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AC Drives Market Technological Breakthroughs 2026

LogoAlternate Current (AC) drives are electronic devices that alternates with voltage, frequency & magnetic flux to regulate the speed & torque of an electric motor. In an energy intensive sector optimal usage of energy and efficient utilization of its consumption is important for managing the overall operating costs of that industry. AC drives can optimize the energy usage and at the same time help in reduction of operative costs by monitoring the speed and torque of electric motors.

Global Corn Starch Market to Reach 88 Million Tons by 2022

LogoFurther, corn starch helps to prevent low blood sugar and its anti-inflammatory properties help to fight many skin problems such as skin rashes, burns and itching. Owing to its low cost along with its myriad benefits, corn starch finds innumerable applications in various industries. In the food industry, it is extensively used as a food ingredient as well as a thickening agent to prepare many dishes like gravies, sugars, soups and sauces, etc. Apart from this, it is also used in the manufacturing of adhesives for paper and fabrics. Some of the other products made using corn starch include desserts, dairy products, processed foods and pet food.

White Mountain Process Launches Specialized New Sanitary Mixing Equipment Site

White Mountain Process announced the launch of the company's new site focusing on sanitary mixers and their applications. As a leading designer, producer, and supplier of mixing and blending equipment, White Mountain Process serves many customers in industries like pharmaceutical and food production where sanitation issues are of critical concern. The specialized new site will give those in these industries and others a single, convenient destination where they can learn about mixing equipment that is designed to live up to these responsibilities.

Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing Forms New Marketing Website Design Group

Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing Ltd. announced the formation of a new Marketing Website Design division. The new group will focus on producing cost-effective, lead-creating websites for clients, bringing Evolve's formidable marketing and design expertise directly to bear on the problems faced by professional services, medical practices, and other businesses as they seek to grow. Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing is one of the Vancouver area's most successful graphic design and marketing agencies, with a long track record of proven performance.

Ads2020 Marketing Offers to Improve Business with Internet Advertising Blog

Ads2020 Marketing offers a portal for internet business marketing. This online blog can be used to advertise products and services to help improve business prospects.

Charlie Zeros Last-Ditch Attempt the Food for Thought Book for All

With the arrival of Charlie Zero's Last-Ditch Attempt, it is time to get rid of the hard-core task of looking for the most popular and the best books this year. This book is simply great for leisure-time reading enthusiasts. It is one of the most favorite picks of most editors among the Books of the Year in nonfiction, children's books, mysteries and fiction. The book has been written by Harvey Havel, an author who makes his readers see things from his point of view.

Baby Prodigies Announces Launch of Baby Model Search Looking for Young Children to Help Spread an Inspiring Message

Baby Prodigies is a new clothing brand that believes baby clothes should inspire not only smiles, but also success. Fueled by a line of t­shirts for children two years and under, carrying innovative empowering messages the company's launch has been greeted with passionate reactions. Recently, Baby Prodigies announced the launch of an exciting Baby Model Search, where parents are encouraged to have their children join the team as Brand Reps and help share the message that they can be anything they choose in life, all in exchange for free eye catching Baby Prodigies gear. This is the first baby model search being conducted without even asking for pictures, since it's about developing and celebrating something much deeper and more important.

Trading Street Introduces New Online Investment Magazine

Finding useful, targeted investment information online can be a daunting task, and magazines or even newspapers are often dated by the time you get eyes on them. What if you could rely on one place to get timely investment information without having to weed through the fluff?

10 Revolutionary Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Leader in Today's Changing Business Climate

In this new bestseller, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership: 10 Ways to Exceed Your Expectations as a Leader author, Raymond Perras has developed a unique and groundbreaking effort to bring forward issues that often do not get dealt with in leadership discussions.

Photo Play Studios Offers Newborns Photography Package for Children Aged Just 5-14 Days

Photography is more ubiquitous now than ever before, and thanks to technology and the internet photography has a greater place in commemorating everyday life. The difference however between professional photography and that seen every day is the artistry involved, the composition and care that must be taken when capturing truly special moments and life changing events. Photo Play Studios are Adelaide photographers who offer wedding and family photography, and now offer new born photography packages to capture children in their earliest days.

The Benefits of Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription is a service that includes transcribing everything that happens in the civil or criminal court system into hard copy documentation. The information that needs to be transcribed is first either dictated or recorded at hearings, law offices, or courtrooms. The useful data may include testimonies of the witnesses, pleadings of the lawyer, interrogatories, and reviews of hearings. The following are the benefits of legal transcription services:

New Practice Waterdown Smiles Dentistry Opens Doors to Patients

The founders of Waterdown Smiles Dentistry have announced that the new general dentistry practice has opened for business and is now accepting new patients. Located in Sobey's Plaza at 225 Dundas Street East, the new practice will serve patients from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to providing a full range of top-quality general dentistry services, Waterdown Smiles Dentistry will also offer specialized Invisalign and dental implant procedures at an equally high level. For a limited time, a selection of Grand Opening Specials will allow new patients to receive free examinations, teeth whitening, or consultations regarding implants and orthodontics.

GT Fitness Concepts Opens Its Doors to Transform the Fitness Business in Little Falls New Jersey

Fitness is often at the back of people's minds over the Christmas season, but as soon as New Year arrives it returns with a vengeance. At that point many people seek to sign up to gyms and personal training regimes to help them cut off the holiday excess and get a body closer to their ideal. Not all gyms, and not all trainers are created equally however, and so finding the best trainer requires some searching. GT Fitness Concepts has opened just in time to take advantage of this rush, and personal trainer George Tsemberlis guarantees an unforgettable and effective training experience.

Bodicelli Lingerie Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Their New Line of Lingerie for Curvy Women

LogoA triumvirate of close friends is ready to bring to market a line of lingerie for curvy women to fill an unmet desire – indeed a need – voluptuous women all over the world have for lingerie that fits them perfectly, is comfortable to wear while making them look great and feel sexy.

Water Mold and Fire Extends Services to Cover NYC and All Surrounding Boroughs

The vast majority of damage that can affect homes comes from one of three sources- water, mold and fire. These three sources can at any time wreak havoc on a home and if left unchecked can cause thousands of dollars of irreparable damage. Should flooding, fire or infestation occur, rapid action is the key to saving the home, and those thousands of dollars. Water Mold and Fire is a nationwide franchise of damage repair experts, and is expanding their services rapidly. Water Mold & Fire Restoration has proudly announced it will now be servicing all of New York City and its surrounding Burroughs.

Martin Luther Campus, a Quality Choice for Senior Care in Minnesota

LogoBloomington, MN based senior care center Martin Luther Campus offers a broad range of services including adult day care, assisted living, long term care and memory care. It is located in the beautiful Minnesota River valley where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the season's changes.

Centreville Spa Offers Savings on Speciality Manicures and Facial Services

LogoBellezza Spa will be offering holiday discounts on their premier manicure and facial services. The spa hopes that this significant price reduction will make professional facials in Centreville more available to interested consumers.

Woodeez Offers Stone and Wood Laser Engraved Personalized Gifts for Christmas

LogoLaser engraved stone and wood items are all occasion gifts. But they're especially popular during this time of the year when people are looking for unique gifts to surprise loved ones. The creative team at Woodez Stone & Laser Imaging can engrave almost any idea or concept expressed by users.

Millers Auto Repair Offers Affordable and Quality Auto Repair Service in St. Louis

LogoTransportation plays a crucial role today and everyone needs it. Vehicles repaired during emergency conditions can really throw anyone's life out of gear in no time. Maintaining the vehicles properly and fixing the minor repairs on-time is recommended for a healthy transportation. A simple way to accomplish this is by approaching a professional auto repair service in St. Louis with at affordable costs.

Parking Lot Maintenance Offers Quality Repair and Sealcoating Services in St. Louis

LogoProperty managers and owners often overlook the parking lots and this could be detrimental. It's true that managing parking lots are hectic and but failing to do so can be harmful to everyone visiting the property. Especially, an unsafe parking lot can produce potential threats to users. Hiring a professional with years of experience in dealing with parking lot maintenance, repair service is recommended for hassle-free parking.

Auto Insurance Online Italy Publishes New Editorial on Extreme Weather Insurance for Winter

Auto Insurance (assicurazione auto) is a legal requirement in Italy, but much more than that, it is the only way to keep a car fully protected when out on the road. Without insurance, any incident, even a minor prang, can rack up an impressive bill and leave people out of pocket. Finding the best insurance at the best rates is difficult however, with so many providers all looking to extract the most money from every customer. Auto Insurance Online Italy (assicurazione auto online) helps people get to grips with how to shop for policies and save money, and has published a new editorial on extreme weather insurance. Offers to Get Any Online Coupon

Coupons are always welcome especially at a time like this when the holidays are just around the corner. The problem with coupons though, is that they are available only at specific places, either in magazines, newspapers or online all scattered, waiting to be found.

Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears: Uplifting Fantasy-Folklore Series Invites Children on Healing Journey Down "River of Dreams"

There's no way to sugarcoat it; the narrative of modern life forces millions of children to see shame in their trauma, suffer in silence and ultimately deny themselves the healing they deserve. But one Californian writer is out on a mission to re-write society's rulebook, with a powerful new children's series that deals with full humanity and empowers youngsters to reach out for support and embrace healing.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Now Offering Persian Oriental Rugs This Winter

LogoHomeowners who prefer an antique, classic touch to the interior of their home are invited to visit Maloumian Oriental Rugs in Bucks County to shop their Persian Oriental rugs collection. The business is an expert in antique rugs and sells them at a discounted price in their warehouse outlets. The Persian Oriental rugs are all unique and create the appearance of a European, traditional ambiance.

DIY Home Security Systems Offer Free Fire Alarm Assessment to All Site Visitors

Home security is paramount for anyone who owns their own home or has a family, and the dangers families face in the home come not just from criminals. Fire destroys thousands of homes a year and tragically costs lives in the process. Having an optimal system for preventing fire, and alerting in case of fire, is of utmost importance. DIY Home Security Systems is an online magazine that specializes in helping people kit out their homes with the latest and best equipment, and is now offering a free fire assessment to anyone who visits their website.

Julian Johnston Lists New Million-Dollar Property – 44 W Rivo Alto Dr

LogoJulian Johnston, a broker specializing in Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate, has just listed 44 W Rivo Alto Dr, a waterfront mansion located in the exclusive Venetian Islands. At $14.9 million, it is one of the most expensive new listings to enter the market.

How the Power of Positivity Is Working All over the World

LogoWhile it is common to hear that a positive attitude will lead to a better life, many still ask to see the evidence. Kristen and Chris Butler, the founders of the Power of Positivity, experienced firsthand the impact of a positive outlook and lifestyle can have on their lives. Five years ago, they were both over 300 pounds, jobless, and bankrupt. They never let any of that get them down and stayed positive throughout their trying times. With that mindset, they completely turned their lives around, losing over a combined 300 pounds and finding a purposeful mission. Since then, the Power of Positivity has witnessed the impact it has on its rapidly growing website and community.