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Express Yourself! Teen Radio Celebrates 4 Years on Voice America Kids

LogoNovember marks the four-year anniversary of Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio broadcasting on the Voice America Kids Network. 191 new shows have hit the world wide airwaves with talented young people as hosts and reporters. Created and produced by entertainment veteran, Cynthia Brian, Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio is a special outreach program of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity giving youth a voice to be listened to.

Take Flight Learning Hosts Taking Flight with DISC Certification in Princeton, NJ Area

LogoAs home of one of the nation's most prestigious halls of higher learning, the Princeton, NJ area is an appropriate location for DISC facilitators to educate themselves to drive both their careers and that of their students to higher achievements. Take Flight Learning, the innovative DISC training company whose founder, Merrick Rosenberg, put a fresh and exciting twist on the DISC styles with his book Take Flight!, will host a DISC certification in Hamilton, NJ, on December 3, 2015. This all-day event will educate DISC facilitators—whether novices or experts—on how to lead an engaging, informative and memorable DISC session.

Eat Drink & Be Merry Now Offering Discounted Prices for New Year's Eve Extravaganza Tickets

As the end of the year is around the corner and many groups of friends are beginning to decide where they want to ring in the New Year, Eat Drink & Be Merry is pleased to announce they are now offering discounted prices on tickets for their elite New Year’s Eve party. To take advantage of $10 off a ticket to the most extravagant party of the year, at any one of the eight bars, simply log into a Facebook account on the website and receive instant savings. With this discount, guests have the opportunity to receive their New Year’s ticket for just $75.

Orem Utah Small Business Opportunity Sale: Expert Cowboy Raymond Chip Hutchinson Announces Sale of Mobile Cowboy Hat Company and 200 Website Based Enterprise to Tri-City Residents

LogoThe concept of a broad-brimmed hat with a high crown worn by a rider on horseback can be seen as far back as the Mongolian horsemen of the 13th century.  A tall crown provided insulation, the wide brim, shade.  Hot, sunny climates inspire designs with very wide brims such as the sombrero of Mexico.  It is not clear when the cowboy hat began to be named as such. Westerners originally had no standard headwear.  People moving West wore many styles of hat, including top hats, derbies, remains of Civil War headgear, sailor hats and everything else.  Contrary to popular belief, it was the bowler and not the cowboy hat that was the most popular in the American West, prompting Lucius Beebe to call it "the hat that won the West."

Orem UT Top Rated Construction Lien Attorney Jonathan Jaussi from Freedom Legal Advice Services Was Recognized by G3 as Lawyer of the Week for His Efforts with out-of-State Defendants

LogoCongratulations to Jonathan Jaussi for this week’s Prestigious Award! Jonathan is the founder and lead attorney at Freedom Legal. Jonathan Jaussi is admitted to practice law in Utah, including licensure by the Supreme Court of Utah. He is also licensed to practice before the United States District Court for the District of Utah and is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court. While attending law school, Jonathan served the public in many capacities. He worked with a public interest agency where he assisted lead-poisoned children and educated their parents regarding their legal rights

Ultra Safe Pest Introduces Rodent Control Task Force in Boston

Pest professionals at Boston based Ultra Safe Pest Management are taking the recent spike in rodent activity very seriously. "We are treating this like an urgent public health matter because it is". according to Ultra Safe Staff Entomologist Victor Palermo. "I'm not saying to push the panic button but we do need to become more aware of the situation and take the appropriate action".

E Instruments International Now Offering Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Solution

LogoE Instruments International, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce they are now offering hydrogen sulfide monitoring solution. The company’s AQ Expert Indoor Air Quality Monitor can display and log the measurement of toxic hydrogen sulfide released from tainted drywall inside homes and other confined environments. Utilizing an accurate electrochemical sensor, the AQ Expert portable IAQ, monitor measures extremely low levels of H2S in occupied breathing environments.

Club Risqué Announces Holiday Extravaganza at All Locations

With the holiday spirit in the air, folks are planning to get together with family and friends and celebrate. Club Risqué, the premier gentleman’s club in the Delaware Valley, is ready to celebrate the holidays at their 2013 Christmas Parties at all three locations. The parties include a visit from Bad Santa and are hosted by Club Risque’s sexy elves who will be determining who has been naughty and who has been nice. Their Bristol and Northeast Philadelphia locations will be taking part in the festivities on Wednesday, December 18 and then the Philadelphia location on Thursday, December 19. The parties begins at 8 pm, so be sure to make the Club Risqué Christmas Parties part of your holiday celebrations.

How to Choose Arborist Kelowna or the Best Tree Service Organization

LogoAn Arborist Kelowna is a remarkably prepared individual who has solid science aptitudes and additionally information of tree work. Arborist helps trees to survive and flourish in nature’s turf. They additionally aid trees to boost asset acquisitions which incorporate physical space and rivalry control. Arborist Calgary can guarantee a long, functional tree life through the growth of fitting structure and the administration of structural segments. Arborist uses different techniques that you should know An arborist is an expert in the act of arboriculture, which is the growth, administration and investigation of unique tress and other lasting woody plants. They concentrate on the health and wellbeing of distinctive plants and trees. An arborist ought to be ensured for undertaking the fill in as an arborist. An affirmed arborist is an expert who has over three years of recorded and confirmed experience and has passed a thorough composed test from the International Society of Arboriculture. Arborist furnishes proper results, for example pruning of trees for the health and great structure and for stylish explanations which allows individuals to stroll under them and so forth. Timing and the techniques for medication depends of the types of the tree and the motivation behind work. Arborist always performed the vital work only for you Pruning is a vital work attempted by an arborist and pruning ought to be finished in light of particular reason. Each slice to the tree is a wound and each leaf lost will be vital in photosynthesis methodology. Pruning must be carried out quite legitimately and ought to be finished with least measure of live tissues evacuated. Arborists are additionally fit to survey trees to figure out the health, structure, security or plausibility inside a scene and in vicinity to people. It is better to review the trees and bushes by affirmed arborist for forestalling issues from happening and keeping the plant in exceptional health. Arborist Calgary gives administrations like rot identification, root crown assessment, air spading, structural evaluations, creepy crawly and ailment action, social issues and so forth. For doing the work, an arborist ought to be physically fit and additionally needs to work outside. He may as well be euphoric working at statures. His occupation can incorporate pruning out dead or harmed extensions, and support work, for example the evacuation of basal development or water shoots on trees, clear or sectional felling of trees and so forth. About Us Action Tree Kelowna Arborist Services can tackle any job you have, no job too big, no job too small. We are locally owned and operated and have grown significantly over the past 25 years; today we own the regions largest fleet of 30 and 40 ton trucks, hard to miss in their bright yellow paint. Hedge Impeccable SAFETY RECORD Our work can be dangerous. We know that and are proud of an impeccable work safety record. Our team has worked together for many years, care for each other, and make certain that safety is the #1 consideration on the job site. Action Tree is fully certified and insured against accident or injury.

NYC Best Bars Announces Special Gear for Holiday Season on Online Store

With the holiday season approaching quickly, many individuals are still at a loss on what to purchase for friends and family. In the season of giving, there’s nothing better than sporting gear and apparel from a favorite bar or establishment. This holiday season, NYC Best Bars is pleased to announce they are now offering a variety of apparel, as well as playing cards and gift cards on their online store to valued customers.

Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence: New Book by Celebrated Strategist, Dan Mack, Turns Any Company Into an Industry Titan.

Believe it or not, Starbucks, Wiffle Ball and PURELL were once micro-businesses with a single office, a handful of core customers and more than a struggle to make their name known. However, a globally-renowned Business Strategist who helped each of them grow and dominate the globe is sharing his secrets of success in a book that will change the game for any small business.

Honey and the Rock: Raw & Intimate New Memoir Shares Compelling Testimony of Recovery, Life and God

While those walking past Johnny Brownlow would see his as nothing but a confident American, Brownlow’s personal demons and harrowing past have forced him to live a life of daily recovery. With millions sharing the same reality, Brownlow is exposing his own story in the hope it will empower others to grow closer to their faith.

David and the Wizard: Enchanting New Children's Book Tackles Global Bullying Epidemic

While millions of parents kiss their children goodbye each morning, only a tiny proportion ever become aware of the destructive bullying epidemic that has swept the nation and the world. Wanting to tackle this problem at the source and do it in a way that helps children retain their precious dignity, author Barrington G. A. Dyer is delighted to announce the launch of his new book. Allows Shoppers to Pile Presents Under the Christmas Tree, the website shoppers turn to for the best prices on the widest selection of holiday merchandise available anywhere, is pleased to announce that they are offering a new promotion that allows people to save up to 99 percent on great gifts to put under the Christmas tree. This year people will be able to get all their shopping done in the comfort of their own home because there is truly something for everyone at, which features thousands of items on an easy-to-use, searchable website.

Stryker May Owe 1.13 Billion to Implant Victims

LogoVictims of the Stryker hip recall may collect up to $1.13 billion in medical and court costs, according to a recent Dow Jones Business News article. The company recalled thousands of Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implant systems last year due to potential issues with corrosion, causing pain and swelling for patients. It is estimated that more than 20,000 patients throughout the United States may have Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implants.

Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Made in the USA: A Sought-After Doggie Treat

LogoMade from 100% natural ingredients, Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs made in the USA is one of the most sought-after doggie treats available in the market.

Now Clients Can Overcome Email Outages with CloNav's Trusted Email Continuity Providers

Email is undeniably the most important form of communication in business; one cannot afford risks like an email outage for any extended length of time. However, now, you can overcome every email outage with the help of CloNav, a trusted consultant for companies comparing email continuity providers.

Five Days to a Healthy Life: New Diet Book Shuns Low Calorie/Carb Meals in Place of Whole Foods - Get the Skinny on This

When it comes to losing weight and maintaining better health, many believe that the key is to consume as few calories, carbs and fats as possible. However, Holistic Health Counselor Barbara Maida has a bold message – doing this will force your metabolic system to alter its rhythms and you won’t lose weight!

Best Gastroenterologist in Beverly Hills, Meet Dr. Berookim

People need to see a gastroenterologist for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include needing a colonoscopy examination, having moderate to severe digestive issues, or for treatment of acid reflux, to name a few. But finding a GI doctor in the Beverly Hills area can be difficult—even daunting—especially if the patient isn’t going through their primary physician. However, there are some tips that can make finding a qualified and caring gastroenterologist easier. Recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers can help. So too, can looking at certifications, awards, and where the physician has admitting privileges, and even Yelp reviews can be very helpful. A look through all of these qualifications might lead one to Dr. Berookim, MD, FACG, a double-board certified and award-winning gastroenterologist based in Beverly Hills, who has gotten high ratings from patients.

PickStar by Pcdata Finds Home in Czech Republic and Growing Rapidly in North Ameria

LogoThe Besam division of ASSA ABLOY faced issues with incorrect deliveries to their field engineers as a result of picking errors from their parts warehouse in the Czech Republic. These errors were costly from both a financial and customer relations perspective. In an effort to tackle these issues, ASSA ABLOY turned to Pcdata and implemented the PickStar pick-to-light system to reduce errors and drive down costs. The installation success resulted in a payback in less than nine months.

Vuba Supplies Delivers Top Quality Floor Paint Worldwide

Hull, East Yorkshire – Vuba Supplies continues to lead the way as a worldwide flooring expert with top quality industrial floor paint to suit any kind of situation.

Madelena Continues to Recreate Rene Lalique Glass Pieces

The legacy of Rene Lalique, the master of fine glass making and a renowned designer and jewelry maker, continues to live on through his glass art collections that have been a true representation of intricate glass sculpting and elegant functionality for half a century. All his creations are kept alive through Madelena, maker and distributor of luxurious glass pieces inspired by Italian art deco and naturalist art.

Bevlan Office Interiors Celebrates 23 Years in Business

Bevlan Office Interiorscelebrates its 23 years of operation providing the best and most cost-efficient business and office furniture in the whole England. As it continues to grow and stay stronger in the industry that it has lead for more than two decades, it now offers more new and highly functional furniture designs at affordable prices, all showcased in their huge showroom -- one of the largest in the country.

New York New York Top Rated Online Youth Clothing Boutique Was Recognized by G3 for Best Pricing on Brands Dollcake, Mini Shatsu, and Curio+Kind

LogoCongratulations to Koko Blush & Company for their award winning activities!

How to Choose a Best Web Hosting Provider and to Get the Best Deal Available

The best way to broaden business in today’s fast paced world is by owning own personal site. Buying or producing own site is just not the process of internet marketing and revenue ends. The existence of websites is always acknowledged on the net so it is mandatory that one have to pick a fantastic web hosting providers and that too which can provide best web hosting plans.

Gipsy Dharma Offers Elegant and Classy Leather Footwear and Unique Clothing for Women

LogoGipsy Dharma is a popular online store offering beautiful and unique clothing and leather footwear items to women across the globe. The website carries hundreds of handmade leather skirts, sandals, flip flops, leather boots and related products at reasonable prices. The contrasting, vibrant and bold designs from Gipsy Dharma completely blend in with the style and attitude of modern women.

Super Saver Office Supply Announces Launch of eCommerce Website

Super Saver Office Supply, an online retailer specializing in business machines and top-selling office equipment, announces the launch of their new eCommerce website. The new online store is designed to be more shopper friendly and introduces several new features that speeds time from browsing to buying.