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Eby Exteriors, Inc. Selected to Renovate Historic Pennsylvania Property

LogoEby Exteriors, Inc. of Lancaster County, PA will conduct the renovation of the historic David M. Mayer house in Manheim Township near the new Whole-Food Anchored Shoppes at Belmont shopping center. The project will prevent the demolition of the home, a likely candidate for the National Register of Historic Places. Eby Exteriors, Inc. recently received the prestigious assignment to restore the exterior of the lovely farmhouse, which dates from the period between 1870 and 1874. Tentative plans are for the home to be used for professional offices

Expert to Demystify LinkedIn on August 2 and August 4

LogoInternationally recognized marketing expert and consultant Ken Countess will conduct The Countess Group's next "Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition" LinkedIn workshops on Wednesday, August 2 (through an online webinar) and Friday, August 4, 2017 (in a classroom setting).

NetDispatcher Launches 'Green Field Partner Program'

NetDispatcher, a pioneer in delivering Field Service Automation, today announced that it has officially launched the NetDispatcher Green Field Partner Program. The NetDispatcher Partner Program will enable worldwide partners to sell NetDispatcher a SaaS based Field Management software program.

Crown Office Creates Guidelines for Illegal Social Media Posts

New guidelines have been created by prosecutors to determine which messages posted on social media can be considered criminal.

Offering the Real Jamaican Vacation Experience - Jamaica Ocean View Villa

LogoJamaica Ocean View Villa is glad to be offering its guests the truest and most enjoyable of Jamaican vacations on the island ever. Jamaica Ocean View Villa, a true alternative to an all-inclusive resort, is now offering amazing deals and offers for Christmas holiday bookings at the villa.

Isis Revamps Identity Through Social Media

The reach of social media can never be undoubted. This is perhaps the reason why organized groups like the Islamic State or Isis is addressing issues thrown against them through the social media medium. This can be shown from their latest video releases of statements from their journalist hostages. Here are some of the tactics that this organized group employs to counter bad press and public opinion about their organization.

Trends That Promise Big Changes in Social Media

To see if you have followed changes in social media this last year, take this quiz. 1) Which new social media network is like a virtual bathroom wall causing concern among school officials in Canada? 2) Which platform caused one million sign-ups in just 5 weeks and promises to share revenues from ads with users? 3) Which platform permits users to transfer funds with their debit card information without fees?

TN Ladder Co Takes Aim at Improving Stepladder Steps

LogoMatthew Ladders of Maryville, TN is Shooting Holes in Ladder Safety™.  The company Chairman/CEO, M.S. Matthew, is a cowboy at heart with a penchant for guns, hot rods and developing innovative tools and processes.  M.S. Matthew's latest project is making it safer and more comfortable to work with stepladders. The company's most recent ladder safety invention to hit the market is Safe Step® .

Sports for Sharing Brings Active Olympic Swimmer to DC Elementary School

Andrew Gemmell is a national champion swimmer who competes in long distance freestyle events. He was a member of the 2012 United States Olympic Team and competed in the 1500m Freestyle, in London. In 2014, he won the Men's Open Water Swim at the Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii. Gemmell is currently training for the 2016 Olympics, in Rio, where he is considered a favorite to medal in the 10k Open Water Swim.

Dante Ristorante: Celebrating 25 Years of Fineness

LogoDante Ristorante, a popular restaurant located in Great Falls, Virginia, is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this December. The restaurant, which is owned by well-known chef Giuseppe DI Benigno and the family has a historical significance attached to it. The building of the restaurant is a part of an old Victorian mansion, which has been renovated into a beautiful restaurant. For years, Dante Ristorante has been known for their fresh foods and consistent quality in their meals. Nestled in the lush countryside of Great Falls, Virginia, Dante is just minutes away from Tysons Corner and Reston Town Center. The restaurant owner, Giuseppe DI Benigno has obtained his formal culinary training at the Istituto Alberghiero DI Stato in Pescara, Italy before relocating to the United States.

Donna Tozzi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Groundbreaking Peptide Injectable for the Aesthetic Industry

LogoThe TOZZI Peptide Injectable revolutionizes the Aesthetic Industry with its entry into the injectable skin revitalizer sector of the beauty industry. Facial mesotherapy is well established in Europe where product research of injectables based on amino acids is fully developed and well documented. The Tozzi Peptide Injectable is the 'missing link' in the Chain of anti-aging modalities. Skin revitalizer injectables are one of the top treatments of choice for celebrities all over the world. For the majority of the world's population that is not famous, consumer demand for natural skin treatments and related beauty products is on the rise.

Lemon Pie Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Interactive Kids Furniture

LogoChildren spend hours building their own fort from the remains of their home's living room furniture after tearing them apart. With endless time in hand, they can certainly afford to build and rebuild their structures time and again. Lemon Pie Designs was inspired by these childhood adventures and decided to create interactive kids furniture.

Richard C. Rayos and Team Starts Rocket Hub Crowdfunding Campaign to Complete the Development of (EO)2 Multi Use Fastener

Logo(EO)2® is a new technology that promises to be the most revolutionary and multi utility fastener since Velcro®. Designed for fun as well as serious applications, the present t line of carriers and mounting systems offered by (EO)2® is a diverse one. After the completion of its development, (EO)2® will be the world's first carrier system capable of storing stuffs safely on walls or ceilings, and carrying them in cars, boats, or any other sports vehicle. (EO)2® will also make it possible to carry them as luggage in the plains planes with the same mounting system.

Kellan Fluckiger Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for the Tightrope of Depression: From Despair & Death to Love & Life

LogoDepression is a silent killer and Kellan Fluckiger wants to do something about it. He's writing a book, creating a website, composing music and rendering art to chronicle his own journey through depression towards good health. The resources he's creating will help others who suffer from depression to find their own way out of a maze not of their own making.

JOHN JOHN FLORENCE Takes Home Top Honors at the 2014 Surfer Poll Awards

Last night at the Turtle Bay Resort, a new king was crowned in the world of surfing as superstar surfer John John Florence was voted by the public as the most popular surfer on Earth.

iCo Therapeutics Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results and Corporate Update

LogoiCo Therapeutics ("iCo" or "the Company") (TSX-V: ICO) (OTCQX: ICOTF), today reported financial results for the nine months ended September 30, 2014. Amounts, unless specified otherwise, are expressed in Canadian dollars and presented under International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS").

KIKTEC Launches Muzegg to Listen to Music Everywhere

KIKTEC has recently launched a project named Muzegg which is a wireless Bluetooth device that connects easily to computers, tablets and smart phones. It is basically an egg shaped music box with a variety of features. Now music lovers can enjoy music anywhere in the world as this device is conducive to water, sand and humidity.

Intelligent Design Technology LLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Manufacture Its Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Kit in the United States

LogoThe Intelligent Sensor and Actuator (ISA) kit is a simple, intuitive, and efficient learning tool which not only introduces users to various sensors and actuators but also demonstrates how they can be applied successfully to real world applications. Ideated, designed, and developed by Intelligent Design Technology LLC, the ISA kit is tailor-made for both students and instructors in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs to respectively learn and teach about sensors and actuators through interactive hands-on projects.

DiabetesWell Launches Campaiign to Inform Home Blood Pressure Monitors Save Lives

High blood pressure left unchecked can cause premature death by stroke or heart attack. Recent statistics indicate over 50% of the 27 million diabetics in the United States have hypertension and will die from cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure, like diabetes, can in most instances be treated with diet, exercise, medications and careful monitoring. Experts report, however, that having a blood pressure cuff at home, can, and does save lives.

My NH Attorney Launches Divorce Rights Awareness Efforts to Thwart Victimization

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the annual basic cost of living for one American to be $20,000 compounded by that amount for each child in a given household. While many 2 and 3 income families struggle to meet the growing prices of housing, utilities and other necessities, these financial hardships are intensified for single parents. With such difficulties in mind, John Watkins of My NH Attorney,, has launched the New Hampshire law firm's latest efforts to increase awareness of individuals' rights in the face of divorce.

Essence of L Medi Spa Now Offers Flexible, Effective Dermapen Skin Treatment

The Essence of L Medi Spa announced that the company now offers the Dermapen skin rejuvenation service to clients. Equipped with a number of sterile, microscopic, single-use needles, the hand-held Dermapen unit can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes. The new Dermapen option further extends the extensive array of skin care and spa services already offered by the Essence of L Medi Spa.

Farmer Brown Announces Record Growth in Contractor Insurance Policies

Writer Mark Terry wants condominium associations to understand the importance of obtaining a reliable insurance policy to protect their property. In his online article "6 Condo Insurance Questions" he outlines why this type of insurance is so essential. Mr. Terry writes, "Insurance coverage presents a direct difference between the ownership of a home or a condo. Condominium owners are usually held responsible for insuring just their own unit and the small portion of property in which they reside."

Prepaid US Sim Card Now Delivered Directly to International Customers at JFK International Airport

LogoNow passengers arriving at JFK International Airport have a reliable option for securing US cell phone service quickly and easily. International trevelers pre-order a US SIM card online at They are then asked to send flight arrival information and a SIM concierge arranges to meet them when they arrive. The card has been activated and the concierge simply installs the card, ensures that everything is working and the customer is on their way. This personal service can also be upgraded to include transportation from the airport in a luxury vehicle.

Rox San Pharmacy Offering Compounded Medication

Compounding is the process by which different medications are mixed together to form a single dosage, following a doctor's prescription and customized to the individual patient. Rox San pharmacy offers compounding services to their customers as part of their dedication to providing superior customer services in all aspects of pharmaceutical services.

Beauty Expert Shariah Juliana Relaunches Website

LogoSharifah Juliana is a widely recognised figure in the Los Angeles fashion world and beyond. Her career has been as diverse as her background, involving work on projects across the world with her global clientele. Sharifah Juliana has relaunched her web presence in order to fully reflect her work and contribution to the beauty industry both in terms of her past projects and current work. The re-launched website includes an updated biography and portfolio, alongside updated contact and events information.

New Course from the National Association of Field Inspectors (NAOFI) LLC Offers Opportunity to Earn Extra Income

The National Association of Field Inspectors LLC is offering the opportunity to become a Certified Field Inspector. The course will launch on December 8th, 2014, and once qualified, participants will have the opportunity to earn an extra income by working as an independent field inspector.

Simplilearn Launches New CompTIA Security+ Course for Latest SY0-401 Version of Exam

Simplilearn Americas LLC, a top professional certification readiness specialist, announced the availability of the company's new CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam preparation course. The CompTIA Security+ certificate is one of the information technology industry's most widely recognized credentials for those tasked with ensuring the security of computer systems and networks, databases, and other digital assets. Simplilearn's new comptia sy0-401 course will help students prepare for the new, updated, version of the certification exam that will be administered starting January 1, 2015.