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The Resource Group Hires Monte Cavasos as Manager of Professional Services

LogoThe Resource Group has hired Monte Cavasos as Manager of Professional Services. The Resource Group helps clients to improve business processes, overcome challenges during growth and connects disparate business systems by implementing Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Intacct Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, as well as the BI360 Business Intelligence solution.

Global Dental Sterilization Cabinetry Market 2017: BAUMER, Fedesa, FONA Dental, Gnatus & MIDMARK

LogoThe survey report by Market Research Store is an overview of the global Dental Sterilization Cabinetry market. It covers all the recent trends including key developments in the global market in present and in future. Analyses of the global Dental Sterilization Cabinetry market trends along with the projections of CAGRs (compound annual growth rates) are provided in the research report.

Darren Lacroix Speaks with Chris Cooper About How to 'Own the Stage: Secrets from a World Champion Coach with Darren Lacroix' on

LogoDarren Lacroix (The World Champion of Public Speaking 2001) will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, “Be More. Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind”, streamed on 21st November 2014, from 8am(PST)/pm 11am (EST) on VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel ( ).

ATD-AMERICAN Furniture Supports STEAM Education

LogoGlobal American Furniture company, ATD-AMERICAN Furniture, announces its’ support for the new teaching trend, STEAM. The company provides schools in countries across the world with discount office chairs, desks, cafeteria tables, lockers, cabinets, shelving, bleachers, and more. The school fixtures sold at ATD-AMERICAN improves educational institutions by enhancing the learning experience, providing physical comfort, maintaining organization and allowing space to have multi-use with fold-up equipment.

Adirondack Direct Announces Holiday Sales

LogoWholesale equipment expert Adirondack Direct declares its’ holiday sales for a few items, including church furniture and folding chairs. The company serves businesses, schools, churches and government institutions with furniture for any function. All products ship both locally and internationally. Customers are invited to be informed of Adirondack Direct’s holiday promotions and to check out the inventory on their website or request a catalog.

Most Companies Require Process Review to Avoid Critical Impact of Forecast Errors

LogoComprehensive research about forecasting process evaluation was reported in Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries. The newsletter explored forecast errors as the difference between the actual and predicted value. In the current November 17th issue, Forecast Errors examined the critical impacts of forecast errors.

Crowdfunding Campaign Started to Open an Unforgettable Bed and Breakfast in Flowing Springs, Payson, AZ

Brenda DuPont is the owner of a beautiful Pond House at Flowing Springs. She started a Crowdfunding Campaign to make her project a reality and give people a magical experience. The campaign will continue till December 24, 2014 to raise the needed funds that will give her an opportunity to create an unforgettable Bed and Breakfast that GUARANTEES to be the MOST UNIQUE in the area.

Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc. Offers Grooving and Grinding Services in Massachusetts

LogoAtlantic Concrete Cutting Inc. is a company based out of New Jersey that offers full service concrete sawing and drilling in other parts of the country, including Massachusetts. This season, bridges and roadways that are in need of a grinding and grooving company in MA to perform concrete work can count on Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc. to get the job done. Other concrete services provided by the company that are done out of state include sawing, sealing, drilling, demolition and polishing.

Averson Insurance Agency Providing Affordable Home and Auto Insurance Policies in Michigan

For those looking for the best home and auto insurance policies in Michigan, Averson Insurance Agency has some of the best ones to meet everybody’s specific needs.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Does Automobile Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver

LogoThe answer to whether insurance follows the car or driver depends on many variables, most notably the kind of insurance coverage being referred to. There are coverages that follow the car and coverages that follow the driver. In general, auto insurance follows the car instead of the driver, but the specifics of a claim can differ since insurance laws and coverage vary depending on the policy, coverage and state being dealt with.

The New Fashion Picks Their Best Women's Watches to Buy for Christmas 2014

With so many people looking to buy a new watch for a loved one this Christmas, whether it's for their wife, mother, daughter or granddaughter, for example, The New Fashion have taken it upon themselves to pick out some of the best women's watches that are available to buy for Christmas 2014.

The Significance of Pot Racks with Lights as Classic Décor in the Kitchen

Home décor has become exceptionally important in the present times and people can be seen to be giving it the highest priority. There are different ways through which people can enhance the décor in their own in the best way possible and one of the best ideas include having pot racks with lights in the kitchen or any other suitable place. It can be placed in various places in the kitchen in order to give it an entirely trendy and modern feel without having to disturb the current setting of the kitchen.

KatzAbosch Celebrates 45 Years in Business This Year

LogoFounded in 1969, KatzAbosch is one of the largest certified public accounting and business consulting firms in the State of Maryland. Their professional and support personnel offer a full range of client services to very clients. Due to their unmatched customer service, the company is preferred by many clients giving them the opportunity to celebrate 45 years in business.

"Confronting Current Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment" Receives Educational Excellence Award

LogoThe Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), The France Foundation, and the Nurse Practitioner Alternatives (NPA) are pleased to announce that “Confronting Current Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: A Unique Individualized Learning Plan,” has been selected as the winner for the 2015 Outstanding CE Enduring Material by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Traba Puts Culture First for Job Seekers - Raising Funds via Indiegogo

LogoThe concept of searching jobs online hasn’t changed a great deal over the last two decades. With the job search options currently available, it takes almost nine months for a job seeker to find a job. Most of the popular job boards have very little to offer to the average job seeker. As a result, people often end up settling for jobs that they don’t really want.

From Planning to the Actual Moving: Local Moving Company in West Palm Beach Does It All

LogoWest Palm Beach, Florida based moving company, Brandon Transfer and Storage Company offers to coordinate the entire packing and moving for all residents within Palm Beach. Locals planning a move have to only contact the company for a free estimate and a detailed plan from one of their expert moving consultants.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses 5 Myths About Their Auto Insurance

LogoAuto insurance (or any type of insurance) can get confusing. There's a lot of advice out there for drivers young and old; the trick is deciphering the myths from the facts. Here are five common car insurance myths and what you can do to avoid the damage they could cause

Ergonomic Considerations of New Truck Rolls Away with High Marks

LogoThe ergonomic consideration of using omniwheels was recently reviewed. A Self-Stabilizing truck with onmiwheels was just reviewed by independent Humantech Ergonomics. Michael Hoonhorst, Senior Consultant and Ergonomics Engineer for Humantech, explained the 4 categories of the 4 star review included: impact on ergonomic risk factors, adjustability, innovation, and intuitiveness. Hoonhorst noted the first category is the impact on ergonomic risk factors and the reviewed truck can go up curbs by pivoting the front wheels up the curb and lifting the rear wheels on to the curb which saves a lot of time and effort for the person using the truck.

Project Management of AGV Solution Vital Reported John Hayes

John Hayes reported that after a new AGV (automated guided vehicle) system is purchased, the next step is not always clear. The automation trouble often starts when the distribution center managers or manufacturing plant managers meet the project implementation team. The implementation group does not know what the customer has said or what the sales rep has promised before this initial meeting. The team is rewarded for increasing project margins and will be very strict in the application of the contract and the specification. A customer advocate is needed. A customer project manager (often an experienced third party with extensive experience in these types of implementations) is needed. The project manager is the watchdog on the implementation on behalf of the customer.

OmniGlassware Announces Best Selling Decanter - On Sale

One of OmniGlassware’srecently released glass decanters has become an best seller. The company is a manufacturer of high quality glass decanters including this now best selling Prestige Decanter.

KeyMatcha Offers Discounts for New Customers

LogoHot news brewing for green tea enthusiasts, the leading Matcha green tea resource KeyMatcha has declared to offer discounts for new customers. The company also offers free shipping worldwide, irrespective of the order size. Each Matcha order carries 30 day return policy.

Global Polyvinyl Alcohols Market - Industry Size, Analysis, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020

LogoPolyvinyl alcohols are colorless, synthetically manufactured resins or polymers. It is synthesized by dissolving polyvinyl acetate polymer in an alcohol to replace acetate group by hydroxyl group. Properties and applications of polyvinyl alcohols depend upon molecular weight and degree of hydrolysis present in the resulting polymer. Depending on degree of hydrolysis; polyvinyl alcohols are classified as fully hydrolyzed grade having 98-99% hydrolysis, intermediate grade have 97% hydrolysis and partially hydrolyzed grade have about 88% of hydrolysis. Properties of polyvinyl alcohols include good barrier properties, bio-degradable, high bonding capacity, excellent film formation, no health hazards. The applications of polyvinyl alcohols include textiles, polyvinyl butyral resins, adhesives, paper and specialty paper, polymerization, cleaning agents, PVC production, emulsions, ceramics, cosmetics, wood primers and construction.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Auto Insurance a Huge - but Crucial - Investment

LogoAuto insurance is a costly but necessary venture. While the costs of insurance can be high, the potential costs of driving without insurance are not only illegal in Ontario but can be financially catastrophic.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes, Helps Clients Find Affordable Coverage in a Convenient Way

LogoClients who need vehicle coverage should first compare multiple auto insurance quotes to find information about different plans. There are many agencies that provide car insurance and the cost of premiums may differ.

Best Picking Practices Improve Picking Labor Utilization

LogoNew robotic systems are being developed which moves up and down the front of two or three tiered horizontal carousels retrieving and discharging totes, boxes, or cases. Delivering inventory to a conveyor for routing to the dynamic batch workstations is useful because orders can be buffered until the operator requires that pick. Completed orders are automatically taken from the workstation and routed to the next workstation or zone for further processing and then sent back to the robotic system for storage until the next pick is required. There are numerous ways to accomplish integrated dynamic batch workstations to optimize order pickers time by automatically inducting and discharging orders.

Miami's Philanthropy from the Heart Announces APP Launch

Miami based social welfare organization Philanthropy from the Heart, Inc., ( has announced the launch of a philanthropic mobile app available on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Amazon Kindle and Fire phone that allows them to connect better with volunteers and donors helping the homeless in the city of Miami, Florida.

Tom Wolf Realty Announces Availability of 2-Bedroom Condo in Wilton Manors

For those looking to live outside of Fort Lauderdale, yet want easy access to the city’s picturesque beach, Wilton Manors is an ideal location. Making the search easier for a new place to call home, Tom Wolf Realty has announced the availability of a 2-Bedroom Condo in Wilton Manors. Clients can trust Tom Wolf, as he has many years of experience, to find the perfect condos for sale in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding towns.