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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) Awards ACT I $21M Contract to Provide Cyber Acquisition Support Services

LogoAdvanced Concepts and Technologies International, L.L.C. (ACT I), an industry-leading provider of Total Acquisition Management solutions, was awarded a $21M Task Order under its GSA OASIS Small Business Pool 1 contract to provide Cyber Acquisition Support Services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C), over the next four years.

LavHa Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary Marked by Substantial Growth

LogoStarting a business requires considerable planning, heart, and a little bit of luck. From online retail stores to brick & mortar businesses to service oriented companies with a focused purpose – America is a country known for entrepreneurs looking to carve out their place in the marketplace. A new company faces numerous challenges, and often takes some time to grow into its own. One of California's recently passed the 3-year mark, none other than LavHa in Laguna Niguel.

Marston Orthodontics Offers Progressive Orthodontic Solutions in Rancho Bernardo

LogoMisalignment of teeth and jaws can hurt the smiles of many and straightening them is the wise move to overcome potential health hazards. A recommended way to correct the dental problem is by visiting a professional orthodontist with years of expertise in the fields of progressive dental solutions. A professional orthodontist diagnoses the dental problems quickly and provides the clients with the necessary corrective measures.

The Spirit of Hope: Author's Biography of Father Sees Treachery, Faith & Fate Collide. It's One Compelling Insight Into WWII Germany & Its People

Those meeting Charles Herchert will see a proud patriot boasting the perfect all-American family. However, Herchert’s family history tells a powerful story of adversity, determination and eventual triumph over the grip of Nazi Germany.

ATD-AMERICAN Now Offering Conference Room Furniture for Summer 2014

LogoATD-AMERICAN is now offering the best in conference room chairs and tables for summer 2014. Now get a Mobile Arm Chair with Fabric Upholstery at $272 each for 1 to 2 chairs and $252 each for 3 or more. The padded armrests flip up for easy storage when they’re not needed, and flip back down for unstoppable comfort. The chair’s durable olefin fabric is so comfortable employees will have a hard time staying awake during meetings. Not really. They should have no more difficult a time staying awake than usual. But the office furniture at ATD-AMERICAN is very comfortable to use during long meetings. The chair has pneumatic seat height adjustment and tilt lock/tension controls, and shipping is free.

Mobile Defense System Now Providing the Best Safety Application This Summer

LogoFeeling safe is no longer an issue because Mobile Device System is now offering the best safety app on the market today. With Mobile Defense System’s personal security application for android and IPhone devices, people don’t need to fear while being out in the public. This company has created an application that ensures the safety of others.

Five Star Painting Inc. Offering Apartment Complex Painting Services This Summer

LogoAs apartment complexes are becoming more and more prevalent in Middlesex County and throughout New Jersey, it is crucial to ensure the exterior and interior alike are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To stand out from competing complexes, the right paint job can attract additional tenants. This summer, Five Star Painting Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering apartment complex painting services in New Jersey.

Bovio Heating Plumbing Cooling Now Offering Commercial Air Conditioning Services for Summer 2014

LogoBovio Heating Plumbing Cooling is now offering commercial air conditioning services for summer 2014. Businesses looking for an air conditioning company in Haddonfield and throughout South Jersey call Bovio for customized design and installation, planned maintenance and service, replacement and retrofit, new construction and building expansions, and conversions for higher energy efficiency. The company will provide full air conditioning services for any industry including financial and banking institutions, retail, manufacturing, and offices. Bovio will install heating systems as well so businesses will be ready when winter comes.

Rutherford Publishing House Publishes Personal Injury Book - "A Cup of Coffee with 10 of the Top Personal Injury Attorneys in the United States"

North Carolina-based publishing company Rutherford Publishing House just released a book compiled by ten of the top personal injury attorneys in the United States that provides powerful insights into the challenges you will face in resolving a personal injury claim. Help Chicago Homeowners Save Money with Brick Pavers Driveways

Brick Pavers are an excellent choice when considering updating a driveway to give the home a modern look. Not only do brick pavers look good and can come in all colors and styles to match the home or property, they also reduce cost thanks to their longevity. National Brick Paver & Stone Company Inc., who specializes in the design and installation of custom brick pavers, explained homeowners who want a great looking driveway and to save money, brick pavers are the answer.

Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Offers Clients the Best Legal Representation in Defense of Allegations of Driving Without Car Insurance and DUI in New Jersey

With their impressive experience and impressive record, the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto offers clients the best legal representation in defending a charge of driving without car insurance in New Jersey. Driving under the influence (DUI), or Driving while Intoxicated (DWI), is a Motor Vehicle violation in the State of New Jersey. It is defined as N.J.S. 39: 4-50 and is also known as “drunk driving.” Mr. Baffuto is known for his formidable defense of such cases.

WebsiteAlive Encourages E-Commerce Site Owners to Offer Live Chat

According to WebsiteAlive, developer of the leading communications software AliveChat, no e-commerce site should exist without live chat support. This may seem like a bold statement to make, but when businesses want to make their customers happy and encourage them to buy new products, communication is important. There should be multiple ways for customers to reach businesses, including phone, email, and of course live chat. An easy-to-use chat box should be waiting for customers so they can have all their questions answered immediately.

A Step Above House Cleaning Now Making Montgomery County Homes Spotless

LogoThe summer season can be relaxing and hectic all at the same time. With the kid’s home from school all day, many homeowners find themselves with a cluttered house by August. This can be dirt trails, stains, snacks left in the couch and carpet, and a slew of other scenarios. Balancing work and home life can be difficult in the summer, so in order to provide a spotless living environment, A Step Above House Cleaning is announcing their services for cleaning homes in Montgomery County this August.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Now Offering Free Design Services This August

LogoDirect Depot Kitchen Wholesalers provides virtual and in-person design services this August. When it comes to designing a brand new kitchen, there are so many decisions to make. However, with Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers, their professional consultants will navigate homeowners through the whole process.

Adirondack Direct Now Offering Church Furniture for Summer 2014

LogoAdirondack Direct is now offering church furniture for summer 2014. Now get the Colonial Style Closed Communion Table measuring 60” W x 24” D x 32” H for as low as $2,169 each. This closed communion table provides hand crafted workmanship for an elegant table that will last for years. It is made from high quality veneers and hardwoods and features a solid oak top with the inscription “This Do In Remembrance of Me.” The item ships already assembled and comes with a white base and top color choice of dark teak, new medium cherry, golden walnut, new golden oak, rich harvest oak, and dark cherry. This communion table is available for lease to own.

Turmeric Research Shows Potential for Multiple Health Benefits

Multiple studies indicate that turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory and beneficial for those who have joint pain. It is also believed to be an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that contribute to aging. The popularity of turmeric dietary supplements has led researchers to examine other potentialities for the natural remedy and the results have been surprising. President, Dwilene Lindsey, Introduced a New "Building Futures ~ Restoring Minds" Curriculum to Help Children Who Have Endured Emotional Abuse

LogoChildren4Tomorrow’s purpose is for all children to grow up and thrive as mentally and emotionally healthy adults. C4T develops a community awareness of emotional abuse. We center on helping children who have endured mental and emotional abuse, providing them with counseling and adequate advocacy on their behalf. C4T strives to achieve these fundamental purposes through providing financial support to families with children in need.

Medical Answering Service Can Aid Medical Professionals in Improving Efficiency

HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 that ensures protection at the federal level of an individual's health information that is held by any organization or any individual. It also provides rights to patients regarding the information that is held. Although HIPAA takes patient rights into deep consideration, the HIPAA privacy rule is balanced to allow medical professionals to disclose patient information to the appropriate parties in the interest of individual's medical needs. Entities covered in the HIPAA privacy act include hipaa compliant answering service that adhere to the privacy and security sections of the act. Teaches How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

A new website has been launched that is dedicated to helping people learn and understand how to make money online through affiliate marketing. has quickly become a popular resource to visit for all the latest information, advice and articles on making money through the Internet. Board Chair, Charles Gipson, Announced a New "Restoring Minds ~ Building Futures" Program to Help Children Who Have Endured Emotional Abuse

LogoChildren4Tomorrow’s purpose is for all children to grow up and thrive as mentally and emotionally healthy adults. C4T develops a community awareness of emotional abuse. We center on helping children who have endured mental and emotional abuse, providing them with counseling and adequate advocacy on their behalf. C4T strives to achieve these fundamental purposes through providing financial support to families with children in need.

Dr. Ernest Wong Promises Damaged Teeth Restoration in a Day

LogoThe San Diego residents struggling with damaged teeth seem to have a credible aide, top San Diego dentist Dr. Ernest Wong has promised cutting edge dental restoration within a day.

Local Austin Bathtub and Shower Refinishing Company Offering Home Renovators Affordable Alternatives to Replacing Tubs and Showers

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to traditional rip and replace methods for your home renovation project in Austin then look no further. With the total cost for replacing a bathtub ranging from $2000-$3000, Texas Resurfacing Countertop and Tub’s tub and shower refinishing services in many cases save their customers nearly 10 times that amount! Their time tested process turns otherwise dull, chipped, cracked or rusted surfaces into like new again.

"My Family's Tree" Slated for Production

Family dynamics can be rich, especially for families who spend a lot of time together, like the Leano (Lee-Anno) clan. With their own eccentricities, this Italian family overturns some rocks while in close quarters and find some interesting revelations about who they are. The film, “My Family's Tree,” will showcase how they handle the revelations. Comedic with authentic elements that are the hallmark of many families, this is a relatable storyline waiting to go into production.

CHOETECH 50W 10Amps 6-Port USB Rapid Charger for iPhone, Android Phone and Tablets Becomes a Leading International Travel Charger

CHOETECH has become a leader in developing state of the art charges with their wireless chargers to travel charges. Now with the CHOETECH 50W 10Amps 6-Port USB Rapid Charger for iPhone, Android Phones And Tablets, it is no wonder they receive so have received rave reviews from gadget experts.

PRC Book Printing Service Now Offering Cook Book Printing for Summer 2014

LogoPRC Book Printing Service is now offering cook book printing for summer 2014. Cook book printing differs greatly from ordinary book printing. The cook book obviously offers the user a more interactive experience than other types of books, and PRC believes a cook book’s printing techniques should reflect this. The chef or author has already put in the work to create the recipes. By the time the project gets to the printer, it is their job to make the recipes pop off the page, convincing the reader to take the time to make them. Introduces Designer Financial Reward Program for Uploading Designs for Custom Fabric Printing

One can upload their design on the website to get it printed on a chosen fabric. While one will get personalized and custom fabric printing from the website, he/she also stands the chance of receiving financial rewards, if someone else chooses the design for his/her fabric printing. The owner of the design will receive a reward of 10% of the order placed by a customer.

Champion Oil to Participate in 2014 SEMA China Business Development Tour

LogoThe SEMA China Business Development Tour allows participants to gain insight into the growing specialty market for the 1.4 billion Chinese consumers. Through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers in both Shanghai and Beijing, participants will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which applications. Champion will also be displaying at two large International Trade Shows featuring chemicals, lubricants, additives and motor oils.