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Upcoming Luxury Vacation Rental the Caribbean Castle Seeks Funding Support in Exchange of an Unforgettable Vacation in a Private Island

LogoCastles have always been a topic of much interest and romantic appeal amongst thousands of individuals around the world. The Caribbean Castle is a proposed vacation paradise that will be constructed on a serene and tranquil private island and offer unique ways for the visitors to escape from the daily grind. The Caribbean Castle is inviting the luxury vacation enthusiasts to make a contribution towards this one-of-a-kind vacation resort and receive concessional or even free stays.

BriaCell's Lead Product Candidate Mechanism of Action Described in a Major Immunology Journal

LogoBriaCell Therapeutics Corp. ("BriaCell"), an immuno-oncology focused biotechnology company with a proprietary targeted immunotherapy technology, is pleased to announce the acceptance of a manuscript describing the novel mechanism of action of the Company's lead product candidate, Bria-IMT™. The findings detailed in the paper provide a rationale for the encouraging clinical results observed with Bria-IMT™ in current and past clinical testing. The publication will appear in Frontiers in Immunology, the 5th most cited journal in Immunology worldwide. Bria-IMT™, also known as SV-BR-1-GM, has caused remarkable reduction of tumor size in some patients with advanced metastatic breast cancer. Understanding Bria IMT™'s mechanism of action is extremely important, not only for developing further clinical refinements; it may shed light on basic immune mechanisms important in many other areas. BriaCell is currently enrolling patients in a Phase IIa trial (NCT03066947) with Bria-IMT™ and a rollover trial (NCT03328026) with Bria-IMT™ alone or in combination with other immunotherapies.

Badass Helmet Store Launched in Answer to Sorely Limited Selection of Biker Gear

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration reveals helmets increase the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle crash by an average of 41 percent. Because of this statistic, an estimated 63 percent of bikers choose to wear helmets even in states where doing so is not required by law. The problem lies not in increasing awareness of the importance of donning a helmet, but in providing bikers and their passengers a selection of affordable helmets offering comfort and style while also adhering to safety guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

Mortgage Broker Store Stops Ontario Foreclosures by Selling the Property First

LogoMortgage Broker Store is an Ontario based company that focuses on private mortgages for individuals with bad credit. As of the last year, more of their efforts have been focused on their eviction stopping services. Ontario has two major eviction processes, Power of Sale and Foreclosure, both can be used by lenders to sell your property, with the main different being that a foreclosure takes longer. The staff at Mortgage Broker Store understands the complexities of both processes, and regularly stop them with a high success rate.

Power of Sales Ontario Partners with Real Estate Professionals

LogoCanadian company, Power of Sales Ontario is a real estate firm that specializes in preventing home evictions. A power of sale is the most common legal process for lenders who want to take over a property; foreclosures take longer and are less common.  The staff at Power of Sales Ontario are well versed in the both legal processes and consider every possible course of action before choosing the best one for its clients.

Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism Celebrates Their 3rd Anniversary, Amid Rave Customer Revues and Bonus Product Offer

LogoJanuary 21st 2015 marks the third anniversary of 'Natural remedies for hypothyroidism'. Natural remedies for hypothyroidism is a natural treatment for hypothyroidism protocol dedicated to helping sufferers stop hypothyroidism directly at the source.

Great Movers US Is Now Offering Free Moving Quotes

LogoMoving can be a hassle, especially if a move is going to be long distance. When seeking a mover online, the leading company for moving help, tips and more is Great Movers US New York.

'Home Theater Installers' Company Offers One Year Warranty on Installation

LogoThe Home Theater Installers Los Angeles is offering one year warranty on installation services for its clients. The company has become the most popular Home Theater Installer in Los Angeles, CA.

Wright Homes Offers a One Percent Home Buyer Credit Toward Upgrades or Closing Costs

Wright Homes wishes to see every client acquire their dream home at an affordable price, offering a one percent home buyer credit toward closing costs or upgrades when one chooses preferred lending. Preferred lenders participating in the program include Amber Coleman in Southern Utah and Marci Pipes in Northern Utah. When one is looking at new town homes in Herriman Utah or anywhere in the state, this is one program they should consider taking advantage of.

HESD Water Damage Offers Water Repair Damage Solutions in Florida

LogoWater damage is uncontrollable and if one doesn't act fast, this damage could result in severe losses. There are many reasons as to why one might have to face this situation and although at times water damage could be caused due to leaking pipes or taps, there are times when natural calamities could cause severe water damage. It's important to have a strong flood restoration company in loop that can provide effective services in no time and ensure the damage is brought in control. 'HESD Water Damage' is one of the leading companies that provide effective solutions for water damage repair and flood restoration.

'Water Damage Beverly Hills' Offers Water Repair Damage Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA

LogoWater has no shape or form and controlling it is thus tough. Water damage Beverly Hills is a common problem and it's essential to act fast when such a situation occurs. There are a few people who try to control the situation independently, but this is not an ideal solution since people might lack the right tools and expertise that's required in order to bring the situation under control and ensure there's not too much damage.

Mold Removal Co. Offers Mold Removal Services in New Jersey

LogoA home is like a temple which needs to be clean and comfortable to reside in at all times, the weather conditions are outside notwithstanding. However, this becomes difficult to do when a number of issues start to plague the interiors as well as exteriors of the very place people spend most of their lives at. Among the commonest problems that people face is of unpleasant mold filling up their houses with toxicity. A freshly established firm in New Jersey called has the solutions for all types of mold problems which its team tackles with the latest tools and techniques in the market.

'Green Movers Florida' Offers Complete Relocation Solutions in Florida

LogoMoving from one place to another is indeed very tedious if there are a lot of staff to be packed and moved. It is huge process that starts with packing everything, leasing a truck, loading the packed things into the truck and driving it to the destination and unloading the packed things. This is no doubt a time consuming job too. This is the sole reason why people need a moving company. Hiring a good moving company can reduce both stress and time, but hiring a wrong company can increase it. However, one can be sure enough to get the best service while hiring movers form Green Movers which is a moving company Florida. They offer a wide variety of services which can meet all kinds of needs of the clients. The services rendered by them includes packing and moving household stuffs, home and office relocation, shifting both domestic and corporate, shifting of machinery goods, handicrafts, home furniture and home electronics throughout Florida.

Pure Eco Inc. Offers Energy Efficiency Options to Home Owners

LogoPure Eco Inc. is known for offering energy efficiency options to home owners by making sure they do not spend an excessive amount of money on heating and air conditioning bills which can be the case in the event of poor insulation in the home which calls for additional working hours of these heating and cooling machines.

'Water Damage Burbank' Offers Water Damage Repair Services

LogoWater Damage Burbank is a restoration company in Burbank who protects both residential and commercial property form water damage. They started their restoration business on request of some of their potential customers. Numerous people are there in Burbank and the surrounding areas that are in need to a good restoration service provider.

Sober Tomorrow Offers a Free Assessment to Determine if One Has an Addiction

Sober Tomorrow understands the devastating effects of substance abuse, from the financial impact to the emotional. Drug rehab centers operate to assist those who are struggling with substance abuse and Sober Tomorrow offers a free assessment to allow one to determine if they or a loved one are in need of drug or alcohol rehab. Whether one struggles with an addiction to opiates, alcohol, heroin, or another addictive drug, the facility offers a rehab program. Individuals wishing to know more may visit for additional details.

The Renovator's Supply, Inc. Now Offering Exquisitely Designed Bathroom Corner Sink

Maintaining their name as one of the most successful bathroom hardware manufacturers in the industry, The Renovator's Supply, Inc. is now offering exquisitely designed bathroom corner sink. The company supplies high-quality sinks to satisfy every customer requirement. They have stock even for the pickiest designers and architects. With the many options provided by the company, any kind of bathroom can be renovated and given a magical touch with most unique bathroom vessels and sinks. These items are available in various styles including products like corner sinks, glass sinks, stone sinks and vessel sinks. Along with a wide selection, they also offer their products at reasonable prices.

First Time Author Maria Garcia Becomes a Best Seller on Amazon Her First Week Out

LogoMaria moved from a modest village in Spain to a working class neighborhood in the US as a youngster. She was in the midst of living the proverbial American dream when her life suddenly took a twist. After a mental and physical recovery that lasted years, Maria embarked on a journey of personal development and self-growth to discover her purpose and to learn more about what had happened to her. She discovered so many great pearls of wisdom that she felt compelled to write about her story and share what she had just learned. Her ultimate goal is to inspire others towards greatness in their lives despite any obstacles.

Local Entrepreneur Using KickStarter to Launch Parking App in Chattanooga

LogoHaving trouble finding an open parking space downtown? One local UTC graduate has developed a solution with his new application. The ParkParrot app will show where parking lots are located as well as how many spaces are available in each lot all while being completely automated.

Drive Rite Academy in Brooklyn Now Teaching the Six Hour Defense Driving Course

LogoDrive Rite Academy is one of the most prominent names in driving schools across New York and they give personal and online lessons from their office based in Brooklyn. Their professional teachers have extensive experience and exposure in the field and teach students all the necessary skills and tactics for driving properly. They are now offering a six hour class that can be taken online from the official website at or it can also be signed up for in person.

PBTP Locksmith Chicago Offers the Best Residential Locksmith Service

LogoToday no place on the earth is safe and Chicago is also not an exception. However, numerous companies are there who deal with security services and offer locksmiths. Again the problem of these companies is that not all of them provide experienced and licensed locksmiths. The need for expert locksmiths is increasing gradually as the mechanical looks of the doors are not totally safe, but now there is a hope from the PBTP Locksmith Chicago . All their qualified and trained locksmiths Chicago are capable of dealing with locks of any kinds and are capable of encountering any lock related problems. Unlike other locksmith companies their team never keeps the clients waiting to solve issues. They makes sure that everyone gets back to their apartment, home or even in the car on time without any hassle. They have some of the best craftsmen who use the finest quality locks to keep people safe. All the parts of the locks are guaranteed by them.

WebsiteOperators Now Offers a Whole Range of eCommerce Website Operations Services

LogoFrom small retailers to small and medium-sized businesses and manufacturers, WebsiteOperators now offers a whole range of eCommerce website operations services for everyone. The services provided by this company help the client focus on the company's core competencies and allow the internet professionals to manage the various website operations. The company provides a range of solutions depending on the client's requirement. This kind of custom-based approach enables the team to manage every aspect of e-commerce platform without losing value and power of the client's brand. WebsiteOperators management team works synchronously with the company from the beginning of the comprehensive Scale Campaign.

World Landforms, a Well-Known Information Website, Provides Readers Information About World Landforms

World landforms is a renowned information website that provides its readers with information about the various world landforms. They intend to educate people about the various landforms present on the face of this planet. The geographical features of Earth are quite interesting. Their formation, origin and features have interesting facts attached to them, making them extremely interesting. Over a period of billions of years, there were many geographical activities that took place due to which various kinds of landforms were eventually formed. Through this website, students and interested people can gather information about our planet.

Coupon Codes IO Publishes New Verizon FIOS Promotion Code as Best Deal Yet for Triple Play

Technological services are becoming more advanced all the time. This often means that the premium for these services keeps going up. Yet, life changes at such a rapid pace that these premiums soon become an essential. As such, more people than ever are looking for ways to save money on the latest technological home innovations. Verizon FIOS is a fibre optic service that offers superfast broadband, TV and phone services all in one. Coupon Codes IO is offering people an unbeatable new deal on the service, published on their website.

Garage Door Staten Island Offers Great Services and Affordable Pricing

LogoA garage door is way more where the car enters and exits the home. A garage door can add value to a home, however, if not properly maintained it can be a deadly force. It is the largest moving object in a home where it is installed. If not secured properly, a garage door may also become a point of entry for home invaders.

The Original Hurling Earl Novelty Drinking Pitcher Mug Launches Pre-Order Sales via Kickstarter

LogoNovelty Drinking Mug Producers launch pre-order availability for 32 ounce novelty drinking pitcher and mug via KickStarter.

Digital Turbine Inc (NASDAQ:APPS) Investor Investigation Concerning Possible Breaches of Fiduciary Duties

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Digital Turbine Inc (NASDAQ:APPS) shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at Digital Turbine.