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Dr. Valery Popravko Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Introduce C60 Fullerenes Additive for Engine Oils

LogoDr. Valery Popravko from Intellectual Alliance Inc. has spent the last twelve years of his life on researching plasma vacuum technologies and developing applications based on different carbon forms. Constantly working with carbon-based coatings at the nanometer (10-9 meter) level, Dr Valery Popravko has researched the physical and chemical production processes, developing a simultaneous coating process managing pressure, temperature and electrical plasma parameters automatically. The combination of the classical method of producing carbon nanoproducts and Dr. Valery Popravko's achievements and usage of current methods of growing carbon crystals has opened up new options to meet market requirements on commercial volume and cost of carbon nanoproducts. Digital Agency's VP of Operations, CJ Bachmann, Wins SmartCEO Executive Management Award Digital Agency, a company that provides Web Design, PPC, SMO and SEO services to organizations in and around Philadelphia, PA, is pleased to announce that its VP of Operations, CJ Bachmann, has won a SmartCEO Executive Management Award. Each year, SmartCEO's Executive Management Awards program acknowledges the accomplishment and leadership of Philadelphia's management all-stars. This list includes CIOs/CTOs, CFOs, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Legal Offices/General Counsels, and other C-suite executives.

Funky Fabrics Offer Brand New Fabric Designs for Its New Rainbow Collections

Funky Fabrics have launched a new range of Rainbow collections in exclusive fabric designs to woo its existing and potential clientele. What’s more, with the price reduced to a great extent, customers from all over the world can now take their pick from the attractive rainbow collections, and that too at an unbelievable price. Funky Fabric is one of the most popular addresses when it comes to buy some stretch fabrics or designer lycra fabrics and now with this new range of rainbow collections, the company is set to attract a huge number of customers.

Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel Offers Comfortable Budget Accommodation in Central London

The Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel is located in Central London. The budget hotel has earned a great reputation over the years to offer its guests with the best in class services and top-notch facilities at highly affordable prices. The hotel offers a range of facilities and unparalleled customer services that match to that of high-end hotels. The ideal location, excellent services, unparalleled customer support and great amenities make Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel an ideal destination for visitors from London and abroad.

Kitchen Taps That Combine Performance Along with Vogue

Kitchen taps or faucets can be regarded as essentially the most functional element within the most productive hub of any property, the TapYou kitchen. Though a modest element at home, it truly is the source of water serving multiple purposes including cooking, drinking, cleaning and washing. To an extent, kitchen Led taps support in ensuring the hygiene in the region, which revolves about preparing and cooking meals.

International Leadership Expert and President of Head Affairs, The Visionary, Aji R. Michael's Book, the Next Maverick - Ready to Shape the Future - Shape Your Future and Enjoy a Rewarding Life

Are you ready to shape the future? Better yet, are you ready to shape your future? Many of us go through life hoping that it becomes more rewarding, but in our quest to find it we often times realise it eludes us.. Unlike what so many others provide as the key to success, The Next Maverick Ready to Shape the Future- now available on Amazon, provides you with the ultimate key to true long-term success coming from a reputed leadership and business strategist. This is a fact many who have read Aji R. Michael’s book attest to. Aji, a renowned and successful entrepreneur cites the purpose of her book as, “I've written this book with the sole purpose of helping you shift your focus from short term ambition and narrow interpretations of success, into using your day to day values, to shape your future, and make your life more rewarding.”

UK's Leading Online Furniture Retailer Offers Trade Prices on All Office Furniture

LogoWe Care Office, the UK’s leading wholesale furniture supplier, has announced trade prices on all of the office furniture in the company’s catalog. Products include chairs, desks, and cabinets designed specifically to aid workers’ comfort. In addition, there are multiple styles to choose from on the e-commerce site. Reduces Domestic Violence in Celebrities by 68%

In an initial study of Celebrities documented in domestic violent relationships, "Matching Score" the relationship matching software algorithm that calculates compatibility for the dating website would have saved 68% of these tragic events.

Independent Film Maker Mariusz Wojtowicz Launches Fundraising Campaign for His New Film Marionetka

Independent film maker Mariusz Wojtowicz, the creator of Marionetka, a mesmerizing short film featuring expertly crafted and professionally manned marionettes with their own unique personalities and intriguing behaviors, is pleased to announce that he has launched a campaign on to help raise funds to complete the Marionetka project and release the film to audiences worldwide.

Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University Focuses Equally on Various Disciplines

With more than 62 nationalities, the multi-ethnic North West University is inviting the curious minds to pursue their postgraduate studies in South Africa. Started in 2004 it has more than 64,000 students inclusive of those pursuing distance education. The collaboration between Potchefstroom campus for Christian Higher Education and the Mafikeng campuses is like a breathe of fresh air that are collaborating to form the largest student-hub in South Africa.

CMS2CMS Advanced and Swift Joomla Upgrade 1.5 to 2.5

CMS2CMS officially unveils the breakthrough for all Joomla users - the process of Joomla Upgrade 1.5 to 2.5 is even more accomplished and smooth. From now on, Joomla owners have the opportunity to upgrade their Joomla website to the newer version absolutely automatedly.

Entirely Enhanced osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Opportunities

Cart2Cart - web based migration service presents notably improved possibilities for osCommercetoZenCartmigration. Henceforth, store owners can benefit from additional options such as preserve order IDs on a target store and create product variants, based on combinations of attribute values.

Matteo Di Pascale Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Write "Muse, The Most Unpredictable Story Ever"

LogoMatteo and Andrea are two Italian creatives. With “#Muse – The Most Unpredictable Story Ever”, they will write a novel using Kickstarter not just for the usual material resources such as translation, proofreading and print – but for collecting something even more precious from them: their ideas!

Goldair Releases New Line of Barbeques Perfect for Bringing Life to Any Summer Gathering

Goldair, the premier retailer of outdoor living products New Zealanders rely on to add comfort, style and utility to their homes, is pleased to announce that they have released a new line of barbeques and BBQ accessories to add to their already extensive selection of high-quality cooking products. With summer in full swing and retailers providing hot price promotions and special offers on Goldair products, right now is the perfect time to purchase a new barbeque that is sure to kickstart any outdoor gathering.

New Discovery in IVF Treatment Will Increase Success Rates

Leading UK newspapers The Times and Daily Mail have this week both reported on a new IVF treatment breakthrough made by scientists, who have managed to discover the chemical signal which predicts whether an embryo will be accepted by the womb or not. The chemical given off by promising embryos called Trypsin has been proved to be responsible for preparing the womb for implantation, which will help to show Doctors if the womb will reject an embryo when the chemical is not present.

Triburg Center for Learning Is Offering Professional Fashion Designing Courses

Triburg Center for Learning, the education and training arm of Triburg, the leading apparel export and import company, is offering a range of undergraduate and post graduate courses to create all levels of professionals in the fashion industry. The institute which is in Gurgaon, India, is one of the first fashion designing institutes of its kind that caters to all who want to make a difference in the fashion industry. The highly equipped institute combines hands-on training and practical workshops with an interactive online learning process, which students can access anytime and anywhere.

Europe's First LGBT "Active Lifestyle" Retirement Village

LogoThe image of retirement has changed dramatically in recent years. With the state pension age creeping up and financial uncertainty on the increase, more and more individuals are facing the prospect of working well beyond their official age of retirement. But it's not just the age of retirees that has changed - these days, a growing number are demanding 'active retirement.'

Herrington Global Voted Top Overall Commodities Broker in Rare Metals Risk Awards

Herrington Global a leading provider of commodities brokerage, electronic execution and trading support products for global financial markets, has been named the Broker of the Year for Commodities Broker in Rare Metals Risk Awards magazine's 14th Annual Awards.

Ryan Pyle Finishes Production of His Recent Adventure Television Show "Sacred Mountains"

The emerging adventure TV personality, Ryan Pyle promises to bring amazing nail-biting adventure to the TV audience through his new Television Show, “Sacred Mountains”. Recently, he concludes the production of the Show, and very soon he will take his audience on a fascinating journey to China’s most remote sacred mountains. The TV Show will spellbind people with the captivating natural environ and the series of unexpected events that can heighten the excitement of the viewers.

The Skywoods Condo Is Now Available for Booking

The Skywoods Condo is a new launch condominium located at Dairy Farm Road, Singapore. Built by renowned developers Bukit Timah Green Development, a joint venture between Hock Lian Seng Holdings, King Wan Corporation, and TA Corporation, Skywoods comprises of 420 luxurious units on a spacious land lot of 17,545sqm (square metres). The condominium is expected to completed in 2016.

New Koh Chang Villas Makes Luxurious Villas Affordable for Vacationers

Koh Chang is an ideal tourist destination for people who can manage to avail a decent yet affordable accommodation during their vacations. Most of the luxury villas in the region are quite expensive; hence, those looking to enjoy the luxury, comfort, hospitality and nicety of such villas have to expend more. With intent to make luxurious Koh Chang villas affordable to all, New Koh Chang Villas invites guests and holidaymakers to spend great time in the pristine beauty of the region. The newly launched Koh Chang Villa, Thailand, is a luxury resort, which – all thanks to the management at New Koh Chang Villas – now falls within the limits of affordability of most clients. New Koh Chang Villas is a sister concern of Elegant Horizons – a firm, quite recognized for luxury holiday villas across Europe and Asia.

Luduson Entertainment Ltd Seeks $8,000 via Kickstarter to Create Their First Game 'Animal Fighters'

LogoLuduson Entertainment is an indie game developing and outsourcing company, created in 2013 and located in Hong Kong. In their day job, they do game development & solutions for clients. However, this entire team has a dream to believe – “Dare to dream. If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. They believe that someday they can publish their own games and Animal Fight is their first try on Kickstarter.

One of the Best Furniture Removals in Sydney Is Bondi Removals!

Bondi Removals has come up with one of the efficient furniture removals in Sydney to reduce the fears of those who are planning to move to a new place. Before planning to call a removal company, one has to be sure that they can trust on them for their precious belongings. So, Bondi Removals always meet expectations as such they are successful in building strong customer relationship.

FHOC Gives Details on 6 Ways to Pay off a Home Loan Sooner : FHOC

LogoWith the interest rates currently at historic lows, monthly payments are cheaper than ever. That means it’s more affordable than ever for Australians to get a loan. First Home Owners Centre (FHOC) gives tips for Western Australians to pay off their home loan quicker.

Canberra Boxing at Gym Victus Invigorated in 2014

Boxing at Gym Victus is an intergraded focus of the group training programs training in holistic western boxing. Canberra boxing at Gym Victus is invigorated in 2014 with training in Boxing Boot Camp, Boxing Circuit and boxing focused Kickboxing and MMA programs. Boxing training (view video ) is under the control of qualified head boxing coach. Training focuses towards traditional style boxing, however not limited to as participants may utilise to develop boxing within other styles of combat. Open to those living inside or surrounding regions on Canberra.

Never Go Blue: Pointers in Taking Good Care of Swarovski Jewelry

LogoA diamond is a girl’s best friend, and swarovski comes as second. More than a hundred years ago, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine which cuts and polishes crystal jewelry stones. Since then, the Swarovski crystals can be seen in fashion, jewelry, and more recently in lighting, architecture and interiors.

Anti-Bullying Song We Are One for Sochi Released

LogoThe Olympic Games, every four years we are inspired, by the strength, camaraderie, compassion, human spirit, the personal triumphs and losses as well as the love of family and country. We are inspired by the athletes who wake up every day of their lives with the determination to be the best that they can be, no matter what the odds are that are stacked up against them. We are also inspired by the hundreds of nations around the world, coming together in peace to share their love of sports and competition.