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Special Issue of National Truckin' Magazine Is Dedicated to Military Family Appreciation Month

LogoWith Veterans' Day right around the corner, military veterans young and old will be thanked for their service and their dedication to keeping America safe through parades, solemn celebrations, and displays of affection. Citizens of the United States are indebted to these men and women, who have perished defending the freedoms they hold so dearly. The sacrifices they've made were highlighted in July's issue of National Truckin' Magazine, which was dedicated to military veterans. That special edition was written to bring awareness to the plight of those who served so dutifully, in the hopes that they might be hired within the trucking industry. It is this effort of assimilation back into the civilian lifestyle which the team at National Truckin' Magazine feels so passionately about.

M Pharmaceutical Inc. Engages Camargo Pharmaceutical Services to Develop Regulatory Strategy for Newly Acquired Chelatexx Technology

LogoM Pharmaceutical Inc., (the "Company" or "M Pharma"), is pleased to announce that it has engaged Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, in order to help C-103 is a novel formulation of Orlistat, patented until 2030 in the United States. Orlistat is FDA-approved for weight management and sold by Roche as Xenical® (prescription) and by GlaxoSmithKline as alli® (over-the-counter). Orlistat is the best-selling weight loss medication of all time with peak sales over $900 million in 2007. C-103 is intended to maintain the efficacy of Orlistat while minimizing its socially unacceptable side effects.

Holmes Custom Renovations, LLC Announces Arrival of Infinity from Marvin Windows

Vinyl windows are popular, but they actually have many downsides. They can crack and fade, and worse, some brands look cheap right from the start. For this reason, many people have sought an alternative that is low-maintenance but doesn't have any of vinyl's problems. Today, Home Custom Renovations, LLC has announced the arrival of the solution: Infinity from Marvin replacement windows.

Hematology Reagents Market Will Reach $3.13 Billion by 2019

LogoThe global hematology market is divided into hematology products& hematology services. The hematology products segment holds the largest share of the hematology market in 2014. It is also expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the next five years, owing to the increasing development of new hematology reagents. In addition, based on the end-users, the global hematology market has been segmented into commercial organizations, stand-alone hospitals, research institutes, and clinical testing labs. The clinical testing labs holds the largest share of the hematology market in 2014 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% in the forecast period.

Research Report on Fuel Additives Market Grow by $8,100 Million in 2019

LogoThe report “Fuel Additives Market by Applications (Diesel, Gasoline & Aviation), Types (Deposit control, Antioxidant, Corrosion inhibitor, Lubricity & Cetane improvers and others) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019” defines and segments the fuel additive market with an analysis and forecast of the market size in terms of value. The fuel additive market size in terms of value is expected to grow to $8,100 million by 2019, at a significant CAGR from 2014 to 2019. It also determines the drivers and restraints of the fuel additives market with an analysis of trends, opportunities, burning issues, and winning imperatives.

Howard Packaging, LLC Announces Arrival of Custom Printed Recycled Shopping Bags

Companies are always looking for ways to keep their names in front of their current customers and put it in front of prospective new ones. One of the best methods for this is to use custom printed packaging. Howard Packaging, LLC has announced the arrival of custom printed recycled shopping bags, which are the newest addition to its line.

Local Business One Stop Announces the Launch of Video Marketing Service

Local Business One Stop, an established leader in web design and internet marketing, today announced the launch of Video Marketing, a service created to drive more targeted traffic to business website to generate massive leads.

Ohio Puppy Breeders to Launch Revamped Website in Response to Changing Client Needs

The American Kennel Club lists both Chihuahuas and Yorkies among the top 10 toy dog breeds, attributing their popularity to numerous positive personality traits. Based on these facts, it comes as no surprise the Chorkie is rapidly becoming a favorite on the list of hybrid breeds. Nathan and Sara Bazler, owners of Little Puppies Online, have been been at the forefront of this trend from its beginning, professionally breeding small dogs for the last 10 years.

Osama's Jihad - New Book Exposes Homophobia and Islamophobia

A new, bold and thought provoking novel, ‘Osama’s Jihad’, is coming soon. The novel tackles two of today’s social phobias—homophobia and Islam- phobia. The main character, Osama, explores the social norms of Arab/Muslim communities in the US. The novel tackles social and religious taboos, while exploring issues like women’s rights, as well as the rights of Lesbians, Gays and Transgender in the Arab/Muslim world.

Sitters 4 Critters, LLC Offering Pet Boarding Services in Greater Philadelphia Area This August

LogoAs the summer rolls on, families and couples look to get away from home for a few days, or a few weeks. When owning a pet, individuals not only spend time looking for vacation destinations and hotels, but also look for dependable persons to watch their furry friends while away. An award winning company for their pet boarding in Bucks County, Sitters 4 Critters, LLC is proud to announce they are offering their pet boarding services in the greater Philadelphia area this August.

BIDV Tops International Banker Awards 2014

The International Banker’s annual awards recognize banking excellence globally. Honoured with an award to acknowledge and celebrate innovation and leadership in commercial banking products and services in Vietnam – BIDV’s work has been recognised on this year’s list.

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Maintains Active Social Media Presence

LogoHarrington’s Pub & Kitchen has taken to social media to promote their food and drink specials. Enjoying the marvelously presented food at the National Harbor restaurant is largely a visual experience, and Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the perfect avenues to share images of their menu items. Follow their social media profiles to get food and drink updates with mouthwatering visual accompaniments.

A Day in a Tank Launches Online Booking of Tank Adventures

A Day In a Tank ( proudly announces the launch of the United Kingdom's premier online destination for those wishing to purchase a real-life tank driving adventure. Specializing in the booking of tank driving adventures, A Day In a Tank ensures consumers obtain the best value along with the most exciting experience currently available in this field. "A Day In a Tank caters to individuals and group events and offers a range of tank driving experience days to meet the needs of all," Max Storey, spokesperson for the company, states.

DriveOne Autosales Now Offering Free Extended Warranties for Summer 2014

LogoDriveOne Autosales is now offering free extended warranties for summer 2014 as part of the DriveOne Difference. Customers who buy any car from the buy here pay here Philadelphia dealership’s preowned inventory can drive with confidence for years to come knowing DriveOne Autosales has their back if something goes wrong. The dealership starts with a strong foundation by refurbishing and certifying all their used cars with a Carfax vehicle history report, including past accidents and damages, number of previous owners, service records, and odometer readings. By verifying the quality of their cars, DriveOne is able to stand behind each one they sell.

BackApp Now Offering Complete Ergonomic Workstations for Summer 2014

LogoBackApp is now offering Complete Ergonomic Workstations for summer 2014. The company’s ergonomic computer chairs provide superior back support, but in order to get the full benefits of the BackApp system it’s important to pair them with other items that will make the whole workspace comfortable and sensible.

E Instruments Now Offering AQ Comfort Indoor Air Quality Monitor for HVAC Professionals

LogoE Instruments is now offering the AQ Comfort Indoor Air Quality Monitor for the HVAC Professional. One of their most popular items, this convenient device is perfect for routine monitoring of CO2, CO, %RH, Temperature, differential pressure, and more. Users get immediate real time continuous data logging so they can get the job done quickly and accurately and keep moving. This handheld monitor features an active internal sampling pump and optional PC software and USB connection. Get results right away and save and upload them for later use.

E Instruments Now Offering AQ Expert Indoor Air Quality Monitor

LogoE Instruments is now offering the AQ Expert Indoor Air Quality Monitor for summer 2014. One of the company’s most advanced indoor air quality monitors, this device has multiple parameters and can run up to 11 simultaneously. Conduct accurate monitoring and data logging of CO2, carbon monoxide, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, and more in hospitals, buildings, schools, labs, clean rooms, and airports.

From Punk Rock Girl to Female CEO: How Deva America Transformed 25 Years of Vegetarianism Into a Trending Vegan Soap Start-Up

LogoOne walk down the body care aisle at Whole Foods, and the question, “Do customers need another vegan bar soap?” is easy to answer. No. The shelves are loaded with them. But Deva America, the 39 year old CEO of C% Pure, has captured the Kickstarter community’s interest in premium vegan soap by partnering with graphic designer, Aaron Scamihor (who’s work includes gig posters for the band Cake, advertisements for Dollar Shave Club and branding for Indiana City Brewing Co, a mid-west microbrewery with a following) and developing soap formulas so rich in anti-oxidents, they could be the new super-food for the skin.

Gold IRA Investments Now Reports Gold IRAs Continue to Outperform Other IRA Vehicles

Gold IRA Investments understands individuals are wishing to diversify their investment portfolios, due to concerns surrounding America's economy, the stock and real estate markets, social security, and more. The company reports gold backed IRAs continue to do very well compared to other investment vehicles and are now opted for by many who believe the gold IRA is a better choice over traditional retirement accounts. Many now rely on precious metal IRAs to maintain the value of their retirement funds, yet care must be taken to ensure one selects the most reliable and value added IRA strategies and Gold IRA Investments may be of great help in this area.

Explainer Video Increases Ad Interaction by Nearly 200%

LogoWith Google’s recent launch of its premium video advertising platform Google Partner Select and 49.1 billion online videos watched by Americans in October alone (comScore, Nov. 2013) video advertising is one of the hottest topics in online marketing.

Award-Winning Author Steven Harz Releases His Fourth Book, "An Umbrella for the Bomb Drop: Flash Fiction of Love, Loss, and Hope"

In this collection of 15 Flash Fiction stories, award-winning writer Steven Harz runs the gamut of young love ("Swaying to the music" and "She's as sweet as") to love lost tragically ("September 13" and "Working on mysteries") and finally to the promise of hope ("Invisible scar" and "The obit"). Also included are three bonus works of thought-provoking prose poetry, including "Descending the beanstalk" and "An umbrella for the bomb drop".

South Jersey Matchmakers Break Down the Dating Process with Expert Dating Coaching

For many people in New Jersey, dating can be scary yet exciting at the same time, and that is in part due to their focus on the destination rather than the process itself. “Most people think they know how to date, but unless they’re looking at dating as being broken down into manageable steps, rather than a time-consuming process, they’re missing the fun in dating,” explains South Jersey Matchmakers.

Fresh Premises Launches New Service to Connect Clients with Cleaning Services

The most obvious aspect of commercial cleaning is how an area looks after the service has done its job, and if any visible dirt is left behind, everyone will soon spot it. This, however, is actually just one part of what is involved when cleaning is performed. What cleansers are used, whether germs are a factor, and other such things are also important. More and more, customers are choosing cleaning services that focus on more than appearances. Fresh Premises has announced a new service to connect prospective clients with cleaning companies that can meet these additional needs. It has also announced the launch of a new site,, to make it easy to access its service.

Bookngo.Com Launches New Website Comparing Millions of the Latest Cheap Holidays, a new holiday comparison website has just announced its launch in the UK. The website advertises and compares millions of the latest holiday deals across worldwide destinations, all departing from UK national and regional airports.

Electric Bikes - An Eco-Friendly Transportation Method

Technology has beaten every undefeatable impediment and has been at the peak of things mainly after the turn of this century. Improvement of technology has touched every feasible thing from one’s everyday lives to the most inaccessible things in the world. The electric bicycle or the e-bike has taken the world by storm. It comes with so many benefits that it is rapidly replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles. The electric bike segment has flourished tremendously and a number of variants have caught the eye of cyclists around the world.

Electric Bikes - Inexpensive and Safe Transportation Method

Leisure becomes more pleasurable based on physical conditions, personality and various other factors. A usual vacation activity in US is beach biking, while several games and sporting events using bikes are a significant part of the vacation for most of the youngsters. Many beach bike games are held where adventure sports, beach parties and cruising are well-known hobbies. Beach bikes are also popular for its unique designs and cheap costs, allowing almost everyone in 16-25 categories to buy one. These bikes need robust edges. Since they are mainly used on sandy surfaces, engineering the correct balance is a matter of experience.

Electric Bikes - An Ideal Way to Save Environment and Money

Everyone have some responsibilities towards the environment, but folks always feel how to do this responsibility. One very easy and common contribution from humanity can be, using e-bikes. These bikes uses electric motor that further aids in making the motor run. This electric bike also make use of rechargeable batteries that can easily help a bike to travel up to 20 miles. These bikes are gaining popularity very fast and also they are replacing the old one's. The best part is that they are very much environment friendly and that's the reason these bikes are known as the safest in the world. Mountain bikers also have a preference of electric bikes in the mountain, thanks to the inventers of electric mountain bike. One no longer have to pedal a heavy bike uphill that carries excessive weight. Save the time and energy with this advanced carbon fiber mountain bike that is light in weight and is among the ideal type of bike to use in the mountain ridges. Lots of innovative gadgets like wattage meter, multi-speed onboard computer unit with built in speedometer, battery life indicator etc are already included in these bikes. As these e-bikes are less stressful and easy to ride, the electric bike kit have grown fairly large in demand. These kits are quite inexpensive and can change one’s bicycle into an e-bike in a less amount than it would cost to purchase a new electric bike. About Surface604 is a firm that manufactures fat tire bikes. This firm was established in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their e-bikes has 4-inch wide tires, twice the width of other mountain-bike tire that brings better grip and to avoid the tire to sink into mud or snow. Contact Information: For more information and other media related inquiries, please contact: City: Vancouver State: British Columbia Country: Canada Contact Name: John Dem Contact Email: Complete Address: 11400 Twigg Place Zip Code: V6V 3C1 Contact Phone: 18443282453 Website: ###