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OrNsoft Corporation Acquired Innovative WebDATA Bank for Improved I.T. Security Capabilities

LogoOrNsoft Corporation, a ten-year-old revolutionary I.T. and software development company located in the heart of Miami, Florida, this week announced they officially acquired the innovative high-end cloud encryption company: WebDATA Bank for an undisclosed amount. Known for their data security technology and cloud storage capabilities, WebDATA Bank brings a realm of technological possibilities and resources OrNsoft will now harness for better serving its clients.

Paul's Tavern to Open Patio Bar and More on May 21st

LogoPaul's Tavern, one of the top bars in Spring Lake, NJ, is pleased to announce the opening of its outdoor Patio Bar just in time for the summer on May 21st, the weekend before Memorial Day.

Ebuywigs Offers Its Collection of Wigs and Hairpieces on Its Online Store

Hair is an asset that every human being cherishes and wants to maintain. It grows naturally and is influenced by race, climate, activity, etc. like other parts of the body get affected. Hair loss has become common and even those who have hair remain upset with its quality. Ebuywigs provides the ultimate resolution to all hair issues. It is an online retailer of cheap wigs that can be used by those who have lost hair and depend completely on it as well as those who have hair but cannot style it the way they want. It has wide ranges of wigs depending upon the style, material of manufacture and colour. Thus, anyone who needs wigs for whatever purpose can be sure to find the right it at Ebuywigs website.

Propel Gamer Offers Its Online Store for Gamers to Purchase Games and Gaming Accessories

Gaming is among the biggest industries in the world today. Not only in terms of volumes but the money involved is huge. Gaming enthusiasts love to try out each of their favorite games and anxiously wait for the release of their updated versions. It should also be noted that it’s not only the youngsters who are ardent gamers but a huge number of adults are among the regular gamers as well. Gaming is something which helps in releasing stress as well as contributes to build up of the brain. However, it has to be noted that excess playing of games which is more than what is accepted could also reflect in nature of the individuals. This is why it is recommended to make the most out of gaming and select the ones which can both entertain as well as help you develop. There are various stores both online and offline which offer a vast collection of games to buy. However, most of them offer these games at expensive prices.

CL Catalogues Opens Up a World of Shopping Opportunities

LogoCatalogue shopping in the UK is very popular given the format it employs giving buyers access to multiple options. The same format in shopping can however, be ruthless to those customers who don’t have a very good credit track record. A single credit red flag can tarnish the image of a buyer and banish him from making the purchases he would like to make. CL Catalogues is a company that specialises in bad credit shopping and can help such customers get back into the game.

Cinnamon Boutique Guest House Under New Management, Looks to Be Leading Choice Among Travellers

Cinnamon Boutique Guest House is the premier destination in South Africa. This luxurious establishment is proud to announce it is under new management. With this change comes many improvements to the facility. These include upgrading its status from a four-star to a five-star establishment, renovating all of the facilities, extending the beach and building another guest house on the beach, known as Cinnamon Beach Hotel.

Inova Entertainment Seeks Funding Assistance via Indiegogo to Develop Their First Ever Creation 'Grumpy Granny'

LogoInova Entertainment is a team of video game fans turned developers. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and was created in 2013. Their first goal is to create funny and quality games and next one is to gather people and create a community of gamers playing together.

YourDailyTask Renders Virtual Assistant Services All over the World

YourDailyTask is a virtual assistant organization in India which straight off can pull in some challenging extremity to derail and start up. India based virtual assistance has created a repute for being the most affordable and low priced choice in the world of virtual assistance but it has also acquired the notoriety for missing out the quality that other location based suppliers carry to the table.

Choosing Correct Laparoscopic Training Institute Is Essential for Surgeons and Gynecologist to Become a Skilled Laparoscopic Surgeon

Modern technological advancements and scientific research in medicine have allowed doctors to perform operations that have transformed the medical profession, allowing doctors to use techniques to treat and cure patients. With more advanced techniques, it allows for less invasive surgery; one example of a modern medical technique is Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery which has been around for 20 years, but still is an important surgical technique.

Tinker Games Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Develop "Pale Blue - Monstrous 2D Side Scrolling Action Adventure."

LogoThe "Pale Blue" concept came from Tinker Games’ fascination with the superheroes (Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Jaeger, Ultraman, etc). They watch their heroes fighting monsters and evil organizations from time to time, foiling their plans at world domination where they live to fight another day.

HH Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi Joins Board of Sightsavers

Her Highness Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi, member of the royal family of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, has become a member of the board of Sightsavers in the UAE, which is headed by His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Community Development.

A Fundraiser for Change That Witnessed Many Philanthropists from All Across the World

“Giving is a virtue and the highest level of living for any philanthropist who has made giving a habit. There are more blessings in giving than receiving and all of us have at some point in our lives experienced the urge to reach out to someone who is in need of our help and made a difference in their lives through our support and encouragement. One’s true wealth and success is not measured by the earthly treasures acquired during his lifetime but rather the good he does in this world.” Said a spokesperson of Food For Change. Under the patronage of Princess Arwa Al Qassimi, the Food for Change (FfC) was a fundraising event organized by Bangalore Cares that presented a golden opportunity to people to express their love and care for the unfortunate in the society through the noble act of giving. This was a fundraiser where philanthropists from all parts of the world took part and appreciated the approach.

An Initiative for Change Sponsored by HH Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi

Introducing Food for change, sponsored by HH Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi and organized by Bangalore Cares for the Joy Of Giving Week where one can donate to a cause of their choice and the NGO gets to utilize 100% of the amount.

Hong Kong Based Startup Twitchy Finger Ltd. Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Release Their New iOS & Android Game Furball Rampage

LogoFurball Rampage is an action side-scrolling running game for iOS & Android. What does a side-scrolling running game have to do with action? Well, unlike most running games out there where the players endlessly jump or duck to avoid obstacles, Furball Rampage adds a unique "twist" to the genre by adding an action element into the game. The creators call this special element, "Kata-Mode". When our hero Joe activates Kata-Mode he transforms from a small cute hamster into a giant monster of destruction. While in this mode, your character no longer avoids obstacles but wreck havoc upon the city and destroys everything in its path! Awarded the Top Cisco Supplier by Cisco Users/Fans

For people who want to buy cost-effective and original Cisco hardware,, as a trusted Cisco supplier, is the top choice for them. Over the last 11 years, ithas been devoting to offer a wide variety of Cisco products that are of good quality and priced competitively.

Tay Bear Presents Its Collection of Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay parties are a craze not just among children but also among the adults. In fact, people from all age groups love to attend the cosplay parties. The idea of cosplay parties is to bring up the anime cartoon characters. The parties generally consist in the individuals representing a particular character from video games or comic books. While in the early times costume parties remained restricted to the time of Halloween, in the present day world, there are a number of costume parties held throughout the year without Halloween dying out of its charm. The cosplay costume in this respect is of particular interest to people. While there are a number of stores, both online and offline, in China, the quality and variety are factors that determine their purchase. Tay Bear is an online store that offers a huge collection of cosplay costumes. The costumes are available for all age groups and for men, women, and children.

One Piece Jewelry Presents Its Range of Beautiful Jewelry at Wholesale Rates

People, especially women despite all ages have been fascinated by jewelry. Jewelry can roughly be divided into two categories, contemporary and traditional. The traditional jewelry is something that continues to remain the same through ages while the contemporary jewelry changes with time. However, whether it is contemporary or traditional, jewelries are always eye catching and attractive. Jewelries are generally made up of precious metals and precious or semi precious stones. In the present times these are made of several other materials. The most important objective of wearing jewelry is looking beautiful and this trend does not remain confined only to the recent times. Rather, this has come down through the ages. Origin of jewelry goes back to a time when there were beads and shells for ornaments. One Piece Jewelry is an online store that offers an extensive collection of jewelry pieces that include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

BlazeVideo Announces Memorial Day Sale, Delivers BlazeVideo DVD Copy as Free Gifts

BlazeVideo, Leading digital video and audio software manufacturer, today kicks off the celebration of 2014 Memorial Day by seeding free gifts - BlazeVideo DVD Copy, which enables users to easily convert and copy DVD Movies telling the moving but breathtaking stories of the Union and Confederate soldiers, valid from today to May 31, 2014. BlazeVideo DVD Copy can definitely add atmosphere to this Memorial Day, on the condition that users manage this DVD Copy software in a good way. With this tool, it is easy to copy DVD movies of historic Civil War and convert DVD to videos to share with others to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war.

Aman Resorts Announces New CEO

Aman Group, the holding company of the international luxury resort collection Amanresorts, announces that its visionary founder has decided to step down from his position as Chairman and CEO.

Healthy Aging Habits Discovering Exclusive Ways to Remain Healthy & Youthful

Aging is a part of every individual’s life but is important for people to have good habits while aging since that tends to benefit them a lot on a daily basis and also makes them feel better overall. Healthy aging can be acquired by indulging in many different activities which include eating well and doing some exercise. These are the one of the most common and prominent healthy aging habits. However, individuals are also highly recommended to learn to be happy at all times. Happiness is surely a sign of healthy aging and allows people to relieve stress and tensions via smiling. Individuals should be well-informed about their health and always should have some access money in order to handle emergencies adequately.

VICI Beauty & Massage Center Is Now Offering 20% off on All Healthy & Happy Massage

Today, the mankind is leading a stressful and busy lifestyle, and people often need to find ways to bust stress to energize their body, mind and soul. Now, China based VICI Beauty & Massage Center offers healthy body massage at 20% discount prices, allowing people to get a relief from strain and tiredness at a cost-effective price.

RJ & Co Solutions: Now Serving on-Board Solutions

LogoGone are the days of no solution in every quest to problems because many possible answers could now be found in just a matter of a single click of mouse.

NTS Building Services Now Brings Innovative Design Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane at the Most Affordable Prices

NTS Building Services now brings Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane at the most reasonable prices. They have the ability to renovate any kind of bathroom with their innovative ideas that will make the bathroom stand out of the crowd. They have highly innovative ideas for kitchens, decks, driveways or any other modification of living space. Any kind of project is conducted with extreme precision and dedication.

Alloyworks Now Brings a Wide Range of Aluminum Tool Boxes at the Most Affordable Prices

Alloyworks now brings a wide range of aluminium tool boxes at the most reasonable prices. The company offers tailor-made solutions to the clients for their requirements. The company has more than 20 years of experience and they offer the most impeccable products coupled with good services. They deliver superior quality products which look the same for years. Whether it is a customized aluminium Ute canopies or an aluminium Ute too box, they provide absolute finish in their products.

Jones Business Services Now Brings the Most Effective Method of Debt Collection in Perth

Jones Business Services now brings the most effective method of debt collection in Perth. They have professionals who are highly trained and skilled, thus deploy the best possible method of debt collection. Their expert professionals know different strategies to recover debts within the stipulated time. This is a one stop solution for recovering any kind of debt, no matter how old the debt is. They have created a niche in the debt collection market and they are branded as one of the most successful debt collection companies in the industry. In addition, the company also offers credit management and international credit recovery services.

Victoria's Lashes; Australian Distributor Reveals LiLash Demi Sized Smaller Tube

Women are choosing to look and feel their best at any age. The official LiLash serum, and beauty product, gives strong and long natural eyelashes. It is now available in a smaller Demi size, and therefore lower priced tube.

WinRAR's Apparent Involvement in Spreading Malwares: A Product of Man's Playful Intellect and Dark Intentions

LogoOriginally, WinRAR is used to compress large files, increase system storage space, reduce email attachment size, and make the data transfer faster. WinRAR gained its popularity in doing all these. And these features are what hackers saw to spread malwares all throughout the internet. These hackers are going after government, international organizations and even Fortune 500 companies around the globe.