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Bicycle Accident Attorneys Rahman Law PC Cancellation at Biketoberfest Marin

LogoRahman Law PC announces the cancellation of their exhibit at Biketoberfest Marin on October 14, 2017 held in Fairfax, California. The Air Quality Index (AQI) reached an unhealthy 165 at 10:00 the morning of the event and was therefore cancelled by event coordinators Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes for health concerns. Biketoberfest Marin is a handmade bike show and brewfest event hosted by and benefiting the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes inclusive of all varieties of cycling enthusiasts drawing over 5,000 attendees. This would have been Rahman Law PC's eighth year supporting the event.

Dental Implants Market Report Forecasts High Growth by 2022 - Scalar Market Research

LogoA tooth root or an artificial tooth referred as dental implant which is embedded surgically into the lower and upper jawbone. It is an option for those people who have someone how lost their tooth in periodontal diseases or injuries. Same as natural teeth, dental implants are quite durable, stable and strong available in various sizes and shapes. Dental implants are mainly used based on specific needs of patients. This component of surgery helps in reducing the load on the left oral structure and gives support and retention to crowns, bridges and overdentures.

AGV Vendor Selection Must Be Right According to John Hayes

The most common landmine for companies considering AGVs (automated guided vehicles) is understanding if automation is the right choice. When an automation vendor is called to look at a specific problem it becomes a nail, because the vendor has a hammer. Too often companies incorrectly invest time and money going down a rabbit hole only to discover they cannot afford an AGV solution. Sometimes the problem may be easily resolved as a simple operational issue. A great application to a vendor means a sale; it may or may not be a great application.

3PL Optimism Due to Increasing Profits

LogoOptimism in the form of increasing profits was a key takeaway in the Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) CEOs, released in late September at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Conference. Fifteen of the 27 global CEO's noted that their respective companies exceeded 2013 revenue projections. Some of the companies that participated included: Agility Logistics, Cardinal Logistics, DB Schenker, DHL Excel Supply Chain, DSC Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel Logistics, Menlo Logistics, MIQ Logistics, Neovia Logistics, Penske Logistics, Rhenus Contract Logistics, Transplace, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, UTi Integrated Logistics, and Werner Logistics.

Sparkling Offices Seem Affordable in Victoria with Bright Office Cleaning

LogoLeading Victoria office cleaning company Bright Office Cleaning has assured the most sparkling offices. The company has promised an affordable approach with the guarantee of best rates around.

Spot-Not Is Launching a Kickstarter Campaign for Wine Enthusiasts and Party Hosts

Julia Weber, a mom-entrepreneur from Canada, is raising funds to bring to the market Spot-Not, a wine accessory line that dries and polishes the insides of glassware and wine decanters.

200% Illegal in the USA: Bold Novel Re-Ignites Immigration Debate & Provides Perspective-Changing Insight, as Immigrant Steals $300K

At one time, everyone in the world dreamed of making it to the United States to claim their own piece of the American Dream and live a prosperous life with gusto. But as U.S. society collapses in on itself and other nations undergo radical development, the stars and stripes no longer provide the opportunities they once did. Is Adding New Isolate Products to Their Inventory

The company is adding new isolates to their inventory that include Mesembrine and Yohimbine, compounds found inside botanicals endemic to Africa. Isolates extracted from plant materials are currently in high demand as the general consumer market experiences a shift to products found organically in nature. Isolate Standards is poised to capitalize on this growth by being one of the few eminent suppliers in the industry maintaining a small, but specialized product catalogue. Now, customers will be able to order USP grade Mesembrine & Yohimbine HCL compounds and get samples dispatched to them within 24 to 48 hours. Both, Mesembrine and Yohimbine are becoming more commonly used as ingredients in dietary supplements and weight loss pills.

A Pen That Can Be Used as a Notepad

A revolutionary new pen design by has turned a pen into a notepad, allowing buyers to use it as a notecard and record quick notes. It is a pocket sized pen that has been designed and produced to help improve grades and academic skillsets. The pen contains a hidden roll of blank paper that notes can be written on and is only known to the user, who may refer to the notes overtly or privately. With a simple flip of a finger notes are accessible by way of a roll-out mechanism. Users can pull it out, store a note, equation, or even a speech; it will help when it is most needed. It can be conveniently used to write a note for later reference that can be kept as long as the pen lasts. It is the most convenient piece of “scratch” paper you will ever find.

Business Travel Management Agency: Saving Your Money and Offering Reasonable Business Trips

LogoA business travel management agency helps people in the corporate sector to find flights and other travel resources quickly for comfortable travel. Travel management companies provide reasonable voyages for every class. In other words, these companies offer regular trips to targeted locations for their clients.

Travel Agencies Must Embrace Mobile Technology

LogoAccording to the new Travel Flash Report by the New York Advertising firm Criteo, in the first half of 2014, 40% of Americans booked some form of travel – flight, car rental, hotel – on a mobile platform. Mobile bookings have increased by an upwards of 20% in just the first six months of 2014. This is much greater than desktop bookings, which only had an increase in bookings by 2%. This reveals that mobile is quickly becoming a person’s favorite way of booking their next trip and flight.

Vip2order Announces Designer Women's Bags from Popular Brands at Discount Prices

Handbags often complement the women dressings and this is the reason why fashionable ladies of the world look for designer handbags to enhance their fashion quotients. Louis Vuitton, Hermes Kelly and Dior, etc are some of the leading handbag brands that are known for offering their stylish and premium-class products for women. However, the handbags from these popular brands often come with a premium price tag. Now, Vip2order is offering a new collection of women handbags from the famous brands at discount prices. Women can choose from a wide collection of designer handbags of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Dior and other brands at cheap prices.

Reputed Virginian Law Firm Offers Its Legal Services at Both State and Federal Courts

Every accused person, regardless of the crime, has the right to defend themselves in the court of law. For this reason, has published the various criminal laws in Virginia, its definitions and classifications and punishments, in case convicted of the crime. People who have been accused and arrested for committing crimes like murder, rape, abduction, manslaughter and other such crimes, need the services of a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the proceedings under the court of law. A federal criminal defense lawyer is of help to those people who have been caused much distress due to the accusations of crimes levied against them. The duties of a criminal defense lawyer include listening to the account of the accused and offering them an honest evaluation of the pros and cons of the case. Offers Variety of Dresses for Women

Dresses are said to reflect the socio-economic status of a person. Different kinds of occasions call for wearing a different type of dress. has a huge collection of wedding and special occasion discount bridesmaid dresses. Many of these colourful outfits are available at a price below $100. There are different sizes and colours to suit women of short and long heights. Knee length short sleeve, short strapless, floor length, V-neck, one shoulder, A-line and short sleeve floor length are some of the styles. Colours include white, green, black, burgundy, blue, yellow purple red, silver etc.

Plastic PDX, a Safer and Better Choice for Cosmetic Surgeries in Portland

A crooked nose, or flawed blemish on the skin can now be fixed using the magic of cosmetic surgery. A  wondrous field of medicine, and a lucrative business has attracted many a competent doctors into this field. However, the question on everyone’s mind is if Cosmetic surgeries are worth it, and whom to contact in case you need one. Brings 8 Simple Yet Ingenious Model Makeup Hacks is an infotainment website specially designed for women; the website features informative articles on everything women would like to know about. From the matters of the heart and love advice to trendy hairstyles and grooming tips the website covers it all. Recently released an article that will help all women unlock the secret of a flawless makeup look that can be seen on glamour models in magazines and the hottest runway models through simple yet practical model makeup Hacks and tips.

Discover the Secrets to a Healthy Living for Elders & Seniors

A healthy living is a practice for the overall well being. It includes physical, mental, emotional and social aspects that help a person live happy, feel better, and look better.

Stone Masters Inc. Announces Hiring of Two New Employees to Their Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry Department

LogoAs homeowners begin the process of remodeling their kitchen, it is important to consult with professionals. They will offer their expert opinion on the best materials to choose for a particular budget, as well as how to design a new kitchen or bathroom. As a leading stone fabricator operating out of a state-of-the-art kitchen and bath showroom in West Chester, PA, Stone Masters Inc. is pleased to announce they have expanded their cabinetry department with the hiring of two new team members.

Aiwohi Celebrates 15 Successful Years in Hawaii Trucking Industry

LogoLeading Honolulu trucking company Aiwohi is celebrating its 15th successful anniversary this year. The company assured top notch trucking experience at cost-effective rates.

New Orleans Web Design & SEO Firm Acquires Client Joule Energy

Brian Hong and the team at Infintech Designs have built a reputation on delivering quality SEO and digital marketing services to companies throughout the USA.  Joule Energy, one of Louisiana's leading solar panel sales and installation companies for residential and commercial customers, has trusted their digital marketing, SEM, SEO and web consulting tasks to Infintech Designs.

Local NYC Hot Sauce Makes Big Screen Debut in 'Spicy' Scene in "Top Five" Starring Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson

NYC based Hot Sauce Company will be featured in Paramount’s, “Top Five” which was written and directed by Chris Rock who also plays the lead role as a Comedian Actor, Andre Allen, hoping to find success as a ‘Serious Actor’. Other big names sharing the screen include Rosario Dawson, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Genevieve Hart, Tracy Morgan and Cedric the Entertainer. Announced Their Newest Innovation in the Field of Video Content Marketing

LogoIncorporating a video content in marketing campaigns have created positive results for most products and services. More and more companies use video content in advertising campaigns to ensure they get proper attention from their audiences to promote and capture the hearts of billions of viewers and prospective clients worldwide. The strategy of creating videos for online posting to create greater traffic and visitors for a website is now considered a prerequisite for brands to be known on search engine websites. Announces a New Facebook Contest Running in the Month of December

Huuman proudly announces the launch of a new Facebook Giveaway Contest. During this contest, participants vie for the opportunity to win a maxx external battery charger, with the contest running from November 14, 2014 to November 30, 2014. Individuals wishing to participate must be a resident of the United States and must follow all rules and guidelines.

Diane Dorin Rallys Santa Monica to Help Reclaim Their Airport

LogoAt a local restaurant in Santa Monica, top real estate agent Diane Dorin held a small press conference for local citizens, happy voters and the press. Diane addressed the group as she held up a glass of Champagne and said, “We Won, at the Nov 4th election voting booths we made ourselves heard. After fighting with the aviation groups over the last year, we finally took back control of Santa Monica Airport”. That is what happened, Measure D went down with a loud crash and Measure LC” passed with flying colors. Diane has been in real estate in Santa Monica for 15 years and knows the history of the Airport and what it means to local residents. The aviation groups wanted to grow the size and noise that comes with more private jets and commerce. Now the city council will operate the 227 acer airport and keep the 6 million dollars plus it raises every year. Diane said, “Now the income from the airport will hopefully go to a beautification project specifically for the airport (she then showed off a poster displaying some of the beautification blue prints offered by the students of the local college). And said with a positive voice, after 30 years it is about time we were able to run our own airport”. This has been a real fight and Diane was involved in it up to her waist. She door-knocked over 100 homes asking people to vote yes on measure LC and why they should do it. Big business wanted to grow the airport like they had been doing for the last 30 years while taking the profits off the top. by Vitarank Releases in the Market the Best in Video Creation Software for Today's Digital Marketing

LogoThese days when computer and internet are everywhere, it is best to invest in the best digital content and digital marketing strategies in all its forms whether that would be through email, mobile applications, or social networks. What captures most stakeholders and clients these days are content which our being visualized through moving pictures like the videos posted on sites like YouTube.

S&N Debt Settlement Research Shows Consumers Choose Debt Negotiation over Alternatives

LogoS&N Debt Settlement (S&N), after reviewing the 2014 Federal Reserve Statistics, acknowledges a growing burden of excessive credit card debt. The latest statistics indicate that Americans have charged nearly $855 billion* to credit cards and that amount seems to be rising.

Leading VoIP Phone Provider Launches Special Sale for Start-Up Businesses

LogoLaunching a Start-up can be stressful on your finances, and that is exactly why premier phone systems provider is proud to announce its special offering. This exclusive sale is geared toward start-up companies looking for high quality communications systems at reasonable prices., a leading online telecommunications expert, is a supplier of quality brands like Allworx, Xblue, Avaya and many more.