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420 College Is Clearing Up Confusion About Cannabis


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2015 -- GOP Presidential Candidate, Carly Fiorina is said to have won the most recent Republican debate but the very comments and arguments that are said to have clinched the win for her look to be patently false. Fiorina made mention of having to bury a child due to addiction; the words she chose implied that marijuana was part of the addiction that lead to her stepdaughter's untimely death.

Fiorina went on to state that while she agrees with state's rights she feels as though marijuana shouldn't be compared to alcohol because it is far more detrimental. Not only did Fiorina implicate marijuana in the death of her stepdaughter, she also made statements that are factually incorrect about the substance.

Cannabis is, in fact, safer than alcohol; according to the federal government's national survey on drug use and health, marijuana causes fewer emergency room trips when compared to alcohol per one thousand users. According to the Center for Disease Control 1 in 10 deaths can be attributed to excessive alcohol use; alcohol is responsible for two thousand American deaths per year and there has never been a overdose death from marijuana in documented history.

Mother Jones reports that Fiorina's stepdaughter's death was partly attributed to abuse of alcohol and prescription pills coupled with a battle with bulimia. Fiorina had nothing to say about the potential pan of prescription pills or alcohol even when it is clear that these substances are more detrimental to the health of American citizens.

It is apparent that Fiorina is playing to fear and exploiting the ignorance of American citizens who are not educated on Cannabis and its benefits and who may view the substance as a dangerous "gateway drug."

Leading industry educator, George Boyadjian of 420 College, says, "It is imperative that we not let candidates like Carly Fiorina dictate the conversation about medical and recreational marijuana, especially when the information is false and politically motivated. It is the mission of 420 College and institutions like it to educate citizens, business owners, and consumers about Cannabis and all of its respective benefits."

About 420 College
420 College is a cannabis educational institution, that helps to educate people on how safe and compliant business practices, and will be holding an educational marijuana business seminar October 23 & 24 of 2015 with attorney William McPike and other cannabis business professionals.

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