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Pedaling Towards Better Treatment: ImageFIRST Associates Commit to Excellence

LogoAcross the country, medical facilities turn to ImageFIRST, the healthcare laundry specialists, above all others. The national leader in medical laundry service has consistently innovated in three key areas: Quality of product, service and charitable action.

Chorus Communications Holds Fundraiser to Benefit Polycystic Kidney Disease Patient

LogoChorus Communications, the leading consultant to businesses seeking data recovery services in Greater Philadelphia and nationwide, is hosting a fundraiser to benefit Brian Servis, a polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patient who is currently on dialysis and in need of a transplant. The announcement comes in light of the company's Channel Manager's decision to donate a kidney to her brother-in-law. The fundraiser will help Brian cover mortgage payments and other bills while he gears up for surgery and recovery.

Fun Facts About Jewelry That Most People Are Not Aware Of

LogoMarrying couples visit various jewelry stores for them to pick the ring of their choice for the momentous day of their lives. A romantic gentleman may canvass a number of jewelry stores just to find a ring, bracelet, necklace or perhaps any charm that will complement the woman he loves. A lot are thinking that jewelry is given as a sign of love and affection, given to the royalties and as body ornament. But there’s more to it that most people are not aware of. There are a lot of fun and fascinating facts about different types of jewelry, where stones are created and the history behind why jewelries are worn the way they are.

No Sweat Plugins Re-Launches Popular WP Internal Links Plugin

When search engine optimization (SEO) is discussed, talk usually focuses on getting links from outside sources. Recently, however, the importance of on-site factors has surged into site owners' awareness. On-site factors involve things like the titles of pages, headlines and subheadings in the content, and how the various pages of a site link to each other.

Drug Rehab Centers and Treatment Launches New Website and Rehab Matching Service

Drug Rehab Centers and Treatment today announced the launch of its new site and rehab matching service for the treatment of addiction to both street and prescription drugs. This service aims to match people with inpatient services and counselors who can provide the most effective treatments for their situations. It also works to find services that are acceptable to insurance companies in order to minimize or eliminate out-of-pocket costs to patients.

QuickFix Junk Expands Service Area to Include All of Jefferson and Shelby Counties

Full-service waste removal specialist QuickFix Junk, LLC, announced that the company has expanded its area of operations to cover all of Jefferson and Shelby counties. Locally owned, QuickFix Junk provides junk removal for residential and commercial customers, as well as light demolition services. Since going into business in April of this year, QuickFix Junk has quickly become one of the most relied-upon and often-recommended companies of its sort in the area.

Forklift Rental Houston Launches with Wide Array of Informative Guides and Pointers

Forklift Rental Houston, a new online destination focused on assisting those interested in renting or buying forklift trucks in the Houston area, has launched and is now available to visitors. The new site includes a wide variety of informational guides and articles covering the many issues relating to renting and buying forklifts, as well as links to those local forklift companies that offer the best prices and products. Created in response to a high level of demand for such a resource from commercial and governmental organizations in the Houston area, the service will be expanded even further as time goes on.

Camden Stable Market London Launches New Website for Online Shopping

The popular open stall Stable Market in Camden North London recently announced the launch of its new website. It aims at catering to the needs of shoppers who wants to buy things but do not have time to visit the real market. Customers can now check out for different products ranging from fashion to food and order online. The site is also constantly updated with the latest news and events happening in Stable Market.

Diesel Performance Parts Tells All About Alloy Wheel Restoration

LogoYour alloy wheels also need their due care and maintenance. All the years your wheels have served you they too need to be cared about and this is where the question of Refurbishing Alloy Wheels or replacing your alloy wheels comes into play.

"The Dr. LaGrasso Beauty and Wellness Radio Show" Debuts August 15

LogoAs a board certified plastic surgeon and nutritionist with practices in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has been a popular guest on numerous radio and television programs. Beginning August 15, Dr. LaGrasso has partnered with LA Talk Radio for his own informative and entertaining radio program…The Dr. LaGrasso Beauty and Wellness Radio Show.

The Crisis of Social Skills Decline in Modern Society

LogoSocial skills are declining. Lots of people believe there is a direct relationship inside the decline of social skills and also the rise of technology. According the Pew Research Center, in 2013 91% of US adults owned a cell phone. Despite our increased usage of communicate, lots of people think it is increasingly difficult to correspond with others. How come social skills have grown to be a lost art form?

Hale Koolau North Shore Oahu Vacation Rentals Releases New Tourism Report

Hawaii's multibillion-dollar tourism industry is booming again, with Hawaii's tourism board reporting that 3.4 million Americans visited one or more of its islands during April, 2014. Almost 100,000 Japanese and about 50,000 Canadians also came to the state during the same time period. With that many people coming to Hawaii in just one month, it's clear that tourism is a huge industry for the Aloha State. It's no wonder that some of its cities seem to have more hotels in them than anything else.

"Practical Parenting to Go"- An Essential Key to Become Better and Effective Parents

At present, some parents are aware of their great responsibility with their children at home but many are ignorant to their kids' necessary full emotional and developmental support. Many are unaware of their dire toxicity and tend to unintentionally hurt the desired positive emotional and mental development of their children. With the alarming incidents that involve such irresponsible negligence of toxic parents to their children, UV’s Library is pleased to announce of their New Parenting Book that is already published on Amazon. This is already available in Amazon in Kindle and in Paperback editions. The book is entitled “Practical Parenting To Go” and the author is Yuval Harpaz.

R.O.N Locksmith Offers Its 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services on All Locksmith Services

R.O.N Locksmith is offering its 24 hour emergency locksmith services and 10% discount on all Locksmith services, which include, but are not limited to Home & car Lockout Services, Lock Installation Service, Lock Repair & Change, Ignition System Problems and Key Cutting service. The offer now gives more confidence to clients that they can now call for the services of the company whenever they need it and get responses quickly.

KCFixit Publishes Signs of Foundation Damage Imperative for Homeowners

Foundation problems are common in the Kansas City area. The expansion and contraction of the ground can cause cracks, and the lack of solid ground can also causes foundations to become crooked over time. KCFixit has launched a site that offers a free inspection for foundation damage as well as information about the different types of problems and repair methods that may be encountered. This site is intended to help the owners of houses and other buildings spot damage before it becomes worse.

Dating Factory Welcomes Motorsport Dating Niche to Their White Label Platform

Dating Factory Affiliate, the international leader in online dating white labeling services, opens the door to dating sites for couples with a need for speed with the introduction of the Motorsports Dating niche.

Decorative Glass Vases by Unique Home Decor Line of Charisma

Furnish and design the home with one of the many intimate, elegant decorative glass vases on sale by the unique home decor line of Charisma. Charisma specializes in creating fine, artistic handcrafted home decor and accessories to transform and charm everyday living quarters. Each item is designed with an intimate, sophisticated touch and possess an artistic aura that can only be created through passion, love and quality. Polishing the home into a cozy, breathtaking castle that everyone ultimately desires is why Charisma chose to feature its decorative glass vases as the sale items for the ending of the summer season. Home decor interior vases are one of the most popular decorating accents and a favorite among many homeowners. With their striking presence, variety of styles and elegant features it's clear to see why quality, custom vases are an all around decorating favorite when designing the home.

Pest Control Charlotte NC Publishes Details on Why Professionals Get Such Good Result

The rise of the Internet has made it so that pest control products that were once only available to professional exterminators can now be ordered online, but this has caused no apparent ill effects for the pest control industry. According to Pest Control Charlotte NC, a Charlotte pest control company, there are a few good reasons for this. It turns out that the specific products that are available aren't the only keys to success. Proper application techniques, the ability to identify specific pest species, matching the pesticide to the species, and other such things are also important factors. Many of these things can only be learned either through extensive education or field instruction from established professionals.

VPN Compare Launches New Comparison Chart for Those Selecting a VPN

Citizens in the UK need to rethink their Internet usage, if a recent report by The Independent is to be believed. The Independent reports Tony Blair and officials within his administration allowed American authorities to store and analyse e-mails, Internet data, and mobile phone records of millions of UK citizens, although these citizens were innocent. If a person was found to be linked in any way to a suspected person, the United States had permission to obtain this information, even if the link was only tangential. Individuals concerned about the government having access to their information need to make use of a VPN to ensure others cannot track this information.

Parts Geek Now Has over 8,600 Reviews for Their Ford Auto Parts

LogoParts Geek is an online auto parts retailer that is known for its extremely user-friendly website, fast shipping, affordable prices, and thirty day money-back guarantee. Offering a countless number of discount auto parts and accessories, one of the things that they focus on is making sure that their customers get what they need. For those who are trying to find Ford parts, they will be pleased to know that offers over 380,000 products. What’s more, the reviews for their Ford products have been nothing but stellar, and they are happy to announce that they have now acquired over 8,600 reviews for their Ford parts.

Mushtaq Travel Struggles to Keep Up with Demand from British Pakistanis Booking Flights to Pakistan from the UK

Demand for cheap flights into Pakistan in recent years has sky rocketed from the UK due to spike in immigrants from Pakistan now living and residing permanently in the United Kingdom. The influx of migrants is mainly from the Kashmir region of Pakistan also known as little England. The people of Kashmir and other parts of Pakistan started immigrating to the UK in the 1950’s on a large scale.

Management Personnel and Their Special Status in Labour Law

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: Executive employees, management personnel or managing directors occupy a central and special role within companies. They form, as it were, the interface between the workforce and the employer. They must take decisions, have special competences and yet are themselves often employees. The same rules of labour law do not, however, apply to them as they do to “normal” employees. The legislature has accounted for the special status of management personnel in companies by means of special regulations.

Complimentary Alcohol Rehab Advice Now Available from Rehab Guide

Victims of alcoholism can begin the journey of breaking free from their addiction and pain through free, personalized advice now offered by Rehab Guide.

Southampton Student Living Provider Launches URBA Life Website

LogoURBA LIFE, a local group providing a top-class student accommodation, has announced the launch of its new website – Situated in the center of Southampton, the company provides high-class student living with easy access to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and local universities.

Data2CRM Launches Automated SuiteCRM to SugarCRM Migration at No Cost

With the view of your business well-being, Data2CRM, automated web-based service that is aimed to perform CRM data migration with ease, launches the automated SuiteCRM to SugarCRM migration. From now on, business owners may move their CRM data directly to SugarCRM for free with Data2CRM.

The Dutch Higher Education Delegates Visited MVJCE Campus for Future Tie-Ups

LogoDirector NUFFIC NESO (Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education) in India visited MVJ College of Engineering on 7th August 2014. Discussions were centered on collaborative arrangement between Dutch Higher Education Institutes & MVJ College of Engineering.

Finding HVAC Businesses Nearby Is Now Easier with HVAC Local

LogoHVAC Local, a new online directory is solely dedicated for local HVAC companies in Australia, India, United Kingdom and United States. It is built with the purpose to serve both business and users. The portal gives opportunity for quick advertising for businesses and at the same time help users to find HVAC companies nearby their area without any hitch.