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Mohd Abbas Seeks Funding via Go Fund Me for the Expansion of His Philanthropic Business

LogoMohd Abbas is an entrepreneur, IT geek, and most importantly, a humanitarian. Throughout his life, he has been involved in charitable activities. In May 2015, Mohd started a business with the sole objective of donating fifteen percent of its profits to different charities, child welfare, and sponsoring college education for kids that are exceptionally talented. After a steady start, Mohd is now looking to take his business to the next level. By expanding his business, he wants to increase the profit pledge as the company grows. His ultimate goal is to build a company that will change lives and make a difference in large scale.

The County Hotel in Bath Shares the Latest European Travel Trends for 2015

LogoThe current European travel trends are what make the tourism industry in the countries in this region in its full bloom. It was noted that travel in Europe had escalated to 8% this summer compared to last year's. And although great difference can be observed, the interest of the people to travel in Europe does not seem to decline, as a matter of fact – continuously to rise based on the demographics and booking trends that were released recently.

MilesWeb Launches a Special Campaign Blog India Blog

LogoMilesWeb Internet Services; a leading website hosting and domain name service provider in India today announced the launch of its special campaign named "Blog India Blog". The initiative taken by MilesWeb is to encourage blogging in India. The campaign is specially focused towards Indian bloggers hosting their blogs outside India.

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt Ltd Is Offering 10% New Year Discounts

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Offers 10% New Year discounts on all its products, including e liquid. There are numerous ill-effects associated with smoking and the sooner a person quits smoking, the sooner the body will start to repair the damages caused by smoking. No bigger occasion than New Year to give up smoking as customers will be surrounded by all the family members to support them during their struggle to overcome smoking.

Chongqing DCHCoast Manufactures Variety of Advanced Optical Instruments

Chongqing DCHCoast is a Chinese import and export company involved in manufacturing various advanced optical instruments such as astronomical telescope, binocular, laser range finder, etc.

First Ever Makita Power Tools Expo in Buriram, Thailand

Makita Power Tools and Makita Lawn Mowers Retailer Ruangsangthai is hosting the first ever “Makita Power Tools Expo” for Buriram Province House Construction Tradesmen and Buriram D.I.Y. woodshop Tool Enthusiasts. This exclusive Tool Fair and Garden Tool Show will take place from Sunday January 5 through Tuesday January 14 from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day.

3n7love Photography Promises to Deliver Wedding Photography Services

3n7love Photography is a company that offers different types of photography services which include pre-wedding & wedding photography, family portrait & portrait photography, fashion & beauty photography and more.

Linosports, a Leading Gym Equipment Manufacturer Bigger in Profits, Lower in Investments

Get the most attractive deals at Linosports, a leading gym equipment manufacturer. This, China’s leading gym equipment exporter provides a full range of commercial fitness equipment to all gym owners. In fact, being the China’s top and most trusted gym equipment provider, Linosports is honored to provide clients with the highest quality gym equipment at relatively low prices.

Australia Real Estate Prices Increased by 10 Per Cent in 2013

LogoUCHK Consulting are Australian property experts who consult to Australian Immigration. Of the recorded capital growth rates UCHK CEO Scott O. Talbot said: “The national affordability factor and immigration trends are as important as the recorded increase in property values and will play an important role in future potential for capital growth”

Americas Smart Homes Market Worth $22.4 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report “Americas Smart Homes Market by Product (Security, Access, Lighting, Entertainment, Energy Management, HVAC, Ballast & Battery Pack), Service (Installation & Repair, Renovation & Customization) and Geography - Analysis & Forecast (2013 - 2020).”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the total market for the Americas smart homes market will be worth $22.4billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 17.62%.

Sensors Market in Consumer Electronics Applications Worth $29.25 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report “Sensors Market in Consumer Electronics by Product (Touch, Image, Motion, Temperature, Position, Pressure), Application (Entertainment, I.T., Communication Products, Home Appliances), & Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, ROW) - Worldwide Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013 - 2020)”, the sensor market in consumer electronics is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 9.7% from 2013 to 2020 which includes in-depth segmentation of products, application and geography.

Seegrid Exhibits Automated Guided Vehicles at MODEX Atlanta

LogoSeegrid is exhibiting at the largest expo, MODEX, for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Attendees visiting Seegrid Booth #7317 will learn about the latest material handling trends and flexible automated guided vehicle technologies available.

Thomas R Cutler Named Contributing Journalist for MEPCA Magazine

LogoManufacturing Engineering Process Control Automation (MEPCA) magazine recently announced manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler will be a regular contributor to the industry magazine published in the UK. Cutler will be authoring articles about a variety of subjects from manufacturing automation to material handling to best-practices.

Magline Announces New Hire Dan McNerney as Growth Continues Into 2014

LogoMagline announced new hire Dan McNerney as new purchasing manager as company growth continues. According to Jim Gage, Magline Plant Manager, “We welcome McNerney to the Magline team. McNerney brings – years of broad manufacturing experience to Magline and will be a vital asset in strengthening our overall procurement activities. His knowledge of purchasing, supply chain management, and leadership will allow us to develop, improve and drive continuous improvement to support and improve Magline’s overall strategic plan in the years to come.”

Alternative London Tour Company, Insider London Offers Unusual Walking Tours of the London Underground

Insider London is an innovative, award-winning tour company that has been offering walking tours of London since 2007. Street Art, Architecture and The London Underground are just some of the tours that Insider London currently has on offer. The Insider London tube tour enables participants to travel through 151 years of London history in just two hours. The alternative tour company say that their tube tour is “ideal for visitors who want an engaging and informative look at London’s past and present, as well as Londoners who want to get under the skin of their home town.”

AMS Financial Solutions, Inc. Offering Bad Credit Home Improvement Loans

LogoWhile most of the home improvement financiers try to avoid giving loans to people with a bad credit, AMS Financial Solutions, Inc., quite oppositely, understands the misfortunes faced by people in handling monetary matters. They are thus, recommending companies that offer bad credit home improvement loans that are easily repayable and completely hassle-free.

Now Find and Compare Medical Loans at AMS Financial Solutions

AMS Financial Solutions, Inc. is offering the easiest method to track down the most suitable medical loans. The company is offering a quick search feature that intakes user’ loan details like loan purpose, loan amount, and credit score, and reverts with the most ideal loan programs to choose from.

Fina v Capital's Keith Gilabert Issues Buy Recommendation on Bitcoin (BTC)

Fina V Capital is bullish on Bitcoin (BTC), with the price of the digital currency soaring to $5,000.00 per coin by the end of 2014. The President of Fina V Capital Keith Gilabert states, “Our target price is based on the demand we see from hedge funds and the decentralizing of third world currencies.”

Fast Moving Products by Pcdata Sees North American Growth in Pick to Light Solutions

LogoPick-to-Light (PTL) turned out to be the optimal solution of Ici Paris XL for the fast moving element of the operation. Two picking ‘streets’ with twelve pick zones each are centrally located within the distribution center, connected to each other by a central motorized conveyor system. This conveyor transports plastic totes, into which products are picked, automatically to the picking zones where that tote requires product. An order picker in the zone is directed by light displays which product to pick and how many pieces. As each pick is completed, the product is placed in the destination tote and the light displays turned off by pressing the push button on the light display.

Online Coaching Services Now Offered for Pinterest by Visual Content Architect, Popular Blogger, Maggie Lamarre

Pinterest is the number one social media portal when it comes to referring traffic to business websites. When done right, Pinterest can lead to high paying clients and increased sales. But many companies have yet to master use of the popular social media website. A new service offered by an experienced marketing professional offers coaching and tips to clients on how to maximize the potential reach of Pinterest.

Skooblevart Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $43,750 to Develop "Clue Me!" - A Unique Travel Portal for Travelers Who Want More out of Every Trip

LogoBuilt on a mobile-friendly platform, Clue Me will be easy to use while on the move. Skooblevart’s goal is to point people to sites of historical and cultural interest that are often left out of guide books. This may lead to little-known sites, or little-known details about famous sites.

Old School New Body Presents F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

The Old School New Body program for body shaping and fitness is highly motivational for the very fact that it produces rapid optimum results. The men or women who devotedly follow their appropriately chosen program have to spend just 90 minutes a week and after 90 days they realize that it was a far better achievement than they could have ever imagined. There is a great Weight-age given to focus in this method of training. In this way, one is not lead to confusion at any given point of time. Certainly, gone are those days when the desired results were a farfetched dream.

Burke Décor Is Now Carrying Empirical Style

Burke Décor is excited to now be carrying Empirical Style. This company was born from a shared love of unique interior design products sourced from around the world. Empirical Style believes life is too short for dull decor and spaces that lack ambience and inspiration.

Website Offers Domain Name with 3000 Search Engine Traffic Per Month for Six Month for Just $6.99

We realize that our that most of our client particularly the new comer have challenge in the previous years on how to get quality traffic to compliment the domain we offer so in the spirit of the new year we have decided to partner with our sister company to assist new domain buyers with quality search engine and social media high performing traffic for a reasonable period of time ranging from 6-9months.

The Existential Millennial Crisis: Game-Changing New Book 'Slaps' Readers with Reality; Offering Hope & Answers to Millennials Everywhere.

While today’s twenty-somethings are celebrated by wider society for being liberal go-getters who have found fruits in the technology they grew up with, millions living the Millennial reality actually lack true meaning in their lives.

Designer Melany Rowe Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Participate in a Paris Runway Show

LogoMelany Rowe designs elegant, red carpet worthy evening gowns, unforgettable wedding dresses and exquisitely couture with unique jewelry.

Red Cherry Digital Solutions Calgary Discusses Effects of Broken HTML Links on SEO

LogoBroken HTML links are links that lead to pages that do not exist on that particular address. When clicking on a broken link, the page user lands at is called a 404 error page, a standard HTTP response that indicates that the requested URL doesn’t exist.