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Public House National Harbor Announces Their "Coors for the Cure" Raffles

LogoOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to help raise awareness and donations, Public House National Harbor will be hosting 4:00 PM raffles every Sunday. Known as their "Coors For The Cure" event, tickets are $2 each, or patrons can get 3 for $5. On Sunday, October 4, the restaurant will be holding a 50/50 raffle, and additional prizes for the next three raffles will include Redskins tickets, a 32 inch HD television and a National Harbor Experience Package. There will also be Coors Light specials offered during the raffles, and funds raised will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Whitbarrow Hotel Highlights the Latest Fall and Winter Vacation Trends in Europe This 2015

LogoNowadays, travel and leisure has been made easier and accessible to many people because there are lots of vacation packages that can be bought online. For people who are fond of traveling to Europe for a short vacation, the first thing they check out are the Lake District hotel deals that offers a wide variety of choices at affordable rates – from fine dining, city tour, water sports activities, camping, cycling, to luxury suites, name it! The hotel deals in Lake District are considered an economical choice for travelers. And since many will be traveling to Europe this coming fall and winter, travel agents shares the latest vacation trends that could help travelers pick the best travel package for their vacation this year.

What Men Secretly Want - New Program Helping Women Understand the Opposite Sex and Become Irresistible

Since the beginning of time men and women have tried to understand the opposite sex, most of such conquests have failed and both gender are still unable to completely understand one another. As times has passed the role genders have played traditionally for ages are changing, no longer are the men the ones who initiate the process of courtship and seduction, now a days women can also come forward and take the reins if they desire a particular man to be with them. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge and experience about what men secretly want is a great setback for women, tiny errors and failures can cause the men to run away from the relationship, leaving the women behind confuses and heart broken. The rightfully named eBook What Men Secretly Want has been written to help women understand the men in their lives, their desires and how to be irresistible to guys. This short eBook has been written by a well-known Relationship Consultant James Bauer, educating women about what men want from their relationships and what men secretly want in bed.

Beacon Counselling Trust and Local Solutions Continue Christmas Support Programme Offering Free Food and Gift Hampers to Members of the Armed Forces Community, the Programme Is Supported by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund

The “RESTORE” ex-service personnel and families programme, delivered by the Beacon Counselling Trust and Local Solutions supported by The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund has continued its Christmas support programme with the distribution of free food and gift hampers to members of the Armed Forces Community.

The W14 Hotel Comes Up with Attractive Winter Deals

The W14 Hotel is in high Christmas & New Year spirits. The bed and breakfast is offering exciting deals this holiday season to travellers in London.

If You Need to Make a Legal Claim Then Use the Best Family Law Advisors in London by Pinder Reaux Solicitors

LogoTheir attorneys, solicitors and legal team counsel and mediate in all kinds of cases and help both parties arrive at the best possible solution. With years of experience in dealing with complex family matters, they have all the skills necessary to deal with family situations in a professional manner, empathizing with the delicate and sensitive matters of family life.

Peak Transfer Geneva Releases Fantastic New and Affordable Transport Rates for the Winter Season!

PEAK TRANSFER, a France-based transports company, has just revealed their new and highly affordable transport rates for the winter season 2013. Service is up for grabs at highly competitive rates. Shared transfers could be costing customers as little as only 25 Euros per GVA-CHX (Geneva-Chamonix) seat. The company offers a multitude of transport options to visitors and locals in the Mont Blanc mountainous region of France. Options available include private airport transfers, in-resort transfers, shared airport transfers and resort-to-resort transfers.

Best Espresso Machines in December 2013 Are Revealed at

In this day and age a lot of people like to brew their own coffee at home, which is why sales of espresso machines continue to rise year on year. So to help people find the best one to buy, have recently posted a new article that lists the best espresso machines right now in December 2013 (and January 2014).

Ingenious FX Up +18.6% Since Nov. 4th on

Ingenious FX trader being a forex manager for high net worth individuals does now help an increasing number of savvy investors to leverage his standard conservative trading leverage by a factor of x2. The good news ist hat until end of December even small investors can take advantage of the trading skills of this seasoned money manager by investing only 7.500 USD. This minimum will increase to 10.000 after Jan 1st.

Groupon Indonesia Launched New Buyer Protection Technique

Over the past few years, online shopping and selling has become exceptionally popular, which is why people from all across the globe can be seen to be taking its advantage for good. There are many online platforms that offer the best online products and deals in town, for the utmost convenience of their customers worldwide. Groupon Indonesia is one of those exclusive web storefronts that do not only offer people with true value of money but also quite a lot of protection in the entire process of buying products online. The famous online storefront is now offering a complete recording of the interaction between sellers as well as buyers, for the purpose of eliminating acts like fraud as much as possible. Moreover, a history of the entire conversation tends to keep both ends clear. Buyers can message the storefront at any time they want or prefer in order to confirm their orders for good. A receipt number is likely to be provided to buyers for the purpose of safekeeping their order until it reaches at their doorstep. The supplier partners and the registered users of the top notch online storefront can now easily work together in order to make online transactions, without having to struggle too much in the matter.

Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate, Blu-Ray Copy, iTransfer Suite 85 off During After-Xmas Sale

LogoDon't worry if missing Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There are still some other great deals could be snagged the day after Christmas. Leawo Software, one of the online retailers focusing on multimedia software and mobile solutions, starts its 2013 After Christmas Sale to feedback customers to the fullest. Among all Leawo's after-Xmas special offers, the Holiday Bundle which includes Total Media Converter Ultimate, Blu-ray Copy, and iTransfer gets the most attentions. The pack is originally priced at $164.85, but now people could get it at only $79.95 till Jan. 15, 2014. Totally $85 saved.

CRMnext, #1 Commutable Cloud CRM Software, Supports Quality Education for Underprivileged Kids with Its Bright Scholar Program

CRMnext, #1 commutable cloud CRM software, supports quality education for underprivileged kids with its bright scholar program aimed to achieve social equality by improving education for kids who belong to the economically backward areas of the country. Through Nimayaa Foundation, CRMnext helps kids stay in school and provides them with the best quality education with yearly grants. CRMnext believes that every child is uniquely gifted and there shouldn’t be any factor that stops them from being the future stars. Offers Its Range of Flatbed Printers deals in Flatbed Inkjet Printing with the main products being Multi- Function Printer, Garments and T- Shirt Printer, Food Printer, Card Printer, 3D Printer, Special Printer, Card Printer and Hot Stamping Printer. Being the official website of World Best Import and Export Company Limited, the site is active for over 6 years. It specializes in the production and export of flatbed printing machines. World Best Import and Export Company Limited have a large number of cooperated manufacturers which include ZM Computer Consumables, World Best Industries, Print the World Technology Company Limited and Wozzland Industries.

Units Are Vanishing for Upcoming Luxury Condo La Fiesta Next to Sengkang MRT Due to Great Potential, a website dedicated in providing bookings of upcoming residential and commercial projects in Singapore, has recently informed that the 810-units luxury condo the La Fiesta located near the Sengkang MRT Station has received immense demand which has led to the sale of many of its units.

Highly Anticipated Residential Condo Sky Habitat Now Open for Booking at Limited Period 6% Discount, a website dedicated in providing bookings of upcoming residential and commercial projects in Singapore, has recently announced that bookings for the highly anticipated mega residential project Sky Habitat are now open and an additional 6% discount is also being offered for limited time only.

Upcoming Mixed Singapore Development Kensington Square Receives Immense Demand by Investors, a website that provides bookings of numerous prominent upcoming residential and commercial projects in Singapore, has recently informed that the mixed development Kensington Square has received immense ‘Showflat’ demand as both investors and families have shown great interest in the project.

Enhance Christmas Sales with Submitinme's Customized Local Business Listings

LogoThe extra short Christmas shopping season adds to the woes of small businesses already dealing with chain stores who're pricing them out of the market. Submitinme presents great strategies that can arm any small business David against the Goliaths of the retail world.

Last Day to Get Helpful iPhone Data Recovery Software with Big Discount in Leawo Christmas Promotion

LogoLeawo Software, a professional solution provider focuses on the multimedia conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iPhone, iPad and iPod, recently started the Leawo Christmas Promotion. The company offers various kinds of software for this promotion, and many customers have got the software they need with big discount.

Amazing Range of Jewelries at the Most Affordable Prices

Advancement of technology and rapid development of the internet has led to a huge growth of online portals all over the world. These sites are dealing in different products and services. Company generally deals with different types of jewelries made available at one place at the most affordable prices. Some of the jewelry available includes Cartier jewelry, Pandora jewelry, Bvlgari jewelry and more. The Cartier jewelry consists of various items like Cartier ear rings, Cartier bracelets, Cartier necklaces and Cartier rings. The Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet is one of the most popular jewelry present in the bracelet category which available in different colors like Yellow Gold and White Gold. This elegantly designed jewelry item can serve as the perfect gift to someone special for a special occasion or an event.

Adorable Silver Tiffany Jewelry at Ring in the Box

Jewelry is the most valuable and impressive gift for any woman. There are several brands of jewelry ranging from the regular to the highly exclusive ones. Ring In The Box is an online jewelry store that provides opportunity to buy jewelry from some renowned brands such Bvlgari, Cartier, Gucci, Hermes, Pandora and Tiffany at affordable price. There are varieties of rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. mostly in silver and some in gold too. The purpose of Ring In The Box is to provide the feeling of wearing a luxury brand to everyone. Thus, it creates beautiful and precisely molded authentic silver tiffany jewelry, which can be owned by regular people at as low as $12.

Discounted Deals at Offer from Leading Vietnam Visa Company

LogoVietnam travelers would be delighted to know that the leading visa company, has recently launched some good discount deals for their client base. The firm has assured 18-22 percent rebate on Vietnam Visa on Arrival service.

Most Awaiting Wearable Tech Athene Bracelet Arrive

When you want to charge your phone, access a flash drive or transfer cable. Athene: Utility Style Bracelet is ready when you are. This stylish bracelet looks like fashionable jewelry but it is the go to device for busy people on the go.

Choose Experienced Brisbane Service Company to Get Professional Result and to Enhance the Appearance of One's Home

Lawn care is all about growing a beautiful and healthy lawn. If anyone wants to take good care of their lawn, it would absolutely show. But working without a proper plan might not yield prompt results. One should apply proper lawn care strategies in order to achieve the desired shape for their lawns and garden. A huge part of lawn care that involves a good cleanup which has to manage well. This includes making sure that items are controlled by keeping a lawn ready during the late fall season. This is a part of lawn care that must work well because a lawn might be tough to manage when it comes to getting any kind of design no matter what one has to work with.

Handyman Services Suited for Home Repair and Improvement Projects

Handyman services are such a huge help for everyone's lives. A lot of companies can offer such services that ensure professional competence and experience. Valuable information about these companies can be easily acquired either from a directory or the internet to understand which is nearer to one’s house. They have an ample range of practice in all features of residential, commercial and retail handyman services, including flooring, plastering, Painting and Decorating, carpentry, electrical, erecting sheds and laying decking, kitchen and bathroom installations. Whatever one’s handyman needs, they have someone for the job. Listed here are 5 things you need to know prior to going out to employ a handyman service. Discover how many years of experience they have, quality of service, their payment schedules and pending lawsuits.

Information Regarding Pros and Cons Related to Lawn and Garden Care Business

The odor of fresh-cut grass is exciting, however it isn’t the only real cause to begin a lawn mowing business or contemplate garden maintenance like a home business concept. There's sufficient possibility in this business sector and the capability to personalize a company to suit individual specific requirements and wishes. There are many pros and cons associated with this specific mowing brisbane.

Beautiful Garden Design Ideas for a Beautiful Home Can Increase Its Market Value

A house with a small garden looks very beautiful. It adds lots of charm and happiness to the house. No matter however small or simple the house is, as long as it has a small garden in front of it, it makes it the best place to be on earth. Usually people whose hobby are gardening take great interest in growing and maintaining a garden in their house, usually in the front and sometimes in the backyard. Even if anyone is not a hardcore gardener it does not take much to grow and maintain a small garden in front of the house. If there is a lawn in the garden then it doubles the beauty of ones home.

Weidner Energy Savers Now Offering Emergency Heating Repairs This January 2014

For the last eight decades, Weidner Energy Savers has happily served the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area. Whether it is air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, or boilers, Weidner Energy Savers handle all of their customers HVAC needs. Helping both residential and commercial customers, Weidner Energy Savers has learned a lot since opening back in 1932. One of the most valuable lessons learned was that customers appreciate fast and reliable service. Perhaps most importantly, is a fast response during emergency situations. Now, Weidner Energy Savers is offering same-day emergency heating repair this January 2014.