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Technology Project Launches on Kickstarter to Save the Lives of Orphaned Kittens

LogoA new project launched on the creative crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, has a mission to save more lives of orphaned kittens alongside kitten rescue groups and Good Samaritan individuals. The project is the Orphaned Neonatal Kitten Training Simulation designed by Lacey Clifton of Paso Robles, California. Unlike most simulation trainers which are only utilized by advanced learners, this kitten simulation is designed for use by novice learners who might be volunteering for the first time to foster kittens in need of around-the-clock critical care during their neonatal period (first 28 days of life).

Global Pulmonary Inflammation Market Segment Forecasts Up to 2024, Research Reports

LogoTransparency Market Research Report Added "Pulmonary Inflammation Market" to its database.

Texas International Resources Plans to Drill 6 to 8 Wells in 2015, After Recent Announcement of Oil Rebound

According to Abdalla El-Badri, OPEC's (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Secretary-General; "The Oil prices will rebound rather than extend their decline to as low as $20 a barrel because a collapse since June isn't merited by global supply and demand." However, despite the recent decline in oil prices, this recent news came as a relief for Texas International Resources which is planning to drill 6 to 8 wells by 2015 itself. Robert Minor, President of Texas International Resources believes that 2015 will be the best year ever for the company. At present, due to the decline in prices, Texas International Resources is poised to capitalize on lower operating costs.

Philadelphia Labor Lawyers Support Better Wages for Restaurant Servers

While it is standard operation for diners to tip at restaurants, Girard Brasserie and Bruncherie in Philadelphia, PA boldly states on their bills "Tipping is not necessary." Amidst the ongoing battle for a higher minimum wage, many Philadelphia labor lawyers aid employees to earn a fair income.

Survey Optimizes Convenience Stores Performance Attracting New Business

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported that the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) recently issued a resource to help convenience stores defend their turf and attract new business. A family-owned convenience store company in the Midwest recently found the answers it sought by employing a survey from Playbook for Success. By using the survey, the retailer discovered that customers were not aware of price promotions throughout the store, and that competitors were offering more compelling deals. Once armed with such insights, the c-store operator was then in the position to take action to make improvements. Retailers seeking other ways to position their operations for success may want to utilize direct store delivery (DSD). While it can be an expensive route to market for suppliers, it can produce powerful advantages for convenience retailers — particularly if it includes visits from a professional team supporting both business development and product replenishment. Smaller outlets can receive extra value from this approach, benefitting from the opportunity to learn first-hand about the brands, packages and promotions that are successful in the convenience retail channel.

Employee Owned US Manufacturer Encouraged Personal Accountability and Changed Culture

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported that American Roll Form (ARF) made a significant decision about their business changing the company DNA forever. They decided to offer an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). ESOP encourages personal accountability for all employees and gives the company team incentives to make operations more efficient, pursue growth opportunities and help the customers succeed. This individual ownership permeates the quality production, innovative thinking and hardworking service that ARF employees offer. At its most basic level, an ESOP is an employee-benefit plan. ESOPs are commonly used to create a monetary account for closely held stock of its shareholders, to help motivate and reward employees by giving them financial stake in the company, and to take advantage of different tax incentives. Once an ESOP purchases the balance of all company shares, it can say that it is 100% employee-owned. ARF is proud to be 100% employee-owned and operated.

Recession and Natural Disasters Explain Flat Inventory Levels

LogoForecast Errors newsletter reported that Dan Gilmore, Editor-in-Chief of Supply Chain Digest, discussed the inventory-to-sales ratio, as tracked by the US government. It measures on-hand inventory levels against one month's worth of sales. Other than the wild gyration in 2008-09 associated with the great recession, inventory levels have been flat for a decade, even gently rising in the past few years. There is a general bias in the last few years towards top line revenue growth, relatedly SKU proliferation and new product introductions, and longer offshore supply chains. But more provocatively, many companies may have simply hit an inventory wall within the context of their current supply chain designs. The imperative to map and model a company's supply chain took on extra urgency after the events of 2012 - earthquake and tsunami in Japan and massive flooding in Thailand, which caused huge supply chain disruptions.

Illinois Business Lawyers Advise on State's New Retirement Savings Plan

At the beginning of the 2015, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law that will require most businesses in the state to adopt a retirement savings plan for employees. According to The Chicago Tribune, the law requires that all businesses that have been operating for at least two years and have at least 25 employees must offer workers an individual retirement savings option by June 2017.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers: Help Start a New Life

Ariano & Reppucci, PLLC, the leading Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers, help lead individuals to financial freedom and start a new life.

Immigration Lawyers Help Qualified Immigrants Obtain Work Permits in the Twin Cities

As immigration reform continues to be in the line of fire, small business owners in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas are still concerned over the legal requirements that pertain to their immigrant employees. Some are anxious about how the deportation reprieves will play out for them — especially on the heels of a major increase in immigration audits since 2009 and are looking to immigration lawyers to protect both their businesses and valued employees.

The Lindenberger Group Now Offering HR Outsourcing to Mercer County Businesses

LogoAs the trend in recent years has been for businesses to move away from having a dedicated human resource department, employees' issues have fallen on management. Allowing managers to focus on their core responsibilities, The Lindenberger Group is now offering HR outsourcing to Mercer County Businesses. They will provide the company with a dedicated and experienced HR consultant on a regular or as-needed basis.

Dallas Employment Lawyers Advise Employers on Recent Flu Epidemic

The recent flu outbreak in Dallas raises questions of how employers should respond, including what to do if a sick employee insists on coming to work, and what to do if a seemingly healthy employee prefers to stay home. Therefore it is important that every business employer consult with legal counsel long before they run into any of these issues.

Tax Specialist Reveals How to Find a 2014, 2015 W2 Form Online

Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis has published an article revealing where taxpayers can find the 2014, 2015 W2 form online. One of the most important tax documents, the author and tax specialist reveals, it should be received by taxpayers from the companies they work for. The form typically comes in the mail before January 31.

Miami Employment Lawyers Help Workers Obtain Flexible Work Arrangements

As more employees choose to work from home, companies are implementing new policies. More and more employees are taking advantage of cloud systems and online capabilities by working remotely from home. This may cause interesting new clauses in employee contracts created by Miami employment lawyers.

New Jersey Business Attorneys Help Employers on Recent Flu Epidemic

The recent flu outbreak raises questions of how employers should respond, including what to do if a sick employee insists on coming to work, and what to do if a seemingly healthy employee prefers to stay home. Therefore it is important that every business employer consult with legal counsel long before they run into any of these issues.

VINSmart Offers Advice on Buying a Used Vehicle

LogoFinding the right used car can be a difficult process that will lead to many hours in front of a computer screen and countless trips to different dealerships. Even with all of the hours dedicated to the search, the buyer could be disappointed with the car down the road. To make purchasing a car easier, VINSmart offers advice on buying a used vehicle. Those who follow the company's tips will be well on their way to getting the right car at the right price.

Fertility Specialist Website Publishes New Study on Yet Another Mass-Produced Chemical

A new study published on a fertility specialist website, argues that women exposed to high levels of the chemical BisPhenol A (BPA) may have their fertility reduced because of it.

Washington DC Tax Lawyers Warn Internet Companies and Independent Contractors About Tax Laws

With the expanse and breadth of the Internet, doing business nationally and internationally can help companies reach potential customers like never before. Unfortunately, many fail to consider the taxes that they will have to pay come April 15. As Tax Season gears up, Washington DC tax lawyers will have their hands full assisting those who have to maneuver through state and federal tax forms.

Ariano & Reppucci: Aggressive Tucson DUI Lawyers

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol is a very serious traffic offence. Drinking alcohol in a motor car is also against the law. DUI regulations are rigid and the law courts are incredibly stringent when interpreting those regulations. Depending on the charges, the fines charged differ from serious fines, jail time as well as loss of driving rights, to auto impoundment.

Crowdfund Buzz Leads the Way in Building Trust in Crowdfunding

LogoShowing no signs of slowing down in spite of its advanced age as they celebrate their two years in business next month, Crowdfund Buzz continues to maintain its position as the crowdfunding industry's #1 advertising agency and PR firm as it also continues to set the standard in the crowdfunding industry itself.

Eve Affiliated New Artist N'cho Releases Song and Video Titled "Brothers Gone"

Baltimore based artist N'cho Grace (pronounced Nacho) has been making a name for herself ever since she caught the attention of hip hop legend Eve last year. Before N'cho ever released her first single, the young, multi-talented artist earned herself a guest appearance on Eve's highly buzzed about track "Wanna Be," which also features rap juggernaut Missy Elliot.

Prevalence of Juvenile Arthritis Continually Increasing

Arthritis is often considered a common part of the aging process. Those who typically suffer from it belong to the elderly population. Yet sadly, the condition is not exclusive to the elderly, but is in fact a problem among some of the school-age population.

Havok Timepieces a Proven Disruptor in the Luxury Watch Market Through Kickstarter

LogoElliot Havok is wreaking havoc in the luxury watch world thanks to its Kickstarter project offering posh watches at low prices. Having currently raised over $250,000 in a crowdfunding project with a starting goal of $15,000, it's clear that Elliot Havok is on to something.

CarVi, an Affordable Versatile Driver's Assistant, Offers Connected Car Features to Everyone

CarVi is launching a crowdfunding campaign on to bring to market real time safety gizmos currently available only in luxury cars.

Flower Girl: Gripping New Novel Calls on Father & Daughter Assassins, as Readers Pull Trigger on Cross-Cultural Global Adventure

While most authors construct fiction to give their audience nothing but a quick thrill, David Marshall Hunt's experiences living on three continents foster a bolder goal – to immerse readers in cultures they will likely never experience and leave them questioning everything they thought they knew about them.

Cop on the Scene: Ex-Police Chief's Lyrical New Book Invites Readers on Ride-Along, for Raw & Realistic Look Into Police Life. Hailed "Fascinating" by Critics

As Paramedics hunched over the two drug dealers with blood spilling out of their bullet holes, Peter J. Puleo knew it would be another shift of confronting human mortality. While the dealers had taken the ultimate step of engaging in a shootout with the police team, they had ultimately lost, as they usually do. It was another day of putting their lives on the line while serving the community as police officers.

JohnnyDents Announces Availability for Paintless Dent Repair This Winter

LogoDuring this time of the year, motorists not only need to look out for other drivers, but also environmental hazards. Now that snow is falling on a weekly basis, drivers throughout the Greater Philadelphia area are taking extra precautions to get to work safely. Combine the accumulation with the formation and spread of black ice and the chances of a crash skyrocket. There to help when a vehicle loses traction and collides with another car or object, JohnnyDents has announced that they have availabilities for paintless dent repair this winter. With decades' worth of experience, all of their technicians have the skills needed to seamlessly repair the most unsightly dents.