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Ultriva Webinar on Consumption Based Replenishment Presented to Supply Chain Leaders on August 5

Ultriva is offering a highly requested webinar addressing demand driven MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and consumption based replenishment for supply chain management and operations personnel at all levels. The webinar, entitled “Demand Driven MRP and Consumption Based Replenishment” will be held Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 1:00 pm EST.

Marc Coppell Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Fund the Upcoming Black Sky Project Documentary

The multi-tiered balloon launch will take place in a remote desert location in Southern Nevada away from populated areas, airports, and restricted zones. The unmanned balloon craft made of several large latex weather balloons will ascend at around 1,000 feet per minute (the rate of a normal weather balloon) to an approximate altitude of 115,000 feet through the use of lifting gas and darkened, passive, solar heated material.

The Tale of Two Cities- Gianni's NY Pizza

Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton through it’s owner Johnny Colandrea, talks about his love affair with pizza and how it became a part of him and his life growing up in three generations of his family in the restaurant/ pizza business and travelling back to Italy in his teenage years, grabbing onto a curious and passion for learning more and more about this great food.

Batman Games Online Are Available at No Cost at Newly Launched Website, a website that is devoted to providing people with a great selection of free Batman games online, just launched its new user-friendly site. The site features many of the best and most enjoyable Batman games that are available, which have all been hand-selected by the site’s founder. For anybody who enjoys Batman Games, provides a one-stop Caped Crusader stop.

NASDAQ MOST ACTIVES: Theravance, Inc., Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., Sinovac Biotech, Ltd., Life Technologies Corporation provides its subscribers with a free newsletter that reports up to the minute information and exclusive charts on cheap, undervalued, hidden, and undiscovered stocks traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB, and PINKSHEETS with the potential of fast gains.

NCDAC Is a National Cultural Diversity Organization That Addresses the Important Issues of Multiculturalism Facing Our Nation Today

LogoAs a New Hampshire cultural diversity organization , what began as a mission of promoting workplace cultural diversity training , youth cultural diversity workshop, business, and education, the National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council has expanded its work to include promoting diversity in foreign trade and business, as well as building and establishing "good will" relationships with allies of the United States of America through cultural exchanges, events, and collaborations. The National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council is ready to meet the challenge of promoting the values that are adherent to our great nation; tolerance and inclusion.

Green Coffee Bean Max Review - Why Is It Great for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of the fastest growing issues these days and millions of people are looking for a reliable way to lose weight. After trying out all sorts of diet plans and workout plans most people have now given up to their mission of losing weight. But there’s good news for all of them. Green Coffee Bean Max is a unique, effective and natural weight loss supplement that is quite famous these days for many reasons. One of the reasons is the growing obesity problems in the US. According to statistics, 30 percent of the American population is experiencing obesity issues and are worried about their weight.

Tag Away - The Best Skin Tag Treatment

Tag Away is a new skin tag removal remedy that has been popularly sold across the United States. It claims to be a safe, painless, effective and inexpensive remedy to remove those unwanted skin growths.

Penomet Review - Real Users Speak out the Truth

Penomet, as the name suggests is the true mate for men’s penis. Men suffering in the society because of the lack of a few inches of bone can rejoice, because, Penomet is guaranteed to give such men what they lack and change their lifestyle for good and replace your suffering with confidence and style. Penomet is tested and trusted by the doctors and physicians all over the world and provides money back guarantee. Similar penis enlargement programs work linearly only adding a few centimeters, but they lack the ability to also thicken it. Penomet not only extends the length but it also adds to girth giving you the ultimate penis to satisfy your partner.

Home Business System Generates Consistent Long Term Income Online Working from Home

Internet has changed the way a lot of things were done in the past. The revolution internet has brought has also created many different types of money making opportunities for people. Internet users can now make a living by working from home using just a personal computer and an internet connection.  Home business systems do not require a lot of investment and can yield a good return on the amount of work one puts in. In the begging it can be unrealistic to expect a high internet home business income but after a few months or most likely longer, business owners will begin to see a come back on their work and money. It is important to do a bit of research before starting any type of home business system. A home business system that is well thought out, pre-planned and perfectly executed can be the secret to success in this digital age.

Vancouver Based Website Offers Realty Advice is Vancouver's go-to-spot for excellent realty advice. "The Vancouver real estate market is hot." said Jack Snow, Marketing Manager for the site. "There are thousands of Vancouver houses for sale every day, and the prices are surging so much. And it's important that people have a resource where they can trust a professional to pick out the best value house or condo for sale." The site offers daily information about available listings in and around Vancouver. This is an especially nice reference for home buyers and realty investors looking to find an exceptional property at an exceptional price.

Personal Injury Lawyers in San Antonio with Good Attorney Traits

LogoThere once was a woman in Texas who was driving toward her home when she was smashed into by another driver. She sustained multiple injuries and was hospitalized for two weeks. When she got out, she immediately went online to to find out how to choose a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.

Mode Dog Offers Fancy Dog Collars

LogoRecently, accessories for dogs have taken a turn towards making a higher fashion statement. One such company offering higher-end cute dog collars , leashes and accessories is Mode Dog. Mode Dog is one of the fastest growing online dog boutique stores. Featuring a wide variety of dog collars, leashes and accessories, Mode Dog is changing the way people look at fashion accessories for their pooches. - Custom Promotional Products Available in Australia has been launched to provide expert advice and successful custom promotional products and custom promotions in Australia and around the world. Based in Melbourne Australia and operating locally and globally, offers all services associated with custom promotional products and custom promotions. Using the latest in marketing trends, analysing target markets, sourcing and manufacturing custom promotional products, developing, executing and analysing complex global promotions that span the intertwined physical and online worlds, does everything that you need for the most successful custom promotional event.

Wedding Bands for Both Releases a New Line of Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men and Women

A new ecommerce site launches that will surely be one of the premier sites to retail Thorsten tungsten wedding rings for men and women; has started accepting orders for wedding jewellery.

TEACH Tea Launches New Website Selling Organic Loose Leaf Tea

TEACH Tea is a boutique wholesaler of organic, fair trade and specialty teas from China and Northern India. Our gourmet teas are chosen with the tea connoisseur in mind and small retail establishments interested in enhancing their knowledge and tea presentations.

Crowdfunding Is on Fire, Just Ask Indiegogo's OutBooster Project

With multiple stories daily about the growing trend of Crowdfunding for new ideas, it is easy to see why some have projected that Crowdfunding alone raised 2.7 billion in capital since 2010. That's fast.

Female Mind Mastery Review: Important Information

No rocket science, no cheesy pick-up lines. Just common sense "tricks" that turn on a woman to make you irresistible to them. Kristen Price reveals it all in “Female Mind Mastery”. And this Press Release tells you how you too can be one of the exclusive 1,000-man club to get in on Kristen's secret.

Free Credit Score with Full Report Offered by MyFreeScoreNow for a Limited Time

MyFreeScoreNow is a credit control program which helps monitor credit history, provide tips for better credit score and help tweak the credit history the way you want it, to provide the perfect credit score one might need to get credit at any given time. The credit history reflects how likely one is to get a loan or a credit the better the credit score the more one can get.

Announcing Review of Lemonade Diet by Be-Safe-Buy-Original Marketing

LogoJack Groom and Be-Safe-Buy-Original Marketing announces a review of the latest product release for reducing weight called Lemonade Diet.

Petition Filed for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform and a New Deal for Sick & Disabled People

Those who want to help are asked to just fill in the requested detail to complete the petition and Help save the lives of many, sorry United Kingdom only.

Show Me the Money - Innovative New Personal Finance App

Students, families and businesses are reclaiming their finances and keeping more money in their pockets with innovative new iPhone and iPad app, Yomaney.

Volume Watch Alert On: (OTC:FNMA), (OTC:GOFF)

Fannie Mae (OTC:FNMA) announced that the company issued approximately $8.2 billion of multifamily MBS in the first quarter of 2013, backed by new multifamily loans delivered by its lenders.

Trend Analysis Report On: (OTC:NVIV), (OTC:AAMRQ)

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (OTC:NVIV) has pioneered a treatment that uses a biocompatible polymer-based scaffold to provide structural support to a damaged spinal cord in order to spare tissue from scarring while improving recovery and prognosis after traumatic SCI.

Trend Analysis Reports on Stocks to Watch: (OTC:PSON), (OTC:DROP)

Petrosonic Energy, Inc. (OTC:PSON) announced the execution of a new Master Toll Services Agreement with an Albanian energy company.

Commentary & Reports For: (NYSE:DZZ), (NYSE:RT)

Deutsche Bank AG DB Gold Double Short ETN (NYSE:DZZ) traded at $ 5.57 in the last session, which is +0.45 (8.79%). The stock has a Range of 5.26 - 5.69. The stock has a 52 week low and high of 3.89 - 5.69 respectively. The stock has a Market Cap of 104.60M. The stock traded a volume of 141,650 in the last session.

Hot Equities Review: (NASDAQ:DCTH), (NASDAQ:BIOL)

Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:DCTH) announced that as a part of the Company`s continued effort to increase efficiencies and reduce cash utilization, it has implemented a program designed to decrease the Company`s 2013 quarterly operating cash utilization to between $9 million and $10 million from the previously communicated range of $9 million to $12 million, beginning in the second half of 2013.