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City Tap House DC Announces Second Annual 4th of July BeerBQ Brewery Battle

LogoCity Tap House DC, the craft beer-focused restaurant located at 901 9th Street, NW, 20001, is celebrating Independence Day with their second annual BeerBQ Brewery Battle on Saturday, July 4th. City Tap House's culinary team, under the direction of Culinary Director Brian Cooke, will go head-to-head against representatives from 3 Stars Brewing Company, Evolution Craft Brewing Company, and Adroit Theory Brewing Company in a BeerBQ cook-off from 12 Noon to 5 p.m. Furthermore, guests are encouraged to participate in their July 4th cornhole tournament, which will be held on the restaurant's expansive outdoor patio throughout the afternoon.

Palmer Trinity School Wins Best Independent School Award for the Third Consecutive Year

LogoThis is the third consecutive year that Palmer Trinity School earns the Top Independent School Award. This award is given to the top scoring independent or private school for the hard work of its students and staff in designing and implementing energy and environmental solutions at their schools.

2013-2014: Worldwide Obesity Is a Cause for Major Concern

LogoObesity is a serious problem that plagues the adult and young population of the entire planet. There was a time in the 1600’s when obesity was a status symbol and considered a sign of prosperity and material well being. But later experience, advances in medical research, and general awareness have all combined to bring to the forefront the grave danger obesity and being overweight pose to the longevity and overall quality of life.

Raleigh Preschool Offered Grant for Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) Program

LogoRaleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, is excited to announce their acceptance of the Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) program grant.

"30 Rock" TV Star Jane Krakowski Will Open NOCCA Series on Monday, October 7

LogoThree-time Emmy Nominee and Tony-Winner for "Nine" makes New Orleans debut, followed on 2013/14 series by Broadway stars Patti LuPone, Charles Busch, Christine Ebersole, and Sutton Foster

Tim Floyd Interviewed on Manufacturing Revival Radio Regarding Holistic Approach to Material Handling

Tim Floyd, National Sales Director with Trilogiq USA, was the featured guest on the Manufacturing Revival Radio this week. The show titled, “Tim Floyd: The Holistic Approach to Material Handling,” was hosted by Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood who interviewed the material handling leader. Trilogiq USA is a full service implementer of production process improvement solutions.

Precision Punch Now Presents a High Quality Range of Core Pins

Capitalizing on its in-depth industrial expertise, Precision Punch has now enhanced its comprehensive and multipurpose product catalog by presenting a hard-wearing assortment of Core Pins. These products are manufactured by using the finest quality of air hardened hot work die steel. Besides this, the dimensions of the offered core pins are absolutely precise, a result of superlatively done heat treatment. Precision Punch has attained the status of being ISO 9001 Certified Worldwide Custom makers of Core Pins. Irrespective of its robust constitution and high utility quotient, the offered range comes with a reasonable pricing structure.

Video of HACCP Solution by Burton Software Visual Demonstrates Value for Small Food Manufacturers

Video of HACCP Solution by Burton Software Visual Demonstrates Value for Small Food Manufacturers

Catering by Mario's Now Offering Richmond Hall for All Events This Upcoming Winter 2013-2014

LogoCatering By Mario’s, known for their corporate catering in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that they are now offering Richmond Hall for all special events that need to be scheduled this upcoming winter 2013-2014. Richmond Hall is a beautiful banquet facility offering cathedral ceilings, romantic lighting, and elegant hardwood floors. This premier banquet hall is located in Port Richmond, PA.

Radhaa Nilia Productions Presents "Hope Cafe" on October 11th at the Golden Door

Actress, Producer, Director and Indie Filmmaker, Radhaa Nilia, has been accepted to present her film 'Hope Cafe' at The Golden Door International Film Festival of New Jersey, on October 11th at 5:30 PM. The film stars actors Noel Gugliemi, Radhaa Nilia, and F. Valentino Morales.

The United States Is the Most Expensive Country for Car Insurance, Says, a website that offers car insurance quotes to drivers throughout the United States, has just posted a new article to the site that lists the five countries that have the highest auto insurance rates.

Auction Fundraising Platform Helps Apex Band Boosters Fundraise Online

Online fundraising platform, ShopBidGive, is excited to announce the launch of their newest online auction for the Apex Band Boosters!

Imago Professional Photographers Introduces New Food Photography Service

Imago Professional Photographers, a premier professional photography firm in the Brisbane, Queensland metropolitan area, has introduced a new service for food photo shoots. Responding to growing local client demands for esthetically appealing food portrayals, the photography firm now offers this service to clients all throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Pcdata USA Features Paperless Dispatch for Bakeries Featured at IBIE Next Week

LogoAt the IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) on October 6-9 more than 20,000 baking professionals from every segment of the grain-based market, will be formally introduced to Distrib XE by Pcdata. Distrib XE is a bakery paperless dispatch system using proven Put to Light technology. Uniquely designed, Distrib XE can be set up completely and deployed within one day.

Hamper Delivery in Singapore Goes Professional

Life takes on a myriad of meanings and definitions that and depend on the way one looks at it. It is almost impossible to give a single definitive answer to what life is. There may be conclusive answers or definition for the term in scientific parlance. But what it means to people in general is a question not easily pondered. Philosophers, thinkers, and writers have explained in their own ways what life is, but that is, again, dependent on one’s outlook, mood, or attitude.

Cash Amount on Loans for the Unemployed with Bad Credit Now Raised to $12,500

The number of persons who do not hold stable jobs is pretty high today and this is why some lenders had to adjust their requirements on their loan packages to factor in the needs of these individuals. has a considerable list of such loan providers and they have now agreed to offer applicants more cash. They can now get enough amounts for most financial circumstances.

Old School New Body - Review About F4X Training

Old School New Body is one unique anti-aging and fat loss program that has a very natural and holistic approach. It is very hard to find an anti-aging program that has a natural approach on the Internet because almost all of them has some artificial remedies or requires individuals to consume something artificial or unnatural. That is the very thing that makes this program a unique and safe one. The program instead consists all the natural remedies and some are very surprising as these are not actually remedies but things that people do often forget or don’t take seriously.

Google Sniper 2.0 - Download and Create Sniper Sites That Convert

It is getting even harder for an individual to search for a reliable and effective way of drawing traffic to his website and increase the chances of promoting his product or business among the masses. And if not the automated traffic driving system then the only option left is SEO companies or internet marketing companies that charge heavily for their services and most of them do charge on the higher side but their services aren’t quite up to the mark. Google Sniper is one of those programs that has already been tested by individuals and has proved its worth in the past to its members or users.

Giveaways 4 Mom Gears Up for the Holiday Season

Giveaways 4 Mom ( announces their 2013 Holiday Giveaway Spree and Holiday Gift Guide. As one of the top review and giveaway blogs for the family and around the house, they maintain an easy-to-use assortment of giveaway offers. And this holiday season will bring the widest array of giveaway offers yet. Since May of 2012, Giveaways 4 Mom has been helping moms, dads and anyone running a house make life easier by living frugally. The website is organized with current giveaways linked in a sidebar, with expiration dates clearly visible.

Throw Darts - Pick Stocks - Make Money: Jimmy Slagle, Founder of Launches a Yearlong Crusade to Raise $100,000 to Benefit 52 Local Charities

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Wall Street Journal’s Investment Dartboard Contest, Jimmy Slagle – the DartThrow Trader will once again Throw Darts – Pick Stocks – Make Money. The goal this time around is to raise $100,000 to support 52 local charities.

Nighthawk Lights Announces Top Honors for the Nighthawk UltraLight

The Nighthawk UltraLight — Today, Nighthawk Lights, LLC announced that over 500 members of the North American Hunting Club have field tested the Nighthawk UltraLight and has awarded the Hands-Free LED Flashlight 4 Stars and a “Member Approved” status. In a statement by Tony Stokes from the North American Media Group “I am so happy to report that the NightHawk UltraLight has officially been tested and is recommended by the Hunting Club”

Worldtop7 Provides Blissful Boutique & Business Hotels in Boston

Boston in Massachusetts is one of the oldest American cities founded in the 1630s so it has been a seat of trade and business for many centuries. Today, several Boutique Hotels in Boston are bigger and bolder to keep up with global standards of the avid business traveler and corporations needing pleasant spaces for business events like conventions, symposiums, and seminars. Here are recommendations for foremost Business Hotels in Boston.

Online Store Offers Helmets, Jackets, Saddle Bags, and Other Motorcycle Gifts and Accessories

Motorcycle Gifts Warehouse is a website that features the finest motorcycle gifts and accessories. All items, from jewelry, half-face, kids, modular, moto x, novelty, open-face, and polo helmets, unique metal gifts, and sunglasses to denim jackets, men’s and ladies’ biker tops and vests, and neoprene face masks, are made with quality. Biking enthusiasts are invited to check out its display. Motorcycle Products for Men and Lady Bikers

Marine and Optima Battery Supplies in Perth Can Now Be Easily Availed Through Challenge Batteries

An Optima battery in Perth is manufactured to last for a long time. It comes with 3 years free replacement warranty. Their type is identified by colours red, yelloe and blue. The colours of their base equally important. The lighter grey base on Yellow top and most Blue tops are dual purpose it is mainly used in deep cycle but still with plenty of cranking amps for starting.  The darker grey base of a Optima battery in Perth on all Red tops and some Blue tops are for starting only, used when maximum starting power is needed. Red is for starting power, Yellow is meant for deep cycle and Blue for marine. It is available in starting or dual purpose. These batteries have great reputation for their excellent performance.

Luxury Houses in High Demand Among Buyers

LogoLuxury housing demand has been evolving constantly in the Indian market. The emergence of a new affluent class, consisting of entrepreneurs and rich non-resident Indians has made the luxury segment business highly profitable for real-estate developers. According to a new report by RNCOS “Indian Housing Sector Forecast to 2015”, the luxury housing units are increasing in the market as launching a luxury housing project is highly profitable for real-estate developers as the profit margin in these projects are considerably high.

Samsung Electronics Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy S3. The announcement started a great buzz among the smartphone fans and generated a lot of upbeat Samsung galaxy s3 reviews. This is the latest of the South Korean company’s human and nature inspired mobile phone product line. The various impressive smartphone features have spawned ecstatic galaxy s3 review blog and news items. The device comes with a powerful 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display that gives the user crystal clear views of their device’s software. The phone also boasts an 8MP camera together with a 1.9MP front camera to take crisp pictures. Its smart camera features and facial recognition software assures the user that they will always take the best pictures. The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs through the innovative Android™ 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" which greatly improves its user-friendliness. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also offers the "S Voice", a powerful language user interface that can make your device respond to spoken commands. This feature provides the user with the freedom to play with various commands. For example, the user can turn off the alarm by simply telling the phone to "snooze" rather than fiddle with clunky controls. The S Voice can also be used for other activities such as finding songs to play, sending text messages and e-mails and organizing your daily schedule. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a multinational electronics company that is based in South Korea. Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest names in field of telecommunications through their mobile phones and smartphones lines as evidenced by positive samsung galaxy s review trends. They are also one of the leaders in the Android tablet market with their Samsung Galaxy Tab product line. The company is also building up their phablet line through their flagship Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

Ever Increasing List of Centers: Belief in Proton Therapy Holds Strong

LogoA total of 27 centers at the end of 2017 in the US are indicative of the ever increasing belief in the potential that proton therapy holds for its customers. Proton Therapy, the latest innovation in the field of radio-oncology, uses proton beam to irradiate tumors. It can overcome disadvantages such as energy deposition beyond cancer site which is commonly associated with standard X-ray therapy.