positive effects on the metabolism therefore it aids the weight management process.

The article illustrates that the Pure Yacon Syrup is made from the roots of the potato and has been used long ago by the natives of Peru as a food sweetener. Over the time, it became the popular food and beverage sweetener, all around the world. Experts conducted several clinical studies on this natural sweetener, and the research revealed a variety of health benefits and weight loss abilities of Yacon Syrup.

To verify the weight loss claims of Pure Yacon Syrup, experts conducted various clinical trials. An Argentinean study conducted with 55 obese women. The volunteers took 3 to 4 teaspoons of Yacon Syrup each day. However, during this research the women were instructed to walk 45 minutes two times a week as well as reduce intake of calories slightly as well.

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After 120 days, the women taking Yacon syrup, experienced an average weight loss of 33 pounds and reduce 4 inches from their waistlines. The study also observed the improved insulin levels and dramatic decrease in LDLs as bowel movements increased.

How it Works?

The studies illustrate that the Yacon extracts contain a high amount of a substance Fructooligosaccharide that acts as a prebolic and increases the amount of “skinny bacteria” in the human body so that it helps to get thinner. The latest research has revealed that the Dr Yacon Syrup can supercharge the metabolism, and suppress the appetite to help with the weight loss. The research studies further illustrate that the Yacon Syrup actually lowers the level of hunger hormone Ghrelin that helps to reduce the food cravings.

“Further clinical studies found that the Yacon Syrup balances the sugar levels and it is a natural remedy for constipation” illustrates an article on the company’s website “it strengthens and feeds the good bacteria to eliminate the bad bacteria” the article further adds.

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