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Hani Selim Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Publish Controversial Novel "Osama's Jihad"

LogoCrossing the boundaries of Islam and as it blends with Western culture, Osama’s Jihad tells a bold story in a fictional yet believable backdrop.

Global Power System State Estimator Market Rising at $6.61 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to the report, global demand for power system state estimator market was valued at USD 3.00 billion in 2014 and is expected to generate revenue of USD 6.61 billion by end of 2020, growing at a CAGR of 14.1%between 2015 and 2020. Zion Market Research has published a new report titled "Global Power System State Estimator Market By Software (Utility State Estimator Software And Power Control Centers) And Solution (Weighted Lease Square (WLS) Method, Least Absolute Value (LAV) Method And Others) For Transmission Network And Distribution Network Application: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis And Forecast, 2014 – 2020."

Online Database of Moving Companies Provides Free Quotes for Every Visitor

Online compiler of moving companies, Top Moving Company 4 U, offers American citizens – regardless of state – a much easier way to spend time in looking for a moving company they can rely upon. The online portal is easy to use, works in minutes, and is totally free.

R3 Data Recovery Launches Free RAID Drive Data Recovery Telephone Consultation

The RAID array was once considered the next generation in memory technology. Instead of using a disc based rewritable drive such as the common hard drive, which is limited by write speeds and deterioration over time, the RAID array uses solid state memory similar to that found in SD cards, capable of much faster transfer speeds with little to know deterioration. However advantageous they may have proved in the years since their launch, they have also revealed their vulnerability, and businesses often face crisis when a RAID drive or RAID array collapses, taking crucial data with it.

All Inclusive Cruise Deals Expands Range of Providers to Best All Inclusive Cruise Deals

When looking for a holiday, there are few that manage to capture the sense of adventure, exotic locations, and amazing amenities of a luxury cruise. Unfortunately, the word luxury comes with a heavy price tag, and not all those who would love to go on a cruise can afford it. All Inclusive Cruise Deals is a website that aims to make the cruise more accessible to everyday people, by offering exclusive deals and resources on all inclusive cruises from some of the world’s premier providers. The site has just increased its list of providers to a whopping fifteen.

New Website Gold IRA Rollover Is Created, Offers Information for Precious Metals Investors

LogoIn the current economic climate, investing in gold and precious metals has many benefits. Things like economic downturn protection against inflation are all perks of owning gold. In the United States, more and more people are putting their retirement funds in precious metals via a gold IRA rollover. The problem is that finding helpful information regarding rules and regulations related to gold IRA rollovers can be hard to come by.

New Website, Android App Shares Superlative Things

LogoA new international website is posting and promoting one spectacular video a week for entertainment.

Annachiara Simonetti Launches Her Book - 'Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 Wisdom Seeds to Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities'

A new e-book titled ‘Ignite your personal transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities’ was released yesterday by Author and Life Coach Annachiara Simonetti, expert in Strategic Intervention.

Dawson Development Group Releases Updated Guidelines for Hiring Builders

The Dawson Development Group, one of the top Northeast Ohio home builder companies today, has released an updated version of its guidelines for people in search of a builder. According to the company, there are several things that one should look out for.

World's Most Effective, Customizable Door Stop Campaign Launched

LogoThe creators of the Door Bungee have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their innovative and much-needed initial product. The Door Bungee is a wall-mounted permanent door stop that can be painted or customized in almost any way imaginable. The heavy-duty bungee stores easily around the strong hardened plastic so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice, and its unobtrusive design can fit into almost any environment easily. It also serves as a protection for the wall where handles can make holes or indentations. Now Offers Commissions for Photo Sharing is the first social network that offers commissions for photo sharing by simply taking snaps and posting it to share with social network community friends.

Fenwick Island's Ropewalk Restaurant Releases New Video Commercial

An Ocean City area restaurant, Ropewalk—A Fenwick Island Oyster House, announces the release of their new video commercial for their website at

Dr. Schultz Enhances Smiles and Changes Lives

LogoChanging an individual’s smile can change their life. Cosmetic dentistry not only can make a person feel younger and improve their smile, but it can also improve their teeth, gums, bite and overall dental health.

De Luxe Banquet Hall Launches New Mobile Responsive Website

According to industry statistics recently released, 93% of brides stated they use the internet to plan their wedding with 71% stating they used local websites as opposed to national sites. While certainly no surprise to many, the overwhelming number has sent many local businesses scrambling to improve their internet presence. With this in mind, a number of local wedding related businesses have upgraded their websites, preparing for the shoppers who no longer necessarily utilize the dinosaur desktop computers. Brand and Website Launch

Titanin LLC, an established player in global online trade, today announced the launch of Lady Nutrition brand and its associated Product Brand Website. The website can be viewed at

Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys Launches a New Website for Better Service

Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys proudly announces the launch of their new website, one designed to make it easier for clients to find the information they want and need. Those injured through the actions of another need assistance immediately as Florida has statutes of limitations for personal injury cases. One cannot afford to waste time on a website searching for information they want and need, and the new website ensures they will not need to do so.

The Best Mind Control Tool to Stimulate the Brain Is Here

The human brain, which weighs close to 3 pounds, is the center of the body where thoughts, emotions, intelligence and a host of other valuable and, life fulfilling components originate. It is this organ that dictates how the body should function in order to sustain life. Despite its significance, not many take the time to invest in its health.

Eberly & Associates' Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects Get to Work when School Is Out

While school is the farthest thing from a child’s mind in July, Eberly & Associates is working with design and construction teams throughout Northeast Georgia to renovate higher education and K-12 facilities. “Summer is usually a busy time for school renovations, but this summer we are seeing a significant number of capital improvement projects that will continue into the school year,” states Mike Wright, Associate with Eberly & Associates. “We are working on projects that support increasing student populations at many of the Atlanta Public Schools,” continues Mr. Wright. The design teams are adding and renovating spaces to support the Atlanta Public Schools long term facilities plan.

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera's Newest Novel Inspired by Real-Life Events and Indigenous Wisdom

The author, Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, incorporated some of her own experiences into the new novel Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators, which features compelling characters, such as the fallen angel Bechard, shamans, spiritual beings and the earth’s creatures, who collaborate with supernatural powers to fight against greed, corruption and indifference, demanding that mankind changes its way…or else.

Greenvelope Launches Free Trial of New Paperless Invitation Product

Each year in the US there are 2.5 million weddings, millions of anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, birth announcements, baby showers, graduation parties, and formal business events. For every event, an average of seventy five paper invitations are sent, which can cost thousands of dollars per event, and the invitation is merely discarded, creating environmental waste. Electronic invitations have yet to replace them because of their limiting designs and intrusive advertising. Greenvelope has been getting a lot of attention lately for offering an alternative that can lay to rest the paper invitation.

FastWay Bail Bonds Announces New, Even More Attractive and Accessible Payment Plans

FastWay Bail Bonds announced the availability of a variety of new, more flexible payment plans for those who make use of the company's services. Thanks to new arrangements with leading financing companies, FastWay will now be able to extend such offers to a far greater portion of the company's clients, a development that will ensure that posting bail in the Huntington Beach area will be more convenient and practical for many who are arrested. FastWay Bail Bonds is a leading Orange County bail bond service and has received special recognition from a variety of sources for the quality and affordability of the company's services.

Peter Klamka Tutoring Enlightens Readers on MASTERING MATH in the SUMMER

The lazy days of summer are at the halfway point for most students. Time to think about the upcoming academic year. Summer and math are not inconsistent. In fact, most students who excel in the fall do a little maintenance work during the summer. The best students often work on math year round. Some are gifted and they don't need as much reinforcement.

Hands-off Dog-Do Catcher - Indiegogo Push Will Fund Production of Sensible, Sanitary Tool

Cleaning up dog waste is not a favorite activity of pet owners and other animal lovers. It's messy, mandatory and unpleasant. The upcoming DogDo Catcher helps people keep their hands, streets, neighborhoods, lawns and parks clean. This tool takes picking up the waste out of the equation, because a catcher bag of eco-friendly construction is used to catch the waste product before it hits the ground. The compostable bags are attached to a hoop, which has an extended handle enabling the owner to stay a decent distance away while the pet does his or her necessary business.

Not Your Typical Veterinary Hospital - Concierge Service and Free Vaccines for Life

There’s a new home for well-known Miami Veterinarians: Dr. Maria Diaz, Dr. Arianne Velez and Dr. Rafael Stredel at the EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center located in (Miami) Pinecrest, Florida. They will be hosting a Grand Opening event on August 10, 2014 from 12 to 2pm and invite the community to see what makes the EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center in Miami so unique.

GED - An Ideal Step Towards Better Future

GED or the General Equivalency Diploma is basically an online equivalency test. It is provided by ACE in 1947. An individual who did not receive their high school diploma may attend classes and tests to attain their General Equivalency Diploma.

Survival Institute - An Ideal Firm for Acquiring Information About Survival Skills

Mylar space blanket was made for astronauts. Though it was designed to be used in outer space, it can be utilized in several ways one would never think of. The Mylar Space Blankets are strong enough to shield one from the many severe climates, but has several other uses also. If one is a survivalist, or the outdoors type then they will come to know many ways to use mylar space blankets and is quite helpful. This can also be utilized in the house to decrease your monthly efficacy bill. Blacking out the windows with the stuff will maintain the heat in the home where it belongs to.

Beans Diesel Performance Launches Diesel Maintenance Campaign for Public Benefit

Recent reports from the automotive industry chart an estimated 30 percent increase in diesel vehicle sales over the last 10 years, the trend being accredited to a number of positive features. Mercedes and Volkswagen lead the pack in foreign model sales whereas the Ford Power Stroke diesel is among the domestic front runners. Though diesel engines offer several benefits over their gas burning counterparts, experts point out these perks are short lived without proper upkeep. In light of this reality, Ryan Bean of Beans Diesel Performance has launched a campaign to educate the public on proper maintenance of their diesel engines.