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The Resource Group Named Intacct Partner of the Month

LogoThe Resource Group was named Intacct's Partner of the Month for April 2017. The Resource Group helps clients improve business processes, overcome challenges during growth and connects disparate business systems by implementing the Intacct cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Phoenix Comicon Celebrities, Luminaries and Entertainment Innovators Join Finding Your Frequency Live

LogoFinding Your Frequency, hosted by VoiceAmerica CEO Jeff Spenard and co-host Ryan Treasure, VP of Broadcast Operations will broadcast LIVE from Phoenix Comicon this Friday, May 26, 2017 at 2PM PST on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel as part of VoiceAmerica's Friday and Saturday full Phoenix Comicon coverage on VoiceAmerica Live Events.

Antler Farms Leads the Way in Deer Antler Velvet Supplements with New Product Range

Deer velvet is known for having many beneficial effects for the human body. With high levels of naturally occurring growth factors and many other active nutrients, it can improve general health, boost athletic performance and speed recovery. Antler Farms is the industry leader in deer velvet supplements and has a broad range of products, including the world's only 100% pure capsule that uses only the high yielding parts of an antler.

Mark Cook Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a New Book on Raising Livestock

LogoAs an admirer of nature and a long-time advocate of intelligent environmentalism, Mark has cultivated a broad base of knowledge that has led him to develop a training manual on how to use livestock to improve and rebuild the environment.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys to Serve Residents of Tucson and Pima Country

Divorce and family law attorneys from Ariano and Reppucci law firm now serves residents of Tucson and Pima County. The law firm comprises a team of qualified and friendly Tucson divorce attorneys as well as family law practitioners that provides superior legal representation to clients.

My Anime TV Expands Regular Updates with over Thirty New Anime Streaming Shows

Anime is the Japanese term for animations, or cartoons. The art style is heavily influenced by Manga, and its hallmarks include exaggerated facial expressions, tableau and melodrama for both comedic and tragic effect. As such, anime has become internationally popular, first with Pokemon and later through shows like Dragon Ball and Naruto. The hunger for Anime now exceeds the supply, and My Anime TV aims to help change that by providing free streaming links to the latest anime episodes from best known and brand new series.

Between the Synapse Announces Its January 8, 2015 Broadcast Discussing the Recent Discovery of a Nazi Atomic Bomb Facility in Austria

LogoNo one argues that had the Nazis succeeded with their efforts to build an atomic bomb, the world would be a very different place. Historians, however, still vary in their respective views as to the Third Reich's proximity to achieving that goal. Adding to the debate, just last week an Austrian filmmaker uncovered a massive underground Nazi complex in St. Georgen an der Gusen, Austria, which appears to be part of a secret atomic weapons development system.

UC Advantage, Inc. Now Offering Analysis Services for the Voluntary Contribution Election of Payroll Tax Reduction

With the tax season fast approaching, employers across the country are expected to submit their payroll taxes. In twenty-six states across the country, a payroll tax option called a Voluntary Contribution is available that allows employers to buy down the rate. This opportunity allows businesses to save a substantial amount of money on their payroll taxes. The employment consultation firm, UC Advantage, Inc., currently offers financial advice to help companies determine how much they can save with a Voluntary Contribution and if it is right for them.

Beverage Industry Saw Increased Mergers and Acquisitions

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported 2014 was the year of mergers and acquisitions within the beverage industry. The Olympic Brewery's most recognized brand is Fix, while Carlsberg uses the Mythos brand in Greece, along with its international premium portfolio like Tuborg, Carlsberg, and Kronenbourg. The Danish brewer said it expects the combined company will generate synergies in areas such as procurement, production, and distribution. The combined group will have a market share of around 29 percent, the Danish brewer said in a statement. That puts it behind only Dutch rival Heineken with Amstel beer brand. With gross sales volumes of 139 million hectoliters, Carlsberg is the world's fourth-largest brewer, while Olympic Brewery produces 550,000 hectoliters annually.

Bastian Solutions Features Mexican Industrial Robots Market Growing in Automation Publication

LogoBastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator and expert in eCommerce fulfillment automation, was featured in The use of industrial robots continues to grow, not just in the U.S. but around the world. Guillermo Albaladejo, Latin American Director at Bastian Solutions shared the company opened operations in Mexico in 2012 because large opportunities made the decision to enter and serve this fast-growing market necessary and in the best interest of serving the customers.

Hytrol Conveyor Lean Journey Featured in Quality Digest Series

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., was featured in Quality Digest in the second of a series of articles highlighting a deep inquiry among members of the organization about their lean journey.

American Collectors Insurance Expands Policy Features for Classic Auto Insurance

LogoAs car collectors add to their collections, they will want to ensure their valuables are being protected in the best possible fashion. Helping collectors get the most coverage in their specialized insurance policies, American Collectors Insurance is announcing they have expanded their policy features for classic auto insurance. Those interested in taking advantage of the policy must meet specific qualifications to be approved for coverage. Qualifications include a good driving record within the past three years, a minimum of five years' driving experience, and one regular use vehicle (not collector car) for all licensed drivers in the family.

Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer Announces Pedestrian Hit and Run Legal Services This Winter

When a pedestrian gets hit by a car and the driver of the car ignores it, justice needs to be served. Traffic laws permit vehicles to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks at all times. When this regulation is violated, pedestrians sometimes become injured due vehicle impact. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, the victim is left with little to no other options of receiving financial help. This winter, hit and run victims of Philadelphia can consult with the attorneys of Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer, to handle their injury case.

Barb's Harley-Davidson Announces "Ring in the New Year New Bike Event"

LogoIn the beginning of every New Year, people set resolutions to achieve, especially bikers. If one of those goals is to invest in a brand new motorcycle, then Barb's Harley-Davidson is the place to go. The New Jersey dealership has various Harley-Davidson brand motorcycles for purchase and is marketing them in their new event. Their promotion, titled "Ring in the New Year Bike Event," aims to retail their newly manufactured quality bikes with the opportunity for special financing.

MRB Productions Inks Deal with Director Richard Sears

Renowned director Richard Sears has signed with Hollywood, CA-based MRB Productions for exclusive commercial representation in the United States. Sears has earned recognition for his work for such brands as Toyota, CITGO, Bud Light, Burger King and Marvel.

Two Condominium Projects Already Have Orange Beach OK

Two planned condominium towers more than 400-feet are creating a Bustle in Orange Beach, however they aren't the only beachfront developments in construction. Two additional condominium developments within a mile of the planned 450-foot Ascension and 435-foot Grace Location had already obtained the city's approval for construction.

Potomac's Greg Valliere, BNY Mellon's Michael Woolfolk, and Legendary Commodities Trader Dennis Gartman to Be Interviewed on Engage

LogoEngage with Andy Busch, the radio show that covers the intersection of politics and money, will feature three expert guests this week to cover everything from oil prices to investing to global politics. Chief political strategist Greg Valliere of Potomac Research Group, Michael Woolfolk of Bank of New York Mellon Corp., and Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter will be on to share their insights and expertise. The show is live on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel on Friday at 3PM ET.

Wholesale Clothing Destination Launches New Styles

LogoThe winter fashion season is in full swing but, the spring fashion is fast zooming in. This is the time to take a keen look at the upcoming styles that are about to take the fashion world by storm. New styles are usually accompanied by huge price tags but, with wholesale clothing prices, these styles become all the more affordable.

Bright Ideas USA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start the Production of Tiny N' Mighty Bike Light System

LogoFor over a decade, Bright Ideas USA LLC has been selling bike lights both as a retailer and a wholesaler. The company has always paid attention to their customers' thoughts to improve their products which leads to bigger and brighter ideas to serve their customers better. All these ideas were put together to design Tiny N' Mighty bike light system. Loaded with extraordinary features, this is the ideal lighting system for people that ride at night or early in the morning.

Ariano and Reppucci, PLLC to Help Individuals Fight Their DUI Charges in Scottsdale and Throughout Arizona

Ariano and Reppucci, PLLC helps individuals fight their DUI charges in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona. The company has been helping clients win their cases since its inception. They have the team of knowledgeable DUI and drunk driving lawyers who can help clients who are facing DUI charges in Arizona get the best representation at their convenience.

Providing Criminal Defense Lawyers for Phoenix Residents Facing Criminal Accusations

People's lives can relatively change instantly because of criminal accusations. Criminal charges require immediate criminal defense. Dependants need legal support from professional and expert criminal defense lawyers. Luckily, ariano and reppucci pllc offers criminal defense services for residents in Phoenix who need legal support as they face criminal accusations. They can help dependants find best criminal defense lawyers whom can effectively support them during the whole criminal investigation and procedures.

Annie Fox, Parent Educator and Teen Advisor, to Be Interviewed About "Girl Drama" on

LogoAnnie Fox M.Ed. is an internationally respected and award-winning author, blogger, media developer, parent educator and teen advisor. In this upcoming interview, she will advise parents how to guide girls through friendship challenges - elementary through high school - and teach them to be good people in the process.

Affordable Online Press Release Writing Service from Five Dollars Introduced by In2town

In2town Press Release service has introduced a cost effective way for small businesses to promote their products and services online. The media experts are providing small business owners with an affordable press release writing service from five dollars, to allow them to compete with larger organizations on the marketing front.

Cypherr to Launch Platform Devoted to the Success of Independent Musicians

Cypherr, a Philadelphia based technology startup is scheduled to launch mid-February of 2015. The new music social site is set to offer indie-artists a handful of tools aiding the success during the evolution of the music industry.

Access Premium Concert Tickets, All in One Place

Concerts are always fun, a great time to see favorite artists in action, a time to cheer and sing along with friends. That said getting concert tickets can be a real challenge. While there are gazillion ways people can acquire concert tickets, it is not always that they get to enjoy the concert, the way they would like to. On Concert Zap, there is no compromise required.

Ultriva Founder Explains How the Cloud Can Make Supply Chain Smarter

LogoNot much has changed with Supply Chain Management in the last two decades. MRP and ERP forecasts still rule the roost. Narayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva shared in a recent company blog, "When Supply Chain initiatives are undertaken, they usually involve improving the forecast. However, MRP and ERP systems are data intensive and require timely and stable sales."

Payroll Software EzPaycheck 2015 Updated for Colorado Small Businesses

LogoPayroll software at have just updated ezPaycheck 2015 payroll software for Colorado small businesses. The 2015 Colorado withholding allowances for employee claims changed to $4,000. The Colorado income tax rates is 4.63% for annual income more than $2,300.