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New California Rules Set for Determining Employee Versus Contractor

LogoIn a decision likely to make it much harder for businesses to classify workers as contractors, the California Supreme Court has set aside a multi-factor standard, which California courts used for 30 years to determine whether a worker was an independent contractor or an employee under the state's various Wage Orders.

HealthyMarks Partners with BenefitMall to Offer the Most Robust HR Solutions

LogoBenefitMall and HealthyMarks have started a partnership to bring more HR solutions to the businesses they work with. Businesses trust their brokers and HR teams to solve problems that arise regarding payroll, compliance, benefits, and any employee needs that arise. HealthyMarks recognizes the power of a partnership like this and joined the BenefitMall team.

Local Realtor Now Offering Extra Special Element for Clients

LogoFor many, the real estate experience ends at the home purchase, but Chris Allen of Slavens & Associates feels this is inadequate.

Bryan Lamey Brings Impressive Track Record to Finley & Cook CPA

LogoFinley & Cook is a top notch firm that has been offering impeccable services to its clients. With the right kind of approach, Finley & Cook managed to climb to the top of the ranks. One of the topmost reasons for its astounding success has to be the brilliant work put in by the partners. Bryan Lamey is one of the partners of the firm and he brought to the firm more than 25 years of knowledge in this field. Announces Christmas Promotions, Delivery Deadlines , a leading online fashion accessory retailer, is very excited to announce numerous promotions and sales events for the Christmas season, as well as new services to streamline the holiday shopping experience. AreaTrend plans to run four unique sales events each week throughout the Holiday shopping  season, each highlighting either a specific brand, style, or attribute. These sales events will encompass discounted watches, designer sunglasses, handbags, and even combinations of each. Publishes Updated Information on Child Custody Laws in Virginia provides necessary information about the child custody laws in Virginia. According to the website, child custody battles can be emotional and stressful times for the parents and more so, for the children. Child custody laws vary from state to state and, understanding the need for parents and guardians to be aware of these laws, has provided comprehensive information about child custody laws in Virginia. The site also provides information about the SRIS Law Group, one of the most reputed law firms of Virginia. According to, the SRIS Law Group has represented numerous child custody cases successfully.

Tech Yacht Releases New Verizon FIOS Promotion Code and Coupons to Help Readers Get Best Deal

Fiber optics is changing the way we view broadband. Capable of far greater speeds than traditional cable packages, with far greater bandwidth and transfer capacity, fiber optic can transform upload and download speeds and help people get telecommunications, entertainment and internet all from a single source that still outshines the nearest competitor. Verizon FiOS offers integrated fiber optic packages from 25 to 500 mbps, and the package is considered to be the best on the market today. Tech Yacht has just released a new round of Verizon FiOS coupon codes to help people get the best package for the best value.

A Moment for Me Launches Corporate Wellness Talk

A Moment for Me, the organization that promotes stress reduction and self-care for busy people, announced today that it is now offering a Corporate Wellness Talk based on A Moment for Me's principles of 30-second ways to address mind, body, emotions, and spiritual balance. The 60-90 minute Talks are being offered in the Washington, DC (DMV) area,led by Alice Langholt, author and founder of A Moment for Me.

New Countdown App Available for iPhone and Android

The Final Countdown App ( is a one of a kind full featured Countdown app just launched for Android and iOS. Final Countdown is the only app that counts down with seconds and milliseconds on the widget and the only app that can be used for sharing live countdowns across mobile devices.

Success Holding Group International Inc. (SHGT OTC:QB) Announces November 2014 Monthly Revenue of $4,735,000

LogoSuccess Holding Group International Inc. (SHGT OTC: QB) (hereinafter referred to as "SHGT") announces gross revenue earned of approximately USD $4,735,000 during November 2014. SHGT realized revenues of approximately $4,315,000 in November 2014 from weekly training seminars and $420,000 from advertising sponsorship of SHGT's investment in the Internet movie. Management believes SHGT is transitioning to full operating status and has become a multi-operating income and profitable company. Chairman, Steve Andrew Chen, states: "SHGT has accumulated revenue of $12,250,000 and estimates by end of 2014, SHGT will reach $20,000,000 in revenue and pre-tax per share of approximately $0.50~$0.60 per share and fully expects future earnings to continue increasing."

Integrating Business Intelligence in Corporate Travel Solutions

LogoThe success of any corporate travel program lies on the ability to manage travelers. It is about understanding the thinking and decision-making process of the travelers. And a corporate travel management agency can do just that for your company.

People Can Find the Right Outfits That Suit Them from

Manos Gerakinis, an acclaimed luxurier, has come out with a unique website and application known as Closet on the Go that allows users to "style up their own outfits and master the game of dressing up." According to him, users can have a unique and enjoyable experience on this website.

WYOld West Brewing Company Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Premium Quality Craft Beer Using Wyoming's Locally Grown Grain and Hops

LogoNorthwest Wyoming is known to produce some of the world's best malting barley. WYOld West Brewing Company, a start-up brewery from this region, is looking to produce the highest quality craft beer utilizing locally grown raw materials. In addition to purchasing locally, the company is also committed to investing in the local market. With this mission, WYOld West Brewing Company has already purchased a 7,000 sq. ft. building as their brewery, retail store, restaurant, and lounge.

Stealth 1 Technology Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for THERE IT IS! the Non-GPS Personal Item Locator

LogoResearch has revealed "THERE IT IS!" is unique in the industry of personal items location (e.g. keys, phones, tablets, purses, etc.) because it does not use GPS technology to work. We live in a world where there are so many items of personal importance that require us to determine their location at any given moment– such as under furniture, in our desk drawer, in our book bag, between our car seats, etc. The search distracts all of us from more important things that need our attention in our day to day lives. When a set of keys can't be located or a smartphone can't be located, life comes to a halt. THERE IT IS! is a simple solution to a serious problem.

Refined and Improved WordPress Migration with CMS2CMS

Trying to reach the pinnacle of success, automated migration service CMS2CMS presents its new migration opportunity for those users willing to become a part of WordPress glory. From now on, those website owners, sticking with the old and obsolete CMS options, can switch to WordPress without getting their feet wet with codes and scripts.

National Clinic Creates Patient Assistance Program on World AIDS Day

Defy Medical is offering a national patient assistance program to people with HIV who currently have limited access to medications meant to improve their quality of life. According to the Center for Disease control over 50% of people living with HIV in the United States will be over 50 years of age by the year 2015. This aging population that has been exposed to a deadly virus and toxic medications in the past has a lot more comorbidities than HIV-negative people of the same age.

Felici Events Launches Worldwide Parties for Both Weddings and Corporate Events

Columnist Hillary Quinn wants to help future brides in her article "75 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique," Writing for the online wedding magazine "" she recommends that future brides look to innovative ideas to make their own event special. Her tips include some recommendations that are relatively simple like asking musically talented friends to perform at a casual reception, or adding luggage tags to table settings at a destination wedding and at travel themed events. As with any wedding or engagement party design, she recommends that everyone consult with an experienced event planner to make one's special day as stress-free as possible.

McAllister…The Service Company Announces Customer Referral Program for the New Year

In difficult situations like when a heater or air conditioner breaks, friends and family aid each other to help. To minimize the discomfort of living conditions that need heating or cooling services performed, customers can recommend McAllister…The Service Company to those in need by joining the business's Referral Program. McAllister…The Service Company invites its customers to join the Referral Program to suggest their services to friends and family in the New Year. The company aims to expand their clientele with their referral program, which offers a reward towards future scheduled services.

Carbon Cycle Investments Acquires Airpol to Further Environmental Carbon Cycle Awareness Efforts

Located in Spokane Valley, Washington, Carbon Cycle Investments (CCI) is an umbrella company that oversees many businesses that make environmental awareness their main focus and that stimulate economic and environmental sustainability. In 2013, CCI acquired AirPol, an air pollution control company, to continue their carbon cycle awareness efforts. The carbon cycle refers to carbon atoms which are the essential building blocks of life, and their journey from the atmosphere, through living organisms, into the ground water and then back up into the atmosphere. Sustaining the carbon cycle is crucial to maintaining life on earth. Airpol, with its mission to control environmental pollution, is a major player in sustaining the delicate carbon cycle.

Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer, Announces Verdicts & Settlements Are Now Available to Be Viewed on the Firm's Website

Potential clients who are interested in gaining the compensation they deserve due to an injury can read the settlements and verdicts of Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer on their website. The accident lawyers of Philadelphia aim to inform clients in the New Year of their previous cases, which won large sums in awards. Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer, invites the public to read the success stories which explain the accident issue, injuries, and the result of the lawsuits.

Village Catering Announces That They Are Now Available to Cater Spring 2015 Weddings

LogoVillage Catering is a Philadelphia-based catering company that has over two decades of catering experience. This December, they are eager to announce that they are now taking clients who are looking to have their spring 2015 wedding catered either off-site or at Village Catering's own catering hall—Cottage Green.

The Gritty Side of Marriage from an Experienced Private Detective

LogoLori Jae will be interviewing, George Eleftheriou, Experienced Private Detective, on Her Show, "Contract For Love", Wednesday, at 1 p.m. Arizona Time, December 10, 2014, titled: " The Gritty Side of Marriage From an Experienced Private Detective"

Torrey Pines Pediatric Dentistry Offers Healthy Smile Solutions to Kids

LogoPediatric dentists are unique and exclusively treat dental problems in infants, children, adolescents, and teens. In fact, treating pediatric patients is a little tough and it requires not only special talent but also years of research and experience. Approaching a pediatric dentist for the dental emergencies of kids is recommended for a healthy and positive smile.

Executive Maids Now Offering New Client Promotions This December

LogoNow that the holiday season is in full swing, many are finding there is not enough time in the day to get their errands done. With a plethora of things that need to be completed in preparation for the holidays, house cleaning often takes a back seat on the priority list. Offering savings at a time when wallets run tight, Executive Maids is now offering new client promotions this December. Their services will have the house looking immaculate when friends and family arrive for the holiday party.

Mobility123 Announces Its Support for "Aging-in-Place" in New Jersey

LogoInstead of opting for a retirement home, the elderly community of New Jersey has the choice of living independently at home with the help of mobility access. The installation of mobile access such as ramps, chair lifts, scooters, grab bars and door-less showers in the home allow the resident to be more comfortable, live independently and be safer despite their income level. Mobility and access solutions supplier, Mobility123, aims to help senior residents throughout New Jersey to accomplish this goal.

Marks Jewelers Announces Special Men's Wish-List Night on December 18th

Marks Jewelers is a jewelry showroom located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. They are also a trusted source in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for brand name and customizable jewelry. Black Friday came and went, but don't worry if you missed the deals… there's still time to grab anything that's featured in the catalog. December's next event is Men's Wishlist Night. Their Men's Night is December 18th. This will be a perfect time for individuals to scope out engagement rings for that special someone in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery County, PA.

Carbon Cycle Crush Is Providing High Quality and Environmentally Friendly Bio Based Lubricants

Carbon Cycle Crush, a Canola oil producer, is providing high-quality and environmentally-friendly bio-based lubricant. The company works with a vision to rebalance the cycle of carbon in agricultural communities. The carbon atoms are essential blocks for building life on earth. It is a cycle which starts from the atmosphere, to all the living things, the earth, and then goes back to the atmosphere and water. The company does not consider the cycle to be balanced at this time, and thus they work toward meeting the requirement of oil, meal and crop seeds in a proper sustainable process.