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Dr. Carson Liu Offers Effective Lap Band Surgery in LA and Orange County

LogoObesity is a health epidemic spreading across the globe. Weight loss regimes and diets may work for some people. But for someone who fails to get results it's crucial to look out for weight loss surgeries. Lap Band surgery is an innovative technique that doesn't involve cutting, stapling or stomach re-routing. It is the least traumatic of all weight loss surgeries.

Non Profit Art Charity Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Restore Abandoned Benedictine Abbey

“Save an Abbey,” a non profit art charity in northern Italy, is pleased to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to begin the restoration process for one of the oldest and most beloved Benedictine abbeys in the region.

2 Brand New Floral Print Trainers for Women Are Featured at

Many women like to work out nowadays, which means that they have to invest in some good quality workout clothes and trainers. However rather that opting for a pair of comfortable trainers, a lot of women like to try to find a pair that are both comfortable and fashionable.

All in the Present Qualifies for the AZ Super Bowl Business Connect Program

All In The Present, a corporate gifts, gift baskets, and promotional products company in Phoenix, Arizona, has qualified for the Arizona Super Bowl XLIX Business Connect Program. The AZ Business Connect Program was designed to increase the opportunities for local small businesses in Arizona by creating a list of approved vendors for the Super Bowl and its affiliates.

Lafayette Physical Therapy Center, St. Anthony Rehab, Gets National Recognition and 5 Star Rating

St. Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center shares accolades with its physical therapy Lafayette IN patients as it announces a five-star rating with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

AAA Park IT Outdoors Offering a Comprehensive Range of Best Quality Park Benches at the Most Reasonable Prices

Based in Indianapolis, USA, AAA Park It Outdoors has emerged as the undisputed leader in manufacturing and supplying superior outdoor furniture at the most affordable rates. The leading park furniture dealer possess a variety of quality products in its inventory, which primarily include park benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, shade canopies, pet products, outdoor ashtrays, park grills, planters, bulletin boards, chairs, fire rings, bench swings, bike racks, and bleachers just to name a few. AAA Park It Outdoors now offers a wide assortment of best quality park benches.

Sedation Dental Surgery Center Is Celebrating a 1 Year Anniversary

LogoSedation dental surgery center is celebrating a 1 year anniversary. Sedation dental surgery center opened June of 2013, and was the first outpatient surgery center for dental patients in Las Vegas. “After opening our doors last year, we have been able to help hundreds of special needs patients and young children receive dental care”, says medical director Dr. Steven Delisle. Sedation dental surgery center specializes in providing quality dental care to patients that can’t sit for a normal dental visit.

Huge Growth in Real Estate and Housing Market for Carrollton, Texas

The city of Carrollton, Texas has seen a huge growth in the real estate and housing market in past six months, confirmed by the latest market reports of the area. In 2008 the city was rated as the best place to live by CNN Money Magazine. Carrollton encompasses numerous business centers and foreign trade zone designations. It also has all the essential amenities such as parks and recreations, healthcare centers, housing, transportation, educational institutions, cultural arts and entertainment. Offers Online Appointment Software for Professionals at Great Prices is a highly renowned company offering cost effective software that is ideally suited for professionals who provide time-based services. The San Jose based company behind this revolutionary online appointment software is offering a complete solution for all professionals and businesses looking to increase their customer base to sign up for its software at great prices. The single platform software allows providers of time based services, such as salon managers, massage therapists, Pilates, Yoga and music teachers and owners of hair and nail salons, to provide better services to their clients and increase their clientele.

One Biz Is an Innovative Cloud Service for Fully Automated Content, Traffic and Link Building on the Internet

OneBiz, the fully automated content, traffic and link building tool for marketing success has launched. The internet has become an important place for people selling products and marketing businesses, however, to be a success online it takes time, posting social news on various sites, uploading audio files to gain attention and distributing press releases to increase brand awareness and increase quality links. Thanks to OneBiz, online marketing has become simplified, allowing anyone no matter what marketing knowledge they have to launch a successful online marketing campaign.

Avoiding the Automation Landmines Possible According to NoRiskAutomation

As a sales manager for several automated guided vehicle (AGV) companies there was an intention: sell AGVs. Performance was measured by number of vehicles sold per month, per quarter, per year, year over year, and at a measured profitability. It took courage to say to the customer and to C-level AGV management, “Sorry this isn’t the right product for you.”

The Land Connection Announces Intensive Training Program for Farmers

The Land Connection is pleased to announce a new series of farmer training intensives that will delve deep into agricultural topics that are critical to entrepreneurial farmers. These intensives will typically span three days and be composed of farm tours, hands-on experience, and presentations from highly knowledgeable speakers. Meals and welcome packets are also provided, and participants will earn certificates of completion.

True Crime Book Announcement - Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders the Classic Edition

There were two "Trials of the Century" in Depression Era America: The Lindbergh baby murder trial. And the infamous Winnie Ruth Judd murder trial in Phoenix in 1932.

Katie Looking Forward to Meeting Joe Exotic

LogoKatie, a young but, extremely brave girl who was diagnosed with lung disease at an early age of 3 has been battling the disease against all odds. The little girl and her family have been combatting the disease not just through the emotional hurdles but, through financial hurdles as well. The ‘Give Forward’ Foundation found the story heart touching and lent its support in raising money for ‘Team Katie’ campaign. The popularity of the campaign soon picked up steam and is now being featured on Joe Exotic TV. Offers the Most Affordable New Orleans Party Rental Service

Party bus rental services are picking up demand rapidly. These services help plan big events mostly ones with crowds that needs to get from point A to point B and vice versa. The services are now popular in the city of New Orleans too but, given how demand for these services is going to hike further, people are frantically revisiting their budgets. Thankfully, companies like are still able to extend reliable service for affordable rates all year long.

New Mixtape "Swag of a FeMc" by Scandalous Released for Free on Her Site

There are a lot of different music artists that one can find and this is why it is hard to steal the top stage. The competition level is extremely intense and despite all odds,Scandalous, a Chicago based FeMc is making it big in the field.Her stunning signing ability along with the type of command that she has on stage and the power she exudes makes her one of the big names in Chicago. Recently, her new mixtape titled SWAG of a FeMc has been released and it is likely to create a big sensation.

Resume Guru Doug Fogel Hits 3 Amazon Top Seller Lists with New Book "Your Resume, Your Voice"

Resume Guru Doug Fogel announced yesterday that his new book “Your Resume, Your Voice – How to Write a Resume That Get You Hired” reached three different Amazon top ten best-selling book lists. The book reached #2 spot for Interviewing, #3 for Resumes and #4 for Job Hunting in Amazon Kindle store.

New Online Directory Gives Searchers One Place to Find Businesses and Related Information

Looking for a specific business in a community and can’t think of the name? Have no fear. is a new online directory to bring local companies and customers together with ease.

Joe Exotic Reveals PETA's Real Intentions

LogoJoe Exotic, a name that is synonymous with notions that indicate endless love and respect for animals of all shapes and sizes is the victim of bad press once again. The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park which broadcasts Joe Exotic TV programs on a daily basis has been the target for PETA’s baseless allegations that have made the park lose funds in a major way. The park, which runs on donations and support from the public has experienced a row of bad publicity events that have proved to be a big blow to the park’s reputation.

Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. Assisting Employees in California in Harassment Cases

Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C., a leading law firm in California represents employees who have been harassed by their supervisors or co-workers. Employees can also file a civil suit for violations of Title VII or the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The experienced attorneys at the firm help employees who feel that they are working in a hostile work environment determine whether their workplace environment is liable for a civil suit or not.

International Photographer Returns to the US Next Month

LogoAfter traveling throughout Europe and photographing weddings and lifestyle portraits of people from all over the world, it is time to return home the US. The adventure will continue and more global weddings and photoshoots are already scheduled. My clients throughout the United States, of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation, have asked me to photograph their special life moments over the next two years. More than half the weekends in the next twelve months are booked, but am so excited to bring the portfolio of my European photography to new clients at home. While I apprenticed photography during my senior year at Iowa State University, it never occurred to me that this passion would become my life’s work. It is a thrill and an honor to have captured so much appreciation and recognition for my work as an international photographer.

President Obama Needs to Take Action Against Obesity Says 1800Cinchers

In America obesity has become a serious problem. With over 60 percent of the adult population being overweight and 37 percent of adults being classed as obese, action needs to be taken now and President Obama should be the man for the job says 18000Cinchers.

Healthcare Answering Services Resolve the Patients' Needs

Health-related answering services really are a favorable point in the medication realm also its purpose is to give attention to the patients which they want while physicians and practitioners are busy. Medical professionals have a commitment of providing top quality support to sufferers in various ways. People are expecting a clear response from the medical answering services and these services must be confident of the services they provide to the sufferers and the people.

Online Shopping Is a New Buzz in the Trendy World

A woman's elegance and charisma are further improved by a sari and thus the attractiveness of the sari is enriched by the design of the blouse. It truly is one of the necessary parts of the sari which is made to wear under the sari. It can be a designer one or traditional. In the earlier days, the blouses were generally very simple. Now, the trend for the designer one is attaining popularity quickly. When the sari is adorned with hefty embroidery it generally looks great with a simple blouse and vice versa. Offers 24-7 Customer Support

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