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Shooting UK Discusses Shooting Eye Dominance: Pownalls Comments

Shooting UK, an online site that publishes articles related to guns and shooting, has recently uploaded an article providing advice on eye dominance and shooting. The article states the difference between visual acuity and eye dominance. It says that visual acuity is the physical ability to focus on an object at various distances and under different conditions. On the other hand, eye dominance is all about how people's eyes direct their pointing.

Only BB Guns Now Offering Gift Certificates

With the number of people involved in airsoft growing on a daily basis in the UK, and more and more people choosing to get involved, one problem has arisen – This is, that when birthdays come around people want to buy their friends airsoft related items and unless they're airsoft enthusiasts too, they are left with no clue as to what is a good gift choice and what isn't.

Leading BB Gun Provider Teaches All to Shoot Accurately

Only BB Guns are a BB gun and airsoft provider with a difference – Not stopping at selling the most high quality items at competitive prices, but also offering top tips so that their customers can get the most out of their bb guns going forward.

Body Armor Megastore Provides Customers with Quality Tactical Vests

Tactical vests are a critical component to any military operation. When it comes to offering both protection and comfort, Body Armor Megastore has mastered the art. Body Armor Megastore provides its customers with quality tactical vests for a wide range of specific purposes. Military personnel will find that Body Armor Megastore offers both variety and comfort in all of their gear. Customers in need of tactical vests are urged to contact Body Armor Megastore to find out what they can offer for their next missions.

New Ammo Store in San Diego Gives Its Residents an Alternative to Buying Ammo

LogoThe average ammo store in San Diego has good customer service, but their inventory and cost tend to be a different story. To counteract this, LAX Ammo has expanded their business into San Diego with their premier ammo store in San Diego. As a result, residents of San Diego can now buy ammo for less than what they would normally pay from other retailers.

Encompass Aviation Chooses the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite

LogoEncompass Aviation has secured a multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for its SkedFlex Air Operations Suite. SkedFlex will enable Encompass to operate its Surf Air operation in Hawthorne, California, at peak efficiency while maximizing its use of critical pilot and aircraft resources.

Global Active Protection Systems Market Evaluated for Progressive Growth at 7.1% CAGR, Forecast Report Till 2025

LogoThe Increasing demand for land based defense system and ballistic missile defense system is steadily fueling the market of active protection system at the global scale. Moreover, the rapid modernization of military equipment in different regions of Asia-Pacific has made it the fastest growing area at the global scenario. To discuss in-depth, Market Research Hub (MRH) has lately added a research study titled as "Active Protection Systems Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025" to its vast report archive. As per research findings, it is anticipated the global active protection systems market would reach a value of US$5.253 billion by 2025 from US$2.847 billion in 2016, with a progressive CAGR of 7.1% during 2017-2025. Announces a New, Unique and Innovative Website for Jet Transport Aircraft Delivery Services, a reliable and dependable source for professional aircraft delivery and repositioning services announces its newest and most innovative website designed to help customers achieve their goals when it comes to moving jet transport category aircraft in a fast, efficient and affordable way. Pilot Fred Schroeder is the owner and operator of the site. The website is innovative, easy to use and highly intuitive. This allows customers from across the country and from virtually any place in the world to quickly source experienced and knowledgeable pilots needed to move a wide range of jet transport category aircraft to just about any place in the world at any time. Fred Schroeder pilot and business owner is the driving force behind this valuable aviation website.

New North Bali Airport Pre-Tender Event to Replace Groundbreak Ceremony

LogoThe 'North Bali International Airport Consortium' has announced a decision to change the date and theme of their planned presentation ceremony, originally scheduled for August 28th, 2017.

Metamagnetics Wins 2017 START Stage I Program, $100K from MassVentures

LogoMassVentures, the venture capital arm of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, recently named Metamagnetics one of the winners of the 2017 START Stage I program. START is a $3.4 million initiative to help growing companies commercialize technologies developed under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts. Metamagnetics is a leading provider of ferrite-based magnetic material technologies for mission-critical security, surveillance, and communication systems.

Shooting Range Near Westside of Los Angeles Gives Competing Ranges a Run for Their Money

LogoLAX Firing Range has an eager staff willing to provide you the best possible experience from a shooting range, more so than any Long Beach shooting range. Other Long Beach shooting ranges don't always have the most professional employees or best customer service, which is why LAX Firing Range was founded to fill the void.

Airplane Enthusiast Shares His Greatest Aviation Experiences in Debut Book

LogoRon Pagano, a flight-test engineer for thirty-four years with the Hamilton Standard Division of the United Aircraft Corporation (now United Technologies Corporation), shares his lifelong love of aviation in his debut book, The Adventures of an Airplane Nut. While many books on aviation tell the stories of flight heroes and aces, Ron is passionate about telling his story as an average guy who caught a chronic case of flight fever. Having had the opportunity to fly in over one hundred different types of airplanes over the course of his life and career, Ron has ample material to express what it's really like to live life in the air and come back down to tell each incredible story.

LAX Firing Range Recognized as One of the Best Long Beach Shooting Ranges

LogoThe LAX Range has been recognized as a top Long Beach shooting range because of their well-trained and polite staff. Whether you are new to firearms or extremely experienced, they will always be there to help you. Additionally, if you do not wish to participate in shooting guns at the Long Beach shooting range, their staff will take great care of you in their air-conditioned viewing room.

Speeding Up Firearms Licensing: Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, a popular website amongst shooters and home to shooting news and information of a wide variety recently uploaded their blog which is titled 'Will new police text alert system speed up firearms licensing?'. It has been stated that Thames Valley Police have decided to test out a new text alert scheme which will hopefully improve and speed up its firearms and shotgun licensing process.

Gun Control Law Change Causes Sales of Firearms to Drop

Gun Retailers across California are reporting significant drops in sales due to the stringent new law changes recently imposed in relation to the ownership of 80 percent Gun. For a store such as US Patriot Armory, which only sells 80% parts for rifles and pistols, the drop in sales could potentially be significant.

Pheasants Featured on School Menus: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, an online site dedicated to providing the latest news and event on shooting sports have recently posted an article stating that pheasants are now featured on school menus. The article says that GCSE students will now be taught how to cook the bird, this is because school teachers are partnering with BASC's Taste of Game Campaign.

LAX Ammunition Has Become a Premier Ammo Store in San Diego

LogoLAX Ammunition's ammo store in San Diego will surely carry what you're looking for. The inventory includes numerous name brands and calibers from companies such as Remington, Fiocchi, American Eagle, and Smith & Wesson just to name a few. The ammo store in San Diego also carries the LAX Factory Brand, which includes new or remanufactured ammunition.

LAX Ammunition, the Largest Ammunition Supplier in California, Sells Quality Ammo Online for Less Than the Competition

LogoLAX Ammunition is an online ammunition store based in Los Angeles that supplies all of your favorite brands and calibers of ammunition at unbeatable prices. In order to be competitive with other online retailers, the online ammunition store utilizes their own ammunition manufacturing facility and business connections to provide quality ammunition for the best prices.

Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines Signs 5 Year Contract with InteliSys Aviation Systems

InteliSys Aviation Systems is excited to announce that Atmosphere Airlines has signed a contract for the use of their robust airline reservation system, ameliaRES.

Body Armor Megastore Encourages Wearing Proper Protective Gear This Summer

Body Armor Megastore encourages people to take precautions and protect themselves effectively throughout the summer. A family-owned business from Royersford, PA, Body Armor Megastore believes that people should have the ability to defend themselves with an AR500 steel plate or a backpack insert. They are useful in different situations whether one is at a shooting range, on a hunting trip, or on the job as a civil servant, firefighter, or law enforcement official.

"Carfentanil and the Grey Death": Exclusive New Video Training from in the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty, the world leading producer of law enforcement video and internet training, announces its newest and life-saving training program – "Carfentanil and the Gray Death: What Every Cop Needs to Know" is available now.

Firnas Airways, UK-Based Startup Signs with InteliSys

Firnas Airways, the UK-based startup, is a new type of airline with plans to disrupt the market and aspirations to become one of the largest full service, long haul airlines in Britain. Firnas Airways will offer consumers flexibility, comfort, affordability and innovation and will be serving routes that are currently unserved or underserved by the current players.

LAX Online Ammunition Store, an Industry Leader That Provides Unmatched Products and Services on the West Coast

LogoLAX Ammunition has both, a brick-and-mortar store and an online ammunition store , but you will experience great customer service through either sales channel.  Their exceptionally trained staff will help you find exactly what you're looking for, whether you are a beginner or highly skilled marksman.  Through valuable customer service, LAX Ammunition has set their online ammunition store apart from the rest as one of the best in the business.

Fox Hunting Ban Repeal: Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, a leading shooting site in the UK, have released an article stating that fox hunting ban repeal could come sooner that people think. The article stated that shooters have now been encouraged to support a repeal of fox hunting, Theresa May has recently promised to give MPs a free vote in this issue, stating that she has always been in favour of fox hunting.

Luxury Wish List for Shooters: Pownalls Comments

Shooting UK, an online site which updates people on the latest gun news, have released a blog which asks the question, 'what's on every Gun's luxury wish list'. They have come together to release some of the most luxury items which every gun enthusiast would love, if money was no issue.