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According to Travelgenio, Lufthansa the Best Airline for 91,22% of Spanish Passengers

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Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- The II Study about Satisfaction and Trends of airlines users by Travelgenio and Travel2be shows the real valoration and the satisfaction level of passengers talking about the 15 airlines with more turnover in the agencies.

With the recently published study, where 200.000 passengers participated, it is clear which airlines own the best satisfaction in passengers and why.

Lufthansa is positioned at the head of the carriers for the 91.22% of passengers. The following positions are held by Swiss (86.38%) and TAP Portugal (84.82%).

KLM ranked fourth, getting down three places from last year results, and positively valued for 84.67% of passengers, followed by Aerolineas Argentinas (83.70%).

The Argentinian is the one that improved its position comparing it to the previous year, which ranked eleventh placed according to their passengers. In next positions, from sixth to tenth, Alitalia (79.75%), Air Berlin (79.60%), Air France (78.22%), Air Europa (77.77%) and Iberia (76.39 %).

In the last positions of the ranking we find U.S. Airways (76.20%) and British Airways (75.75%), and the bottom three are held by the low costs: Vueling (74.40%), Easyjet (71.94%) and, finally, Ryanair (60.14%).

This Travelgenio study shows that Ryanair is the most popular airline for Spanish passengers, although in terms of satisfaction is relegated to the last place in the rating of users.

Does fame pursues low cost?

In the  II Study about Satisfaction and Trends of airlines users, passengers where asked not only to make their valoration talking about their experience with the 15 airlines with more turnover in Travelgenio and Travel2be, but also to valorate another variables of the flights.

In the scale that quantified the facility for check in, flight punctuality, the price of the ticket and the management and billing rates for extra baggage, Ryanair is the most valued, as it was Vueling regarding the treatment of both ground and cabin staff.

Aerolineas Argentinas is best assessed in luggage included in the ticket price, while in this section, the low cost Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling are those that come off worst.

Users punctuate airlines

Finally, participants were asked to rate from 1 to 10 airlines, getting final grades as follows, showing some variation from the final satisfaction after the flying experience with them, which has much to do with the reputation of each airline.

1. Lufthansa – 8,26
2. Swiss – 8,25
3. KLM – 8
4. TAP Portugal – 7,81
5. Air Berlín – 7,60
6. Air France – 7,30
7. Alitalia – 7,25
8. Vueling – 7,00
9. Aerolíneas Argentinas – 6,90
10. Easyjet – 6,83
11. Iberia – 6,70
12. US Airways – 6,60
13. Air Europa – 6,58
14. British Airways – 6,50
15. Ryanair – 5,50

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