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According to Travelgenio, Ryanair Is the Most Demanded Airline in Spain

After the publication of the results and conclusions of the II Study about Satisfaction and Trends of airlines users by Travelgenio and Travel2be, the preferences of passengers are defined when choosing an airline

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Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- As it is shown in the II Study about Satisfaction and Trends of airlines users published by Travelgenio, the valoration of airlines is very possitive. About the 66,79% of passengers agree that if they talk about the last airline they used, the opinion is very possitive with high valorations.

The main reason for taking a flight is, firstly, leisure and tourism for the 46,27% of the asked passengers, while visiting friends and family represents only the 27,41%. Finally, the business trips is the third option for the 18,86%.

From the extracted data from that study, we can say that 37.41% of flights are to destinations in the EU compared to 21.54% which is decided by domestic destinations within Spain, followed, in third place by transoceanic journeys to the Americas, representing 19.57% (of which 6.15% are the United States), ending with 2.2% involving flights to eastern destinations such as Japan, China or Indonesia .

But, which are the most demanded airlines by Spanish passengers? Although the low cost fame, travellers prefer these attending to prices. This explains why Ryanair is the most popular airline for the 13,38% of Spanish passengers.

We can find Iberia (13,16%) in the second place, followed by Vueling in the third with a 10,75% of users.

Out of the podium of the most frequent companies, Air Europa appears in fourth place with 7.2%.

Finally, and below the 6% of the purchased flight companies, we can find Lufthansa (5.92%), Air France (4.17%), Easyjet (3.95%), Argentinean Airlines and TAP Portugal (2 are located, 41%, respectively), KLM and Swiss accounting for 1.97%, 1.75% Alitalia, British Airways gets 1.54% notes and U.S. Airways and Air Berlin 1.10% respectively.

It is also significant that 27.41% of users airline don't choose any of the 15 companies with the highest turnover.

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