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Video Surveillance and Analytic Market: Key Vendors Involved Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, Brivo Systems, EMC Corp, Aimetis Corp, Cernium Corp, Cisco, Intellivision, Nice Systems

LogoVideo analysis is software used to monitor video streams in near real time. During video monitoring, the software identifies the properties, events, or patterns of a specific motion through video analysis of the monitored environment.

Are You Handing Your Toddler the Keys to the Car

LogoIn today's world far to many of us our handing our kid's a phone and device without properly educating them on how and when to use them!!! If we were to give them the keys to the car without educating them first, would we be upset if they wrecked it? To many children are becoming addicted to their phones at a young age. Is the rise in suicide and depression in young teens and adults associated with increased social media use and electronics? Stay tuned for this episode to find out!!!