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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- The latest e cigarette reviews are all in anticipation for the federal regulations that are being drafted for the smoking devices that have grown so much in demand and anticipation that they have been called by many to be the next revolution in smoking. Whilst there has not yet been any federal oversight in the smoking devices, what is known is that there are many people that believe the e cigarette should be regulated in a much more stricter manner like that of the traditional cigarette. There are those that say the way the electronic cigarette has been marketed is being done in a manner that designed to make it more attractive to minors.

Yet even many of the e cigarette reviews that have been reviewed recently all seem to be of the mind that the way the smoking devices are being depicted in the media is done in an unfair and seemingly one-sided manner that is based on unjustly researched data. The most common fact that has been presented in saying that the e cig will give the smoker the same adverse effects on health as the regular cigarettes and in some cases there have been said to be even worse. Yet the electronic cigarette makers are stating that they have managed to create a product that has a zero causality and fatality record.

The main defense that has been shown by many of the e cigarette reviews is that all the tests that are being done to identify the effects of the smoking device are being done by private labs without any federal approval. They believe that the tests are done on the vapor cigarette in a controlled environment that is under sterile conditions that are nothing like what is on the real world.

They state that also the reason that many e cigarette reviews state that the manufacturers market using animated characters is because they want to remove the stigma that smoking has been given by regular cigarettes. Also they state the reason why the makers of the best e cigarette in being made in so many flavors is not to make it appealing to children but rather to appeal to a wider range of smokers.

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