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Circuit Breakers Market Reflecting a CAGR of 4.63% by 2022

LogoThe circuit breaker is an electrical switching device which can be operated automatically for controlling and protection of electrical power system from damage caused by overload or short circuit. Circuit breakers are mainly used in automotive, construction, oil and gas, power generation, commercial and industrial sector among others. Low-voltage circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breakers, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, common trip breakers, medium-voltage circuit breakers, and high-voltage circuit breakers are the general type of circuit breakers. Further, oil circuit breaker, air circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breaker are also few types of circuit breakers.

New Podcast Episode: How to Leverage LinkedIn's Power

LogoLinkedIn has become one of the best tools for businesses to attract leads. Updates Third Vertical This Year (BDC) updated the criteria and scoring for its debt consolidation companies. This criteria overhaul is the third one completed this year.

Top Company Named on Medical Alert Systems

LogoThe Medical Alert Systems category on (TBC) has recently named Medical Guardian as the number one ranked company in the industry. This has come after a complete overhaul of the ranking criteria.

Improper Refrigerant Charging Procedures Lead to Compressor Failure

At T/CCI performance and durability count. Customers rely on T/CCI compressors to keep their vehicles running and their operators comfortable, even in the toughest environments. When a customer experiences issues with their compressor, it is T/CCI's commitment to fully investigate the situation and offer solutions that will keep everyone up and running.

Nativa Furniture Now Offers Spanish Furniture in San Diego at Reduced Prices

To position their name as one of the best furniture providers, Nativa Furniture now offers their customers Spanish Furniture in San Diego. The company provides the finest-quality furniture that is extremely durable and enhances the glam quotient of any room. The Spanish furniture supplied by the company is made from precious materials to give it a natural feel. Customers are provided with a wide range of Spanish furniture that includes Hacienda Desk, Alano TV Armoire-Stained, Amelie Leather End Table Diamond, Bedford Drop Leaf Coffee Table and much more.

Local Marketing Executive Launches Debut Contemporary Romance Novel

Vina St. Fran will debut her novel One Foot Out The Door, the first book of The Amorous Trilogy series, on April 15, 2015, under the umbrella of Zam Publishing, LLC. One Foot Out The Door was previously published in 2007 and is back after editorial review from former senior executive editor at Mills & Boon Harlequin UK division, Tessa Shapcott.

World Landforms, a Well Known Online Informative Portal, Provides Composite Volcano Information

The evolution of the earth and the various geographical features that can be seen hold a large amount of history and activities associated with it. With the movement of tectonic activities and changes in the atmosphere, a number of landforms have come into existence such as continents, oceans, deserts, mountains, canyons, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, islands, plains, swamps, forests, volcanoes and much more. Out of the other landforms, volcanoes are one of the most prominent geographical features. World landforms, a well-known online informative portal, provides composite volcano information i.e. details about their eruption along with information about other kinds of volcanoes.

Country Music Hitman, Tony Brown Shares Four Decades of Digital Content

This past week marked the launch of, which covers Country Music Hitman, Tony Brown's, extensive book of musical work, and allows visitors to take a digital journey through four decades of his produced hits.

LUXOR Grills Offering BBQ Grills at Reduced Prices

Retaining their name as one of the best providers of kitchen solutions to the backyard chef, LUXOR Grills now offer BBQ grills at reduced prices. The kitchen products supplied by the company are manufactured by a team of highly-skilled professionals that suits the need of each of their clients perfectly. The company deals with gas grills that are freestanding or built-in-models and can be easily used in B.B.Q. islands. For enhancing the entire cooking experience, customers can make an order online and purchase a gas grill that is available in four different sizes that includes LUXOR 30, LUXOR 36, LUXOR 42, and LUXOR 54.

Tally Koren's Beautiful Song 'Free Will – Latin Version' Debuts as Second Single off Her Latest EP

Side B of the EP "Free Will" has been selected as the second single from award-winning singer-songwriter Tally Koren, and will be launched on the 4th of May 2015 Available also in Spanish – Tengo Libertad.

'Homebuying for Heroes' Seminar Scheduled to Be Held on May 23, 2015

LogoThe 'Homebuying For Heroes' Seminar is set to be held on May 23, 2015. The event will take place at the Keller Williams office that is located at the Preston Road in Texas. The seminar will be addressed by Blair Thomas, retired from the Army and currently working as a mortgage loan officer; Willis Hunt, a certified credit repair specialist; and Herbert Johnson, a renowned realtor based in Frisco, Texas.

Isla Mujeres Vacations Launches Website to Promote Complete Package Tour Services Online

Isla Mujeres is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands in the Pacific, with marble-white sands, incredible warm seas and beautiful palms. As one of the most desirable locations on earth, many people seek to explore this amazing island, but few who do so get the benefit of local wisdom. Isla Mujeres Vacations is a new website just launched by a tour operator with 20 years of experience on the island. They hope to offer the ultimate travel experience to Isla Mujeres, providing every service holidaymakers could need.

Wedding Band Hip Operation Has Become One of the Most Recommended Bands for Wedding Receptions

Hip Operation, who perform at wedding receptions around the UK, has become one of the most sort after live bands in the North East and the whole of the UK. The live band who put on a performance at each wedding reception like they were playing at the O2 Arena has become a popular choice with celebrities.

Long Beach Plumber Is Happy to Announce Their Company Expansion

LogoLong Beach Plumbing is very proud to announce the expansion of their thriving plumbing business to the Long Beach area in California.  This is a business that is always excited to work with you and help take care of all of your plumbing needs and concerns thanks to the team of experienced service men.  They only use the latest and up to date equipment and tools to make your experience with us a breeze.  They now offer HVAC and sewer services in the long Beach area as well.  Taking on all types of sewer and heating and cooling issues you may experience.  From a leaky sink, to the installation of a new heater, all the way to brand new sewer lines Long Beach Plumber does it all.

Michael Palance Premier Disney Auditions Anticipated to Find Super Talents

Michael Palance is the actor and producer who has recently made announcements about the much awaited premiere Disney audition. Currently working as an executive producer for the popular reality show which is named as My Hollywood, the prominent figure has learned a thing to two about identifying talents in the American show business.

Innovative Care Management Company myNEXUS Augments Team with Two New Senior VPs and Four New Medical Directors

Care management specialist myNEXUS welcomed two new Senior Vice Presidents and four new Medical Directors. Formerly of DaVita, Matt Bassett becomes the company's new Senior V.P. of Government Affairs. Most recently of MCMC, Curt Neel joins myNEXUS as its new Senior V.P. of Network Development. Anthony Cmelak, M.D., R. David Heekin, M.D., R. Tom Miller, M.D., and Chris Semder, M.D., F.A.C.C, will serve as the company's new medical directors.

Tina Rodriguez Celebrates 25 Years as a Medical Aesthetician, Unveils Special Offer

Tina Rodriguez, one of the region's leading medical aestheticians, is celebrating 25 years of service in the field. As a way of marking this momentous anniversary, throughout the month of May, Tina Rodriguez Permanent Cosmetics will offer discounts of 20% to new customers on selected permanent cosmetic procedures and laser hair removal packages. Those interested in taking advantage of this special, rare opportunity can contact Tina Rodriguez to make arrangements.

Because There's More Premiere Show with Laura Ellis and Chris Cooper on

LogoLaura Ellis (Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisory Board Inc.) will join Chris Cooper, top show host of a continuing series, "Be More. Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind", in a live interview on 20th April 2015, from 6am(PST)/pm 9am (EST) on 6pm PST/9pm EST and on-demand within 24 hours VoiceAmerica's Business Channel (

The Celebrity Favourite Band Hip Operation Are Now Available for Weddings Around the North East of England

A popular band that has become a favourite with many celebrities in the UK has become one of the most booked bands for weddings. Hip Operation is a band based in the North East of England that has won the best band award at both regional and National Wedding Awards held in London.

Creative Agency Pneuma33 Launches Campaign to Educate Business on Branding Importance

Defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design with the intention of identifying goods or services of one particular seller, differentiating them from other sellers, the American Marketing Association gives a very strict definition of branding in today's evolving marketplace. However, according to James Kramer, spokesperson for the branding agency Pneuma33, the process is far more encompassing. "A brand should be seen as how the firm is perceived by their customers, not to mention the associations and inherent value they place on the business."

'Optimal Media Marketing LLC' Launches New Website

Logo'Optimal Media Marketing LLC,' a renowned media marketing company, today announced the launch of their new website,  The website provides information about the mobile app production and promotion service.

Exileration: King of the Raccoons

Sabe Lewellyn is a visual artist and designer with a strong advocacy for spreading awareness on global environmental issues. Now, to raise awareness on the state and fragility of nature, he takes on a one­man expedition in the Gulf of Mexico, which he calls Exileration.

Homeowners Are Now Using RTA Cabinets to Modernize Their Home Instead of Employing Handymen

With the rising prices of real estate, property experts have said it is much more economical to modernize a home instead of moving to a new property. However, modernizing a home has always required builders and handymen, but now, homeowners can modernize their bathrooms and kitchens without expert help thanks to RTA Cabinets and CabinetDIY.

Kelly's Thoughts on Things Connects Readers with Honest Reviews, Giveaways

Kelly's Thoughts On Things has grown to super-blog status since its inception. The blog's founder now taps into a talented team of contributors, as well as her continuing authorship, to deliver in-depth, honest reviews, fun articles, and giveaways.

500 Home Run Club, LLC Highlights the Home Run Hitters of MLB Baseball History

Baseball fans are always interested in knowing about the exciting details, related to baseball history. Online users have found it a little difficult to identify such a comprehensive site. This is why; 500 Home Run Club®, LLC has come up with a revolutionary platform, which informs the baseball fans about one of the most elite clubs in professional sports, consisting of the most awe-inspiring sluggers in baseball history.

Molecover Launches New Website to Ship Premium Leather Moleskine Covers Worldwide

The Moleskine notebook is considered the natural successor to the notebooks used by Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway to capture their ideas, inspirations and rough drafts. As a result, the Moleskine notebook is now the perfect accompaniment to anyone with imagination and creativity. Given the value of the ideas held within, Moleskine notebooks are actually surprisingly vulnerable. Molecover - Leather Moleskine Covers, solves this issue by providing high quality leather covers to protect these popular notebooks. They have just launched a new website that will enable them to sell their product to customers worldwide.