Latest Press Releases Digital Agency Donates over 900 Non-Perishable Foods to the YWCA of Bucks County Digital Agency, a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in Bucks County, PA, is happy to announce that they donated over 900 non-perishable food items to the YWCA of Bucks County. The YWCA is one of the oldest and largest multicultural women's non-profit organizations. Like many other members across the globe, the YWCA of Bucks County makes it their priority to support underprivileged families by offering family-centered programs and youth services.

Catering by Mario's Plans to Rebuild the Lulu Country Club After Its Destruction in Two-Alarm Fire

LogoWhen Jon Rusk, the co-owner and golf pro of the Lulu Country Club arrived to work at 6:30 am on October 18th, he thought it would be a typical work day at the golf course. It was far from it. When the smell of smoke seemed to spread and linger in the air, he called 911 and exited the club along with another worker. A blaze had erupted starting in the basement, causing a two-alarm fire that resulted in a complete loss of the building, despite the efforts of nearly a hundred firefighters. Thankfully, the blaze did not destroy the pro shop, golf carts or the golf course, but plans are already underway to reconstruct the country club.

rEvolutionary Wellness Founder Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign in Support of Preventative Care eBook Launch

In an effort to put the power, quite literally, back into the hands of those who need it the most, Stephanie Welch has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support the writing of her new eBook entitled, “The Human Body User Manual, vol. 1: Physical Health”. The book, once funding has been achieved, will be dedicated to providing a clear picture of how the human body develops, how it changes structure over time, and why it wears down irrespective of aging and genetics. Simply stated, the book will offer information about how to use non-invasive, preventative treatments to support the body’s full range of motion and keep it moving healthfully for the duration of one’s life. This wealth of information is not often offered by primary care physicians, but now, with the help of crowdfunding support, will be compiled into the first volume in a series of three to support overall body health.

Seegrid Flexible AGV Manufacturing Solution for Pallet Damage

LogoPalletized goods are transported throughout manufacturing plants and distribution facilities day and night every day of the week. Amanda Merrell, Seegrid Marketing Director, explored how to reduce pallet and product damage with automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Peter Bak of Seegrid Europe Highlights Top Trends Facing European Material Handling Companies in 2014

LogoPeter Bak, the new European Representative for Seegrid, discussed the issues facing European material handling companies in 2014. Bak will be introducing new Seegrid products for the European market at LogiMAT 2014 in two weeks.

Star Marine Inc. Now Offers a Durable Assortment of Nissan Outboard Parts

Star Marine Inc., a prominent marine full service and repair center, has recently launched a durable assortment of Nissan Outboard Parts. The offered range is comprised of authentic replacement parts for Nissan, which are valued for their premium quality and longevity. Due to the huge demand, the company offers prompt shipping of Nissan Outboard Parts both nationally and internationally.

The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You: Accessible New Book Exposes 'Easiest' Path to Discover Highest Self

While billions of people are constantly searching for true happiness, many personal and spiritual growth experts maintain that the ‘answers’ don’t lie in political, philosophical or technological breakthroughs. A new book by Simon Kim and Susanna Eun upholds this belief – exploring why humans have spent thousands of years locked up in confusing false belief systems and unwarranted suffering.

New Memoir Details Horrors of a Child's Life During Pol Pot's Reign

For young Seng Ty, the day his life changed irrevocably was April 17, 1975, also known as ‘the Day of Betrayal’ in Ty’s native Cambodia.

Fitlife Now Using MyZone Fitness Monitoring Technology

LogoThose looking for a gym in Warminster, PA should check out the innovative technology and methods used at Fitlife. Fitlife is now equipped with MyZone, an innovative and exciting new approach to heart rate monitoring during workouts. Just strap on the belt and MyZone does the rest. With MyZone Effort Points (MEPs), Fitlife aims to reward effort instead of just fitness. This way their customers will feel more motivated to continue working out to reach their goals. Measure heart rate and calories burned with this easy to use workout belt.

New York Leading Law Firm Offers Free Consultation on HRA Eligibility Investigations

Data has indicated that HRA eligibility investigations have been the downfall of many victims of medical malpractice in New York. Despite the repeated warnings from top law firms about the consequence of a unprofessional and careless HRA eligibility investigation, victims still try to make it on their own.

Mint Marble and Stone Restoration Offers Tremendous Services for Marble Floor Restoration at Moderate Prices

Known as an outstanding company in the South Florida area for over 26 years, Mint Marble and Stone Restoration offers quality marble floor restoration at moderate prices. They are also known for offering unmatched residential and commercial restoration services, as well as an innovative new way to restore floors called the Everlast Floor System. The use of the Everlast System for restoration and polishing work gives a clearer and more reflective surface than other methods.

2013 - Another Big Year for Dr. Sarah Mess and Plastic Surgery in Maryland

LogoWell, 2013 was yet another big year for plastic surgery here in the U.S. People received treatment for various reasons—boost in self-confidence, medical reasons, weight loss—and it was just women. An increase in male patients has increased the demand for plastic surgery as well.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Customization Services for Winter 2014

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is now offering a wide variety of customization services on most vehicles. Whether customers need repairs, practical fixes, or just cosmetic changes, the body shop has helped many drivers in Philadelphia with their expertise and customer service. Announces Sale on Wine Openers

Wine Essentials has announced that most of its collection of Metrokane Rabbit Wine Openers is on sale! And, making its rabbit wine openers even more of a can’t-miss-buy, the Georgia-based company is offering free shipping on all purchases of these fine accessories.

Offix Solutions Offers Bilingual Office Services

Bilingual office workers command a premium price for a good reason. Many people who are bilingual find that offices are willing to pay them top dollar in order to secure their services because the projected increase in business is so great. Now, companies that want to take advantage of the virtual offices in Miami at offered by Offix Solutions have an added bonus: bilingual services at no extra cost.

Offix Solutions to Launch New Website in 2014

Offix Solutions has already achieved one of its New Year's resolutions. The virtual office service company has announced that their new and improved website for 2014 is ready for launch. The new website is sleek, efficient, and user-friendly. Users will have a variety of information available, including service lists, pricing plans and data, testimonials, and live help.

Onur Marble & Granite Now Offering Kitchen Remodeling Service for the New Year

LogoThe New Year brings new opportunities for homeowners, which means they can finally have that kitchen they’ve always dreamed of having. Onur Marble & Granite enjoyed a successful 2013, installing brand new kitchen counter tops and cabinets into kitchens around Pennsylvania including West Chester, Bucks County, Chester County and Philadelphia. Looking forward to enjoying a successful 2014, Onur Marble & Granite is pleased to announce they are now offering kitchen remodeling and installation services for the New Year. Individuals interested in remodeling their kitchen can visit either showroom in Fairless Hills or West Chester, PA to speak with a company representative in person. To schedule a consultation, please call 215-949-2525 or 610-719-8000.

Logical Operations Now Offers Progressive Employee Training Programs

Logical Operations, a prominent source for training courseware and services lead by qualified instructors, is now offering highly progressive Employee Training Programs. These programs are designed to empower employees with enhanced productivity and professionalism. Managed by experts, the offered training programs are exceptional and adaptable, while focusing and facilitating the attainment of skills for every individual trainee. Individuals trained under the Employee Training Programs of Logical Operations have a competitive edge that will ensure growth in productivity and profitability for their employers.

TiKi Medical Supply Brings Worry-Free Attitude to Medical Supplies

TiKi Medical Supply has announced free shipping along with newly added sale prices in its effort to take the worrying out of shopping for medical supplies. The Massachusetts-based company has the low costs, medical supplies and the ability to ship quickly that its customers rely upon. A company spokesperson said that it takes away the unnecessary worries with which many people in the need of medical supplies are burdened.

Sistema Technologies Wins DBITS Contract

As part of the deliverables-based contract program known as DBITS and awarded by the Department of Information Resources, Sistema Technologies is the proud recipient of a contract to provide IT enterprise solutions to government agencies. With this award, Sistema Technologies joins the list of superior IT solution providers who have been chosen to deliver technology and training to employees of various agencies or companies. Makes Enthusiasts Familiar with the Skills of Horseback Riding

For those who have no prior experience of riding a horse, is an ideal resource. The horseback riding school gives detailed lessons to enable novice – kids or adults – learn the art of riding a horse safely and correctly. With a welcoming staff, experienced and efficient trainers as well as its ability to customize horseback riding lessons with fun activities, leads the field. It aims to make horseback riding lessons as pleasant as possible to all. At the same time, it enables students to explore all the aspects of horse riding. One of the executives at the told us during an interview, “We are one of the best horseback riding schools and offer extensive lessons to novice riders through our scores of horse riding centers that are affiliated and have trainers certified by Mike Smith’s Instructor School. The trainers are efficient and experienced to teach the basic skills of horseback riding in different disciplines that include hunt sear, endurance riding, pleasure riding, dressage and many others to children and adults equally.”

Al Ndreu Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Fund His Project Bald Brothers & Bald Sisters

LogoAl Ndreu is the loving father of three children and he has been married for 15 years. He has been wanting to do this project for a long time and so he is asking the Indiegogo community, to fund to the Bald Brothers and Bald Sisters project. If the Bald Brothers and Bald Sisters  project meets its goal and continues to be successful, donations will be made to wounded soldiers fighting for the country.

The Cavan Group Continues Growth with Key New Hires

The Cavan Group is pleased to announce five new employees recently hired for key positions at the professional services company; Senior Project Managers, John Manning, Stephen Harlow and Victor Caggiano; Project Manager, Itesh Shah and Assistant Project Manager, Anna Evans. These new hires have occurred over the past several months in response to Cavan’s success and the continued growth of their client portfolio.

Home Remodeling Is More Cost Effective

LogoAmerican homeowners just spent $130 billion on home remodeling alone. This is according to the data released by the United States Census Bureau. The rate increases at a significant level as a 3.1 percent increase is seen from 2012 to 2013. This, by far, is the largest spending since the year 2007.

PLANTZ Now Provides Unique Service of Plant Rentals for Weddings

Known for being a prominent, dynamic plant management and rental service provider, PLANTZ is now offering a new and unique service of renting wedding plants. In addition to providing plants for enhancing the beauty of the special day, the professionals at PLANTZ will also help clients in the selection of the right wedding plants. Since every flower conveys its own distinct message, these services ensure that customers get the desired combination of attractive and appropriate wedding plants.

Peak Property Advisors Providing Real Estate Investment Opportunities

LogoPeak Property Advisors, a Houston based real estate investment company, is providing opportunities for real estate investors to capture deals. Through aggressive marketing that includes television advertisements, billboards, direct mail, web-based marketing and other types of advertising, Peak Property Advisors is attracting motivated sellers who need to sell their property quickly, often at deep discounts.

2014 Valentine's Day Movies and Classic Romantic Films Recommended by WinXDVD Software

LogoGenerally as a custom, people express affections by sending cards, flowers and chocolates on the day of love. But now this loving festival is chock-full of more modern, relaxing and casual ways, such as having dinners, shopping and watching movies. As an important component, watching love-expressing movies at home or in cinema is more and more favored for the purpose of recreation, intimate contact and bond strengthening. WinXDVD Software, as a company always showing solicitude for modern entertaining life, recommends both the new Valentine's Day movies and classic romantic films for all that who love life.