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The Countess Group Supports Entrepreneurs and Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses During National Entrepreneurship Week

LogoThe Countess Group, an internationally recognized marketing consultancy, today announced its participation in National Entrepreneurship Week, a weeklong series of activities that celebrates the efforts and impact of entrepreneurs and small-to-mid sized businesses. Led by Microsoft and supported by more than 100 companies including The Countess Group, National Entrepreneurship Week will kick off on Monday, Feb. 20 and conclude on Friday, Feb. 24.

Growing Demand for Safety Applications to Bolster ADAS Market Growth

LogoAs per a new comprehensive report at MRC, Global Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 21.7% and hit $89.09 billion by 2022. Factors like changing preferences of buyers towards active safety and advanced technology, present or upcoming vehicle safety regulations, advanced socio-economic conditions causing a surge in demand for luxury cars, are influencing the global ADAS market.

Eden Group Offering New Residential Flats for Sale in Kolkata at Competitive Prices

Real estate in the city of Kolkata is very promising and offers an array of opportunities. Eden Group, a frontline real estate & property developer and builder, has done exceptionally well in expanding the horizons of real estate sector and providing quality accommodation to those who wish to dwell and set up a commercial facility in the city of joy. It has an array of properties for sale that adheres to the diverse accommodation needs and aspirations of people to a nicety.

Eden Group Is Offering 2 and 3 BHK Flats in Kolkata at Affordable Prices

Offering services that comply with its motto ‘Honest Promises, Honest Performance’, the Eden Group has changed the entire real estate landscape of Kolkata. The real estate & property developer and builder have garnered a formidable reputation by offering quality real estate solutions to its humongous client base at reasonable prices. Along with real estate, the Eden Group has a dominating presence in wide spectrum of industries including textile manufacturing and information technology.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. LTD. Presents a Range Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

Machines have transformed the way work is carried out by both households and industries. They have simplified the operations and have made it much easier for us to perform difficult tasks in a matter of hours or a few days. However, in order to keep these machines running, it is important that proper maintenance is done on a regular basis. Fluid couplings are one of the essential elements which are used for preventing machines to overheat and offer protection. They are also used for increasing the longevity of these machines and ensure that big investment on them are well substantiated. It is important to note that there are various suppliers of these fluids. It thus makes it more than important to buy them from reliable suppliers. Sells Wholesale Products in Mobile and Cordless Phone Batteries

Batteries are the life behind any technology based product. The advancement of any device is based on its battery power and back up. Lithium batteries or PDA batteries are the focus of modern energy based companies for their product dependency. As a result an advancement of lithium batteries are expected by 2015. Mobile phone batteries are always in demand and one must check out the best Mobile Phone Battery company before buying them. Instead of going for cheap Phone Battery one must make sure that they buy batteries that are durable and don’t harm the phone.

APA Game Is an International Seller of Chinese and Japanese Game Machines

The video games have captured the imagination of millions worldwide as soon as it hit the markets. Game parlours can be found in almost every country which has enjoyed substantial technological growth. The game developers usually target kids and young population to bank on their fascinations. Video games have their own set of followers who are quite loyal and passionate. In this age of smart-phones and apple devices, they are still hooked onto their favourite games to explore their share of fun and enjoyment. APA game Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co. Limited is worldwide supplier of Chinese and Japanese game machines such as children redemption game machines like Lucky Star and Merry Christmas. Similar machines which are available include Super Basketball and Step on Lady Bugs, a family oriented game. There is also Shark King Legend 2, Busy Bee, Happy Clock, Striker, Spaceship and Magic Wheel. Hungry Bobbie is a rider game machine for kids. There is a classical fighting game called Tekken TT2. It is flexible enough to be installed in many arcade cabinets. It stocks all kinds of cheap kids redemption game machines to suit various budgets.

"Soy Alto" Announces Upcoming Launch of Exclusive Men's Elevator Shoes Collection for Fall-Winter

“Soy Alto”, one of the premier online retailers of high quality elevator shoes today announced the upcoming launch of its latest collection of special hand crafted, “Made in Italy” elevator shoes for fall-winter 2014-2015. The new collection will feature discreet, stylish, and extremely comfortable elevator/height increasing shoes with highest quality soft goat skin leather lining and soft leather uppers. These shoes have been specially designed to be comfortable, elegant and provide a well hidden elevation up to 7 cm.

Severe Obesity Leads to Increased Risk for Fractures

Obesity leads to many problems / diseases in body like it is associated with diabetes type2, hypertension etc but on the other hand fewer benefits are also mentioned like it makes bones stronger but this traditional view is challenged by one study .

Iam Group Japan Launches Two Week Japan Tour for UAE Residents

LogoThere are a lot of tour and travel agencies that one can find but the main focus is to ensure that one chooses such agencies that helps in planning the details of a tour in a perfect manner.

iDream Jewelry Company Incorporation Sells Various Designer Jewelry

Jewelry is worn for reasons more than just display of social stature. There are numerous jewelry shops and stores in the world and several of them specialises in certain type. iDream Jewelry Company Incorporation is a jewelry shop that specialises in matching jewelry. It sells necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., and offers customisation of the pieces in order to make them highly personal. iDream Jewelry Company is completely an online shop, and thus, it facilitates convenient selection of pieces and the subsequent purchase. Visitors can also clarify all their queries about jewelry online. Sells a Wide Range of Products for Men and Women

The internet world has unlimited number of websites selling consumer usable products. They are largely preferred as it relives the buyers of going through the complex process of reaching out to various places for shopping. From the comfort of home or office, they are able to shop for their choice of products. is a China based shopping agency which is a one stop solution for different shopping needs. In the sea of online retailers, it is distinguished by serving high quality items along with secure payment method and cost effective shipping. It has been affiliated by some of the biggest online shopping houses of China such as,,, and more.

Discosource Professional DJs Cites How Important Music and Entertainment Are to Weddings

LogoIn reality, no matter how touching and sweet is the couple’s exchange of vows is, this only marks to a few guests most of which are the couple’s relatives. It’s the reception party that leaves a lasting impression. Also the reception party gives the couple time to unwind, no couple wants to have a boring party - the party should be the talk of the town the next day or perhaps the coming weeks.

2014 Tops as One of the Best Years Ever for Pets

LogoThe end of September will also mark the start of the last quarter of 2014. Another year will soon begin after that. But this year so far is considered one of the best years for pets as seen through how these have been put on centerstage recently. Pets were featured in charitable works and in business conferences. This only indicates that people are now friendlier to domesticated animal companions than they were in the past. Amidst the events that have taken place, Australian company, Coops and Cages, only has full support for these.

Alura Business Solutions Ranked as One of the 2014 Fastest-Growing, Privately-Held Businesses in the Philadelphia Region

LogoAlura Business Solutions, a leader in IT solutions, is pleased to announce it has been ranked as one of the 2014 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia Region by the Philadelphia 100, the Wharton Small Business Development Center, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Raleigh Ophthalmologist to Offer Lowest Price for All Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

LogoAccording to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), half of all Americans will develop cataracts by the time they are 80. To help the many who are or will be suffering from cataracts, Raleigh ophthalmology office, Triangle Eye Physicians, PA, is offering the lowest price for all laser assisted cataract surgeries.

Raleigh Ophthalmologist Offers LASIK Surgery Discount for Teachers, Police Officers, and Firefighters

LogoDo you work in the public safety or education industry and are considering LASIK eye surgery? Raleigh ophthalmology practice, Triangle Eye Physicians, PA, is excited to offer discounted pricing for the Triangle’s hardworking teachers, firefighters and police officers!

Dr. Richard Newhart Now Offering Pinhole Surgical Technique for Receding Gums

LogoDr. Richard Newhart, The Gum Dr., has announced the addition of Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat receding gums at his office serving Marietta and Parkersburg. This gentle treatment for gum recession was developed by world renowned dentist Dr. John Chao in an attempt to create a faster and less painful method for reversing receding gums.

Alan Cherry's Exteriors Announces Siding Services for Fall

LogoAlan Cherry’s Exteriors is now offering siding services for fall 2014. The contractors in South Jersey handle all projects from full scale siding to small repairs. Having worked in the community for over 39 years, Alan Cherry’s Exteriors has become a trusted source for fast, efficient, and reliable siding and roofing work.

Moving Is Now Made Easy with the Excellent Services of VMoving Company

VMoving Company has delighted many of its customers with professionalism that ensures a systematic planning and execution of a moving process. Customers don’t have to wait for quotes anymore as the staff responds to customer quires instantly, thereby building a good communication from start. Their in-home estimate service is unmatched as the staff takes an inventory of all possessions, thereby giving customers a near accurate estimate of all items that need to be moved. This is especially helpful if one has been living in a house for a considerable amount of time and therefore has too many possessions to sieve through.

Chimcare Portland Masonry Now Offers Comprehensive Service for Masonry Repair

LogoMaintaining the status quo as an eminent chimney repair company, Chimcare Portland Masonry now offers commercial, as well as residential Masonry repair in Portland at reasonable prices. The company has been in the field of masonry and chimney repair for the last 20 years, and their considerable presence in the market has made them the most sought-after company in this line of work. With them, one will get complete masonry repair services including brick patios, sale patios, brick and stone retaining walls, Wayans coating, outdoor fireplaces, firebox repair, interior and exterior culture stone, chimney flashing, brick planters, brick pillars, pressure washing, and lots more. The masonry work creates a solid foundation that will last for years.

Mister Service Explains Difference Between Residential and Commercial Air Conditioner Repair to Philadelphia Customers

Part of the exceptional customer service provided by Mister Service is their ability to effectively communicate and teach customers about the HVAC industry. The company takes time to answer questions asked by phone or email. One of the main questions company representatives are asked concerns the differences between residential and commercial air conditioner repair.

PHYX Releases PHYX Glitch

LogoPHYX Incorporated, maker of visual effects software is unveiling PHYX Glitch, its latest plugin collection. PHYX Glitch is a world-class suite of GPU-accelerated plugins, designed to create ‘glitch’ artifacts. PHYX Glitch plugins are designed for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics work within major host applications from Apple and Adobe. The package and is available in the FxFactory installer package from Noise Industries.

Residential Locking Mailboxes Website Publishes Top Ten List of Locking Mailboxes

Shim Sham Life, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things home related, is proud to publish its list of best residential locking mailbox at large online retailers and your neighborhood home store.

'Green Movers Florida' Offering Moving and Packing Services

‘Green Movers Florida,’ a reputed Florida based company is offering packing and moving services to the people across the state. The offerings of the company include packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking among others. Clients can call in for consultation with the Help-Desk professionals of the company to get free multiple quotes from the preferred movers to compare the quotes and pick the best moving company.

Spiritual Maturity: Life Coach's New Book Urges Christians to "Dig Deeper" & Increase Their Emotional Intelligence

Cresenda Jones has personally coached hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. She’s come to a bold conclusion – many Christians lack “emotional intelligence” and it severely impacts their ability to live a mature life in touch with their true spiritual side. Acutely aware that this isn’t what the Lord wants, Jones has recently published a life-changing new book to help any Christian reach this vital level of spiritual maturity.

Assassin Shifters: Marathon 30-Book Series Steams Ahead with Gusto, as Saga of Shape-Shifters, Vampires & Humans Raises Awareness of GLBT Suicide

Most authors struggle to keep their series’ alive for more than just two or three volumes. Few make a dozen and only the brave bestsellers attempt further success. Author Sandrine Gasq-Dion admits that she takes her writing very seriously, a quality that has afforded her a series currently comprised of twenty-three books, with seven more due.