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American Medical ID Partners with Marfan Foundation to Raise Awareness on Rare Condition

LogoLeading medical ID manufacturer, American Medical ID has recently partnered with The Marfan Foundation to help raise awareness of Marfan syndrome and related disorders, which put people at risk for life-threatening cardiovascular emergencies. The partnership makes medical alert jewelry such as Marfan awareness bracelets and necklaces, more accessible to people living with these potentially fatal conditions.

Global Powder Coatings Market Segment by Types (Coatings and Powder Coatings) by Applications (Steel, Architectural)

LogoGlobal Powder Coatings Market report provides an in-depth and perceptible analysis of Powder Coatings market. The value of Powder Coatings Market is projected to grow with a CAGR between 6.0%- 6.5% during the forecast period of 2016 -2022 and surpass USD 12 billion by 2022. The dominant and arising sectors along with increased insistence have privileged the growth of Powder Coatings market. On the other hand, the report also serves the manufacturing intuitions from experts.

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen Rovner, Zimmerman, & Nash Now Offering Truck Accident Representation for Fall 2014

LogoThe Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman, & Nash is now offering truck accident counsel for fall 2014. Car drivers and passengers are at great risk for injury when involved in an accident with a truck, and finding the right lawyer to recover the necessary money from the responsible party is of utmost importance. Don’t assume that the truck driver is not at fault and there won’t be a case. There are many causes of truck accidents and it is hardly ever the fault of the car driver.

Game-Changing New Book for Educators Condenses Cutting-Edge Brain Science Into Six Proven Principles for 'Brain-Friendly Teaching'

With four decades of research and over one-hundred books and scientific journal articles to his name, Dr. Spencer is on the cutting edge of revolutionizing teaching practices. His latest book breaks convention and bucks the trend of intricacy to expose a model that cuts to the very core of educational psychology – aligning teaching practices with how brains best learn. Dr. Kagan calls it ‘Brain-Friendly Teaching’.

Why Is the Moon Following Me: Long Awaited Children's Book Uses Gravitational Pull of Fun & Adventure to Teach Early Astronomy & "Real Science"

It’s a fact; kids ask a lot of questions. While adults can try their best to answer most of them, children’s curiosity about space and the wider universe often leaves their parents stumped for answers. In a bold move by a brave California-based writers’ co-operative, many of these questions are being addressed in ‘Why is the Moon Following Me?’ a book of short, fun and educational poems that introduce early astronomy in a way never before attempted.

Murder at Wisteria Pines: First Volume of "Thoroughly Southern" Detective Series Depicts Unlikely Alliance Between Wealthy Eccentric and Displaced English Bookseller

Omen Books has already built a steadfast reputation for living up to its slogan, “The inconceivable is business as usual, and the usual is inconceivable.” The Alabama-based publisher, with offices also in Seattle, continues this culture with “Murder at Wisteria Pines,” a gripping new murder mystery novel by Jon Randall.

ITGIRL4LIFE: Artist & Speaker's New 'Blueprint' Book Empowers Teen Girls to Take Charge of Life & Step Into Their Greatness

Artist and speaker, Tamara Branch shares what it takes to play BIG and own your life in, ‘ITGIRL4LIFE’, a self-empowerment guide that is designed to help teen girls discover their inner “IT” potential. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights and affirmations to help you soar, ITGIRL4LIFE provides a roadmap to high self-esteem, offering ideas, tools and principles that you can reference and build upon, supporting you in becoming your best.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Offers Free Advice to Consumers Who Have Been in Car Accidents

LogoWhy to File an Auto Accident Claim Right Away. After a car accident in Los Angeles, it is really important to find a Los Angeles car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. The reality of the situation is that a car accident is serious, and there is the potential for large-scale liability. Someone who doesn’t have an auto accident lawyer when filing an accident claim could end up losing thousands of dollars and not getting the medical treatment needed.

Dr. Nadler and Associates Now Accepting New Patients for Chiropractic Services

LogoDr. Nadler and Associates invites patients with lower back and neck pain to enlist their chiropractic services in Philadelphia this winter. Those who are unfamiliar with chiropractic medicine may be hesitant to try something new, but the popular chiropractic office is determined to change skeptics’ minds about this safe, effective practice. The main principles of chiropractic care at Dr. Nadler and Associates are living, healing, and prevention.

Capturing Abandonment - Abandoned Farmhouse in Flora, Oregon

Capturing human presence in a natural scene is an art in itself. Through the photograph of an abandoned farmhouse in Flora, Oregon, Dennis Frates does credit to himself as an artist whose heart is in the right place.

Health Experts Say Weight Loss Pills 'Not the Answer'

Last Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved market release of Contrave, a new anti-obesity drug manufactured by Orexigen, a U.S. company in partnership with Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Yet the Wall Street Journal’s Chelsey Dulaney reported that, “Despite the approval, shares of Orexigen fell as much as 13% Thursday. Analysts noted that Contrave's label didn't include the interim results of a cardiovascular trial, which showed that the drug didn't dramatically increase patients' risk of a heart attack.” The drug was green-lighted after a lengthy back and forth with the FDA due to a host of side effects, ranging from hypertension to suicidal thoughts to seizures.

Brandy Lloyd Director of Engineering for Hytrol Conveyor Presents at Applied Lean Leadership Conference

LogoHytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions is a Silver sponsor and presenter at the Applied Lean Leadership Conference. The event is October 9-10, 2014 at the University of Memphis Conference Venues.

C Evenfall Releases New Paranormal Fiction Novella Titled Sensitives

C Evenfall’s latest work of paranormal fiction, Sensitives, was published By Books, Authors And Artists (BAA) in August 2014 as an Amazon Kindle ebook only. The novella is the first in a series called The Wraith of Carter’s Mill.

Hit Stageplay Scheduled for East St. Louis in November Promotes Anti-Bullying

Stageplay fans can start making plans to attend the hit stageplay, Love and Happiness, as the stage is set for the event to be held atEast St Louis Sr High School. The play is a collaborative effort of Team Bully Response Squad (TBRS)and Beyond Limits Productions and a large turnout is expected in support of this hilarious and riveting play.

Canadian Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Clean Water

Most people these days are unaware that 3.4 million people, or an amount of people equal in size to the city of Los Angeles, California, die from a water related diseases annually. It covers 75% of the planet, yet lack of sanitation makes most water unfit for human consumption, especially in a world where more people own a smart phone instead of a toilet. In fact, the world water and sanitation crises kills more people than war. One Canadian company, H2O Physics, hopes to create change for people worldwide with their simple device and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get their portable device produced and into the hands of those whose lives it would change.

Rocky Mountain Oils Moves to New Offices and Launches Blog to Reach New Audiences

Essential oils were first recorded in the 12th Century AD during the Islamic Golden Age, when science and medicine took huge leaps forward that wouldn’t be rediscovered until the Renaissance. The practice of using aromatic oils in healing has since been found effective for a wide range of conditions and ailments. Rocky Mountain Oils has been carefully extracting essential oils for seven years now, and has seen huge success which now requires new, larger offices in Orem, Utah. In another initiative they have launched a blog to spread the word about the healing effect of essential oils.

Johnathon Banks Signs with Tara Thomas Agency

Johnathon Banks needs no special introduction as he is one of the most popular boxers in America. Banks who specializes in Heavyweight boxing is also a former IBO Cruiserweight Champion. Johnathon Banks has officially signed with Tara Thomas Agency and is scheduled to fight Antonio Tarver on September 29 2014. This heavyweight battle is going to be a Monday Night Special Edition on Fox Sport 1’s Golden Boy Live. Johnathon Banks is all set to fight Antonio Tarver in Hidalgo, Texas later this month.

Melita Cleaning Offers Customer-Centric Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

LogoCleaning a dirty rug is difficult and it requires strenuous efforts. Unnoticed for a long time, they can stain and stink. This could affect the health significantly. Hiring professional carpet cleaners to carry out the process is the right choice to address this issue as they’re exclusively trained for this purpose. Handling the cleaning process without prior expertise can be detrimental as it involves potential health hazards.

Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA Answers Important Questions Women Have Concerning Vasectomy Reversal

LogoEvery couple should carefully consider making the decision to reverse a vasectomy. Women may find talking to their partner about a vasectomy reversal is a difficult topic to approach, as some concerns are hard to express. Women who have trouble speaking about the life-changing procedure can contact Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA. He assists patients with microsurgical vasectomy reversal in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of California.

Suburban Dental Associates in Allentown Announces Availability to Treat Dental Emergencies This Fall 2014

LogoTo keep the smiles of their patients in the best condition possible, Suburban Dental Associates in Allentown is announcing they are available around the clock to treat dental emergency situations this fall 2014 season. Accidents occur at all hours of the day, and it can be extremely painful when a tooth becomes dislodged or cracked. As an emergency occurs, it is vital to receive dental treatment promptly to restore the tooth and get the smile fixed with minimal damage.

American Dental Care in Harrisburg Announces Emergency Procedures This Fall 2014

LogoThere comes a time when teeth start to rot when they don’t receive proper care. Other times, an accident occurs and leaves individuals needing immediate attention to the teeth and tissue inside their mouth. American Dental Care in Harrisburg is pleased to announce they are now available around the clock to take appointments for emergency situation to appease their valued patients.

Computer Applications Development ("CAD") Rebranding as MediaLogiq Systems

LogoThe rebrand includes a new logo, tagline and website designed to highlight the cloud application vendor’s fresh corporate identity and reinforce its status as a leading SaaS provider to the entertainment industry.

Ileana Kane and Co Publishes Free Report Teaching Women Start-Ups How to Gain Clients

Recent industry statistics reveal the number of $10 million plus women-owned companies has increased almost 60%, a growth rate of close to 50%. Additionally, venture capitalist have seen fit to increase their support of women-led firms, with a 20% jump in 2013 over 2012, according to Pitchbook, a venture-capital research firm. With the time ripe for women's firms to take off, women business coaching expert Ileana Kane announces publication of a free report instructing women how to get clients in 30 days or less.

West New York Smiles Now Providing Patients with Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

LogoWhile technology has advanced, so too has the practice of cosmetic dentistry. With a commitment to providing their patients with beautiful smiles, West New York Smiles is pleased to announce they now have appointment availabilities for cosmetic dentistry procedures this September. Utilizing advanced dental techniques, the dentists specialize in a variety of cosmetic dentistry surgeries and treatments.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating Inc. Now Offering Heating Services for Fall Months

LogoGuaranteed Plumbing & Heating Inc. is pleased to announce they’re offering heating services for the fall months. Don’t freeze this fall without a heater. Before the fall really hits, fix that broken heater today with Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Septic System Helps One to Keep a Safe Environment

Living the non-urban way of life has its benefits for those who wish to avoid the thrill of a more city atmosphere. It also means that certain services aren't available such as access to a public sewer program.

Spooky Hotel W Hollywood Halloween Event

LogoThe W Hollywood is putting on the ultimate Halloween party and everyone is invited. Join us - we dare you - where a mysterious underground universe lingers. Transport to a place where dancing ensues in public spaces.