A Shift from Tobacco to E Cigarette Conveys Saudi-Un-Ny.Net

E cigs are taking over the regular cigarette market says E cigs come in numerous design and colors.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Electric cigarettes are high on trend and are continuously being preferred by smokers. An e cig is an electrical inhaler that vaporizes e liquid and converts to vapor. This even simulates the act of tobacco smoking but not actually tobacco as they are free from it. The traditional cigarettes contain tobacco and other harmful substances which can cause diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory diseases say experts. The new generation e cigs are not just free from tobacco, but also have flavors and adjustable nicotine level. Experts reviews about the various nicotine levels available with various brands like high, light, mild and ultra mild.

White is no more the color of cigarette with introduction of e cigs. electric cigarette offer variety of colors to pick from, whether it is pink for ladies, or black for gentlemen, the electronic cigs ensure that all smokers pick what one likes. Electronic cigarettes are in demand these days because of the customization as per smoker’s need. Talking about the flavors that e cigs come in, Traditional tobacco, mocha, chocolate, strawberry, apple are some of its flavors. An e cig smoker says “My cigarette is no more boring as it was earlier, I prefer the mocha e cig as it gives me a near experience of my traditional cigarette.”

Some of the smokeless cigarettes are even cheaper than traditional cigarettes. electric cigarettes are available in the market for as low was $3, and even lasts for long. The design ensures high puff and strong flavor so that the smokers can have a good feel and taste. Tobacco cigarettes place burden on the environment as cigarette butts are difficult to decompose but the e cigarettes do not posses any such harm to the environment, as they can be reused and recycled. e cigs can be used in almost all the public places. One can enjoy e cigs with a cup of coffee even at a coffee shop now. A woman at a coffee shop commented “I am happy with e cigs because I can have them with my friends without affecting their health “.

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