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UK School Pupils Taught How to Face Dangerous Situations: Pownalls Comments

One school in Eastbourne, east Sussex has recently taken a very brave step – with head teacher Mike Fairclough deciding to teach the school's students how to face dangerous situations and objects in order to provide them with a confidence boost and life skills that they could possibly need in the future. This is something which Ofsted loves.

UK School Educating Students Regarding Air Rifles

A school in Eastbourne, east Sussex has changed the way we protect our children and in the head teachers own words has decided to "tear off the cotton wool from around our kids and cast it into the flames". This school has taken the very brave step in teaching children how to face dangerous objects and situations in order to build their bravery and confidence.

Only BB Guns Offer Key Tips to All Considering Purchasing BB Guns as Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching one leading supplier of BB Guns, Only BB Guns, has recently offered some top tips for all looking to buy BB guns as gifts. For those that don't know much about airsoft and BB guns, choosing the best and most appropriate option can be an incredibly difficult task – therefore these tips could definitely come in handy.

Airsoft Objectives Introduce SA80 L85A2 Blue Spring Rifle

Leading supplier of bb rifles Airsoft Objectives has once again updated their stock, ensuring that they are providing the most quality weapons at the most affordable prices. Now offering the renowned SA80 L85A2 Blue Spring Rifle for just £39.99, this gun presents the perfect option for both beginners and Christmas presents.

Drop the Hassle and Buy Ammo Online from Trusted Ammunition Manufacturer

LogoLAX Ammunition specializes in manufacturing and selling both factory-new and reloaded ammo. They are always fully-stocked with a large variety of calibers and types, making it convenient and easy for shooters to buy ammo online. In addition to selling big name brands like Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Federal and Remington, they also sell their own brand of LAX ammo. Their factory new rounds are stamped with the LAX logo, making them a major player in the industry.

Los Angeles Based Online Ammunition Store Ships Nationwide

LogoLAX Ammunition is Southern California's premiere ammo loading center.  Their U.S. based factory manufactures over half a million factory-new and reloaded rounds each week.  That's over 26 million bullets every year.  Due to their amazing manufacturing abilities, this online ammunition store is able to offer case-quantity pricing for all of their customers.  Their online prices are unbeatable; shooters will have a very hard time finding better pricing at any other ammunition retailer, either online or in-store.

Range Services and Affordable Tactical Gear Offered at Long Beach Shooting Range

LogoLAX Firing Range is the premiere Long Beach shooting range.  They have been serving their community and customers for over two decades.  The range's number one goal is to provide a safe and exciting experience for every shooter and spectator.  LAX Range features a variety of amenities, including gun rental services, a fully-stocked pro shop with ammunition & firearms accessories, a gun-cleaning service and much more!  They have made turned themselves into the one-stop shop of shooting ranges.  The Long Beach shooting range is a favorite among their customers.

Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative Multi-Tool – The STK – Launched by Kopis Designs

LogoKopis Designs has mastered the multi-purpose, Every Day Carry (EDC) tool niche with the STK Project. The functional design company reached their crowdfunding goal for their feature-packed pocket tool, the Sliding Tool and Knife (STK), within hours of launching their campaign on Kickstarter. Now, there are a limited quantity of the first production run tools remaining. Backers still have a chance to get their own compact STK, along with the Rift, a travel-safe, titanium pocket pry tool companion, at the Kickstarter discount price.

Carry-on Shield Against School Shootings & Violence

LogoNational expert on dynamic failure, Dr. L. Roy Xu has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his pioneering personal protection product Carry-On ShieldTM. In recent 20 years, Dr. Xu works on cutting-edge research of advanced materials and structures funded by US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Defense as the principal investigator/engineering professor. Under the support from NSF's Innovation Corps program, the breakthrough shield is developed in Texas, and this stabproof/bulletproof product is designed to safeguard civilians from knives, bullets or any sharp objects during terror attacks or violent incidents.

CEO David Grant of Omni-Lite Industries Explains the Growth of the Aerospace and Military Divisions in the Company

LogoCEO David Grant of Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. (TSXV:OML and OTCQX:OLNCF) was interviewed on the Uptick Network Stock Day Podcast with host Everett Jolly. In addition to the company's consistently strong financial metrics, Mr. Grant discussed the company's diverse mission critical products and their material science background. David also went into detail discussing the company's growth in the Aerospace & Military divisions.

Los Angeles Shooting Range Offers One-Stop Shop for Gun Owners

LogoLAX Firing Range is the premiere Los Angeles shooting range. They have been serving their customers for over 20 years now. Their number one goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone that enters their facility.  Due to various amenities including a gun rental service, a large pro shop with gear & accessories, a gun-cleaning service and more, they have made themselves the one-stop shop of shooting ranges.  The Los Angeles shooting range is a favorite among gun advocates.

Prepping for Any Situation with Body Armor Megastore

All across America, families prepare their homes and loved ones for the worst. In the Midwest, many homes are made with cellars to provide shelter from extreme winds, storms and tornados. In the South, families prepare for floods and tropical storms that threaten the integrity of an entire community. Along the West Coast, many properties are built to withstand seismic shocks and earthquakes that can literally tear apart city blocks. Offers an Exclusive Collection of Winchester Safes for Sale

LogoOne of the most reputable providers of gun safes in the country,, is offering an exclusive collection of Winchester gun safes for sale. All of these gun safes are manufactured with the highest quality alloys using cutting-edge technology to ensure durability and strength. They have in stock an extensive range of Winchester safes in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some of the Winchester gun safes that individuals can purchase from them include Winchester BD36 Big Daddy 75 Minute Fire Safe/48 Gun Safe, Winchester Treasury 26 Gun Safe 90-minute Fire Rating, Winchester Pistol Rack, and much more. People planning to purchase a highly durable gun safe for the security of their firearms can visit to explore an array of Winchester safes.

Avoid Gun Accidents Due to Storage Negligence with American Security Gun Safes from, a reputable online store for gun safes, offers a wide range of American Security gun safes at the most competitive prices. American Security gun safes are robustly build with heavy duty construction with 1/2" solid steel doors and ensure the utmost security of guns when they are not in use. These gun safes help gun owners keep their guns kept away from curious children or unauthorized personnel who can unknowingly pull the trigger on a loaded gun and hurt themselves or someone else. All the American Security gun safes that company offers come with a limited lifetime warranty and superior fire ratings to meet the highest quality standards. Firearms stored in an American Security gun safe are not only protected from unauthorized access, but also safe against various natural disasters such as flood, fire damages, and many others.

TV Personalities Enjoy a Day out Clay Pigeon Shooting: Airsoft Objectives Comments

It has recently been reported that TV personalities, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly were joined by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to enjoy a day out clay pigeon shooting at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. Schofield and wife hosted the event to raise money for the charity, Shooting Star Chase, there was 25 teams in total and ended up raising over £40,000.

40k Raised by TV Stars at Charity Shoot: Solware Comments

The charity event was held at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School (RBSS) where the Schofield's have been shooting for over ten years, and over 25 teams got involved, many of which included famous faces. Ant and Dec and Holly Willoughby were just a couple of the other celebrities at the event.

Garrison Grip Introduces SmartDraw Pocket Holster

LogoIn a progressively more complex world, more Americans are looking to firearms to defend themselves from surprise attacks. In fact, June 2016 saw the most FBI gun background checks of any June since the current system went into effect. More recently, concealed carry permit holders will welcome a newcomer to the holster arena with the arrival of the SmartDraw Pocket Holster from or GUNizer Holsters by Garrison Grip. The patent pending device weighs just 1.9 ounces, and is made from a combination of materials that allows for comfortable storage and rapid retrieval. It is an innovative holster that is sure to change the way gun owners carry their firearms for the better.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Annual Charity Event: Pownalls Comments

It was recently reported that injured veterans joined in on the Clay Pigeon Shooting Annual Event which is a contest utilised to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. The competition was held at Spennymoor and this year saw 178 competitors and over 100 spectators. Former soldier Bartlett raised £10,000 for the charity at the clay pigeon shooting competition which was held this year.

Avoid the Hassle and Buy Ammo Online from LAX Ammunition

LogoFor customers that want to buy ammo online, LAX Ammunition's website is the ideal place to do so.  They carry a large stock of ammo in a wide variety of types and calibers.  For those looking for popular name brands like Remington, Winchester, Federal, Freedomunitions, LAX Ammunition carries all of them.  They also manufacture and sell their own brand of ammo in both factory new and reloaded varieties.  They offer amazing deals for customers who buy ammo online.

Survey at National Parks Show Public's Support for Shooting: Solware Comments

A survey has recently taken place which was directed at people who live and work in National Parks. There are 15 National Parks in the UK, a few being, The Lake District, Exmoor and the Yorkshire Dales. The survey found that shooting, as a recreational activity was the third most popular sport, this doesn't just show how great the sport is but also shows how supportive the public are.

Customers Who Buy Ammo Online Are Offered Unbeatable Deals by LAX Ammunition

LogoLAX Ammunition offers ease and convenience for shooters to buy ammo online.  They work with big name brands like Winchester, Remington and Federal, selling all of these brands in their online store and brick-and-mortar location.  They also sell their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammunition.  Their reloads are 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the company and offer a cheap alternative to factory new ammunition that can get expensive during times of scarcity.  Their online store offers an alternative, the option to buy ammo online. Offers Hollon Safe to Provide Utmost Security to Firearms and Other Valuables

LogoOne of the most renowned online stores for offering top-notch quality gun safes,, is offering Hollon Safes at the most competitive prices. These gun safes are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards and meet the varied needs of the customers. The Hollon Safe are available with them in a variety of sizes, gun capacities, colors and designs. The different types of Hollon Safe that people can get from them include Hollon ES-20 Hotel Safe, Hollon HS-500 2 Hour Fireproof Home Safes, Hollon 3D-2820MM- Depository Safe, Hollon BHS-45E Black Hawk Series 45 Gun Safe and many others. All of these safes comes equipped with technologically advanced locking system and the best fire rating to withstand even the hazardous circumstances. People who are looking for a gun safe to safeguard their firearms and other valuable can visit to explore an array of Hollon Safes.

UK's Biggest Online Retailer of BB Guns Offers a New Price Promise

UK's largest online retailer of fully legal BB guns, Cheap BB Guns has recently announced their new price promise which will guarantee that buyers get clear, upfront and unbeatable prices.

Cheap BB Guns in UK Offers the Widest Range of Legal BB Guns

Cheap BB Guns is among the largest online sellers of the latest models of fully legal BB guns at the lowest prices possible. The store is able to deliver such an extensive range of BB guns and accessories by building strong partnerships with local and international manufacturing brands, such partnerships allows Cheap BB Guns to offer the most affordable prices as well as ensure that each product is original and of high quality.

Visit Long Beach Shooting Range, LAX Firing Range, for Fall Thrills and Fun

LogoLAX Firing Range is a Long Beach shooting range that is centrally located to serve the greater Los Angeles area. Their facility features 14 fully-automated lanes that are up to 25 yards long each. They have a large selection of firearms for customers to rent, including shotguns, rifles and handguns. There is an LAX Pro Shop on the lot that has a large selection of ammunition and gun-related accessories. For those who want to fire some rounds in the Long Beach Shooting range, they offer affordable ammunition in a variety of calibers and types.