Aerospace and Defense Press Releases

PAL Airlines Signs with InteliSys

It is with great pleasure that InteliSys Aviation Systems officially announces PAL Airlines of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada as an ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO client.

Cheap Ammunition Deals for Gun Enthusiasts Who Buy Ammo Online

LogoLAX Ammunition has revolutionized the way people buy ammo online. Their prices are so cheap that it is less expensive to order from their online store and pay for shipping than it is to drive to your local ammunition supplier and make a purchase in person. Their popularity and demand has skyrocketed so much in the last few years that they are now loading over a million rounds in their Inglewood, CA facility every week, making them one of the best places to buy ammo online.

Popular Online Ammunition Store Offers Cheap Ammo in Many Calibers

LogoLAX Ammunition is a popular online ammunition store that offers cheap ammo in many calibers.  This company was founded at a time when ammo was hard to find and very highly priced due to a massive, nationwide shortage.  In order to keep up with demand, LAX Ammunition loads over a million rounds in their U.S. facility every week.  That's over to 52 million rounds a year, making them one of the biggest online ammunition stores in the country.

Public Safety Drones Market Forecast to Reach $1.2 Billion in 2022

LogoArcluster pegs the market size for public safety drones at $1.2 billion in 2022 in its 2nd edition of its worldwide market analysis and forecasting study on the topic. The reports states that multiple public safety agencies are poised to lap up the benefits of using drones for security and critical missions. With increasing number of Government interests in drone adoption across multiple countries, the market for Public Safety drones is set to expand in the next five to ten years.

Hydrojet, Inc. Focusing on Expanding Technology

LogoHydrojet, Inc. is a company that has become a strong leader in their industry, which includes the manufacturing and assembly of aerospace composite structures, precision machining and waterjet cutting. As a family owned and operated company, the team at Hydrojet, Inc. is intensely focused on providing their customers with large bed composite machining services that will help keep their businesses running at an optimal level.

Champion Safe Co. Announces New 72,900 Sq. Ft. Gun Safe Manufacturing Facility

LogoCurrently under construction is a new manufacturing plant for Champion Safe Co. in Provo, Utah located at 2813 S. Sierra Vista Way. Just a short drive up State Street from their current building, this 72,900+ sq. ft. facility will be headquarters for a project that has been ten years in the making. Securing the land, obtaining permits and inclement weather have all been hurdles which Ray Crosby, owner of Champion Safe Co., has had to overcome in its construction. "We will now have a manufacturing facility that truly represents the quality of gun safes that we produce."

PBS Firearms Launches New Website

LogoPBS Firearms are a specialist branch of PBS International, specialising in the safe and legal transportation of dangerous goods around the world. In response to customer demand, PBS are proud to announce a brand new website, making it easier than ever before for sportsmen to transport their firearms.

Long Beach Shooting Range Offers a Day of Fun in the City

LogoEnjoy a day of fun in the city by stopping at the Long Beach shooting range. LAX Firing Range is the number one choice when it comes to shooting ranges in the greater Los Angeles area. They are perfectly located to serve all of Southern California. This range welcomes shooters of all experiences, from beginners to expert marksmen. Their staff is very knowledgeable and well-trained to answer any and all questions from customers. The premier Long Beach shooting range has been in business for over 20 years, accumulating a large customer-base and approval rating.

Talos Jewels Announces the Launch of New Custom Silver Jewelries

Italian online e-commerce site Talos Jewels has recently updated the store with a new collection of custom silver jewelries. According to sources, the latest addition to the store's catalog of products includes the Aphrodite ring, pendant chrono, and bracelet ares. It may be revealed that shoppers can choose to engrave their desired words and date on the rings and bracelet or personalize it when they buy from the store.

New Market Research Report: Soldier System Market - Global Forecast to 2021

LogoSoldier System Market by Sub-System (Helmets, Vests, Devices, Exoskeleton, Advanced Personal Clothing), application (Military, Homeland), Material (Steel, Aramid, Composite Ceramic, UHMWPE, and Others) & Region - Global Forecast to 2021

Market Report, "Global Military Aircraft Hangars Market 2016-2020", Published

LogoA military aircraft hangar is a closed building structure that shelters aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Traditional aircraft hangars are constructed with metals or concrete. Therefore, these are fixed and unmovable in nature. However, contemporary military agencies are also increasingly using composites and fibers to erect an aircraft hangar that is portable installation and can be shifted based on the requirements of warfare.

Just Published: "Global Agility Training Equipment Market 2016-2020"

LogoThe global sports equipment market has been growing at a steady rate over the last few years. The significant growth in demand for sports equipment in APAC has been a key contributing factor. In 2015, Europe and the Americas saw high demand for adventure and ball sports equipment, while the APAC region registered a rapid increase in the sales of ball sports and fitness sports equipment. The market is also growing at a rapid rate in South and Central American countries primarily on the back of demand for adventure and ball sports equipment.

Propulsion Systems Market - Global Forecast to 2021 - New Market Report

LogoPropulsion Systems Market by type (Air Breathing Engines, Non-Air Breathing Engines, Electric Propulsion Engines), Application (Aircraft, Spacecraft, Missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and Region - Global Forecast to 2021

Leading Airgun Specialists Pownalls Now Supplying Gamo Rocket Whisper IGT

The UK's largest and most renowned supplier of airguns, air pistols, fishing tackle and outdoor equipment, Pownalls, constantly impress their large customer base by extending their dominating collections on a regular basis – with one of the most recent additions being one of the greatest GAMO air pistols, the Gamo Rocket whisper IGT, offered from Pownalls at just £199.99.

Airsoft Objects Provide Top Tips to Unblock Airsoft BB Guns

When airsoft BB guns get blocked many people simply throw them away and purchase new ones however one leading provider of airsoft equipment, Airsoft Objectives, has recently provided information on how to unblock airsoft BB guns.

Protection when It Counts at Body Armor Megastore

There are situations where preparation counts for everything. For those who wear ballistic protection, preparation can save their lives, allowing them to reach safety or retaliate without sustaining fatal wounds. The utility of a piece of protection this potent cannot be overstated.

Lamperd Less Lethal Announces Continued Sales Growth, New Products and New Distributors

Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC:LLLI ) is continuing to experience strong sales growth due to increasing demand for the company's advanced security products which offer unique features and advantages not available form any other company. Orders for Lamperd distraction and crowd control grenades, including the Flash and Pepper Spray types are particularly strong. Customers for these products are recognizing the special features we have designed into them which make Lamperd grenades a clear choice over competitors' models. Lamperd is also now the only company offering Aerial Burst Pepper Spray Grenades for riot and crowd control. These new types weigh 1.5 oz. and can cover an area of 200 sq.ft. with powerful yet harmless OC pepper spray but no dangerous fallout coming down on the target area. Our Aerial Burst Pepper Spray Grenades can be fired from a 40mm launcher and reach 80 feet out, giving officers great range of use for large crowd disbursal and riot applications. The company is preparing increased manufacturing capability in anticipation of heavy demand for all of its crowd control products in light of heightened tensions in the U.S and many other countries around the globe. Lamperd currently has bids on tenders offers issued by potential buyers valued at over $20 million.

UK School Pupils Taught How to Face Dangerous Situations: Pownalls Comments

One school in Eastbourne, east Sussex has recently taken a very brave step – with head teacher Mike Fairclough deciding to teach the school's students how to face dangerous situations and objects in order to provide them with a confidence boost and life skills that they could possibly need in the future. This is something which Ofsted loves.

UK School Educating Students Regarding Air Rifles

A school in Eastbourne, east Sussex has changed the way we protect our children and in the head teachers own words has decided to "tear off the cotton wool from around our kids and cast it into the flames". This school has taken the very brave step in teaching children how to face dangerous objects and situations in order to build their bravery and confidence.

Only BB Guns Offer Key Tips to All Considering Purchasing BB Guns as Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching one leading supplier of BB Guns, Only BB Guns, has recently offered some top tips for all looking to buy BB guns as gifts. For those that don't know much about airsoft and BB guns, choosing the best and most appropriate option can be an incredibly difficult task – therefore these tips could definitely come in handy.

Airsoft Objectives Introduce SA80 L85A2 Blue Spring Rifle

Leading supplier of bb rifles Airsoft Objectives has once again updated their stock, ensuring that they are providing the most quality weapons at the most affordable prices. Now offering the renowned SA80 L85A2 Blue Spring Rifle for just £39.99, this gun presents the perfect option for both beginners and Christmas presents.

Drop the Hassle and Buy Ammo Online from Trusted Ammunition Manufacturer

LogoLAX Ammunition specializes in manufacturing and selling both factory-new and reloaded ammo. They are always fully-stocked with a large variety of calibers and types, making it convenient and easy for shooters to buy ammo online. In addition to selling big name brands like Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Federal and Remington, they also sell their own brand of LAX ammo. Their factory new rounds are stamped with the LAX logo, making them a major player in the industry.

Los Angeles Based Online Ammunition Store Ships Nationwide

LogoLAX Ammunition is Southern California's premiere ammo loading center.  Their U.S. based factory manufactures over half a million factory-new and reloaded rounds each week.  That's over 26 million bullets every year.  Due to their amazing manufacturing abilities, this online ammunition store is able to offer case-quantity pricing for all of their customers.  Their online prices are unbeatable; shooters will have a very hard time finding better pricing at any other ammunition retailer, either online or in-store.

Range Services and Affordable Tactical Gear Offered at Long Beach Shooting Range

LogoLAX Firing Range is the premiere Long Beach shooting range.  They have been serving their community and customers for over two decades.  The range's number one goal is to provide a safe and exciting experience for every shooter and spectator.  LAX Range features a variety of amenities, including gun rental services, a fully-stocked pro shop with ammunition & firearms accessories, a gun-cleaning service and much more!  They have made turned themselves into the one-stop shop of shooting ranges.  The Long Beach shooting range is a favorite among their customers.

Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative Multi-Tool – The STK – Launched by Kopis Designs

Kopis Designs has mastered the multi-purpose, Every Day Carry (EDC) tool niche with the STK Project. The functional design company reached their crowdfunding goal for their feature-packed pocket tool, the Sliding Tool and Knife (STK), within hours of launching their campaign on Kickstarter. Now, there are a limited quantity of the first production run tools remaining. Backers still have a chance to get their own compact STK, along with the Rift, a travel-safe, titanium pocket pry tool companion, at the Kickstarter discount price.