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Global Industry 4.0 Market Demand and Growth to Increase by 2024

LogoGlobal Industry 4.0 Market demand and growth to increase by 2024

Talismatic: The Talisman Launched for Educators

LogoThe wait is finally over. Talismatic proudly announces the launch of the much-awaited education analytics platform, dedicated solely to universities and colleges in the U.S. Talismatic's education analytics platform aims to bridge the gap between students and their dream jobs, by empowering educators -deans, provosts, faculty members, and curriculum designers - with insights on the job market trends that matter. The need for the platform was first realized when a team comprising of experts from HR, Technology, and Education discovered a misalignment between university curriculums and employer expectations in the US. As a result of the misalignment, career guides and counselors have been vying for all possible data sources to be able to guide their students towards the top employers.