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Q BioMed Adds Boston University's Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg to Advisory Committee

LogoQ BioMed Inc., a biotechnology acceleration company, announced today that Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg from Boston University has joined its advisory committee for QBM-001, which is being tested for pediatric developmental nonverbal disorder in toddlers within the autism spectrum disorders.

World Dried Fruits Market 2017 - Industry Challenges, Analysis, Size and Share to 2021

LogoThe report gives the introduction of the Dried Fruits Market in detail and then the information such as regional markets, policy analysis, emerging trends, application, end-users, and value chain structure are discussed in depth. The Dried Fruits market report contains a realistic view about the market in the past, what is its current scenario, and how good it will be in the future. Also the information regarding the Dried Fruits market position in the various regions and its segmentation in the global market is discussed in the report.

Author Amber Richards Releases "Preserve Your Family Pictures" Book

LogoWith the start of a New Year, there's a sense of new beginnings. New resolutions are made, new habits formed. The New Year is the perfect time to dig out old photo albums and pictures lying around in drawers and do something to ensure these heirlooms do not suffer loss and damage.

SmG Music to Crowd Source A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN's "Tears in Your Eyes" Video

SmG Music and Green Eyed Media announced today that they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a mini-documentary based on A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN's song "Tears In Your Eyes", the first single off of A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN's album ID, Ego, Superego. Rafael Flores, who first collaborated on the documentary "The Blank Canvas: Hip Hop's Struggle For Representation In Seattle" will be the director.

Caesar's Financial Has Become an Important Resource for Investors

Caesar's Financial is pleased to announce that it is a premier financial resource for investors. As part of the investor assistance, the website features access to a free subscription to an e-newsletter. The content of the newsletter features hot, up-and-coming stocks, companies and investing trends.

Author Amber Richards Offers Guidance on Saving Families Money and Providing Fresh Produce

LogoGardening in the winter is not a common practice for most households. Folks tend to think of gardening as only an April through Sept. activity. However, through winter months, fresh produce prices tend to increase, and it usually isn't as fresh or abundant as other seasons.  This can make it tough for families during winter months.

Advanced Testing and Validation Key to TCCI Manufacturing Heavy Duty Air Conditioning Compressors

T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressor designs, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Companies look to T/CCI for performance and durability with fewer failures, 2 – 3 times longer life cycles and lower costs. Advanced testing and validation processes are part of the lean manufacturing continuous process improvement, ensuring optimal product performance, durability, and best-practices data driven results.

TeraValve Offers Revolutionary Water Valve to Save Water and Sewer Bills Nationwide

LogoBe it a property management company, hotel, food processing unit, etc. reduction in water and sewer bills is a must. High excess volume will eventually lead to water waste and increased charges. Installing a water reducing valve is important and every place must have it to normalize their water bills. A valve can regulate the pressure and this keeps the water waste under control.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Announces Availability for Water Heater Replacements

LogoThere are few things nicer during the winter than a warm shower after spending any amount of time out in the cold. Unfortunately, for those with older water heaters, the experience can be interrupted by a rush of cold water as their unit struggles to keep up with the shower's demands. Remedying the unwelcomed issue, Ben Franklin Plumbing has announced they have availabilities for water heater replacements. No matter which type of system the home is currently running, their professionals can install any style from conventional to solar powered.

Secure Office Movers Planning and Scheduling Office Relocations to Ring in the New Year

LogoAs another year has passed, businesses are organizing their budgets and business plans for the year ahead. When additional space is needed, a move to a more accommodating office building will provide a comfortable environment. As plans come together, utilizing the services of a professional office moving company will help smooth the transaction. Looking ahead in 2015, Secure Office Movers is now scheduling and planning office relocations for their clients.

Mock Trial Held at Davie Middle School

Law students at a South Florida middle school gained hands-on experience in their new on-campus courtroom, Friday.

Turmeric Research Shows Promise for Addressing Multiple Conditions

People primarily think of a curcumin supplement in regard to relieving the inflammation and pain of arthritis. Research has demonstrated that the botanical has an extensive variety of benefits and the humble plant's powers aren't just for arthritis anymore.

Fellowship Church Expands Homegroup Initiatives to Connect with Fellowship Live Program

Christianity is one of the most populous religions in the world, but like all religions, is facing new challenges in the 21st century that the monoliths like Catholicism have been slow to adapt to. This has left Christians looking for a more muscular, charismatic form of Christianity that doesn't back away from the challenges modern life poses, and this has led to the emerging popularity of Pastor Ed Young's Fellowship Church Grapevine, Texas. The church has embraced 21st century means of reaching new members of its congregation, with streaming digital sermons and a new initiative called Homegroups, for likeminded people to meet and discuss the sermons.

New Bestseller Shines Light on the Darkest Chambers of the Heart

Wedges are defined as something that is set in place to maintain a gap or separation between two things. They have their place in the world, for things such as splitting wood or plowing a field, however, when they create the space in relationships…they need to be removed.

Revolutionary Mobile App Can Access All Patient Medical Records

In treating any type of medical condition, access to relevant patient history is crucial. In case of an emergency, the ease of access is even more critical and the speed at which the information can be obtained is not only important – but a few seconds may be the difference between life and death. Offering Best Online Rates for Spring Break Vacations

LogoSpring break is right around the corner. For some, that means a week to rest, but for others that means a highly anticipated vacation to a warm weather climate. While plans may be discussed, arrangements are often made at the last minute. As spring break looms, provides the best online rates when looking for last minute hotel deals in Orlando and throughout Florida. Announcing the Release of Their Latest Album "Rock or Bust"

Following the release of their latest album "Rock or Bust", AC/DC will be performing a full world tour with North American Dates to be scheduled for late summer. Check Concert Zap for release dates and ticket information.

Twin Rivers Dental Welcomes Dr Greenberg Says Goodbye to Dr Zilker

Twin Rivers Dental is under new ownership and new management. Dr. Gary Greenberg has taken over as owner, and Melissa Dugan will be practice manager, at Twin Rivers Dental, replacing long time practicing dentist Dr David C Zilker. Dr Zilker had his practice in the Easton PA area for decades, creating one of the well established dental offices in the area.

SEO Mississauga Launches to Provide Comprehensive Online Marketing and SEO Consulting for Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) rapidly rose to become one of the most important strategic tools for businesses in an increasingly online world, and the discipline continues to evolve as rapidly as it rose to prominence. This puts a burden on businesses to keep up, and SME's oftentimes do not have the resources to do so. SEO Mississauga is a new venture by a team of experienced online marketing experts who can provide these resources affordably to SMEs to help them punch above their weight online, getting high search rankings with low costs. Their services have been designed to be the most comprehensive available in Canada. Announces the Launch of Their New Luxury Car Rental Website

In preparation for the Super Bowl coming to Arizona in 2015, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Scottsdale, a Luxury Car Rental Scottsdale provider, announces the launch of their new website. To better serve clients, the website makes it easier for individuals to view and rent exotic and luxury cars when using mobile devices, tablets, computers, and iPads. In addition, the website streamlines the reservation process for ease of use.

Beverly Hills Rent a Car Adds Thrilling Lamborghini Huracan to Fleet, Revamps Website

Beverly Hills Rent A Car, an exotic and luxury car rental specialist, announced that the company has added Lamborghini's 200+ mph Huracán sports car to its rental fleet. The new addition to the Beverly Hills Rent A Car stable is powered by a mid-mounted V-10 engine that produces over 600 horsepower, propelling the Huracán from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. In addition, Beverly Hills Rent A Car has also completed a full revamping of its website, a project that has made it even easier and simpler to book a reservation for one of the company's incredibly exciting cars.

Review Shopify Publishes Step by Step Guide to Setting Up an Online Store Using Popular Ecommerce Software

Shopify was founded in 2004 by Canadian entrepreneurs and as its name suggests, was designed as an e-commerce tool that would allow people to 'shopify' their websites and easily create and manage online stores without the need for large scale infrastructure and web customer service teams. The software platform now enables over a hundred thousand of the best ecommerce sites to sell over $5 billion in merchandise, leading to an increasing number of people wanting to use the software to grow their business. Review Shopify has just published an editorial explaining how to make the best of the software in no time at all and with no technical expertise.

Global Commercial Roofing Market Trends and Strategic Focus Report by Transparency Market Research

LogoCommercial roofing represents a wide range of roofing solutions used in the exterior part of a structure or a building. These roofing solutions are made from a variety of materials such as asphalt, rubber, asbestos, stone slabs and wood. Different roofing products such as asphalt shingle, rubber shingle and wood shingles are manufactured which are used in certain commercial applications such as hotels, offices, malls and medical centers.

Fine Cabinetry, LLC Offering High Quality Cabinets in Their Bucks County, PA Showroom This January

LogoFine Cabinetry, LLC is a Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based organization with a showroom on Flowers Mill Road in Langhorne. The company is known for providing top-quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling and quality cabinetry. This January, they would like to remind both new and returning customers to come visit their showroom to see the high quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services and cabinetry that they are able to offer.

The Santa Signal Is Sweeping America

We all remember saying that we thought we hear sleigh-bells to get our kids to go to bed on Christmas Eve. Some parents have gone so far as to climb up on the roof stomping around in the cold darkness of winter.

New Window Factory Sales Inc. Offering Efficiently Sealed & Insulated Windows for This 2015 Winter Season

New Window Factory Sales Inc. is a New Jersey based contractor providing a wide variety of windows, doors and siding to homeowners in and around South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. For this winter, they are offering well-insulated, sealed and custom-made windows for both new and returning customers.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Company Offers Winter Cleaning at Special Discounted Rates

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta company, Platinum Carpet Systems, is pleased to announce Winter specials for customers. Right now, customers can get great rates on carpet cleaning for up to seven rooms of their homes.