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Elevate Customs Explodes Onto Scene with One-of-a-Kind Gaming Tables

LogoUnique elements of a home or office are what visitors remember long after they've left the premises – the touchstone pieces that tie a room together and make a lasting impression. An attractive modern pool table, or sleek table embedded with the company logo; these sorts of things are distinctive and memorable for the right reasons. They are also the bread and butter of California-based Elevate Customs, a newcomer to the industry of game tables, office tables, and furniture. February of 2016 marked their beginning, and since then the company has hit the ground running and demonstrated a substantial amount of promise for the future.

City Tap House in University City Announces Storytelling Under the Stars Event

LogoCity Tap House in University City, an award-winning bar and restaurant located in Philly, is pleased to announce their Storytelling Under the Stars: Runner's Edition event. This event will take place on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, at 7:00 PM, and will feature a team of Philadelphia's finest storytellers who will share their trials on both the track and street with all who attend.

Competitive Technologies Signs Letter of Intent to Distribute Calmare with the Mediterranean for Integration and Technology

Competitive Technologies, Inc.,(CTI), today announced the signing of a binding letter of intent to distribute and sell the Calmare® Pain Therapy devices (Calmare) exclusively throughout the Middle East and North African territories with The Mediterranean for Integration and Technology (Mediterranean), to distribute and sell Calmare.

Dr. David Sahley of Dynamics Physical Therapy to Speak at Intermediate Spinal Seminar in Atlanta

LogoThe Intermediate Spinal Seminar was held May 16th through May 18th in Atlanta, Georgia and one of the speakers was Dr. David Sahley, an expert in physical therapy.

Dr. David Sahley Spoke at Stabilization Training and Functional Rehabilitation at NYC Seminar

LogoAt the beginning of May, Dr. David Sahley, a physician who works with physical therapy patients, had the honor of speaking about stabilization training and functional rehabilitation at a seminar in NYC. The seminar took place between May 2nd and May 4th, and was aimed to educate the participants.

Yigal Brosh Joins Bluesphere's Board of Directors

Bluesphere Corp, a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, announced today that Yigal Brosh has joined the Company as an Independent Director. Mr. Brosh is a highly regarded Israeli investment management professional who holds board seats at investment management firms and in the waste management industry.

My IDentity Doctor Discusses Safety Tips for People Vacationing with Celiac Disease

My IDentity Doctor, a leading provider of Medical ID Jewelry discusses safety tips that can be really helpful for people vacationing with Celiac Disease. They mention that it is important to conduct a beforehand research to know about hotels that offer gluten-free food. People can also make enquiry about celiac disease support group in the area to which they are traveling to. These groups can provide details of places to eat and shopping centers offering gluten-free edible products.

ProCom Announces Free Installations for Business Communication Services This Spring

LogoAs the cost of communication systems continues to increase, many business owners are looking for quality services without paying an arm and a leg. When thinking of upgrading a cable or internet package, companies want their system to be high speed, and most importantly, reliable. Always going the extra mile to satisfy their customers, ProCom is announcing their services for free installations on their fiber optic communication systems this spring. The professional technicians will install any service their customers need, from phones to cable to internet, or a package featuring all three.

Tampa-Based Evoke Strategy Offers Marketing Solutions to Local Businesses

LogoLocal business owners and communication experts Devon and Elizabeth Vocke recently opened a marketing communications firm, Evoke Strategy. The firm’s primary target is local businesses in need of strategic communications services including public relations, web design, social media management, local SEO strategy and more.

Blake Insurance Group LLC Offers Personalized Insurance Services

Blake Insurance Group LLC is one of the most reputed insurance companies Tucson. The company provides a wide range of insurance plans ranging from Home Owner’s to Auto Insurance, Life to Health and Commercial to Umbrella Insurance. The company is known for offering low cost insurance plans and designs them as per the customers’ needs and requirements. The agency also represents several companies and addresses all their insurance needs. Commercial insurance or business insurance is offered for businesses or a group of people. Health insurance plans are offered for individuals and groups so as to make health care the most affordable one.

North Carolina Soul-Rockers Holy Ghost Tent Revival Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Release Third Full-Length Album Right State of Mind

LogoHoly Ghost Tent Revival has been heralded since 2007 for delivering a fast-paced, horn-driven rock and roll experience - crashing, oohing, wailing, and perhaps even shredding. Thanks to tastefully gritty guitars, bombastic drums and plunky bass -- not to mention the sweet vocal harmonies and fanfaric brass of trumpet and trombone -- HGTR delivers catchy, danceable numbers that will leave you humming and grinning time and time again.

Short Sale Property Do's and Don'ts: What We Need to Know when Entering a Short Sale Deal

LogoHomeowners find they owe so much to the bank compared to the real amount they owe before they acquire the property. Short Sale is the homeowner’s chance to at least ease from the burden. Short Sale is not easy though. There are a lot of laws, rules and regulations one must know before entering into Short-Selling. Here are some helpful tips of things to do and not to do when entering into a Short Sale deal from a National Real Estate Expert and author of Next Generation Real Estate, Brendon DeSimone:

Guy Archbold Pushes the Green Energy Revolution Through DCIM Software at Rackwise Inc.

Guy Archbold became CEO of Rackwise Inc in September 2011. With 30 years in finance, investment and merchant banking, venture capital and portfolio management, it may have seemed an usually hands on choice. However, his final passion became his most all-consuming, in alternative green energy. In taking over the strategic future of the datacenters, he aimed to bring it in line with green energy initiatives. Founder of a NASDAQ green energy management company in 2001, he would bring this experience to bear on behalf of Rackwise, which is part of the Green Grid for providing efficient and sustainable technology solutions to business, federal institutions and more.

Weinstein Construction Announces FREE Foundation Inspection for Southern California Homeowners

With more than 35 years of experience in the foundation repair industry, Weinstein Construction confirmed that it has performed more than 65,000 foundation inspections. A recent survey showed that Weinstein Construction holds the top rank for being the largest and most trust-worthy foundation repair company around Southern California. It is known for having an extensive knowledge in its field and provides its clients with a quality service at an affordable price.

Scott Tucker and Never Be Bored Announce New Beginner Mechanics Course

In a recent article, lifestyle website and online magazine Never Be Bored announced a beginner mechanics course that will be offered by auto mechanic Scott Tucker. Editors of Never Be Bored say that the new article not only serves the site's main purpose of giving readers new ways to be entertained, but also helps keep the website relevant by introducing readers to ways to spend there time more usefully.

Estrogen Blocker Supplement Company VH Nutrition Has Moved Its Main Store to

VH Nutrition, a company that develops natural supplements, including a popular estrogen blocker and much more, has just announced that they have moved its main store to For example, customers who buy Eatmor Appetite Stimulant on Amazon will be able to take advantage of the site’s award-winning security and shipping features. Offers HDTV Antennas with a New Trend

Antennas work on simple science but, they have in a way revolutionized the average TV viewing experience. They are now a huge threat to cable connection suppliers. What makes antennas a game changer is the one time expenditure they come with. All it takes is one installation process and a onetime payment that can ensure uninterrupted TV viewing for years to come. That said not all antennas are equipped to deliver this. Antennas sold on are however, an exception to the rule.

Perry Livingston Invites Everyone to Join the Experience and Journey of "Bread Beaker" Through Crowdfunding via Kickstarter to Let the World Taste Delectable Breads

LogoAn innovative approach to any meal of the day. Bread Beaker Buns will transform an ordinary sandwich into a unique and flavorful experience!

Seegrid Executive Explores How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Forklift Safety

LogoMitchell Weiss, Seegrid Chief Operating Officer, explored forklift safety in the current issue of the company blog. Seegrid’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are built to meet international safety standards. Weiss highlights, “There are general standards for the assessment and reduction of risks due to machinery and in the workplace. There are also specific standards for different types of machinery. The general standards define a process for identifying hazards, assessing the potential for damage or injury, and finally how to mitigate the risks.”

Seegrid Flexible AGVs in Europe Featured in Logistics Business Magazine

LogoSeegrid, makers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), is featured in the current issue of Logistics Business Magazine. The article, entitled, “Guided Choice,” noted that there were a number of AGV companies exhibiting at this year’s LogiMAT, including Seegrid. The European-style US company has recently stepped into the European market with their innovative product, the P50 C. This has been available since February 2014 and was demonstrated at the exhibition, reported Helen Silvester.

Pcdata Distrib Augmented Reality Improves Product Picking Efficiency

LogoPcdata is experimenting with a new twist on its suite of warehouse order picking; picking using Augmented Reality (AR). The Distrib AR solution should reduce investments in IT infrastructure to an absolute minimum, while all benefits of implementing the Distrib paperless order picking solution, supported by visual indicators, are gained. The benefits of Distrib continue: labor reduction, increase in accuracy, and increased visibility and control. In theory this should make the solution very attractive to install in smaller operations or warehouses which demand greater flexibility (for example temporary locations or warehouses with a lot of fluctuating demand).

Business Excellence Features QC Software as Leading Warehouse Control System Solution

LogoQC Software is featured in the current issue of Business Excellence magazine. The manufacturing journalist and author, Thomas R. Cutler, explored how the lag time of cloud based warehouse management systems are driving more distribution centers to warehouse control systems (WCS). According to Jerry List, Vice President of QC Software, a Tier 1 warehouse control systems solutions provider, suggested, “Even the best WMS has a brief lag time in transmitting of instructions to a high-speed sortation system. There are simply too many warehouses with tens of thousands of decisions being made daily that require split-second timing.”

AGV Selection Requires Vendor Agnostic Objectivity Writes John Hayes in Business Excellence

No Risk Automation founder, John Hayes, authored a feature article in the current issue of Business Excellence. The article, entitled, “Agnostic Automation Vendor Selection: Objectivity Required,” discusses the four steps of no risk automation.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Construction in the US Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe US construction industry recorded a nominal CAGR of 0.61% during the review period. Over the forecast period, its output is expected to record a CAGR of 7.12%. This growth will be driven by the recovering economy and increased government spending on public infrastructure. The infrastructure and residential construction markets collectively accounted for 64.8% of the total construction industry in 2013, and this is expected to grow over the forecast period due to both increased investment in upgrading aging infrastructure, and strong demand in the housing sector. Moreover, factors such as government efforts to promote exports and innovation, and improve healthcare, as well as a decline in the mortgage delinquency rate will also support the industry’s growth.

MarketResearchReports.Com: India's Mining Fiscal Regime - H1 2014, New Report Launched

LogoThe mining industry in India is governed by Ministry of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) and Geological Survey of India (GSI). The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act 1957, (MMDR) as amended up to May 10, 2012 and the Mines Act 1952, together with the rules and regulations framed under them, constitute the basic laws governing the mining sector in India. The Union Cabinet approved the proposal to introduce the MMDR Bill 2011, which would eventually replace the 1957 Act once passed by parliament.

Iowa State Alumni Shea McGrath Returns from Spain as Respected Photographer

LogoAfter travelling throughout Europe and photographing weddings and portraits of people from all over the world, it is time to return home the United States. The adventure will continue and more global weddings and photoshoots are already scheduled. My clients throughout the United States, of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation, have asked me to photograph their special life moments over the next two years. More than half the weekends in the next twelve months are booked, but am so excited to bring the portfolio of my European photography to new clients at home. While I apprenticed photography during my senior year at Iowa State University, it never occurred to me that this passion would become my life’s work. It is a thrill and an honor to have captured so much appreciation and recognition for my work as an international photographer.

India NIPT - a US$ 400 Million Untapped Market Waiting to Be Explored

LogoAs per the new research report by RNCOS, “Emerging Indian NIPT Market”, a US$ 400 Million potential market for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) market in India is brimming with opportunities and waiting to be explored. In the report, various factors like the number of births by the age of mother, rural and urban split of such births; affordability factor for NIPT; and regulatory scenario have been prudently analysed to reflect a clear picture of the immense possibilities in the Indian NIPT market.