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Accessorize E Cigs With Green Smoke Products Discusses

Green Smoke gives wonderful experience to its smokers by providing high quality electronic cigs and great accessories to make their users feel good while smoking discovers

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Being one of the leading brands, Green Smoke promotes its electronic cigarettes by introducing a variety of accessories to the customers. Green Smoke T Shirts are the new trend on the market. Being priced at $14.99; they are for the loyal customers of Green Smoke. If the e cig order is for $250 or above, the brand sends the t shirt for free to its smokers. There are other accessories which make the first time users of Green Smoke a loyal customer. For instance, those who believe in sharing their electronic cigarette, rubber tips are available. Rubber tips ensure that different smokers use different tips in hygienic way. A pack of 25 rubber tips are available for as low as $5.

Another very important accessory by Green Smoke for the smokers is the carrying case which stores e cigs batteries and the cartomizer. Green Smoke wants its smokers to smoke in a stylish and colorful way so the case comes in 3 exclusive colors that are black, white and green priced at $19.95. The case range is not limited to the basic colors; smokers can also get a sparkling case in different colors for just $29.95. The sparkling case breaks the monotone colors associated with e cigs and provides its customers with a bling and comfort say experts.

A very useful kit from Green Smoke is U Power Pack prices at $69.99. The pack works as an easy access to the smokers who wish to enter into the world of electric cigarettes. The e cig can be simply plugged into the computer or the car adapter and the smoker can start smoking. Only a constant power source will work for U Power Pack as there’s no requirement of recharging. electric cigarette available with this pack can be chosen in different nicotine concentrations and flavors. A pack of 5 FlavorMax cartomizers is up for grabs by smokers in this pack. “Green Smoke e-cigs provides flawless performance, excellent battery life, bold flavors and I flaunt my e cig brand by wearing its green smoke t shirt which the brand sent me for free” reviews a smoker.

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