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Special Issue of National Truckin' Magazine Is Dedicated to Military Family Appreciation Month

LogoWith Veterans' Day right around the corner, military veterans young and old will be thanked for their service and their dedication to keeping America safe through parades, solemn celebrations, and displays of affection. Citizens of the United States are indebted to these men and women, who have perished defending the freedoms they hold so dearly. The sacrifices they've made were highlighted in July's issue of National Truckin' Magazine, which was dedicated to military veterans. That special edition was written to bring awareness to the plight of those who served so dutifully, in the hopes that they might be hired within the trucking industry. It is this effort of assimilation back into the civilian lifestyle which the team at National Truckin' Magazine feels so passionately about.

Pluristem CEO Zami Aberman Re-Elected to Alliance for Regenerative Medicine's Board of Directors

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced its Chairman and CEO, Zami Aberman, has been re-elected as Member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). This is Mr. Aberman's second year serving on the Board of the Washington, D.C.-based, international organization that represents the gene therapy, cell therapy and tissue engineering sector. Pluristem has been a member of ARM for 4 years and has actively supported the organization's goals.

L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:LLL) Investor Alert: Deadline in Lawsuit on September 30, 2014

LogoA deadline is coming up on September 30, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:LLL) over alleged Violations of Federal Securities Laws.

iShieldApp Announces Upcoming App to Help Users Live Fear Free

iShield is pleased to announce that it will be releasing the Android App version of the mobile product on 15-Sept-2014. The iPhone App will be released on 29 September and the Web Portal is planned for 13 October. The app is intended to add a layer of security for those who want to be able to live a life free of fear for one's safety.

Prudential Beazley Real Estate Announces August Agents of the Month

LogoPrudential Beazley Real Estate has released the names of the August Agents of the Month. Being honored are Gail Trzonkowski and Tara LaMantia, site agents at Hayne's Station, and Nicole Trask.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces 5 Benefits to Owning a New Home

LogoBill Beazley Homes is committed to improving the process of home building for their clients. Their innovative approach to homebuilding has attracted modern day home buyers who are interested in efficiency, quality, and style. In their blog, they announce five benefits to owning a new home which they incorporate into every home design. With a Bill Beazley new home, home buyers get more than “just a place to hang [their] hat.” Their new homes save homeowners money, help build equity, and offer superior peace of mind.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. Launches Fall Strawberry Laser Special

LogoDr. David Halpern has recently appeared on “The Doctors” and “The Rachael Ray Show” touting a popular new, FDA-approved laser technique called Strawberry Laser by LiLa. The simple, non-invasive treatment uses laser energy to shrink fat cell size to help patients reshape their bodies and slim down their appearance without surgery. Now, as a special fall promotion, the triple-board-certified Tampa Bay plastic surgeon is offering eight treatments for $2,000 – a savings of $1,500.

Professional Cartoonist Reveals the Secrets to Drawing Cartoon Characters in His New Book Cartoon Design Revealed

A professional cartoonist is giving budding artists a chance to learn how to draw cartoon characters and bring them to life in his new book titled Cartoon Design Revealed. Kristian Andrew Sather, who is a cartoonist, designer, author, and educator, wrote the book that is available as a Kindle download on Amazon priced $3.99 ( The book will help cartoon fans learn the hidden secrets that are used by professional cartoonists.

The ZipiByte Team Seeks $20,000 in Crowdfunding for ZipiByte: Africa's Product Review & Tech News Site

LogoAfricans love new tech as much as the rest of the world. Unfortunately, they don’t have easy access to review websites tailored to them in preventing them from buying a cheap knock-off copy of a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, a Lenovo laptop or a tablet PC. Far too frequently, they fall prey to the lure of super-cheap prices for seemingly top-quality merchandise only to find out their snazzy new smart phone or computer or tablet breaks down and totally fails in a few weeks instead of lasting the few years they should.

GapFill Helping Car Owners to Drive Safely and Avoid Distraction

According to a recent report, one in ten car accidents in the UK are caused through distraction. This can involve a mobile phone dropping between the gap of the driver’s seat, or CD or even a SatNav. When the driver is distracted and tries to retrieve the item that has dropped, this means they are not concentrating on the road and could cause a serious road traffic accident. Now thanks to a clever invention called GapFill, which removes the gaps in a vehicle, car drivers have fewer distractions to lose concentration.

Online Lingerie Specialist Going from Strength to Strength

Over the last few months, Le Beau Lingerie has been experiencing an influx of sales from new customers thanks to their new, savvy online marketing campaigns. Whether people are looking for bedroom outfits or club wear, they can find hundreds of amazing products by simply browsing the website. At the current time, there are many different categories of product. Here are some one might like to check out: Says Public Speakers Not Turning Up Cost Organisers Thousands of Pounds

Event organisers who booked a public speaker direct and spent thousands of pounds organising and promoting the important business event were shocked when he cancelled at the last minute, is not a headline or an experience an organiser wants. However, in reality it does happen and people do waste money due to not having a firm contract in place, or working with a reliable company who are dedicated in supplying public speakers to events with a guarantee they will turn up.

New Video That Reveals How to Make 12 Times More Profit from Options Trading with 92.5% Less Risk Is Featured at

Every trader wants to extract as much profit from each of their trades as they possibly can, whilst at the same time limiting their overall risk.

Electrical Wholesale Supplies LTD. Offer 50w LED Floodlights

The LED technology has revolutionised the electrical market due to its many positives. LED lighting products are gaining preference over CFL and normal tube lights. More and more people prefer LED lights as they use much less power than other electrical lights and last twice as much longer. They are much more eco-friendly and light in weight as well. Electrical Wholesale Supplies Ltd have been supplying quality electrical products for a decade which include LED lighting products like their LED 50w Flood light which is now available at discount price on their website. They also supply various electrical equipments such as office lighting, commercial lighting and industrial lighting.

PremiAir Launches Website Showcasing Range of Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Services

The environment is something that is constantly changing in Britain, and perhaps that’s why the public never get used to it, providing an endless source of conversation. As humans we crave consistency so it is no surprise that we are increasingly seeking to control the environments within our indoor spaces. PremiAir specialize in helping to keep everything from homes to sports facilities cool with air conditioning. Building on this success they have now expanded their range of services to include heating and ventilation, controlling all things air on behalf of their clients. In celebration of the expansion a custom built new website has been launched.

Cadmap Group Opens Cad Drafting Company Works in 3D Visualisation and 2D Drawings

With the development of architectural rendering software, the world is at an age where 2D and 3D images are at the highest. 3D designs are being brought to life with new designs and techniques. Architectural 3D rendering helps shareholders, clients and contractors understand the beauty and intent of the design. With an amazing architectural design, a company would have a more comprehensive way to explain or sell their design. Of course, even with all of the technology and software available to the general public, it still takes a lot of talent to come up with the designs. A new CAD drafting company has recently opened their doors. Cadmap Studio Ltd has officially opened a professional CAD drafting company. The company specializes in both 2D drawings and 3D visualisation. They have a wide range of drafting services available. The services range from highway design plans to architectural drawings. The group is fully capable of doing Architectural 3D Visualisation, Architectural, CGI Images and 3D Visuals.

Cadmap Group Opens Underground Utility Surveying Company for Tracing Underground Cables

Many do not understand the importance of an underground utility surveying company. Before any form of excavation work starts, it is important that the position of the pipes and underground services are located. A disaster could take place if the work is started before the underground utilities are located. This job shouldn’t be done by the average individual or company – it should be done by a legit company, such as Cadmap Underground Utility Surveyors Ltd.

Blinds Superstore Becomes UK's Leading Suppliers of Household Blinds After Record-Breaking Summer Sales

Blinds Superstore has recently become the UK’s leading suppliers of household blinds after a record-breaking summer of sales. While the company has been around for a long time, new marketing and advertising efforts have resulted in increased website traffic volume. In turn, that has meant thousands of new people from all over the country have discovered the store and made purchases. Will this trend continue as we move into 2015? It would seem very likely.

Recruitment Companies Grow as Vacancies Rise Across the UK

Leading Rec 2 Rec recruiter; GSR2R today welcomed the announcement from APSCo (the Association of Professional Staffing Companies) that professional recruitment firms have seen a rise in permanent vacancies of 22% from this time last year. Combined with the Treasury’s 3% GDP growth forecast (higher than the 1.8% expected at the beginning of the year), it spells good news for recruiters across the vast majority of the UK.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Opens Up New Opportunities in Workforce Training

The world of training and education is constantly evolving. It is needless to say that possessing training skills via learning has become imperative to one’s success if he or she chooses vocational training.

Skype LogIn Announces Site That Reveals the Latest Skype News and Updates

Skype, like many other popular apps, does not have to be enjoyed only in its vanilla format. It also shares another characteristic with other popular apps, and that's that those who've never used it are often baffled as to just what it's all about. Skype LogIn has announced its website to help both current and potential Skype users get the most out of this program.

Ulterior Motive Sets the Stage as an Ideal Choice for Gifts to Men This Holiday Season

LogoThere's something really special about giving a man a gift of a sharp accessory like a tie, a wallet or even a pocket square, especially for the holidays. It speaks to tradition, certainly, but when the accessory comes from a company like Sweden's Ulterior Motive, it can also point forward to the new and fresh in the same breath. Ulterior Motive has recently announced some of their products that will be featured in their holiday line, and as always, the men's accessories are being met with warm enthusiasm.

Marc Mansour Seeks $500,000 via Crowdfunding for Sleep n' Say: The Coolest Sleep Mask in the World

LogoToo many air travelers have missed out on far too much for far too often just because they wanted to take a nap. Airline passengers have unwittingly missed out on meals, skipped drinks service or onboard entertainment because flight attendants didn’t wish to disturb sleeping passengers under their care while caught a snooze.

CMS2CMS Announces TYPO3 to WordPress Migration Plugin

CMS2CMS online migration service widens the boundaries of its possibilities providing a new contribution - TYPO3 to WordPress Migration Plugin. The plugin ensures all current TYPO3 content to be imported to WordPress smoothly and accurately, and what is more, with no special skills required. Since now on, TYPO3 users can focus on their business running while CMS2CMS takes care of all its migration hassles.

Author Maria Johnsen Published Her New Nonfiction Book The Freelancing

Up until now, Maria Johnsen has written 11 fiction and nonfiction books exclusively historical fiction, paranormal novels, with eight books that fall into multilingual digital marketing, sales, freelancing and outsourcing thesmall business and economy category.

Diti Jewellery Platinum and Gold Discusses 15% of Online Gold Sells in Gujarat

LogoE-tailing has emerged as the new way of selling jewellery. With the advent of internet and smartphones, online gold sales has seen a substantial rise in the last two years as people log on to e-commerce websites to buy various types of gold and silver items including coins.

S.K.J Industries Differentiates Oilcloth and PVC Tablecloth, Clears the Confusion Between the Two

LogoUsing today’s main and most accessible source of information, the internet - one may still find it hard to know the distinction between the two for the terms Oilcloth and PVC can be used interchangeably. Even using the terms like PVC coated table cloths, wipeable tablecloth, easy clean tablecloth and wipe clean tablecloth, search engines may give the exact same result. Leading searchers and consumers to think that oilcloth and PVC table cloth are the same thing when in fact they are not.