Adonis Golden Ratio Exposes the Truth About the Best Body Shape for Attracting Women


Valencia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Adonis Golden Ratio is a program which has been created by two of the most prominent experts in the fitness industry today, namely John Barban and Kyle Leon. These two guys are the leaders in providing breakthrough fitness programs that cover nutrition, muscle building and supplementation. Their latest program is the result of extensive research into the specific types of muscle building designed to give men the most attractive and most desirable body shape.

Barban and Leon fully understand the needs of men when it comes to building muscle. Irrespective of the reasons for wanting the best body shape, it is absolutely essential for men to use and implement a correct and effective program that will nurture them when building the perfect body. Barban and Leon have spent years researching in order to arrive at the perfect combination of diet and effective muscle building. The result of this research is the Adonis Golden Ratio. It is a program specifically designed to provide men with the perfect body shape in the shortest time possible.

Adonis Golden Ratio combines a customized 12-week training program and nutrition plan, which is designed to unlock the genetic coding of men and aid in the speedy development of well-defined muscles and a perfectly shaped body.

The program is designed to give fast results without cutting corners. The exercise program includes effective workouts that will change one’s body in no time and the nutrition program focuses on the type of foods that men need to eat when building muscle. The included supplementation guide in the program highlights some tips on how users can use certain supplements successfully.

Adonis Golden Ratio is ideal for guys who want to have the perfect body shape for attracting the opposite sex.

It is well documented that women are far more attracted to a specific male body shape, commonly referred to as an Adonis body shape. The Adonis Golden Ratio program will ensure you achieve that perfect bodily balance of muscle and proportion which will make you much more attractive to women.

In terms of cost, the program comes in an extremely affordable price, especially when held up against comparable programs and courses.

Get the perfect male body shape and start attracting more women by using the Adonis Golden Ratio. For a detailed review and more information about this exceptional program, visit

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