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A Fresh New Avenue for Financial Advisors and Real Estate Brokers Looking to Expand Their Reach

The new and innovative approach offered by GeniusCo-op™ provides financial advisors and real estate professionals an entirely new revenue stream.

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- The real estate market crash has had a huge impact on all financial advisors and real estate related professionals. In response to the recession, many real estate professionals have had to perfect the art of financially stained transactions, such as foreclosures and short sales, in order to stay in business. While the economy as a whole is recovering, many American’s find themselves with depleted and nonexistent savings, debt, and poor credit—which leave real estate professionals and financial advisors still struggling.

“Due to high unemployment rates many American’s have given up their dream of home ownership.” Dave Burton, GeniusCo-op Representative

The current outdated model of the 30 year long, higher interest rate, and high down payments home mortgages used by banks is too difficult for those who have been victims of the failing economy to save up and/or qualify for. Many American’s have resigned themselves to renting the remainder of their lives, and living in neighborhoods that are less than desirable—but it does not have to be that way.

GeniusCo-op National Housing Cooperative has created an innovative and revolutionary, INTEREST FREE - LEASE TO OWN program that is truly Genius!

Not only does the GeniusCo-op one-of-a-kind lease to own model give individuals the ability to achieve the American dream of homeownership, but it gives real estate professionals and financial advisors the opportunity to expand their client base as a Geniusco-op™ Ambassador.

“Our GeniusZero™ Interest Free Home Loan Program was inspired by a similar model to that of lease to own cars, but we have revamped the model and created a zero interest, zero down payment, lease to own model that gives American’s who have faced financial hardship the opportunity to buy a GeniuSuperior™ Home.” Dave Burton, GeniusCo-op Representative

Not only does this innovative Interest Free home loan program help individuals achieve the American dream of homeownership, but it creates an entirely new revenue stream for real estate professionals and financial advisors as a GeniusCo-op Ambassador and License Partner. GeniusCo-op™ Ambassadors can increase their revenue stream by multiple avenues. They will enjoy 25% profit sharing from the GeniusCommunity™ developments in their exclusive territory, as well asprofits from each GeniusCo-op™ membership and home sales, and much more.

“As a Geniusco-op Ambassador you will not only be on the cutting edge of the real estate industry, you will be helping to redefine the outdated mortgage model.” Added Dave Burton, a GeniusCo-op Representative

Financial advisor, real estate agent, real estate broker, or real estate professional who are looking for a way to expand their practice and would like to learn more about the GeniusZero™ interest free home loan and sustainable communities development program, or becoming a GeniusCo-op™ Ambassador please visit:


About GeniusCo-op
A National Housing Cooperative, GeniusCo-op specializes in generating real estate investment opportunities through membership programs. These are centered on the GeniusCo-op Luxury Lifestyle Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The company focuses on cost-efficiency by pooling the resources of its members, lowering the costs of products and services related to the community managed by experienced real estate professionals. The company is serving the entire nation with pride and success and wants to reach out to every home buyer with their GeniusZero™ home loan programs. For more information visit: www.geniuszero.org

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