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Madison Electric Helps Two New Restaurants Install State-of-the-Art Electrical & Lighting

LogoOpening a brand new restaurant is a fun, exhilarating whirlwind of an adventure that involves a lot of time, forethought, and energy spent. A substantial amount of planning and logistics go into each restaurant debut, not the least of which is the electrical installations that are required. The right mood lighting can make all the difference, while owners must also be cognizant of the layout for other elements such as TVs, appliances, and other electricity-dependent items. One team of electrician contractors has made a name for themselves by providing top notch electrician services to business owners and individuals alike. Madison Electric is a respected name in the electricity industry, and one that has been trusted with many projects over the years. Most recently they enabled two new restaurants with their electricity needs: Spartina in West Hollywood and Hinterland in Santa Monica. The two establishments, who specialize in Italian and American faire respectively, both opened in 2015, and have been delighting the taste buds of diners ever since.

Founder and CEO of Digital Agency, Lance Bachmann, to Speak at the BuildingsNY Event in New York City This May Digital Agency, a company that offers pay per click, social media and search engine optimization in the Bucks County, PA area, and beyond, is pleased to announce that their CEO and founder, Lance Bachmann, will be speaking at the BuildingsNY event on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. This year's event will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, from May 24-26, 2016, and those who are interested in registering can click here.

Refurbished Servers Expert xByte Technologies Encourages Computer Users to Buy Refurbished Machines

xByte Technologies, one of the leading IT equipment resellers in the industry, recently shared four important reasons why consumers should buy refurbished servers. According to the list, refurbished servers can provide an abundance of features for a low cost, especially because they are repurposed items.

Ultriva Cloud-Based Collaborative Supply Chain Includes Collaborative Planning Module

LogoUltriva, the leader in collaborative supply chain solutions, is quickly becoming the enterprise-wide solution for many multi-national corporations. The Ultriva cloud-based software further accelerates productivity and performance for global manufacturing firms. The unique value proposition of Ultriva includes an Inventory Optimization Tool to improve operational and financial performance of supply chains and a Collaborative Planning module that combines historical consumption and replenishment data with forward-looking demand data to calculate future inventory positions.

Fitlife Now Taking Applicants for 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

LogoFitlife is now taking applicants for their 21 day weight loss challenge. The program is designed to give gym goers a boost by losing up to 10 pounds in just 3 weeks. The weight loss is all achieved through completely natural means. This signature regimen is what makes Fitlife the leading destination for weight loss in Bucks County.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Launches Petition to Protect Treasure Island Beaches

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel has launched a petition to protect the beaches of Treasure Island. Arthur Czyszczon has owned and run the hotel with his family since 1990, and since then, the quality of the beaches has declined. Their goal is to change city policies that allow vehicles to drive and park on the beach and large scale events and temporary structures. Treasure Island is renowned for its world-class beaches, and The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel hopes to keep it that way with their petition. The petition is available online at

Thyroid Supplement Available from Online Health and Nutrition Company, LES Labs

Thyroid supplement experts at LES Labs, a national online retailer of health and nutrition products, announced recently that it has released a new product that is designed to support thyroid function and promote healthy metabolism and weight. The new thyroid support product contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids involved in thyroid hormone synthesis.

The Portable Chef Now Offering Classical Music with Dining Experience

The Portable Chef, Atlanta’s gifted chef who’s been preparing custom meals to the city’s residents since 2007, has a new addition to the menu: classical music. As Atlantans’ wait for their meals, they will now be treated to quality classical music, an experience that further makes the meal memorable. Re-Launches Site with Real-Time Vacation Rental Inventory for Travelers, a global directory of vacation rentals, hotels, bed and breakfasts, today announced the availability of a new site to make it easier for travelers to search, find and book vacation rental inventory worldwide.

NetSuite Magazine (March 2014) - Reinventing Retail for Relationship, Relevance, and Reciprocity

LogoRetail is in the midst of a transformation unlike any seen since the 1970s when chain retail first got serious about leveraging technology to electronically tabulate sales, automate sales analysis, and for reporting and planning. The former shift was driven both by consumer needs (suburban sprawl) and the new availability of technologies that addressed the challenges that hampered retail growth. Today’s retail shift is driven primarily by three overriding factors — changing consumer behavior, consumer technologies, and globalization. One could argue that these factors have forced retailers into a position where they simply must leverage the latest and greatest technologies just to stay in the game, much less keep and win new customers with attractive brands armed to satisfy the customer.

NetSuite Magazine (March 2014) - SuiteTraining News

LogoPre-Conference Training offers a unique opportunity to develop your NetSuite skills and knowledge. For two days in advance of the conference, you work with NetSuite experts and other users in comprehensive, hands-on classes designed to help you maximize your use of NetSuite. Choose from 11 different courses; five courses are new, especially for SuiteWorld 2014. Click on the link below to see the lineup:

NetSuite Magazine (March 2014) - Impact of Ecommerce & Mobile on the Warehouse

LogoCompanies trying to grow their top line and service their customers better are embracing the opportunities of ecommerce, marketplaces, and the “omnichannel.” According to Wikipedia, the definition of omnichannel retailing is:

Directory Listing with Ipage - The Better Chance to Grab Huge Online Traffic

Directory listing is an aspect used-to understand the quantity of traffic that the site is attaining within the internet. It displays the amount of hits that a website can acquire in a given period of time. This occurs by the amount of clicks that one’s website gets. This method entails submitting one’s website to online directories which help one to judge the potency of one’s websites to the online users. These are the few methods to analyze one’s website. By submitting to these reliable directories, the client will be lot more recognized by leading search-engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! The directory listing on iPage is suitably very inexpensive and is just at $29.95 to get an entire year of subscription. At that period of time, one’s website may have the benefit of being more obviously searched and looked particularly on those leading search-engines.

IpageHosting Review on Compatibility and Reliability with Joomla Web Hosting

IPage is a top budget website hosting company. To find out whether operating Joomla with the corporation is a great offer for Joomla users to get a hassle-free experience, they've taken out a detailed review of iPage website hosting compatibility with the uptime, software, speed, feature, costs and tech support.

Totally Swing Sets Launches New Website

The West Des Moines based e-commerce store, Totally Swing Sets, is excited to announce the launching of their new and improved web site. With a new design, the website has a more modern look with bigger graphics and a brighter colors. Not only is the new site faster and more responsive, it is also easier to navigate and allows the customer to find what they are looking for more easily.

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain? Why Even the Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain May Not Be a Complete Solution

Constant chronic lower back pain has been plaguing modern man for many, many generations and there is a very specific reason for this. All the benefits of modern technology that have seemingly made life easier are also enabling folks to be less and less physically active. Most of the activities people engage in while being “less active” involve some form of slouching. Whether slumping on a stool, at a computer, workstation or even on the phone, it seems that every modern advancement reinforces a bad posture.

Personalized Roommate Searching Services for a Perfect Roomie

Finding a roommate is not easy especially when people are very particular about having a roommate with similar habits and lifestyle choices. Sometimes they end up selecting the wrong roommate and realize it when it is too late. The days of spending any extra time, money and resources to find the perfect roommate are over. There is no need to spend another minute on the Internet searching through different sites and classifieds, trying to find the perfect roomie. Now finding a roommate is as easy as calling, Rent Roomies. If you want a stress-free and a hassle-free roomie searching experience, Rent Roomies is the best in helping people on the move.

Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews Now Available at, the premier online resource dedicated to providing unbiased inflatable pontoon boat reviews, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed to help consumers make informed decisions about their purchases.

Ipage Hosting - The Most Praised Hosting Firms by Clients from All over the World

IPage is among the least expensive website hosting plans that people can see today. It's a shared-hosting company aimed at start-ups or those trying to have their very own private web-space (aside from their Facebook site). IPage also gets outstanding iPage reviews and feedbacks from its clients and results high rankings from a thousands of clients. Its variety of features includes unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth as well as free domain-name registration. Some of iPage hosted websites are listed at the iPage directory listing.

Fatigue and Sedentary Behavior Effects of a Junk Food Diet Seen in Mouse Study

A diet that contains high quantities of junk food makes a person more likely to feel fatigued and become sedentary, according to research scheduled for publication in the April 10 issue of the journal Physiology and Behavior.

Top Secrets out in Home Staging 101 DVD for Sellers and Realtors

Lise Desormeaux, pioneer in home staging and real estate, has launched Home Staging 101 DVD to help out sellers and realtors to earn maximum earnings of the deals. She is nationally recognized home stager who wants to help people keen in real estate business. This is the finest opportunity which no individual should miss. To know more in this regard visit

Acclaimed Independent Romance Author Melissa F. Hart

"The Complete Hearts Aflame Collection: 12-Book Bundle (4 Trilogies)" has been recently released by Canadian romance author Melissa F. Hart at a discounted price to an enthusiastic response.

Digital Currency Giant, NoFiatCoin, Launches Ripple Gateway

Plagued by volatility and security breaches, Bitcoin mania has subsided. Investors and speculators alike are seeking alternative digital currency options with transparent policies and guaranteed value. Pioneer of the open payment system, NoFiatCoin (XNF) disrupts the current cryptocurrency market with superior customer service, rock-bottom fees, and global access through its new Ripple gateway,

Digiarty to Launch $20 off Coupon for Winx DVD Ripper

Due to the fact there are many products to choose from in the market, individuals often end up getting quite confused in the process. When it comes to the important matter of purchasing a high end DVD ripper, individuals are highly recommended to waste no time and search for online reviews as they tend to explain a great deal about a product and what it has to offer in the long run.

Randi Glazer Has Created a New Website

Randi Glazer got her start as an entrepreneur at a very early age. When Randi was six years old she persuaded her best friends to paint rocks with her and go door to door selling them for .05 each. They didn’t make much money, but Randi gained good marketing and selling skills realizing the worst thing people could say was ‘no, thanks’.

Easy Meal Preparation with the Secura Halogen Countertop Oven

The Secura Halogen Convection Countertop Oven is one of the best infrared ovens on the market today. This counter top oven makes getting dinner ready for the family simple and easy. Even if you forgot to take something out of the freezer before you went to work there is no problem. Just pop the frozen meat in this halogen oven and dinner is ready in a jiffy.

Now Watch Videos Chosen Just for You

Humans do have a knack of choosing what is worst for them; rather, it is also true that humans have difficulty in being able to choose what is good for them! Solving this problem is exactly what Nish, Founder of Joday, has set out to do.