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Dalton Elite Anticipates Flurry of Action This Fall

LogoThe housing market can be a tricky (or treaty) venture, full of varying approaches to the buying and selling of homes. Sometimes quality homes sit on the market far longer than the seller intends, while other times they are scooped up right away; but for buyers and sellers in and around coastal North Carolina, the weeks after Labor Day appear to be a hotbed of activity. Joseph Dalton, of Dalton Elite, knows this surge in activity all too well, having seen the flurry of activity after Labor Day each year. "Fall is an exciting time in real estate around the coast. We see an increase in quality waterfront 'vacation home' listings. These are the types of properties that can be used as weekly rentals and/or family vacation homes all summer. The exciting part about real estate this time of year is that many properties are now available for purchase as a new waterfront dream home or an island investment property. It's such a fun time of year to be coming to the beach, enjoying the warm water, and looking at some property that wasn't available this time last month," he explained.

AFS Technologies Presents Best in Class Retail Solution at POI in St Louis Next Week

LogoAFS Technologies will sponsor POI Summit (Promotion Optimization Institute) in St Louis next week from Sept 25-27. The inaugural event focuses on retail execution. AFS Technologies will be present, "Five Attributes for Delivering Best-in-Class Retail Execution," on Tuesday, September 27 at 10:00 am. The session covers the five most common characteristics needed to deliver best-in-class retail execution. The attributes reflect best practices observed working with leading consumer goods organizations around the world. This session also will include real life examples and relevant supporting case studies. The session will be presented by Andres Jejen, Product Management Director at AFS Technologies.

Online Printer 4OVER4.COM Analyzes the Psychology Behind Successful Packaging Design

LogoCustom print expert 4OVER4.COM posted a new blog entry analyzing the elements that make package design successful. ‘The Psychology of Successful Packaging Design’ blog post explains why color and shape can make a difference in customer’s perceptions.

Vintage Recipes Dovetail with New Self Reliance Movement

LogoWhen Tracy Falbe began salvaging recipes found in her late grandmother’s notebook from 1926, she soon noticed that most dishes were based on a short list of core ingredients. Possessing a strong interest in self reliance, local economies, and food security, Falbe gained insight from her recipe restoration project about how people used to stock their pantries and control costs.

Indiegogo Bollywood Fitness Infomercial Campaign a First for Crowdfunding

LogoMCM Television, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, announced the launch of the first-ever Crowdfunding campaign for a Direct Response Television Infomercial. Featured on Indiegogo, this ground-breaking Crowdfunding campaign is raising funds for a new half-hour fitness infomercial to be launched by infomercial powerhouse Cannella Response Television; the world’s largest broadcaster of half-hour DRTV Infomercials.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Prevalence Grows Rampant Worldwide

LogoVitamin B12 is one of the most important nutrients that your body needs in order to maintain its vital functions. However, health experts are getting alarmed on the fact that more and more people are becoming Vitamin B12 deficient especially children. What’s alarming about this is that this health problem is oftentimes not detectable and usually gets ignored until it’s already. Vitamin B12 could lead to various health problems such as decreased muscle growth, memory loss, fatigue and even nerve damage if not treated. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you have a constant check-up just in case you experience any of the said symptoms.

A to Z Vet Supply Now Featuring NeoPar Parvo Vaccine on Their Website

LogoA to Z Vet supply, a leading provider of vet supplies online, is pleased to announce they now feature the NeoPar Parvo vaccine on their website. The product, created by NeoTech, is a modified live virus vaccine that is high-titered. The vaccines offer puppies a higher level of protection from all know strains of canine parvo. Compared to other brands, NeoPar provides the puppies immunity system a more efficient way of stimulating antibody production and a longer duration of immunity from Canine Parvo. Muscle Building Website Brings Bodybuilding Fans Muscle Building Advice and Tips

Most men dream of a great looking ripped body. However, trying to learn how to achieve the perfect body can be a long and expensive journey. A lot of men fail to achieve the ultimate body due to receiving the wrong information and using the wrong products and workouts. Thanks to a new muscle building website, men can now learn the correct way of working towards a great looking ripped body.

The Mystery Behind the Credit Repair Industry

LogoDespite having been around for decades, there are still common misconceptions regarding what credit repair services actually do. There are hundreds of different credit repair services, but consumers still do not completely understand what a credit repair company provides to their clients.

Colon Cancer Screening and Treatment Available in Beverly Hills by Board-Certified Gastroenterologist

Dr. Peyton Berookim is a strong advocate of regular colonoscopy procedures as a means of preventing many types of cancers. In addition to colon cancer screening, Dr. Peyton Berookim also offers medical care and treatment for all forms of liver and digestive disorders and disease, including the management of their sometimes uncomfortable symptoms.

New Mixtape "SWAG of a FeMc" by Scandalous Released for Free on Her Site

There are a lot of different music artists that one can find and this is why it is hard to steal the top stage. The competition level is extremely intense and despite all odds, Scandalous, a Chicago based FeMc is making it big in the field. Her stunning signing ability along with the type of command that she has on stage and the power she exudes makes her one of the big names in Chicago. Recently, her new mixtape titled SWAG of a FeMc has been released and it is likely to create a big sensation.

HD Video Software Introduced iPhone Backup Extractor to Restore iPhone Data and Files from iTunes

With iPhone being more and more common around the world, more and more iPhone users would come across iPhone data loss situations. To help iPhone users easily restore lost or deleted data and files, HD Video Software officially introduced detailed solution by using professional 3rd-party tool - iPhone Backup Extractor on How to Extract files from iPhone Backup tutorial guide.

Lawsuit Filed in Predatory Towing Scheme Against Western Towing, Inc.

Western Towing, Inc., The Summit of Rancho Bernardo (17161 Homeowners Assocation) and Prescott Management, and employees were named in a law suit today arising out of their scheme known as Predatory Towing. For years, San Diego based Western Towing has been towing cars from homes, shopping centers, and other private places, leaving unsuspecting owners with no choice but to pay their ransom to get their car back. According to the San Diego Superior Court, Western Towing has been sued more than 150 times in the past 6 years, losing almost all of those law suits.

Mind Wack Productions Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Attend Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago

LogoMind Wack Productions is trying to raise enough funds to get a small table at Wizard World Chicago 2014, as well as prints of their comics, artwork, and novel.

Indie Producer Joanne Busch Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for Their Upcoming Documentary "Secret Sins: Untold Stories of U.S. Military Veterans"

LogoThis is a gritty documentary filmed on location in Encino, CA featuring combat military veterans who served post 9/11. We hear first-hand their traumatic stories of war and what it is like for them coming home after war. We also hear from their family members about how the military changed their loved ones. This documentary takes an unflinching look inside the minds of military men and women, sharing with the public at large the torment and suffering of being a combat veteran.

Chef Diane Young Looks to Raise $25,000 via Indiegogo to Start Manufacturing House of CeCe's Organic Hot Pepper Sauce

LogoHouse of CeCe’s, a startup specialty hot sauce company located in Charlotte, North Carolina; offers many varieties of sauce flavors that will enhance the dishes to a true southern perfection. The sauces combine the taste of savory, herbs and fresh organic chopped (Homegrown) peppers such as Habanero, Thai Chili, Jalapeno, Bell Pepper, Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper Pepper, and Chipotle into a hot pepper sauce that can give an added boost to Buffalo wings, hamburgers, French fries, lasagna, quiches, sandwiches, barbecues and more.

Nimboo's Production Company Looks to Complete Their Upcoming Musical Documentary GRU-PDX with Funding Support from Indiegogo.

LogoNimboo’s is a small production company formed by director Daniel Barosa and producer Nikolas Maciel. They have made several short films and documentary series and are very proud to present the music documentary GRU-PDX. The film follows Brazilian indie band Quarto Negro, who sets out to Portland, Oregon to record their second album. During six months of coming and going, they discover the rich music scene that’s been established in the city during the past decade and that recording a music album isn’t a task for the faint of heart. Announces New Link Indexing Service for Improving SERPs

Due to lack of regular link indexing service, many online marketers and website owners struggle for a long time, before they even see their websites getting indexed in search engines like Google. And, till the links get indexed, all the efforts and money spent on building these links are pretty much wasted. Addressing the issue, recently announced its new link indexing services that will help webmasters in getting their links indexed faster and improving their search engine rankings in a relativelyshorter span of time.

Beyond the Caress of Massage: Getting in Touch with Massage's Health Benefits

LogoMassage is more than just a rubbing of one's body to get the so much desired body relax. The mere fact that a body received therapy in a form of massage, it also got a bunch of health benefits.

Unraveling the Secrets to the Art of Teaching and Learning Massage: A Trumantra School Experience

LogoIf someone is interested to helping people de-stress, relax and improve other's general well-being, massage therapy school is a good place to be with.

More Than Just a Massage: Learning the Massage Therapy as a Profession

LogoIf someone is looking for one of the few professions that allow to make a difference in life and the lives of others every day, it must be the massage therapy course.

Growing Strategic Collaborations Propelling Bioinformatics Industry

LogoGlobal bioinformatics market is growing immensely owing to ongoing strategic collaborations in the industry. Now more and more bioinformatics firms are teaming up with other firms or research institutes to improvise their operations. By sharing resources such as intellectual property, project funding, expertise, products, manufacturing capability knowledge, and capital equipments, these companies are strengthening their foundation in bioinformatics industry.

Therapeutic Protein Players Investing Heavily in Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer

LogoSignificant advancement in genetic engineering offers global acceptance of protein products for various clinical applications so as to prevent wide variety of chronic diseases. A brief look at the pipeline of protein therapeutic producers and the recent FDA approvals obtained by them suggests that most of these players have been concentrating on cancer and multiple sclerosis. Ample of protein therapeutic products have been undergoing Phase III clinical trials for treating varied forms of cancer. Moreover, several mAbs have been evaluated for extended applications. For instance, Gazyva has been approved for treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Perjeta for Breast Cancer.

Business Edge Magazine Features Shelter Modular Inc. President Harold Clifford to Learn More About the Company's New Vision and Growth

In the current issue of Business Edge magazine, reporter Tom Keyser profiles Harold Clifford, the President and General Manager of Shelter Modular Inc., which is a manufacturer and supplier of both wood framed and steel, custom modular solutions. Readers of the magazine learn more about Harold Clifford, the Company, the new investment group as well as how they have become one of the most respected Modular Manufacturers in Western Canada.

Robinson Law LLC Opens Quakertown Workers' Compensation Attorney Office

LogoRobinson Law LLC, has opened up a new office located at 415 W Broad Street in Quakertown, PA. Making this the fifth location, it is used primarily for appointments only. Paula Robinson, Esq., founder of Robinson Law, has been practicing for over 26 years in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Robinson focuses on workers’ compensation and social security disability cases for those individuals who don’t have a voice and need the extra help. Robinson Law’s main office is conveniently located in The Robinson Building on West Swamp Road in Doylestown, PA.

Characteristics of a Tax Consultant That One Needs to Know

LogoTax consultants are financial experts that are knowledgeable in tax law. Being well versed in the field, these individuals provide advisory and consultancy services to their clientele on how to minimize tax liabilities while still complying with the law of the land. These experts are also up to date with the changing tax legislations and explicate the tax law’s intricacies and its implications to clients in simple understandable terms.

Project Manager for Tom Williams Presents at WCS Webinar on June 10th

LogoThomas N. Williams will bring decades of expertise to an upcoming webinar starting at Noon EST on Tuesday, June 10th. Williams is a systems and industrial engineer with thirty-five years of experience designing, developing, and implementing highly productive and cost-effective software and hardware solutions for high-volume distribution systems. His company has won national awards for design in both the US and Canada. Williams was Lead Designer and Project Manager for and received the Productivity Award for Best Distribution System Design.