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TenantBase Announces New Hires to Nashville Team

LogoTenantBase, the technology enabled office space brokerage firm built for tenants, has announced recent additions to the company's real estate team in Nashville to meet the needs of the growing market and demand for its services. Tad Wood was appointed as Principal of the Nashville market, overseeing all real estate activities, and Brents Herron was brought on as an Adivsor to work directly with local businesses. Wood and Herron join Kailey Faber, Director and early hire at TenantBase, to round out the real estate team serving Nashville businesses.

Leawo Kicks off Annual Mid-Year Promotion with Bundles of Cost-Efficient Blu-Ray and DVD Tools

LogoWatching movies is without doubt one of the most popular digital entertainment in daily life. Blu-ray and DVD offer high definition movie experience. However, Blu-ray and DVD discs are fragile and easy to get broken. To offer movie fans better movie experience, Leawo kicked off its annual Mid-Year Promotion with bundles of cost-effective Blu-ray and DVD tools with 30% off.

Draper Based Premier "Bridal Closet" Store Announces Creative "Small Business Saturday" Customer Loyalty Sale on Website to Benefit Local Charities

LogoBridal Closet’s boutique style has a warm inviting atmosphere.

Ideal Baby & Kids Launches Registry Rewards, a leading retailer of baby and children’s furniture and care items, this month introduced Registry Rewards, the company’s online baby registry packed with rewards for expectant parents.

A Super Bowl of 2014 Shopping in North Jersey Gives Extra This Year

Super Bowl 2014 weekend also referred to as the Super Bowl of 2014 shopping will be new this upcoming year.

Proprietary Concrete Floor Grinding Technology Allows for Continuous Operation

The constant rate of technological advancement is allowing work to be done faster and better in every industry such is also the case in the industrial flooring solutions such as concrete coatings concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, concrete grinding and concrete resurfacing. Newer and more advanced machines are being built that allow for continuous operation which means work is done faster and on time thus saving a lot of resources such as time and money. ICS Concrete Coating is the concrete floor experts who are constantly committed to providing not only great concrete flooring solution but also built new concrete flooring technology. Recently they have introduced a new proprietary concrete floor grinding technology which allows for continuous operation named Blue Vac.

Foods to Ease Muscle Soreness After Activity

Getting started with an exercise regimen is tough for several reasons: making the commitment, finding the time, and dealing with the inevitable soreness that accompanies new styles of physical exertion and movement. A key suggestion is to keep moving no matter what, but the pain can be eased with proper pre- and post-workout nutrition choices and foods that have been proven to speed up recovery time.

Aerial Fitness for Strength Training

Strength training is an essential part of a good physical fitness regimen, but there are those who disdain lifting weights. For a unique approach to strength training that combines some cardiovascular work along with flexibility training, many are turning to aerial fitness classes offered at a variety of locations. Issued Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services

LogoFor any type of web hosted business, online platform or even to build a new website, it is critical to know the features and offerings by different web hosting service providers. The best way to achieve that is through reviews available online but not every review can be trusted. is a website that provides quality reviews on the best web hosting services available presently. The website offers detailed information about every aspect of the services offered by the web hosting companies thus, making it easier for people to select the best service. Apart from that, it also emphasizes on the things to be considered while selecting a web hosting service provider. The information available within the website is presented in a well-defined and clear way so as to make it easier for people to understand.

Five Ways Radio Advertising Will Change in 2014

LogoNew technology and millions of loyal radio listeners will change the way radio advertising is delivered in 2014. Mark Lipsky, president & CEO of The Radio Agency shares five ways radio marketers will tap these new opportunities.

Compre Imoveis Em Miami Attracts Foreign Investors, Says Now Is the Time to Invest in Florida

Compre Imoveis em Miami is one of the best companies that had launched a series of developments in the Miami area and the rest of the region this year. While taking advantage of the fact that Florida is recovering from the housing crisis that struck the US, they are also encouraging Brazilians in the country to go to Miami. It makes perfect sense—with the declining dollar and the beautiful weather in the Sunshine State, it is a good time for Brazilians to enjoy Florida once again.

Alex Husain Looks to Start the Production of GoCaddy Portable Personal Hybrid Vehicle with Funding Help from Kickstarter

LogoCustom-built in the U.S.A., versatility is the GoCaddy motto and mission. It is designed around a powerful lightweight electric scooter that offers a fun and exhilarating ride on its own.

The New Screen Recorder Application Is Now Available at

LogoThe process of recording screens has gained popularity in recent years. Free Recorders has introduced a new application named Screen Recorder which enables people to record their screens for official or personal purposes.

Traffic with Anthony Review - Is It a Scam or for Real

Generating a massive amount of traffic online can be quite a hassle in the present times. This is because of the fact that there are countless webpages on the wide medium of internet and people may not be able to get to them if these are not adequately mentioned in top notch search engines. With millions of sites competing with each other in order to acquire the highest amount of internet traffic, many people can be seen to be having a lot of issues during the entire process. For all those who are not aware, Traffic with Anthony is the unique software that has been around since quite a while and has managed to pique the interested level of millions of people worldwide. Not only does this software allow people to gain unlimited web traffic but it also allows them to do so in a short period of time, without having to face any hindrances in the whole matter.

Raphael Ricardo's Newly-Launched Website to Assist Small Business Owners with Internet Marketing Tips

Raphael Ricardo’s newly-launched website revolutionized the internet marketing industry by assisting small business owners with internet marketing tips for leaders.

Squeaky Clean Professional Cleaning Services Now in the Columbia, S.C. Area and Surrounding Areas

Quality cleaning service is at your fingertips thanks to the well-trained and affordable Squeaky Clean Cleaning Service. For the past decade, Squeaky Clean Cleaning Services has provided quality cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in the Columbia, S.C. Area and surrounding areas.

Teach Your Child to Be a Fast and Fluent Learner - Find out How

The early years of the life of children is very important since that is exactly when they begin to learn all the essential things. Since children are known to be exceptional learners, parents are recommended to encourage them as much as they can in order to secure a bright and successful future for them in the long run. For all those who wish to know all there is about how to teach a child to read, it is important for them to visit at the earliest convenience. The program has been specifically made for parents for the purpose of allowing their children to be able to know all there is about learning to read fast and fluently. The best part the program is that it encourages parents to allow children to learn to read through the excessive usage of phonics. Not only does phonics enable children to learn reading fast but it also allows them to do so easily, without having to struggle too much. The swift child learning system has acquired both local and international recognition in a short period of time because of the countless benefits it has to offer. What’s more is that the wide medium of internet is filled with positive user reviews and testimonials, therefore, those who are trying out the system for the first time can surely examine these statements before trying it out for good. The system emphasizes on learning to read through effective, engaging and short lessons that children can comprehend and grasp easily. The usage of television and computer programs for enhancing learning has increased over the recent years. However, the method is surely not as beneficial for children of young age.

EzCheckprinting Check Writer Gives Mac and Windows Customers Flexible Options to Add Signature

LogoezCheckPrinting, the PC business check writer from, is easy to install and use. The new edition 6.0 is shipping to customers with updated feature that allows customers print checks one or two signatures to checks easily.

Electrical Generation Equipments Market to Witness Double Digit Growth

LogoIndia’s electrical equipment market is highly diverse, and manufactures a wide range of high and low technology products. The market is broadly classified into two types of electrical equipment, namely - Generation Equipments and Transmission and Distribution (T&D) equipment. India’s electrical generation equipment industry is a vital part of Indian power industry and can be broadly classified into three types of equipment, which consists of Boilers, Turbines and Generators (BTG). With rising investments in power industry and large capacity addition targets, it is expected that Indian electrical generation equipments market will grow with double digit growth rate (12%) during 2011-12 to 2014-15.

Autologous Cell Therapy Market Poised $2.2 Billion by 2017

LogoThe report “Autologous Cell Therapy (ACT) Market (2012 - 2017)” ,would be the first global and exclusive report on ACT market. It also gives clear information about the complete industry, approved products and potential market size; it also identifies driving and restraining factors for the global ACT market with analysis of trends, opportunities and challenges. The market is segmented and revenue is forecasted on the basis of major regions such as USA, Europe and Rest of the World (ROW). Further, market is segmented and revenues are forecasted on the basis of potential application areas of ACT.

Global Wi-Fi Market Expected to Reach $93.23 Billion & Grow at a CAGR of 15.08% by 2018

LogoThe report "Global Wi-Fi Market [Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Transportation Wi-Fi]: Global Advancements, Business Models, Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013 - 2018)" defines and segments the global Wi-Fi market. It identifies various business models for this market and analyses the trends, opportunities, and challenges. It also provides the analysis and forecasts of revenue for each of the segment in the market.

Seegrid Materials Handling New Hire Expert Bill Edgy Featured in Robotics Tomorrow

LogoAccording to a recent article published in Robotics Tomorrow, Seegrid hired Bill Edgy as regional sales manager and reports to Derek Roberts, Director of Sales. Edgy will cover the Southeast region of the US. The new hire was to accommodate the sales growth Seegrid has been experiencing lately. Comments on Website Development Platform Wix.Com $100 Million IPO Filing

Going by a recent news story by Varun Aggarwal published on October 1 on concerning Ltd, which assisted firms to build and operate websites, filing with the U.S. regulators to generate up to $100 million via an initial public offering, comments on the report. Comments on Spanish Telecom Firms Free 4G Services

LogoIn the wake of a recent news story by Clare Kane and Leila Abboud published on October 1 on regarding Spanish telecom companies which are succumbing to the reality of recession by offering new superfast mobile services at no additional cost, rendering a warning signal for European colleagues which expects premium 4G prices will enable them bounce back to growth.

Announcing the World's Finest Premier Wedding Venue

LogoThrough the years the Universal Life Church has ordained many celebrities, entertainers, politicians and as a result there has been a great deal of diversification with respect to venue and this will continue. However, the Universal Life Church World Headquarters announces a joint venture for prospective couples looking to tie the knot to consider southern Florida for their special event.

Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Made in the USA Adds a Healthy Variety to Dogs' Diet

LogoGourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs made in the USA is guaranteed a healthy addition to any dogs’ diet. It is a great way for dog parents to let their four legged friends enjoy some variety in their diet without compromising their health.