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The Portable Power of the McElroy Polygon

LogoThe McElroy Polygon is an efficient prefabricated three-in-one solution brimming with powerful features, all within a design that allows for easy transport. Its intelligent design means polypropylene and polyethylene pipe fusion operations like butt, miter, or socket can be performed on the machine. The Polygon is also compatible with the durable and extremely utile DataLogger®, making it McElroy's first manual butt fusion that can interact with the tablet.

COVID-19 Exposes the Vulnerability of Human Life. Carosella & Associates Provide Estate and Succession

LogoCarosella & Associates are honored to offer estate planning and business succession planning services during these challenging times. The coronavirus pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives in the United States, leaving families to grieve and take care of their loved one's affairs. If there were ever a time to plan for the future, it is now. The attorneys at Carosella & Associates help clients create vital estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney, trusts, and advance directives (living wills). These important estate planning tools can help ease the emotional and financial burdens of those who have lost someone they love to COVID-19.  Their lawyers also assist clients with the probate process, which can make settling an estate less costly and time-consuming.