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The Global Waterproofing Membrane Market Is Expected to Reach $24.2 Billion by 2021

LogoAccording to a new market report published by Lucintel, the future of the waterproofing membrane market looks promising with opportunities in the residential and non-residential construction industries. The global waterproofing membrane market is expected to reach an estimated $24.2 billion by 2021 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2016 to 2021. The major growth drivers for this market are increasing construction activities and cost-effectiveness of waterproofing membranes.

Easy-to-Use Practice Management Software for Law Firms to Be Demonstrated on a Live Webinar March 30

LogoPractice management systems offer many advantages over spreadsheets and other equally outdated ways of managing a law practice – or any other business, for that matter.

Nashville Music Scoring Announces New Remote Recording Service

LogoNashville’s elite class musicians are undoubtedly a coveted choice for recording sessions but unfortunately not all can spare the time or expense to travel to Nashville. We have great news for those unable to travel to Nashville, Nashville Music Scoring now offers remote recording via Source Connect.

Hytrol Conveyor and Integration Partner AEC Helps Verizon Move 13 Million Bills Each Month

LogoCSLT-Billing had simple gravity equipment with no programmable logic control (PLC) that was causing problems in their process. Driven by an expanding operation, the company sought a new solution. They needed 13 million bills to move each month between floors, and they needed the lines from 10 machines to merge with no jams or crashes. CSLT-Billing, the bill print and distribution operation for Verizon Telecom was looking for a new conveyor system solution. Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. and Advanced Equipment Company, integration partner, was able to provide a system that addressed the pain points. "The Hytrol E24™ system was the best solution for Verizon because the system is running inside the building where employees are working close by; it is both quieter and safer to work around than other systems,” commented Ivar Lonon, Systems Engineer and Project Manager with Advanced Equipment Company (AEC.)

World Class Kitchen & Bath Design Center Has Been Recognized as One of the Top New Jersey Kitchen Remodeling Companies in 2014

Total customer satisfaction is something that few NJ kitchen remodeling companies are known for, but World Class Kitchen & Bath Design Center in Monmouth County, has consistently received accolades in 2014 for exactly that.

Radio Airplay Pros Offers Guaranteed Airplay Service to Independent Artists for Ultimate Exposure and Music Promotion

“Radio Airplay Pros”, one of the music industry’s premier radio airplay marketing organizations is pleased to announce that it is presenting all independent and budding artists worldwide a unique opportunity; guaranteed radio and music promotion services available at highly reasonable rates. Radio Airplay Pros digitally delivers your single directly to key radio station programmers and disc jockeys with a guaranteed airplay service which allows the artists to obtain a wider exposure and an opportunity to have a head start in the music industry in the right manner.

Genuine Home Buyers Provides Both a Professional and Ethical Experience for Home Owners

Over the past decade the home buyers market has allowed many people to sell their home easily, efficiently and with confidence when suitably priced. When selling a home quickly, the home owner needs the best price as soon as possible, introducing Genuine Home Buyers, the professional, friendly and ethical home investment team.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses HTML5 Is Ready for Primetime, Says W3C

LogoYou could be forgiven if you thought the HTML5 standard — the follow-up to 1997’s HTML 4 — has long been set in stone, given that developers, browser vendors and the press have been talking about it for years now. In reality, however, HTML5 was still in flux — until today. The W3C today published its Recommendation of HTML5 — the final version of the standard after years of adding features and making changes to it.

Literary Lineage: New York Family Collaborates to Produce Dark Suspense Thrillers, Realism Fiction & Children's Fantasy Novels

While history is awash with literary “greats”, rarely do multiple generations of a family collaborate to produce works spanning everything from adult suspense to children’s fantasy fiction. But that’s exactly what Keisha Seals and her family have been doing for years – and the results show.

Averson Insurance Agency Now Offers the Finest Auto Insurance Policies from Rated Carriers in Michigan

Here’s great news for all those looking for the best auto insurance policies in Michigan. Averson Insurance Agency brings some of the most affordable auto insurance policies from a list of 7 top A rated companies. Publishes Updated Information on Drug Crimes in Virginia

In Virginia, drug crimes are considered very serious offense and severely prosecuted and a conviction can mean paying hefty a fine as well jail time and other severe penalties. In Virginia, an intricate scheme of laws governs narcotics, marijuana and other drug-related criminal charges., an online informative resource, provides site visitors information to help them understand the basic laws and penalties of one the popular drug crimes, possession with intent to distribute (PWID).

Choosing a Right Commercial General Contractor for Innovative Building Designs and Development

Through the management of pre-construction and post-construction, it has become easier to handle the vast construction projects. The new ventures help you generate business and revenue from the construction. It also helps you in the best way to make it one of the greatest deals to make revenue. Reveals Their Top Artificial Christmas Trees for Christmas 2014

Black Friday, which is generally considered to be the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, is a day when many people start to think about buying an artificial Christmas tree in time for the run up to Christmas.

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of PCV Valves

LogoAs vehicles rack on mileage and increase in age, it is important to ensure car parts are upgraded and in pristine condition. One of the most overlooked parts of the vehicle is the PCV valve that is located in its engine. Also known as the positive crankcase ventilation, this part helps to remove moisture from the oil in the engine. For those in need of upgraded car parts, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they have extended their inventory of PCV valves. In fact, they now have over 9,200 valves available.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Golf Outings

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is pleased to announce that they are now planning golf outings for companies, organizations, or charities that wish to have their event scheduled on their beautiful course. Those who are looking to have their outing at one of the best golf courses in Bucks County, PA should get in touch with them immediately as there are many things to consider before planning the event. The professionals at Northampton Valley Country Club offer unmatched event planning services and will also go the extra effort to ensure that the golf outing is as successful as possible.

Quantock Interiors to Open New West London Office

Quantock Interiors today announced the launch of their complete fit-out and refurbishment service for Office, Retail and Industrial spaces. The experts in Suspended Ceilings, Partitioning Systems and Fitting-Out Solutions timed the launch to coincide with the opening of their new West London office.

Compare the Box Published New Resources on Smartphone App Insurance Integration in the UK

Telematics based insurance uses data from GPS systems to analyse driving data, which can give insurance companies unparalleled accuracy in setting insurance rates. For responsible drivers this secures a far better premium than traditional insurance, which is based on nebulous factors, most of which unrelated to the practice of driving itself. Telematics insurance has previously only been available to those with GPS tracking in their cars, but a new generation of smartphones means such an expensive installation can now be forgone, as explained in a new editorial on Compare The Box.

Inculcate Management and Leadership Skill by Getting Performance Appraisal Training Courses from Phoenix

LogoOne can now inculcate and develop their management and leadership skill by getting performance appraisal training courses from Phoenix. The company understands how important it is to have good managerial skill. Recognizing the benefits, the company is providing delivering and designing development programmes which are modular. This has face to face short workshops blended with offline and online activities, assignments, and projects. The approach that the company has taken increases the learning chances which can be applied regularly for a cost-effective solution and highly time efficient.

New Website Launch: Targets UK Software Consumers

LogoSoftwareVoucher LLC has announced the launch of , a brand new discount voucher website that focuses on software products from well-known, international brands. This comprehensive voucher website will offer UK consumers exclusive discounts and voucher codes for more than 50,000 popular software products.

Spacio Now Offers Impressive and Smart Commercial Fit out to Meet the Business Needs

LogoOne of the most reliable companies for space planning, Spacio now offers the most impressive and smart commercial fit out to meet the business needs. The company has extreme expertise in providing solutions for matching up with the exact detailing and specification of space as per the requirement of the clients. No matter what kind of space one might have, with their innovative and unique ideas, they can turn even the dullest space into a perfect commercial space. This way they maximize the appearance of any place that they work upon. With the help of their services, one gets a professional and remarkable commercial fit out.

NCS, an IT Outsourcing Consultancy UK Now Offers One of the Best Managed IT Services

LogoNCS, an IT outsourcing consultancy UK, now offers one of the best managed IT services to both small and large enterprises. Over the passing years, with the development in technology, the company has adapted itself as boutique consultancy. They have supported their clients for transitions for database infrastructures on various platforms of database. The engineers of the company are absolutely capable and fully versed for supporting Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL databases and also no SQL applications like Elastic search and Mongo DB. Their approach is to align themselves with the leading industrial vendors for providing consultancy, on-going maintenance and support team that consists of highly experienced and versatile engineers.

Italian Food Fans Now Offers the Facility to Buy Italian Food Online

Italian Food Fans is now offering the facility to buy Italian food online. This online shopping portal caters traditional Italian food to their customers with their stock of fresh foods that they procure from the most genuine sources. This online shopping portal sells exclusive quality Italian foods such as cured meat, olive oil, vinegar, pasta, soft drinks, sweet and savory, wine and liquor, and many more.

Leawo Unveiled Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday Shopping Promo to Save Up to $200

LogoWith 2014 Thanksgiving around the corner, the holiday shopping season gets officially started. The day after Thanksgiving, the Black Friday, has now morphed into a monthlong surge of sales and other promotions. Leawo Software, an online multimedia solution developer and provider, also officially unveiled the 2014 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion event, which saves up to $200 upon Total Media Converter Ultimate for worldwide people.

Online Boutique Welcomes the Party Season with a New Line of Formal Dresses - a one stop shop for formal dresses - announced that their current and new collections of prom dresses will go on sale for as much as 70% off. The company, which specializes in prom dresses produced in Trinidad and Tobago, also added a new line to the current prom dress collection which is included in the discount promotion.

Sweetquinceaneradress Has Unveiled New Range of Fabulous Quinceanera Dresses 2015, one of the leading online stores, has released its quinceanera dresses 2015 with gorgeous colors and designs today that all of the quinceanera dresses on the online store offer 70% sale including the new collection. The company, which has been in the market for many years and enjoys high popularity among young girls, updated many latest dresses to its fabulous new collection: Recently, customers have an opportunity to check more options and shop their dream quinceanera dresses for unbelievable prices.

Get Leawo Multifunctional iPhone Data Recovery Program with 20% off on Thanksgiving Promotion

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a dedicated software manufacturer that focuses on multimedia conversions, Bu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data recoveries and transfers of iOS devices, started Leawo 2014 Thanksgiving Promotion on the 18th of November. During the promotion, several best-selling programs are released with attractive discounts. Among them, Leawo iOS Data Recovery provides a 20% price off, which is profitable for the people in need.

Wireless Qi Charger Proves to Be an Excellent Choice for Smart Devices

The new CHOE Stadium wireless charger is a new and improved version of a typical wireless charger that smart device owners use. This Qi charger is jam packed with features, one of the top being, the charger’s wide base area supported by 3 coils inside the charger base. The wider charging area helps in charging the device a lot quicker than usual.