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National Freight Expert Matthew J. Brosious Wins 2017 Food Logistics' Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Award

LogoFood Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Matthew J. Brosious, CEO and Founder of FreightCenter, to its 2017 Food Logistics' Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award.

Easy-to-Use Practice Management Software for Law Firms to Be Demonstrated on a Live Webinar March 30

LogoPractice management systems offer many advantages over spreadsheets and other equally outdated ways of managing a law practice – or any other business, for that matter.

Hytrol Conveyor System and Integration Partner AEC Reduced Operation Touches Improving Throughput

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, and integration partner, Advanced Equipment Company, provided an efficient solution for Arcadia Dairy Farms. James Ward, Food Technologist of Arcadia noted, "We use Hytrol Pallet Handling Conveyors with the accumulation features to automate the wrapping of our pallets and to distribute those pallets to the warehouse. This helped us reduce operator touches."

Food Service Industry Represent 47 Percent Food Dollars Spent in America

LogoThe Delivering Excellence newsletter reported that some 276 million meals are consumed away from home in the U.S. alone. That meal away from home is the "foodservice industry" and represents 47 percent of food dollars spent daily in America. Behind the scenes of most professional kitchens is a foodservice distributor. These companies buy, store, sell, and deliver tens of thousands of products — from fresh produce, meats, and seafood to grocery products like canned tomatoes and rice. That same distributor also helps restaurant operators with other needs like beverage programs, paper supplies, and sanitation products. Those outside of the industry may never think about it, but foodservice distributors are an essential part of what makes eating out possible. Modern foodservice distributor operations include multiple temperature zones to protect product during storage and selection.

Small Manufacturers Do Not Have Scope as Larger Corporations

Small manufacturers know they lack the bandwidth of larger companies, more work is done by fewer people. The Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported that the Manufacturing Extension Partnership can be of great assistance to small manufactures. This means more work is done by fewer people. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has been committed to strengthening U.S. manufacturing, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of manufacturers. Through its services and partnerships it has had a profound impact on the growth of well-paying jobs, the development of dynamic manufacturing communities, and the enhancement of American innovation and global competitiveness. MEP's strength is in its partnerships. Encourages Others to Be Healthy This Holiday Season by Eating Gluten Free and Sporting a Stylish Medical Bracelet

The holidays are traditionally a time for an over-indulgence in food. When people get together for social activities, they usually have plenty of food and drink available to celebrate the season. This can be torture for someone who is sensitive to gluten, and for those who have celiac disease. Gluten is a protein found in barley, rye and wheat. It can be found in numerous foods like pastas, breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, gravy, sauces, crackers, beer, etc. A sensitivity to gluten can make someone uncomfortable and ill, but for someone who has celiac disease, eating gluten can mean a trip to the hospital with serious issues. My encourages those with celiac disease to wear a celiac disease bracelet, to make others aware of their condition and to help avoid inadvertently consuming foods that contain gluten.

Small Business's Are the Backbone of the UK Says the Whiteboard Shop

In the UK there is a great deal of focus on the large corporations according to the Whiteboard Shop, when in reality the small business sector is what puts the great in Great Britain. The Whiteboard Shop who supplies the small business sector with different types of whiteboards, which include magnetic whiteboards, says the future economic growth is decided by the small businesses in the UK.

An Increased Number of Parents Are Using Whiteboards to Help Children with Their Homework

The Whiteboard Shop has seen a huge increase in the number of parents buying Whiteboards in the past 12 months. The online supplier of whiteboards has said the latest news that students in the UK receive more homework than most European countries does not surprise them. Over the past 12 months the whiteboard shop has received a huge number of phone calls from worried parents who wanted advice on the best whiteboard to buy to help their children cope with their homework. Now Offers Promotional Advertising Pens at Competitive Prices is now offering promotional advertising pens at competitive prices. The company is on the spree of providing the best in class functionality promotional pens and other promotional products that help clients to promote their products and services. Their promotional pens are one of the cost-effective means of promoting and marketing. The company offers personalized custom pens with logos of the company. Such personalized pens create an instant powerful impact and help the receiver to retain the product or services. Customers can visit the website of and browse through the vast samples of promotional pens. Their promotional pens are sure shot way for the success of the silence marketing.

Score at Hand Becomes One of the Biggest Selling Christmas Tennis Products

Score At Hand and Christine Watanabe, developer, are pleased to announce a clever product that helps keep track of the score while playing tennis. The Tennis score product has become a big hit with lovers of the game, and now it has become one of the biggest selling tennis products for Christmas. Anyone who wants to keep track of the score while playing on the courts should check out this handy little device. The scorekeeper attaches securely to the handle of any racket and tracks the game and set score as well as the score in a tiebreaker.

MagicBox Dev Invc Has Launched an App That Turns a Mobile Phone Into a Body Massager

MagicBox Dev Invc is pleased to announce that the company has launched a new android application known as the Body Massager Pro. The Android-based application changes an ordinary mobile phone into a vibration massage tool. Users can massage themselves or anyone else. Massages are physically relaxing and promote better health. The brand new body massager application can relax tight muscles quickly and easily.

In2town Small Business Press Release Service Announces Xmas Free Distribution Offer on Orders of $25

In2town Public Relations and Marketing, have announced they are celebrating the end of 2014 by offering new and old customers a special offer of free distribution with their press release writing and distribution service.

Dr. Lambert Describes Treatment for Emergency Dentistry

LogoAlthough brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups usually keep teeth healthy and sound, dental emergencies occur when least expected. Dr. Thomas Lambert of Always About Smiles in Bethlehem, PA has many ways of working around these emergencies.

Men Are Less Likely to Talk About Premature Ejaculation Than Women Says Experts

Premature Ejaculation, which can affect a man no matter what age, he is and can be embarrassing. However, according to a popular new blog that looks into the serious sexual health issue, men should not be embarrassed and should speak to family and friends to gain help and advice.

WP Hercules Releases New Plug-Ins to Help People Build Sales and Opt in Pages in Minutes

WordPress is one of the most powerful, flexible and intuitive content management systems currently available, and makes creating and managing simple websites easy. Despite thousands of themes though creating marketing led sales pages or opt in pages still relies on HTML, PHP and other coding skills that most people don't posses. WP Hercules has just launched and is already creating excitement in internet marketing circles. WP Hercules is a Worpress plug in that is designed to allow even novices to make beautiful sales pages or opt ins without any coding knowledge. Not only are these highly converting sales pages available to everyone, they can be created in minutes.

Irvine Personal Trainers Help Dorothea's Battle with Cancer

LogoWhen she was 52-years-old, Huntington Beach resident Dorothea Kalatschan was at the 12th mile of a half marathon and having doubts about the way she was taking care of her body. Although she had been active since the age of 25, Kalatschan was concerned that she was hurting herself by constantly training for long distance events: "Am I trying to prove to myself that I can run these 13 miles? There had to be a better way to feel better, look better, think better, and be more on task." Kalatschan found her answer with the personal trainers at Innovative Results (IR) in Costa Mesa.

Top 10 SEO Marketing Unveils Ft Lauderdale SEO Services

Top 10 SEO Marketing has launched Ft Lauderdale SEO services that can ensure that small business owners and individual entrepreneurs can make their presence felt in the competitive online market.

Annie Duke Helps Give the Gift of Good Poker This Holiday Season

LogoAnnie Duke has authored several books to help readers learn the concepts and strategies that can lead to a successful poker game. With the holiday season arriving, these books are informative and feature first-hand knowledge for the novice or the pro looking to brush up on their poker skills. The books can be found on Amazon just in time for the holiday season.

Nano Note Launches to Provide Gadget and Telecoms Coupon Codes to Readers in the US

Modern technology is advancing at a more rapid rate than ever before, and every day there seems to be a new invention that pushes the boundaries of what's possible. With mobile devices, internet packages and PCs all increasing the pace at which they become both indispensible and obsolete, it is no surprise that many people seek to save money on their technology buys. Nano Note is a new website offering people the best deals currently available from around the web on broadband, computing, mobile, cloud services and more. Releases List of Top 3 Jailbreaking Services, a well known online resource dedicated to providing information about jailbreaking Apple devices, published and reviewed a list of the top three websites that offered jailbreaking services for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 series as well as other Apple devices like iPad and iPod. Each of the top 3 sites, reportedly, offers easy and quick download and installation. According to, the sites are always up to date with the latest iOS versions. also offers tips and tricks to help iPhone users get the most out of their iPhones.

Medical Answering Service - Treatments on Phone Calls

It is necessary for every medical specialist to have valuable time with their patients as well as skilled enough to effectively take care of them. There is a demand of an answering service in the medical field from a long time; however, occasionally they are simply tempted to take the help of a live calling service. It is essential for all to hire an effective and proper medical answering service to get proper treatment on time.

Forex Forum Helps Novice Traders to See Forex Trading Logic Impartially

Lots of people are drawn towards e-currency trading through fake publicity that this industry doesn't require any specific knowledge. In reality, trading is lucrative only when a person is devoted to learn continuously the skills of forex trading. People can also take the help of forex forums.

Pressure Washing America, LLC Receives 2014 Houston Award

Pressure Washing America, LLC was recently selected and awarded the 2014 Houston Award in the Specialty Trade Contractors category by the Houston Award Program.

Event Marketing Automation Produces Results for Reunion Organizers

LogoA group of ex-Motorola alumni meets every December in South Florida to reminisce about their time together and to share stories about family, friends and former colleagues.

German Engineering Is About to Kick Start the Draft Beer Revolution

The Germans have a knack for cold beer and flawless engineering. Now, guess what happens if the Krauts combine their favorite pastime with their ingenious method of building machines. They invent: Das Kuhling.

Smith Chevrolet Launches Special Offer for Those Who Test Drive Company's Vehicles

Smith Chevrolet, one of the state's top new and used auto dealers, announced the availability of a new special offer. For a limited time, those who come into Smith Chevrolet's dealership at 90 Route OO in Jane and test drive a new or used car or truck will be eligible to receive a free, $25 gift card. Those interested in taking advantage of the offer can make use of a convenient online form at to print out a certificate which they can take with them to the dealership.

ATR's Grover Norquist, CFTC's Christopher Giancarlo, and CNBC Legend Larry Kudlow to Be Interviewed on Engage with Andy Busch on the Business Channel

LogoEngage with Andy Busch, the radio show that covers the intersection of politics and money, will feature three very special guests this week to cover all things tax reform and government regulation.