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Clinical Trial Supplies Conference Is Based in Brussels on the 20th and 21st October 2016

LogoClinical Trial Supplies 2nd Annual Symposium will be held in Brussels on the 20th and 21st of October 2016. CTS is a meeting dedicated in exploring the medical supplies required for Clinical Trials and Operations. Presented by prestigious pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies globally engaged to discussed key challenges in Clinical Trial Logistics. With capacity of 100+ attendees, CTS will be held along with the 4th Annual Clinical Outsourcing Strategies Symposium (COS 2016), sharing the same days, venue and exhibition area.

City Tap House in University City Announces Storytelling Under the Stars Event

LogoCity Tap House in University City, an award-winning bar and restaurant located in Philly, is pleased to announce their Storytelling Under the Stars: Runner's Edition event. This event will take place on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, at 7:00 PM, and will feature a team of Philadelphia's finest storytellers who will share their trials on both the track and street with all who attend.

Formitize Launches Traffic Management App to Aid in Transition to Paperless

The developers of Formitize – a valuable tool that has modernized businesses worldwide – has launched Traffic Management App. This important tool helps in the seamless transition of traffic management businesses from a paperwork setting to a paperless one.

United Nations Grants Special Consultative Status to TCPI

LogoSpecial consultative status provides a select group of organizations with access to ECOSOC, one of the 5 principal organs of the United Nations system. The official recognition for TCPI "enables it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies,” Andrei Abramov, chief of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ NGO Branch, wrote in a letter to TCPI announcing the organization's new status.

Trunkey Dental & BTUFF Magazine Congratulates "Fix Your Grill" Contest Winner

Trunkey Dental and BTUFF Magazine have two things in common: they love to give back to the community. They decided to have a contest titled “Fix Your Grill” as featured in the magazine inviting contestants to write stories on why he or she required the treatment, where one lucky winner would be selected. Dr. Trunkey was faced with the difficult decision of choosing a winner, ultimately going with Chris Cowan, a San Diego native and longtime tobacco chewer. In the video featured on Dr. Trunkey’s website and YouTube channel, you get to know the backstory and get to see the severity of Mr. Cowan’s oral condition where he is even given a possible cancer prognosis.

Alexis Boyett Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Arrange Funds for the Market Launch of Pleasant Pumps

LogoThe objective of this project by Alexis Boyett is the introduction of Pleasant Pumps, the world’s first comfortable sexy line of heels. Alexis has combined the sex appeal of the 5” pump with the feel of a sneaker. Users can finally wear heels all day without destroying their feet.

Hadil Amin Looks to Complete the Development of DEA (Diary Entries Anonymous) with Funding Support via Kickstarter

LogoDiary Entries Anonymous (DEA) is a lifelike diary that users can share anonymously with others or make it private for their eyes only. Users can customize their diary to match their own personal style through provided design templates or uploaded photos/videos from their album or YouTube videos.

Visual Artist Dr. Judith Duquemin Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for Her Upcoming Project 'Animation Trigonometry'

LogoThrough her Animation Trigonometry project, Dr. Judith Duquemin wants to create colorful, digital, animated tessellations of geometric tilings as a multi-screen installation using state of the art digital technology. The project will explore asymmetry within new media, with references to geometry, mathematics, ornamentation, gaze theory, perception, asymmetry in art, science and nature, particle physics, geometric abstraction, digital art, animation, computational design, algorithmic aesthetics, visual art practice.

Obrary Seeks Funding Support from Kickstarter Community for the First Batch Run of 'Soto' Wall Mounted Board Rack

LogoThe economies of scale for mass production are well understood as it brings many products to its users. However, there is a long tail of desired products that are not mass produced. They are either custom-built or don't get built at all. Therefore, there is a large demand for products that go unfilled either because the current custom-product is too expensive or no one is making the product at all.

Saints and Sinners Announces Seven Deadly Sins Extravaganza This July

LogoWith the summer heat, many couples and individuals are looking to get a little wild, and let themselves loose. As a premiere venue for swingers parties near NJ, Saints and Sinners is announcing their Seven Deadly Sins party this July. The party takes place at the Philadelphia location on Emery Street on Saturday, July 12. Join Klymaxxx at 9 pm to kick off the party everyone will be talking about.

AMG Services' First "Cruise with Shoes" Run a Well-Attended Success

Fitness Life Stories sponsored AMG Services’ first annual “Cruise with Shoes” 5k run this weekend. The event saw a turnout of more than 700 runners, which was more than double the expected 300 participants. The run was preceded by a costume contest where winners were judged on the creativity of their ‘50s-themed pink lady and greaser costumes. Prizes were given both to individuals and groups.

Five Star Painting Inc. Providing Free Estimates for Interior Painting Projects in Hamilton This Summer

LogoAs families live in the same home for decades, there are going to be times when they want a new paint coat on their walls. Whether the paint is chipped, the color is starting to fade, or homeowners just begin to get tired of staring at the same paint coat every day, there are a number of options for transforming the look and feel of the interior. This summer, Five Star Painting Inc. is proud to announce they are now providing free estimates for their painting projects in Hamilton.

Samuel Wells Releases Booklet to Answer Life's Toughest Questions

Samuel Wells read the first to the fourth chapters of Genesis and had many questions. He wondered to himself, "Is there another side to this story?'  He wrote down 94 questions before he began writing his booklet, If Eve Had Said No.

Jeff Voll Wins the Freedom of Man Wrongly Accused of Gang Assault

Attorney Jeff Voll Wins the Freedom of Man Wrongly Accused of Gang Assault Jeff Voll, criminal attorney in Los Angeles, California, was successful in seeking an acquittal of street terrorism and a mistrial of assault for client Army Captain David Moore. Moore, along with Sgt. Richard Rivero were accused of stabbing civilian Ali Joseph III at Mollies Pub in Barstow, California on April 25, 2011. The White House, Gangland and Pentagon became involved in this case shortly after the men were charged. Pentagon officials instructed the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office not to offer any plea bargains because the men were Vagos Motorcycle Club members.

J.Green Releases "Gangster & a Gentleman" Preps "Westside Story" Mixtape

J.Green has released "Gangster & A Gentleman" preps "Westside Story" mixtape that will start a new path in his music career. The release of the mixtape will introduce new things with his career and make a new impact on the kind of music that he is preparing for all his fans.

FMA Summits: Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #19

One of our best Summits to date, PEE19 saw 189 delegates interact with 25 Partner companies who offered solutions spanning a range of energy efficient and cost saving technologies and services. 275 pre-scheduled meetings were organized between delegates who selected to meet with specific Partners whose solutions sparked interest and/or lined up with certain projects and initiatives currently ongoing.

BeVisible Sports Announces Launch of Maternity Compression Stockings on

LogoA new product specially targeting mothers to be is to be launched on Amazon on 8 July 2014 by BeVisible Sports. The Maternity Compression Stockings are designed to provide mothers with relief from aches, pains and swelling in legs and feet. The product will be available in beige color and three sizes.

Record Attendance at the Cooperative Meeting of CMSC & ACTRIMS

LogoProviding a unique forum for healthcare professionals to learn about the latest research, diagnosis and treatment for multiple sclerosis, the Cooperative Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) and Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS®) attracted a record number of healthcare professionals to its annual meeting. Over the course of four days, May 28-31, close to 2,000 neurologists, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitations professionals, psychologists and other disciplines, attended the conference at the Anatole Hilton in Dallas, TX. “The CMSC & ACTRIMS Annual Meeting opened my eyes to international opportunities in multiple sclerosis care and research,” said Albert Joseph of The University of Oxford. The Annual Meeting focused on a multiple sclerosis collaborative care model and covered: basic and clinical research; disease modifying treatments and new and emerging therapies; as well as rehabilitation; psychosocial issues; gender specific concerns; advocacy issues and quality of life strategies. Highlights of the 2014 CMSC & ACTRIMS Annual Meeting included: -Over 40 educational sessions and lectures, 30 platform presentations and a variety of poster sessions offering continuing education credit for physicians, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and social workers. -Topics of high interest included: “Tolerance-Directed Immunotherapy: Future of MS Treatment?” “Stem Cell Update;” “The North American Registry for Care and Research in MS (NARCRMS);” and “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that Improves Fatigue in MS Patients.” -Eight independently supported satellite symposia offering additional continuing education credit opportunities. -Unique educational opportunities including daily opening lectures with top MS experts, Meet the Professor dinner, on-site multiple sclerosis nurses certification exam; breakout sessions and meeting for special interest groups. -In-depth discussion of important topics on multiple sclerosis and comprehensive care including “The Role of the Advanced Practice Clinician;” “Nutrition and MS;” “Complementary and Alternative Medicine:’ “Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) Update;” and “Gender Issues in MS.” -Special Interest Group content and meetings for rehabilitation therapists, private practitioners, pharmacists, young investigators, mental health professionals, and VA healthcare professionals. -Networking opportunities including poster sessions, platform presentations, morning exercise programs, and evening entertainment with a concert by country star, Clay Walker. -Top exhibitors showcasing the latest in products and services for multiple sclerosis care. In addition, numerous awards were presented at the conference that recognized the achievement of young scholars, poster presenters, MS researchers, and CMSC members. The 2014 Award Winners were:

Mohr Publicity Reports "Famous in 12" Cancelled and Series Ends

LogoAn entire family was flown to Los Angeles and given 12 weeks to become famous. That was the premise of TMZ’s (Harvey Levin) new reality show called ‘Famous In 12.’ Most of the industry in Hollywood believed, if anyone could do it, Harvey Levin could. But, to the shock of FN12 fans across the country, the family was given the “Hollywood hook” and pulled off stage. According to Levin, CW’s reality show will no longer air due to low ratings and lack of audience enthusiasm.

The Trucker Series of Ladders Rated as ANSI Type IAA Special Duty

LogoInnovative Access Solutions, LLC proudly announces that The Trucker® Series of Ladders have been ANSI rated as a Type IAA Type IAA - Special Duty Ladder (Extra Heavy Duty 375 lb) Industrial Ladder. The Trucker™ Series of Ladders provide truck trailer access products for various industries to meet work safety requirements.

D. Robbins & Co. Updates Wholesale Inventory for Summer 2014

LogoD. Robbins & Co. has several new wholesale magic items this summer for magicians at every level on their EZ Magic website. The company continually updates its inventory of magic tricks, accessories, and books throughout the year to help retailers supply the best quality items to their customers.

Market Research on Digital Signage Market Worth $14.87 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report "Digital Signage Market by Hardware, Software (Edge Server, Distribution & Scheduling, Content Management), Application (Commercial, Infrastructure, Institutions, Industrial), Products (Indoor & Outdoor) & by Geography - Forecast to 2014 - 2020", published by MarketsandMarkets, the total market is expected to reach $14,875.6 Million by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 8.94% from 2014 to 2020.

Albert's Café Renting out Their Party Reception Halls This Summer

LogoIn the summertime, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s a promotion, a milestone birthday, anniversary, or a reunion amongst family and friends, there is a party in order. When trying to find the perfect venue for a party or gathering, Albert’s Café is pleased to announce they are now renting out their party reception halls this summer. Arrive at the venue as the room is decorated according to desires for ultimate satisfaction.

All Penny News: Saturn Minerals Leading Exploration for Next Major Oil Play in Williston Basin Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “Saturn Minerals Leading Exploration for Next Major Oil Play in Williston Basin.”

Web Design Fresno Discusses 13 Essential Questions to Ask when Hiring a Web Design Company

LogoInvesting in a new website can be a very expensive proposition. Before you settle on a website development firm, make sure you know what you're getting into! I highly recommend asking an exhaustive list of questions to each firm you're considering working with.

Performance Team Offers Sustainable and Cost Effective Distribution Services in Los Angeles

When it comes to providing feasible and cost effective logistics solution to its clientele, Performance Team certainly is a leader in the business. With the base of operations in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Performance Team offers a comprehensive range of services to its esteemed clients. These include distribution, deconsolidation, supply chain logistics, and transportation, to name a few. The company has extensive experience of over 27 years in serving the logistics and distribution needs of businesses large and small.

JN Hosting Launches Its Website as a Hosting Company

JN Hosting has launched its website as a hosting company providing some of the best hosting products such as VPS and dedicated servers. Aside from that the company is also offering instant setup for whatever services they are asking and is also offering 24/7 customer service for all clients.