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ImageFIRST Proud to Partner with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

LogoImageFIRST, a leading national healthcare laundry services provider, is proud to announce that they have partnered with the Cancer Treatment Centers for America® (CTCA). CTCA is a destination cancer hospital that has five centers throughout the United States. They take pride in having everything that a cancer patient could need under one roof, such as a salon and rehab therapy. In all, the facility sets itself apart from others because they are very "patient-centered," and focus mainly on taking patients with cancer.

The County Hotel in Bath Shares the Latest European Travel Trends for 2015

LogoThe current European travel trends are what make the tourism industry in the countries in this region in its full bloom. It was noted that travel in Europe had escalated to 8% this summer compared to last year's. And although great difference can be observed, the interest of the people to travel in Europe does not seem to decline, as a matter of fact – continuously to rise based on the demographics and booking trends that were released recently.

New Amazon Kindle Release Promotion Available for Greg Frost's Program "Maximizing Brain Control"

Best-selling author and personal development coach Greg Frost announces the new book release of his latest publication, "Maximizing Brain Control," and the availability of a new Amazon Kindle release promotion offering a free bonus program called "Mind Verge." Anyone who purchases "Maximizing Brain Control" on Amazon between October 15 and 17 will receive a free copy of the bonus program "Mind Verge," a scientifically proven program to help reprogram the brain.

LLensa Now Brings a Wide Range of Cheap Nike Shoes at Discount Prices

LogoThe website has a huge collection of Nike shoes for both men and women. People can choose Cheap Nike Shoes from their wide collection and can showcase their unique style. All shoes are available at great prices and they assure of a fast delivery across the world.

Adzzup Announces 2 Essential Trends for Small Business Marketing in 2014

LogoAdzzup is helping local companies affordably capitalize on two vital trends in online advertising to remain competitive in the coming years. The move towards mobile friendly marketing and social media relevance are the core of what company executives cite as dynamic shifts in how consumers make buying decisions. Adzzup has responded accordingly with complimentary and economical upgrades to internet marketing packages to meet these shifts.

ViralSweep Releases Advanced Guide to Sweepstakes

ViralSweep, a SaaS application for building sweepstakes and giveaways, in partnership with Shopify, an industry leading commerce platform used to sell online and at retail locations, today announced the launch of The Advanced Guide To Sweepstakes.

Team Building Company Magnovo Training Group Welcomes Colette Johnston to Its Team

Magnovo Training Group, a professional development and team building company, recently announced the addition of a new member, Colette Johnston, to its team. Johnston, a corporate specialist who focuses on building soft skills related to effective leadership, presentation skills, and executive presence, will work closely with business leaders to define workplace needs, provide communication techniques, and influence change.

Blog Enlightens Readers on How to Avoid Scams when Buying Diamonds

Throughout 2013, diamond scams have been making the news. There are many diamond scams around and they originate from all around the world. One “popular” scam involves the sending out of e mails offering diamonds for sale, only for the buyer to find out later that diamonds they’ve paid for don’t exist.

"Painting from" Reproduces Classic Art Masterpieces

Painting From, a company specialist in art reproductions, reproduces classic art masterpieces from various eras through the efforts of its team of world-class painters. With this, the company invites art enthusiasts and lovers to try its services and own close replicas of timeless paintings made by the master painters of their generations. - A One-Stop Shop to Satisfy All Your Sports Equipment Needs

An all-in-one sports online portal, has taken the sports retailers online market by storm with its high quality sports gears for every sport that you can practically think of with the best deals available.

Exclusive Real Estate Opportunity - Free MLS Listing on Buying Houses

Real estate buying has become rather common in the present time and it is solely because of the fact that it holds great importance in today’s economy. There are many ways through which individuals can come across exceptional properties to invest in, however, most of the times; it requires a lot of commission or other issues that require too much struggling and efforts. Selling houses can be an arduous journey, especially when MLS listings are concerned since most agents and companies require a massive amount of massive beforehand. All those who wish to buy or sell their houses, condos and any other real estate property are recommended to try out flatfeecanada as the company is now exclusively offering free MLS listing to sell your home at the earliest convenience, without having to face any hindrance in the matter.

Choose for an Advance and Safe Online Shopping in Nigeria

Nowadays online shopping is growing as a trend amongst the young and old generation in Nigeria. If we talk about their trial of internet shopping; they evaluate internet marketing as a dynamic and smart way of buying exciting & fascinating products.

Mind over Matter: Finding the Right Fitness Mindset

Newton’s First Law of Motion states “An object in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force.” Using this logic, the key to establishing a fitness routine would be to simply get the ball rolling. But, the opposite of this law is often where people find themselves stuck: “An object at rest stays at rest until an outside force changes it.”

TRX Training: What It Is and How to Get Started

Popping up in fitness centers across the country are those yellow and black straps hanging suspended from the ceiling for from special wall mounts. While they draw curious glances, many gym goers aren’t sure what they are or what they can be used for. The straps are part of the TRX Suspension Training System, developed by Navy SEALS to take advantage of gravity and use a person’s body weight as resistance to challenge and develop muscle control and tone.

Post-Run Habits to Avoid

The feeling of accomplishment one feels after finishing a run is something to relish and enjoy. Although the run is finished, the work is not yet done, and the next few steps a person takes can potentially sabotage their health and progress. Keeping this in mind, avoid making these mistakes after a daily run or a long race.

Brand New Canon PIXMA All-in-One Printers - Now Available for Sale

Canon is undoubtedly considered to be one of the best gadget brands in the market these days and it has been managing its top ranked position since many years now. Just recently, the high-end brand has launched five premium quality printers with cloud ability for the utmost convenience of Canon lovers all over the world. The all-in-one series is different and unique in its own way and has piqued the attention of millions of people in a short period of time. The PIXMA series has a total of five printers, all of which have various specifications as well as price range. The evidently expensive cloud printers from the PIXMA collection include PIXMA MG7170, MG6470 and MG5570 whereas the mid-range one is inclusive of PIXMA MG357.

Brian Stracner, Chico Hypnotherapist Is Ranked Among World's Finest

Master hypnotherapist, Brian Stracner is one of the contributing authors to a new book that is the ultimate resource for hypnosis and hypnotherapy, “Secrets of Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy & Marketing for Hypnotists.” This 513-page book is the new definitive guide to hypnosis for entertainment and therapy. The book is available at The book also available in

The Tao of Badass Review - Best Dating Guide for Men

The Tao of Badass takes the guesswork out of approaching and attracting women by using tried and tested techniques that work subconsciously so a man can get any girl he wants. It has gained a lot of attention because it presents new tips and tricks that grabbed people’s attention and delivered results for many.

Kid Catering Equipment Presents New Products

Kid Catering Equipment, a leading supplier and distributor of many catering equipment supplies in the United Kingdom, presents its new quality products for food businesses and households that are in frequent need of catering supplies. New additions to its existing product range include new Hagola products, UniC fan oven and contact grill, potato baking ovens, multiple sizes of soup kettles, Victor hot cupboards, Delaubrac cookers and newly launched Calomax water boilers, a top high-end brand in the UK. Calomax spare parts are also now available for order through Kid Catering Equipment’s website.

The Venus Factor Now Helps Women Boost Metabolism, Lose Fat

Majority of women takes pride of making their body fit and beautiful. People are often looking for effective ways and means that will help them achieve what they had set out to do which is to lose weight. To those women who would want to achieve their dream body might benefit from this new excellent the Venus Factor System. It is a reliable and effective fitness program intended for women who want to lose weight.

More Accessibility for the Best Dental Plan in America Unveiled

What better way to make that smile on your face more genuinely sweet than in finding great offers through The Best Dental Plan in America as they have made their services more accessible to the public.  As their quest to give no less than the best dental offers on several essential services and dental plan that is right for each individual had began way back 1954, it has not waivered since then.  Decades of reliable offers in fact only paved way for more innovative ways to reach out to the public.

PUSH Launches New Device to Revolutionize Weight Training

LogoPUSH Designs Solutions Inc., announces the launch of a new app-enabled fitness device that tracks and analyzes strength performance at the gym. PUSH revolutionizes the weight training experience with the unveiling of a device that tracks your movement. With no imaginary points or arbitrary scores, PUSH utilizes scientifically validated metrics, such as Velocity and Peak Power, to provide a way to track and visualize an athlete’s training performance. This information helps the user optimize their training and also reduce the risk of injury by detecting early signs of fatigue.

LifeDisc Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

LogoWith a goal of $114,500 the creator of the LifeDisc, a personal survival tool that additionally serves as a fishing kit, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Originally intended to only be a convenient compact fishing kit, the product quickly evolved into more, thereby birthing the campaign that will help roll it out to an awaiting marketplace. So said Darren Stanton, the creator of the LifeDisc. Stanton goes on to describe, “We now have a personal life-sustaining toolkit that can be neatly stowed in the consumer’s backpack, glove box or bug-out bag. Our goal is for our customers to always have it within reach.” The creator of the handy product hopes to deliver it to crowdfunding supporters in March of 2014.

CRMnext, Asia's Leading Financial CRM Software, Launches Advance Knowledge Management Functionality

CRMnext, Asia’s leading financial CRM software, introduces advance version of its knowledge management functionality, which enables quick and convenient sharing of information and documents. With the help of centralized information, organizations can focus on creating smart products and providing improved service quality.

Abyte Technologies Announces Same Day Computer Repair Service

Abyte Technologies performs a wide range of repair work including virus removal, software and hardware repairs, and data recovery. People who are in need of immediate computer repair services do not have to worry about looking for a reliable repair service provider and waiting for a number of days in order to get their PC back as the company offers same day computer repair services.

Sports Commentator John Feinstein Keynotes VISIONS to Benefit the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford's 2014 Annual Campaign

LogoSports commentator and bestselling author of A Good Walk Spoiled—the best selling sports book of all time—John Feinstein is known for his straight-talking CBS Radio Show He will be keynoting Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford's men's event, VISIONS, a night of community and camaraderie to benefit the 2014 Annual Campaign.

Jade-Sterling Steel Co. Sees Market Turnaround in Steel Bar and Wire Rod Sales

LogoJade-Sterling Steel, a long-products service center, is seeing a significant shift in the marketplace. Most notably, a sizable increase in new orders from their customer base in the U.S. and Canada. According to Howard Fertel, COO of Jade Sterling Steel, “Our salespeople have traveled to visit customers and have returned with a very positive opinion of our core markets. Customers supplying the agricultural, automotive and oilfield markets have a renewed enthusiasm about the economy.”