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Invest in's Browning Gun Safes to Avoid Firearm Mishaps at Home

LogoA sibling company of United Commerce Group Inc., is now offering a wide assortment of Browning gun safes to help gun owners in ensuring foolproof security of their firearms. These gun safes are manufactured with robust materials employing latest technology so that they can be used for long periods of time. The different types of Browning gun safes that individuals can order from this renowned online store include 2016 Browning SR37F Gun Safe Silver Series : 10-43 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, 2016 Browning M40F Gun Safe Medallion Series : 10-43 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, Browning SR37F Gun Safe Silver Series : 22-43 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, 2016 Browning SR26F Gun Safe Silver Series : 7-29 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent w/ Biometric Lock!, 2016 Browning SP33 Sporter Series: 10-40 Gun Safe and many others. Individuals planning to avoid unintentional gun accidents at homes can purchase any of these safes and restrict unauthorized access to their firearms. Offers Scratch and Dent Safes for Firearms Protection, a renowned name in the market of gun safes, offers affordable scratch and dent safes for firearms protection. These safes are manufactured with robust materials and quality tested on various parameters to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards. The wide assortment of scratch and dent safes they stock include 2016 Browning SR37F Gun Safe Silver Series : 10-43 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, Liberty Gun Safe: LX25 Lincoln 24 Gun Safe - Scratch and Dent, Fort Knox Maverick 6031 / 45-60 Minute - 32 Gun Vault - Scratch & Dent, Hollon HS-1600E 2 Hr. Fireproof Office Safe - Scratch and Dent and many others. Individuals wanting to buy a gun safe at affordable prices can order their desired scratch and dent safes online from their official portal,

Super Sale Now on at Sports Guns

One of the UK's leading retailers of air rifles and replica guns, who offer all of their items at the best possible prices continuously, are currently holding a 'Super Sale', allowing their customers to purchase the rifles of their dreams at truly unbelievable prices.

Requirements to Purchase Airsoft Guns in the UK: Just BB Guns Comments

If you live in the UK and are new to airsoft or you are thinking about taking it up, it is important that you know about the restrictions on purchasing realistic imitation firearms that are black or tan in color.

Solware Now Offering Leading Range of Colt Pistols

Solware, leading supplier of air rifles and air pistols, offering one of the largest collections within the UK is now proud to be offering a range of Colt pistols to their customers.

Solware Shortlisted for UK Best Gun Shop for the 4th Year Running

The Shooting Industry Awards takes place on an annual basis and showcases a plethora of categories to compete in. It is the only awards of its kind and one category "Best UK Gun Shop" stands out above the rest as it is the only one which is reader nomination, meaning that the public are able to select which gun shops should be up for a chance to win. Solware for the fourth year running were yet again shortlisted for this category, proving that they are a reputable and popular choice amongst many.

National Ammo Supplier Allows Customers to Buy Ammo Online

LogoNational ammunition supplier, LAX AMMO, allows customers to buy ammo online from the comfort of their own homes. They keep a large selection of factory new ammunition from a variety of different brand names. Remington, Winchester, Blazer, Fiocchi, American Eagle plus many more are all sold in both their online store and brick-and-mortar location.  They sell ammunition for a variety of firearms including handguns, defense weapons, rimfire, rifles and shotguns.

Online Ammunition Store Provides One of the Largest Selections of Ammunition on the Web

LogoOnline ammunition store, LAX AMMO, is one of the number one suppliers of ammunition in the U.S.  They are able to provide savings to customers by manufacturing their own supply of reloaded ammunition.  Reloaded ammunition involves collecting, reshaping and reloading a bullet casing that has already been fired.  They use a detailed inspection process to ensure that their reloaded ammunition is of the highest quality possible.  Their inventory of reloaded ammo is available in a variety of types and calibers.

Ammunition Online Offered by Premier Loading Center with Large Selection

LogoLAX AMMO has one of the largest selections of both new and reloaded ammo, making it one of the best places to buy ammunition online.  Their number one priority is buying bullet components at the lowest point possible so that they can pass their savings down to their customers.  They guarantee case quantity pricing for all of their ammunition.

Directed Energy Invites the Public to Participate in Its Voices of Humanity Kickstarter Campaign: Money Raised Will Beam and Launch Your Data Into Space

LogoFor the first time ever, everyone on Earth will have the opportunity to directly participate in space exploration by sending their personal messages and data into space via microchip and via laser. The project entitled "Voices of Humanity" is the creation of the Santa Barbara-based team lead by UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor Philip Lubin, Ph.D. and Travis Brashears, an engineering physics major at UC Berkeley.

Torrance Shooting Range Offers Safe Shooting Experience for Local Residents

LogoLAX Firing Range is a Torrance shooting range that is open to the general public.  This business has proudly been providing their products and services to the greater Los Angeles area since 1995.  Their shooting range is equipped with 14 individual shooting lanes that are 75 feet long.  Customers can bring in their own guns or test shoot with a variety of weapons provided by the range.  Shooters can fire with all handgun calibers, in addition to shotguns and high-powered rifles.

New Market Research Report: Riot Control System Market - Global Forecast to 2021

LogoRiot Control System Market by End User (Law Enforcement, Military), Product (Offensive Weapons, Defensive Weapons), Technology (Electromagnetic & Sonic Weapons, Kinetic Impact Weapons, Chemical Agents & Others) & Region - Global Forecast to 2021

Long Beach Shooting Range Provides Top-Rated Gun Range Services

LogoThe Long Beach shooting range is a local gun range that is open to the general public, in addition to police officers and other law enforcement agents. LAX Firing Range is centrally located which allows them to provide their services to the greater Los Angeles area. This individually-owned business has proudly been serving their customers since 1995, over 20 years. The shooting range is an impressive 25 yard-long course with individual lanes that provide privacy and safety for shooters.

Effective Protection at Body Armor Megastore

In June of this year, thousands of level III armor plates were recalled due to their inability to meet the standard of stopping a .308 traveling at 2,800 feet per second. This recall came as a surprise to the customers who had purchased these plates. Body Armor Megastore's products were unaffected by the recall, 100% of their products sold meet the standards that they need to adhere to.

Aviation Industry Editorial: Time for a Black Box Upgrade

LogoNo one is saying that aircraft tracking doesn't need an overhaul. It does. Examination of plane crash events demands it.

The Northern Shooting Show 2017

Rifle and airgun enthusiasts all over the UK are gearing up for the great annual Northern Shooting Show, to be held from the 6th -7th May 2017 at the famous Yorkshire Event Centre, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate. The show unites country folk and some of the biggest names in the shooting and outdoor activities industry in a friendly warm atmosphere which celebrates all shooting sports and showcases the very latest products and ranges from the biggest UK and European manufacturers.

IWA Outdoor Classics Show 2017

Airsoft enthusiasts from all over the globe are keenly anticipating the 2017 IWA Outdoor Classics show which will be held on the 3rd to the 6th March 2017 at the exhibition centre, Nuremberg, Germany. The show is the only dedicated world fair which celebrates and promotes outdoor, high performance sports and nature activities.

Lycoming Parts Manuals Ready for Take Off

Lycoming Engines produced their first aircraft power plant in 1929, and they have been leading the piston-powered aviation industry ever since. Now the company has teamed up with software provider Digabit to ensure its support documents, in the form of illustrated parts books with exploded drawings of engine parts and assemblies, are ready to match the quality that Lycoming's engine buyers have come to expect.

Hoplite Armor New Product Launch

LogoEffective July 4 2016, Hoplite Armor LLC has officially announced the launch of three new HASP (Hard Armor Shoulder Plate) variations capable of defeating multiple hits from a variety of ballistic threats.

Sterling Helicopter Offers 24/7 Aircraft Support

Sterling Helicopter is Philadelphia's only public-use heliport. The company has been in business since 1984 and services a broad range of makes and models. The business offers 24-hour Over The Counter (OTC) Parts Sales and Support. Sterling Helicopter also provides 24/7 Emergency (AOG) (Aircraft On Ground) support to assist in fixing aircraft in need. Many of the company's clients are local, but many international travelers and aviation enthusiasts land at their heliport every year.

Sterling Helicopter Is Philadelphia's Only Public Heliport

Sterling Helicopter was founded in 1984 when its Chairman (Jack Brown's) vision became a reality. The company is professional and friendly which has led to its rapid growth and maintaining the status of being the only public use heliport in Philadelphia. Sterling Helicopter's expanding reputation is due to their high-level helicopter repair and their array of helicopter service offerings at an affordable rate. The organization services aircraft from across the world and abides by the guidelines of the governing agency both locally and internationally.

Physical Protection at Body Armor Megastore

Throughout the course of history, protection has been defined in many ways. Cloth, metal, thick plastics, only over the course of the past half century have we developed the means of stopping rounds traveling thousands of feet per second. Thanks to the advent of kevlar and body armor plates, protection is now portable and affordable.

Leading Airsoft Company Just BB Guns Introduce New 'Pro Section'

From spring pistols for beginners looking to take up airsoft to insane airsoft rifles designed for the most experienced players, there are plenty of websites now offering all kinds of airsoft gear and equipment. However, leading company Just BB Guns have noticed a problem, one that many of you may have already experienced… If you are an experienced airsoft user you will probably already know that it can be quite irritating to scroll through pages and pages of items that are mainly designed for beginners. To combat this problem Just BB Guns have made it incredibly easy for these users to find exactly what they are looking for, with the addition of their new 'Pro Section'. Here it is possible for buyers to find products that they will love, including high-end rifles and pro grade accessories and equipment.

CO2 Airsoft Pistols Available from Just Airsoft Guns

CO2 airsoft pistols have been an incredibly popular choice for airsoft activities and users ever since they were first introduced to the industry. The preferred choice for many airsoft users the CO2 pistols offer a range of benefits which make them advantageous including the following: Launches the All New Range of Kodiak Safes

LogoA leading online gun safe store in the nation, has now introduced a new series of gun safes, Kodiak safes, to their collection. These gun safes are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools and fulfill the highest quality standards. The Kodiak safes are available with them in a variety of sizes, gun capacities, colors and designs. The different types of Kodiak safes that individuals can get from them include Kodiak K13ES – 18 gun, Kodiak K7136EX – 36 gun, Kodiak KSB5940EX (Strong Box) – 40 gun, Kodiak KS5940EX – 52 gun and many others. Most of these safes have 30-60 minute fire rating and can help gun owners in providing the ultimate protection to their firearms. These safes can benefit individuals in also keeping their valuables safe from burglary or fire and water damages.