Aerospace and Defense Press Releases

Recently Released Market Study: The Kazakh Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2018: Market Profile

This report provides analysis on competitive benchmarking along with top companies active across the Kazakhstan defense industry. It features insights into the recent activity and strategic initiatives of key public sector companies that support the industry. The information is divided into sections such as company overview, products and services and alliances, to give the reader an understanding of the business environment in which the defense industry operates.

New Market Report Now Available: The Global Military GPS/GNSS Market 2013-2023 - SWOT Analysis: Market Profile

This report provides readers with an exhaustive analysis of industry characteristics, determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the Military GPS/GNSS market.

Excellent Selection of Military and Tactical Gear Available at Ecommerce Website

Bringing high quality tactical gear to law enforcement and military agencies worldwide for over 15 years has made a name to reckon in the industry. The Texas based company, has supplied exclusively to U.S military and other countries, proudly delivering only superior military gear and service. Offer Affordable But Quality Optics and Lights Crucial to Combat Situation

Combat optics are crucial in dangerous situations as they help people see in the dark and their target. Many companies manufacture high quality optics that could allow a person to remain hidden and at the same time acquire target. the largest supplier of military paraphernalia including laser aiming illumination offer great selection of optics and lights considered essential by many people in the military, police, and special units.

Breaking Records in Traffic and Sales

LogoMark Leenheer, owner and founder of the Federal Firearms License website, announced today the staggering increase in sales and utilization of federal firearms license (FFL) kits. Through this surge, the website has seen record-breaking site traffic visits and an increased interest in the information regarding home-based FFL kits.

Finding Aviation Jobs in Houston Gets Easier As the Aviation Community News Job Board Gets Revamped

Aviation Community News, an online magazine for aviation professionals and enthusiasts in the Houston area, announced today exciting changes to its job board format and offerings. The magazine’s associated job search website for the Houston area,, underwent a software update. The update allows categorical job searching, ability for employers to browse resumes, as well as the capability to add screening questions, effectively eliminating applicants who do not possess the minimum qualifications. The magazine now also offers a new aviation and aerospace industry job search board specific to the state of Texas at

Leading Aerospace Manufacturer Launches Space Age Technology Into the Specialty Car Care Market

International AERO Products announced today their new product SHIELD, a 2-part paint protectant. SHIELD is a catalyzed, co-polymer that chemically binds to painted surfaces to create a deep, luscious shine, while also protecting painted surfaces for up to two years. The easy to apply protectant has been a detailing staple of sister company, International AERO Services, which has been cleaning multi-million dollar private aircraft for years.

Firearms Dealer Gun Merchant Account Redesigns Website

Gun Merchant Account has redesigned their website for setting up online FFL Firearms Dealers for them to obtain online Credit Card Processing. is one of the only internet credit card processing companies that offers online firearms and ammo sellers the ability to accept online payments.

Customers Take to the Skies With Online Aviation Insurance from

Lloyds of London wrote the first aviation insurance policy just over 100 years ago. Today, aviation insurance is still as vital as it was then. Most people who need aviation insurance turn to aviation insurance agents, but over the last few years, the number of agencies active in general aviation has declined.

Curtis Superior Valves Welcomes Air Power Inc. As New Distributor

With over 68 years, designing and manufacturing quick drain valve products engineered for superior performance, Curtis Superior Valves proudly announces new distributer Air Power Inc. into their aviation enterprise.

Barry Controls Aerospace Adds Air Power Inc. As a Distributor

Barry Controls Aerospace is pleased to announce the addition of Air Power, Inc. as a Stocking Distributor of General Aviation engine isolation systems. This new relationship significantly broadens the market reach for both National and International customers further extending Barry Controls Aerospace’s global service and support activities.

Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs Announces Tom Deierlein as Keynote Speaker for Networking Event

The Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs is pleased to announce that ThunderCat Technology CEO Tom Deierlein will be the keynote speaker at the Association’s networking event at Centennial, Colorado’s Innovation Pavilion on April 17, 2012. The dinner and networking event will bring together business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and media, along with special guest speakers to spark conversation on the valuable contributions Veterans bring to the entrepreneur community.

Gateway Kent Examines Thames Estuary Airport Plans to Come Under the Spotlight

The case for a Thames Estuary airport is to be put under the spotlight by a powerful group of business chiefs and council leaders. The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) is to commission a major study into airports in the region. The study will consider "the optimum location for a potential hub airport" in the area. The LEP is a group of business and council representatives which is set up by the government in order to steer job creation and boost investment in the region. It has identified the Thames Gateway as a key area for its aim of helping create 113,000 jobs in North Kent and south Essex over the next 20 years. Managing Director of Gateway Kent commented, saying “If these plans get the go ahead, the airport is set to be possibly the largest airport in the world – a great accomplishment for such a small country – compared to countries as large as USA and China. Creating 113,000 jobs is an added bonus” Brings the Best and Widest Selection of Scopes and Hunting Optics to New Website

The world’s most demanding hunters and sportsmen are consistently choosing to find the best in rifle scopes as well as pistol and spotting scopes. The new e-commerce website focuses on outdoor sport and hunting optics from the world’s best manufacturers.

Advertisers Take to the Sky This Spring Break With Help from AirSign Aerial Advertising

Students, restaurants and resorts everywhere are preparing for this year’s spring break madness soon to hit beaches throughout southern areas of the United States.

Connector Supplier, BTC Electronic Components, Expands Glenair Line With “Full Nelson” Shrink Boots

LogoThe Series 77 “Full Nelson” Environmental Shrink Boots from Glenair provide leading-edge environmental and mechanical protection. BTC is a franchised/authorized Glenair distributor.

Force Production Launches New Demon Force Sniper Rifle Chassis

Force Production Inc. announced today the introduction a their new Demon Force Sniper Rifle Chassis. Designed for the precision shooter, it incorporates a modular, shooter friendly platform that can be installed and maintained by the end user without requiring gunsmithing.

Lone Eagle Features Helicopter Fleet and Services in New Website

Lone Eagle Aviation Services, one of the largest helicopter operators in North Australia, launches its website,, to showcase their fleet of aircrafts and for easy accessibility of their clients. Featuring a gallery of their helicopters and services offered, their online site provides clients a view of what they can look forward to with Lone Eagle’s helicopter charter services.

Connector Distributor, BTC Electronic Components, Expands Product Base With Preci-Dip AS39029 Contacts

LogoPreci-Dip is a leading manufacturer of interconnect components and further expands BTC Electronic Components extensive product roster.

Herold Precision Metals Depends on MIE Solutions ERP Shop Software

LogoIn this modern day and age, it is very important to be able to locate exactly what you need when you need it in order to maximize the results of each and every endeavor which has the aim of helping us grow on a personal or professional level. In fact, ever since the oldest of times, the economy was based on trades and reciprocal support for the well being of everyone involved. These principles are still in place, seeing how every business which is projected to be a success bases its operations on innovative, proficient tools that form the much needed infrastructural support. All companies working to manufacture sheet metal products will understand that a manufacturing software and even an inventory software or a job shop ERP software are crucial to acquire and, consequently, the need to capitalize on the benefits made available by the products and services offered by MIE Solutions becomes apparent.

Connector Distributor, BTC Electronic Components, Earns AS9100 Rev C Quality Certification

LogoThe audits were conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., an internationally accredited registrar for management systems standards who verified that BTC’s quality system fulfills the requirements for the AS9100C:2009-01, EN9100:2009 and JIS Q9100:2009 standards.

‘CPOL Employment’ Offers Free Help and Advice to Civilians Interested in a Military Career

Some people mistakenly believe that in order to work in the military, they must be enlisted in one of the branches, have served on active duty, or be a member of the reserves.

3rd China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit

Followed by the success of the last two Aerospace Manufacturing event, the 3rd China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit held in late Sept, 2011 was another highly-anticipated, influential industry event. The joint conference of the five provincial aeronautic societies from Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Sichuan and Shaanxi started in early 1990’s. It had 25 years of long history and was only held once every two years. This year’s event, again, attracted 200+ industry experts from all over the world. The director general of COSTIND- Jiangxi province, Mr. Xianshu LI; deputy chairman of Jiangxi Provincial Science Society, Mr. Chunping LIANG all participated at the event.

Lucintel Analyzes Emerging Carbon Fiber Applications, Expects Them to Drive Carbon Fiber Market during 2011–2016

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, analyzed the emerging carbon fiber applications market and presents its findings in the report, “Emerging Carbon Fiber Applications: 2011–2016.”

Emerging Carbon Fiber Applications 2011–2016: Trends, Economic Feasibility and Profit Opportunity Analysis

According to Lucintel’s research indicates that, applications for carbon fiber are increasing day by day. Until 2000, aerospace, industrial and sporting goods applications drove the increased usage of carbon fiber. Great demand for carbon fiber driven by new commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 787, Airbus A380, and A350 XWB; weight reductions in automobiles for greater performance and fuel efficiency; growing use of carbon fiber in the wind energy, offshore oil and gas development and several emerging carbon fiber applications are likely to drive growth during the next five years and beyond.

Value Chain Analysis of Boeing 787 2011-2016

October 2011, Boeing on finding itself in the crucial situation of having lost market share to Airbus had to respond in order to regain its leading position by enhancing customer benefits and recapturing an advantage over its competition. The diversification strategy included the new midsize (200–300 passengers), long-range 787series. The 787, nicknamed the Dreamliner, was designed to meet the demand for direct, long-distance connections between cities with a moderate capacity demand.

Lucintel Anticipates Robust Growth in Indian Aerospace Supply Chain Market Aircraft Consumption Expected to Approach US $24 Billion by 2016

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the Indian aerospace supply chain and presents its findings in its report, Indian Aerospace Supply Chain Market: 2011.