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Empathy Laser Clinic Is Offering LightSheer DESIRE Laser Hair Removal at Cost Effective Rates

LogoEmpathy Laser Clinic based in New Delhi India has been offering professional beauty treatments since 1997. We provide beauty therapy and offer beauty treatments to both men and women at competitive prices. We specialise in Laser Hair Removal, Acne Treatments, Laser Vein Removal, Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup and Waxing. Shares How Social Media Can Boost Different Phases of the Sales Funnel for Absolute Customer Engagement

LogoThe vast innovation and massive technological advancements have truly created drastic global changes in all forms of industries including education, health, manufacturing, advertising and many more. Technology has paved the way for the unearthing of diversified forms of communication from all across the globe and this includes the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a lot more.

Automotive Recruiting Company Helps Job Seekers Write Strong Resumes

LogoWriting resumes that stand out from the crowd can be difficult. Automotive Staffing Solutions, an automotive recruiting company, understands the challenges job seekers face when writing resumes and is offering tips on how to improve their resume.

Natural Hair Provider Provides Single-Source Hair from Europe

Real human hair has qualities which cannot be matched by synthetics. At the House of European Hair (HEH), this all-natural product is kept that way thanks to a rigorous selection and collection process.

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (Tcxo) Market Worth $2719.00 Million - 2018

LogoAccording to a new market research report “Crystal Oscillator Market – Global Forecast & Analysis – Segmentation By General Circuitry (SPXO, TCXO, VCXO, FCXO, OCXO), By Applications, By Technology (SC, BT & AT Cut), BY MOUNTING SCHEME (SURFACE MOUNT & THRU-HOLE) And Geography (2013-2018).

Seegrid Positioned as Value Added Supplier at Europe LogiMAT 2014

LogoPeter Bak, the European Representative for Seegrid, discussed the initiatives that are driving the push for European companies to look at Seegrid at LogiMAT 2014. Bak explained, “The main driver for European Material Handling companies to visit Seegrid at LogiMAT is to explore how easy and risk free they can benefit – economically as well as operationally – from deploying Seegrid’s simple and flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in their logistics chain.”

Pcdata USA Highlights One Day Installation Picking at MODEX

LogoPcdata USA is exhibiting at the largest expo, MODEX, for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Attendees visiting Pcdata USA booth #4834 will learn about the latest picking solutions with one day installation in Atlanta, GA on March 17-20, 2014. Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Pcdata USA lowers that cost through leading edge Pick-to-Light systems.

Seegrid Nominated for Prestigious Edison Award Featured in Pittsburgh Business Times

LogoPittsburgh Business Times featured Seegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), as an Edison Award finalist for its automatic GT10 tow tractor. The tractor automates the movement of flatbed cars, trains and carts and uses vision-guide technology.

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT Introduces VeryGrip It Provides Powerful Grip and Reusable System

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT® recently introduced VeryGrip®, a gripping, coupling, and adjustment system which redefines its own standards. GRAPHIT is a tubular system which does away with the need for drilling or tapping used with steel systems. GRAPHIT is the first fully reusable system, leaving no physical trace or mark, either on the joint or tube when it is disassembled. Existing metal systems rely on mechanical grip to provide strength – holes, drilling, deformation, and mechanical anchoring. With VeryGrip from GRAPHIT, now there is an integrated grip with a high-performance TPU (Thermo Plastic polyurethane). This TPU adheres to the tube seamlessly, without damaging the tube or the joint, with exceptional precision down to the millimeter across the entire surface area. This soft connection, nevertheless delivers unrivaled grip strength. Luman Temby, Director of Operations for Trilogiq USA, noted, “The results are amazing. The exceptionally powerful grip is easy to adjust and does not damage the tube.” Trilogiq’s GRAPHIT (, the new product line includes VeryGrip, MonoBlok, InstantMatch, and SoftAdjust are completely reusable tubes and ease of assembly meets the market demand for Ergonomic material handling solutions. Trilogiq USA is a full service provider of holistic material handling solutions including in-house engineering capabilities, proprietary products, purchased products, as well as custom designed solutions. The company delivers engineered to order material handling applications to the manufacturing industry. While the company specialty is turnkey projects taken from design to delivery, experience ranges from large turnkey projects to specific, single application development, and any specialty projects. Trilogiq USA ( was founded in 2000 to provide material handling solutions to manufacturing organizations, with an initial focus on the automotive industry. Trilogiq USA was a pioneer in identifying automotive industry manufacturing successes and adapting solutions to other industries including aerospace, electronics, appliances, and logistics. Working in all production and manufacturing industry sectors including distribution and warehousing, has made Trilogiq USA the first full-service implementer of best-practice production process improvement solutions. Follow Trilogiq USA on Twitter @TrilogiqUSA; on Facebook @ TrilogiqUSA.

Regional Eye Center Introduces Bausch & Lomb's Crystalens to the Southwest, Georgia

LogoA cataract is a clouding of the normal clear lens in the eye causing a diminishment of sight. When a cataract has to be removed the natural lens in the eye is replaced by an intraocular lens (IOL).

European AGV Market Trends Bode Well for Seegrid Customers Due to Rapid Return on Investment

LogoPeter Bak, European Representative for Seegrid, explained that by demonstrating a rapid ROI (return on investment) in AGV solutions, Seegrid is poised for dramatic growth among manufacturers and distributors in Europe during 2014. Bak reported, “The growing need for intelligent – simple and flexible – Material Handling automation that can present a fast return on investment highlights Seegrid as the best choice for European companies in 2014.” Seegrid products and Bak will be at LogiMAT 2014 starting February 25th.

Magliner Newly Designed Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck Highlighted at MODEX 2014 Next Month

LogoMagline, manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced the introduction of the Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck (NAHT). Attendees visiting Magline Booth #2531 will learn about the Narrow Aisle Hand Truck (NAHT) innovation in Atlanta, GA on March 17-20, 2014The overall height reaches up to 68 inches, holds a capacity of 500 pounds and the lightweight aluminum frame of 31 pounds makes the hand truck easier to maneuver. The durable aluminum construction is 23 percent lighter than steel equivalents.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Profiled on Manufacturing Revival Radio at MODEX

LogoPcdata USA will sponsor live interviews with Manufacturing Revival Radio at MODEX Booth #4834 on March 18, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Fast moving picks will be profiled during the radio recordings. The items selected most often in a warehouse are the critical items to manage. Antonio Rodriguez, a senior manager with Pcdata USA reported, “We have developed warehouse solutions targeted at Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Big efficiency improvements can be realized in environments where customer orders arrive very late in relation to the time of delivery or where customer orders are placed multiple times per day.” Pcdata USA is focused on helping industry leaders get the right product delivered at the right time and the right place with the least amount of labor. The ability to recalculate the orders must be based on real time information to optimize order fulfillment and maximize customer satisfaction. According to Rodrigues, the hosts of Manufacturing Revival Radio, Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood will interview CEOs, CFOs, Operations Managers, and Quality Assurance Managers about their experiences in picking fast-moving consumer goods products at MODEX. Email at to schedule a guest interview at MODEX 2014. Manufacturing Revival Radio is a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing. The hosts will interview thought leaders and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with manufacturing in the 21st Century — both in the U.S. and around the globe. is a syndication partner of Manufacturing Revival Radio. Pcdata USA is proud to invite select industry experts to discuss these topics and critical issues. Pcdata USA, a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation, has more than six hundred systems successfully installed in more than thirty countries worldwide, and offers affordable both out-of-the-box solutions.

Seegrid VP of Sales and Marketing John Hayes Talks Big Data and Material Handling

LogoJohn Hayes, VP of Sales and Marketing, North America for Seegrid discussed the mountains of data on both ends of manufacturing with Plant Services Chief Editor, Mike Bacidore in a recent podcast. There is data on the supply-chain side and there is data going out on the distribution and fulfillment side. Managing information in the middle and understanding how to see the big picture is critical to profitability. To listen to the entire podcast regarding the supply chain information management, go to:

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT Introduces MonoBlok Providing a Tight, Waterproof Seal with TPU

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT® recently introduced MonoBlok® for closing and sealing. The use of bi-material technology has created a TPU (Thermo Plastic polyurethane) connection across the entire circumference of all joints. When the connector joints are assembled, they support each other, which completely seals them off and prevents the entry of dust or other impurities between the assembly. This innovation is doubly beneficial as the system is also waterproof.

Bill Beazley Homes Welcomes New Cyber Command Center at Fort Gordon

LogoFort Gordon in Augusta, GA was recently announced as the new location of the Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) and it will be bringing its operations with it. 1,500 active-duty military, government civilian, and contractor jobs will accompany the arrival of the new headquarters and will function in a 179,000-square-foot facility. Quality of life in the city of Augusta is expected to improve as the addition of ARCYBER is likely to provide a catalyst for growth, increasing revenue in the metropolitan area and adding to the $1.4 billion already being generated by Fort Gordon.

Prudential Beazley Real Estate Announces January Agent of the Month, Patti Cornette

LogoPrudential Beazley Real Estate is pleased to announce its first Agent of the Month in 2014, Patti Cornette. Cornette was also the last Agent of the Month for 2013. Her back-to-back win solidifies her as a rock star agent with the credentials and the professionalism to back it up. She will work around the clock to bring buyers and sellers together.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Now Offering Their Services for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

LogoAn oriental rug is a beautifully designed piece of carpeting that is often put on display in an office lobby or other high traffic locations. Many rugs are customized with a specific design or company logo to add a sense of personalization. As a company that hand creates magnificent oriental rugs at the desired specifications of their clients, Maloumian Oriental Rugs is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for oriental rug cleaning this winter 2014 season.

McCafferty Funeral Home Offering Wide Selection of Urns

LogoIf a friend or loved one passes away, it can be devastating to deal with. There are many thoughts running through a person’s head when reality sets in and they have to start planning how to handle the burial process. Planning a funeral is a lengthy process and individuals are left with many decisions to make. The cost of death is relatively expensive and many families are unable to afford a memorial and burial. If the desire of the deceased is to be cremated, McCafferty Funeral Home, a trusted Philadelphia funeral home, is now offering a variety of urns to choose from.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering February Personal Training Specials to Clients

LogoAs the winter season is slowly coming to an end, and many individuals are starting to get their bodies in shape for the summer weather, it is beneficial to seek the assistance of a personal trainer in Philadelphia to make sure the body is fit and eating healthy. The perfect mixture of diet and workout regime will have all individuals looking fit by the summer. As an industry that focuses on the whole body, not just the goals of the client, Mint Condition Fitness is pleased to announce they are now offering personal training session specials to existing and new clientele.

Chromatography Resins Market Poise $1.9 Billion in 2018

LogoThe report “Chromatography Resin Market by Application (Pharmaceutical, Food, Water & Environmental Analysis, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics), by Techniques (IEC, Affinity, HIC, SEC & Mixed) & by Type (Natural & Synthetic) — Trends & Forecast to 2018.”, defines and segments the global chromatography resins market with analysis and forecasting of the global revenue and consumption. The global chromatography resin market will grow from 1.2 billion in 2012 to 1.9 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2013 to 2018.

Butadiene Market Expected Up to 14,536.1 Kilotons in 2018

LogoThe report, “Butadiene Market & Its Derivatives (SBR, PBR, ABS, SB Latex, Adiponitrile, NR & Others) Market by Applications & Geography - Trends and Forecasts to 2018”, defines and segments the global butadiene market & its derivatives market with analysis and forecasting of the global consumption volume and value.

The Benefits of an Offshore Company

As many know, an offshore company is one that is registered and operates in a foreign country; however, many are not aware of what makes an offshore company different from more common companies and of the many benefits that come from setting up an offshore company.

Ablation Technologies (Radiofrequency, Cryoablation, Microwave, Ultrasound, Hydrothermal, Radiation, Cardiac, Cancer and Gynecology) Market Worth $12.4 Billion by 2016

LogoThe “Ablation Technologies Market (2011-2016) - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis” analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.

Nazrul Brick Lane Restaurant Offers Excellent Quality Indian Cuisine at Highly Affordable Prices

Nazrul is one of the oldest and the best Indian restaurants in the east of London serving finest Indian cuisine to its customers from all over the London and visitors from abroad since 1979. None of the restaurants in the east or entire London serves as good Indian cuisine as Nazrul Indian Restaurant does. On the top of this, the ideal location, gourmet Indian food, unparalleled customer support and reasonable prices make Nazrul an ideal destination for those who wish to spend some good time and enjoy great delicacies.

KeeboMed Inc. Offers Great Deals on Used Ultrasound Equipment

KeeboMed Inc. has established its name as a leading supplier of quality medical and veterinary ultrasound machines at the best prices. Whether you are looking for portable ultrasounds, color Doppler devices, handheld ultrasound machines or used ultrasound equipment, KeeboMed Inc. has ultrasounds for various clinical applications. The company offers attractive discounts on the used ultrasound machines in its inventory.

Manufacturing Media Consortium to Meet in Washington DC February 17th

LogoDespite bad weather over the past several days, Thomas R. Cutler announced that members of the Manufacturing Media Consortium will meet in Washington DC on February 17th to discuss the implications of manufacturing and politics. Cutler will lead the meeting to identify recent manufacturing trends in the United States. Over 100 members of the Manufacturing Media Consortium are expected to attend. The professional organization includes journalists, editors, economists, and other industrial leaders worldwide. Members write about trends, data, case studies, and profiles, in the manufacturing, industrial, and distribution sectors. Cutler works with thousands of media outlets to expand manufacturing media coverage.