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420College Announce Seminar in California


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- With medical marijuana now allowed in 20 states and cannabis use legal in Washington and Colorado, and more sure to follow soon on both tracks, the sale and cultivation of marijuana is a rapidly growing and lucrative small business opportunity. Since 2009, 420 College has provided thorough and up-to-date turnkey medical marijuana business and legal resources in 73 seminars throughout California and in other states as well as online that enable entrepreneurs to immediately open dispensaries, collectives, clubs, delivery services and cultivation operations with the best chance of success. As one of the first marijuana business education ventures in the nation, 420 College remains at the forefront of a thriving yet still somewhat hidden industry that is already yielding benefits in the current stagnant economy to savvy business professionals, patients, consumers and workers as well as much needed tax revenue, all of which promises to become nationwide boom in the coming years. Its seminars, 420College.org website and online courses address every need and answer all questions for "canna-business pot-trepreneurs" to help them achieve their goals.

The seminars are led by medical marijuana business veterans and expert cannabis attorneys, and offer not just all the forms, applications and procedures to properly establish a dispensary, delivery or non-profit collective in California to provide patient care, but also know-how, guidance and networking resources to assure full regulatory compliance and protection plus assure prosperity. 420 College not only educates but also introduces attendees to lawyers, vendors, collectives, accountants, consultants, real estate and insurance agents, web designers and others to help their start-ups move forward and upward. Its website and social network resources offer a full range of cannabis business information, including the latest news and legal and legislative updates, best cultivation practices, marijuana recipes, medical marijuana patient guidance and much more. 420 College also continues to support the hundreds of seminar attendees that have started cannabis businesses with 24/7 advice and consultation services.

Among the goals of 420 College is building a community of pioneers within the movement to completely legalize marijuana, not only in California but throughout America, and enable them earn a living while helping marijuana patients access their medicine. 420 College believes that its success is the success of those it serves.

Upcoming seminars include How to Start a Weed Business in California on January 25, 2014 in Pasadena and Start a Medical Cannabis Dispensary on March 1 & 2, 2014 in Los Angeles.

For more information go to: Http://www.420College.org

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