37% of Online Purchases Are Made Through Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV

The latest study on online consumer trends, reveals the profile of the buyer and which devices are used for transactions in Spain.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Who are the potential buyers on the Internet? How old are they? Where do they live? Which type of  devices do they use? These are more other questions are answered in a very clear way in the Ecommerce trend Study for products and services with a media price of 500€.

Iniciativas Virtuales, a marketing and communication consultant company with more than 10 years experience, launches this study where more than 1500 Spanish consumers talked about online buying habits and their preferences.

If we talk about autonomous communities that generate more online purchases, Madrid and Catalonia add up the 44,8% of the transactions in Spain with a 23,5% and a 21,3% respectively, followed by Andalucia with a 12%.

But, where do digital customers search products related with leisure, turism and electronics? About a 70% of them do not doubt in searching all the information by Internet price comparators, while the 15,6% prefer searching directly in the online shops. Only the 11,5% try their searchings in search engines like Google.

Talking about the buying experience, the results are very possitive as the 84,6% says they have all the information needed to decide the purchase, recognising the 64,8% they don't have further doubts after the process.

Germán Piñeiro, Iniciativas Virtuales CEO declares “we are living a new era for the Ecommerce. After having all the Study results, the 37% of the internet customers use their smartphone, tablets or smart TV. This represents a significant increase over previous years and it seems that, according to the trend, this is only the beginning."

Everyday we can find more apps just designed exclusively for the product selling in this type of devices. If we talk about the buyer profile, for purchases of about 500€, the 61,2% are men which ages are between 41 and 55 years old (33,9%). To complete this profile, the 79,8% have higher education and the 47,3% are employed.

Once the buying is done, if there were any doubts or claims, where do they ask for a solution? According to the results of the Study of Iniciativas Virtuales, the 93,7% contact by mail or phone, while only the 5,2% try to find an answer through the social media platforms. The Ecommerce is now a reality and, finally, it can be said that the ones that opt for this online purchases valorate them in a very possitive way, declaring that they would be interested in repeating their experience in the same ecommerce (58,4%).

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