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Local Optometric Practice Brings Advanced Eyecare Tech to Fulton

LogoDr. James W. Vann of VisionArts Eyecare Center, a local Fulton optometric practice with a reputation for high-tech, forward thinking patient care, is proud to introduce the latest cutting edge technology in retinal imaging, the OPTOS Optomap wide-angle scanning device.

Caregiving App Startup Care Monster Trends on Crowdfunding Site for Second Week

LogoCaregiving application startup company Care Monster, Inc. has been listed as a "Trending" and "New and Notable" equity fundraise project on the crowdfunding site for the second straight week. Fundable is a business crowdfunding platform that enables start-ups to raise capital from accredited investors, customers, and friends. Care Monster recently completed its seed phase of funding and is seeking $750,000 in start-up capital to expand its workforce and finalize development of the next generation of its caregiving application.

Indian Chartered Accountant Does the Unprecedented - Releases Poetry Book on Secrets of the Universe and a Song on Chartered Accountants

Rupansh Gupta is a qualified CA, MBA, CFA, MFA, DISA, B.Com Honors. He also obtained a gold medal for securing highest marks in Chartered Accountants exams in India. In spite of having a strong academic background, he has penned a poetry book, ‘The Sojourn’ which is a book on secrets of the universe. The book consists of 35 poems which try to explain the basic questions of life like Why are we born, What is our purpose, What is life, what is universe etc. The book has won him awards of ‘Contribution of CA towards Society’ from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Special Appreciation Award from Nishkam Sewa Bharti Trust.

iPhone Data Recovery Solution: Recover Photos/Videos from iPhone with Improved iOS Data Recovery 1.2

LogoLeawo Software, the prestigious software giant which specializes in providing multimedia software solutions as well as data recovery and backup solutions, has recently updated its iPod/iPad/iPhone data recovery software to version with deleted photos and videos recovery support.

Enterprise Social Networking / Software Market Expected $6.18 Billion by 2018

LogoThe report "Enterprise Social Networking/Software Market - Global Advancements, Demand Analysis & Worldwide Market Forecasts (2013 – 2018)" defines and segments the global enterprise social software market into various sub-segments with in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. It also identifies drivers and restraints for this market with insights on trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Braverman Eye Center Now Offers "All-laser" LASIK Using the Ziemer Femto LDV Femtosecond Surgical Laser

LogoBraverman Eye Center now offers "all-laser" LASIK using the Ziemer Femto LDV Femtosecond Surgical Laser. This system permits Dr. Braverman to use a special laser to create the corneal flap required in LASIK surgery rather than using a microkeratome, which is a razor blade-like tool used in traditional LASIK. Introduces Hanko - An Affordable Line of Infrared Saunas for Home and Commercial Use

LogoIt might be surprising to notice the speed at which has elevated the stairs of success. The portal has now introduced its own line of infrared saunas for home and commercial use under the brand name, Hanko™ - for which it has already received positive reviews from customers. Offering Free NV100 Gun Vault on Any Order over $1,000

LogoThis Halloween, trick or treating is not the only fun taking place because has announced a special October sale. Apart from offering gun safes for sale, the store is also offering a free NV100 Gun Vault on any order over $1,000. Customers can get the vault by entering ‘FREESAFE’ as the discount coupon code.

911 Home Experts Introduce Reliable 24hr Emergency Repair Service in West Palm Beach

911 Home Experts, a “one stop” home services company, now introduces a very reliable 24hr emergency repair service in West Palm Beach. The company is dedicated to delivering fast, high quality services 24/7, for all major home systems for your home or business.

Greystone Equipment Company Now Offering in-Plant Offices

LogoGreystone Equipment Company has served the greater Philadelphia area for over 25 years. In fact, Greystone has become a local industry leader as a storage solution and material handling company in Pennsylvania. Greystone Equipment Company, located in historic Ambler, PA, offers customers an array of storage systems and related products. Although Greystone specializes in modular drawer cabinets, pallet rack systems, and wire shelving; they also offer a number of other products and services. A trip to Greystone Equipment Company’s website gives customers instant access to a massive online catalog. Now, Greystone Equipment Company is offering their customers in-plant offices.

PCR Is Now Accepting Online Staffing Requests

LogoProfessional Computer Resources, PCR, has two decades of experience as a staffing agency in Charlotte, NC. Over the years, PCR has expanded throughout the country and they are now proud to serve almost every major market in the United States. PCR specializes in recruiting the most highly qualified IT sales professionals and consultants. Both prospective employees and employers can benefit tremendously by visiting PCR’s website. PCR offers a ton of different interviewing tips and résumé building suggestions for employment candidates. PCR also offers employers a variety of staffing services. Now, PCR is accepting online staffing requests to better fulfill client needs. Now Offering Full Color Wedding Coolies This Fall 2013

LogoWhen ordering coolies or koozies for a special celebration like a wedding, many parties would like the coolies to show a picture or display a saying or quote to allow the guests to think back and remember the celebration every time they are keeping their beverage cold. is pleased to announce they are offering full color customized canned coolies to their valued customers to ensure the wedding is never forgotten. Now Offering Free Proofs for Koozies This Fall 2013

LogoTo celebrate a wedding, promote a business or hand out at a charity or fundraising event, is pleased to announce they are offering free proofs for their affordable personalized koozies this 2013 fall season. As a unique table gift perfect for any large gathering, there is a variety of can, bottle, or even camouflage koozies and coolies available to personalize. The proof will be sent to the customer before the coolies are made to ensure complete satisfaction. If the design doesn’t look right, the customer can ask the designers to tweak it or construct a new one altogether.

The Philly Loft Co. Now Offering Apartments in Manayunk

LogoOver the past several years, the real estate market has been extremely volatile. Many people have bought and sold properties at the wrong time. Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of real estate makes home buying a rather risky venture. Only a few months can represent the difference in tens of thousands of dollars in a real estate transaction. Thankfully, the Philly Loft Co. has been offering residents in the greater Philadelphia area an excellent alternative to purchasing a home. With Philadelphia apts in some of the hottest areas of the city, the Philly Loft Co. is now offering loft apartments in Manayunk.

The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Is Now Offering Whole Life Insurance This Fall 2013

LogoInsurance can be confusing. Most people are required to carry homeowners insurance. Anyone driving a vehicle in Pennsylvania must have an auto insurance policy. Health insurance has been at the heart of many political debates over the past several years. Now, people are even being mandated to carry health insurance. However, there is one form of insurance that many Americans do not have much experience with and that is life insurance policies. The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency is now offering term, universal, and whole life insurance policies to people this fall 2013.

Cutters Don't Cry: Life-Changing Book Brings Solace to Self-Harmers Who Suffer in Silence

While many self-help books are born out of professional expertise or theory, Christine Dzidrums’ ‘Cutters Don’t Cry’ was born out of years of harrowing self-harm, depression and despair. After repeated bouts of spiraling self-harm, her personal journal has inspired a novel and life-changing resource that could inspire millions to rise from their ashes.

Melondipity Announces the Widest and Newest Collection of Baby Hats and Hair Accessories

LogoMelondipity, a well-known online portal for unique and hand crafted baby hats and toddler hats, is now offering the newest and widest collection of baby hats and hair accessories. Delivering comfort and protection to toddlers, hats from Melondipity are specially designed to help protect babies’ soft skin from UV sunlight and other harsh materials.

A Wrongful Death: Real-World Trial Lawyer Turns Courtroom Drama Into Compelling Murder Mystery Novels

Though the legal system knows Sidney Robin for his fierce success in the courtroom, thousands of others hold him in high acclaim for his published works of fiction. The ‘Stan Seger Series’ fuses Robin’s legal expertise with his unwavering creativity to create a murder mystery series that is resonating with readers around the world.

The Craft Beer Kitchen: New Book Urges Readers to Get Beer, Get Cooking & Help Feed the Hungry

While food and drink often exist on the same table, a new book by Chef Cooper Brunk melds food and craft beer into the same dishes with delicious results.

Fast: Compelling New Novel Proves 'Moving Too Fast' Has Dire Literary Consequences

Everyone has done it – moved to fast and faced the uncomfortable consequences. However, a new novel by Ryan Ringbloom tells the same fate from the perspective of four young people whose lives have progressed faster than they ever thought possible.

Distant Harmony: Psychology, History & Biography Fuse in Stories from Around the World; Empowering Bold Journey of Self-Discovery

While many authors whip their latest title into shape as quickly as possible, Abdus Sattar’s ‘Distant Harmony, Stories from around the World’ is a diligent literary project that took almost a decade to complete. Melding elements of his own life experience with those of the people around him, the powerful fable-style narrative offers a bold reminder of humankind’s resilience.

Nyayo Za Obama: New Book, in Swahili Language, Captures Life & Emergence of President Barack Obama

While over three thousand languages are spoken natively in Africa, Swahili contrasts all others due to its lack of tribal affiliation. However, even with over one hundred and forty million native Swahili speakers, the language often lacks links to the western world. Bridging this vital gap is author Safari E Ohumay, who is breaking new ground by writing his new book about the life of President Barack Obama for a Swahili-speaking audience.

Pcdata USA Growth Continues with Addition of Sales Manager

LogoPcdata USA ( is leading in the global logistics systems market for supply chain automation and announced the addition of Jennifer Grimley as Sales Manager for bakery solutions in North America. Before joining Pcdata USA, Grimley was employed by Symbotic. She was responsible for developing and designing Value-Added Warehousing solutions and working with clients that utilize Pick to Light and kitting competitive solutions at their facilities. Grimley has over a decade of consultative sales experience in automation specially in applying robotics and custom engineered equipment. Her experience includes robotic automation as well as data collection automation.

Malaysia Hair Imports Offers the Best Prices on Remy Hair Extensions

LogoWomen looking for the best deals in hair extensions will not have to search much further once they find the products Malaysia Hair Imports has to offer, which is the beautiful Remy hair available at some of the lowest prices on the market.

Former Canadian Food Inspector Praises Icicle Solution Overcoming HACCP Challenges for Small Food Manufacturers

Greig Beilhartz was formally a senior CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) inspector for over three decades. According to Beilhartz there is a wealth of challenges in the food industry, “The HACCP forms are very time consuming and it is easy to miss something. Making sure everyone is aware of all possible hazards. Doing a complete hazard analysis can be challenging. Finally, having the expertise within the company to set up, evaluate and validate a HACCP System.”

Engineering Manager Mark Romo Part of Magline Growth Strategy

LogoMagline, Inc. leader in innovative lightweight route distribution solutions announced the addition of Mark Romo as an Engineering Manager. Before joining Magline, Romo was employed by The Woodbridge Group as a project manager. He tracked and managed all launch activities for timely completion and ensured project milestones were met. He was involved in New Product Development including proposing innovative products. When employed at ITW/Ark-Les as Engineering Manager, Romo worked on optimizing relationships with customers to secure new business, increase sales volumes, and new product offerings.

Safety and Seegrid Prove Winning Combination for American Packaging Corporation in Iowa

LogoAPC IA (American Packaging Corporation – Iowa Division) found that robotic industrial trucks by Seegrid, also known as flexible AGVs, created a significant reduction in safety incidents. Seegrid robots did not replace existing equipment; rather the existing equipment was re-deployed which helped APC IA with rapid continuing growth. The Iowa packaging leader reduced costs by re-deploying personnel to more profit-making tasks while limiting potential safety hazards.