A Chocolate Lover's Dream...New Book Offers a Fun and Easy Way

Have Your Chocolate And Ideal Body, Too

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Who says dieting is the only way to lose weight? Chocolate lovers can eat the foods they love and drop excess weight by eliminating the underlying emotional causes of overeating, using the tips and methods found in the new book, “The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss,” by award-winning author Patricia Bacall.

Let’s face it, no one likes to diet, and most people fail miserably at it. Diets don’t work for permanent weight loss, and create an ugly, negative downward spiral of self-deprivation and loss of self-esteem. Why not learn how to have fun, eat moderately, and enjoy a wide variety of foods, while continually dropping excess pounds? “It’s possible”, asserts Bacall, “and can actually be easy by making a few simple lifestyle modifications. By NOT depriving yourself of the foods you love, including chocolate, and healing your negative feelings about your body, you can enjoy all the foods you love—without swallowing your emotions.”

Chronic dieters know that the more they tell themselves they can’t have something, the more they want it. Even after swearing off the foods they love, the excess pounds refuse to budge, because dieting creates a “forbidden fruit” aura around the dieter’s favorite foods. The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss combines the best and newest little-known techniques for fat loss, with a revolutionary new approach to changing lifestyle, improving health, calming the mind and slimming the body—all while eating real food—all without deprivation or starvation.

Hate working out at the gym? Think you don’t have time to exercise? The author gives dozens of practically effortless ways to burn calories, and slip more activity into a daily routine, all of which are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. There is even an illustrated sample workout that engages all the major muscle groups, and can add a greater “fat-burning furnace” in only 15 minutes a day.

Additional chapters cover the health benefits of chocolate, how body size and weight affect a woman’s income, how becoming thin at any cost is pervasive in our society, how to eat to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and how to get off the chronic dieter’s depressing Ferris wheel of weight loss and gain. There is also a chapter full of healthy chocolate recipes, some with no-sugar options.

Most importantly, the reader is introduced to a method of dropping the heaviness of past trauma and pain to heal the issues and challenges that cause overeating. This technique is called Vivation, a type of breathwork and meditation created by modern breathwork pioneer Jim Leonard. Vivation mixes mindfulness and breathing exercises to produce bliss. Rather than trying to white-knuckle emotional eating by locking up the chocolate and pizza rolls, Vivation gets to the core of the issues that create the negative emotions that make a person want to eat. When those issues get uncovered and healed, one is perfectly free to leave cupcakes and pizza rolls in plain view without the danger of gobbling up the whole plate. Failed dieters can be totally free to look cake in the face and know that they are free from the slavery that once compelled them to eat it.

The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss is available exclusively on Amazon in both print and ebook formats, and will soon be available as an audiobook. http://amzn.to/19mZhie

About Patricia Bacall
An internationally recognized authority in the field of personal growth, Patricia Bacall teaches people to live happier, more fulfilling and creative lives. Written in an easy to understand style, with compassion and sensitivity, her books, including Easy Weight Loss Yoga, Loving Yourself Thin, and Play Better Golf with Easy Yoga, offer proven, effective ways to improve the quality of life. http://www.benesserrapub.com

As a personal coach and seminar leader, Patricia is known for her ability to empower people to get more of what they want in life. And her clients respond positively, often commenting on the clarity of Patricia’s communication and thorough knowledge of her subject matter.

With her engaging, positive approach, Patricia assists the healing process by teaching people to see themselves as strong and unique individuals, and to use that empowerment as the means to achieve their dreams and goals.

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