Says African Mango Plus Was the Top Seller in August 2012 is a leading online retailer of nutritional supplements serving customers worldwide.

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- The African mango weight loss nutritional supplement ‘African Mango Plus’ was the top selling African mango product on in August 2012. For more information click here.

African mango extract has been highly touted as a weight loss supplement over the past 2 years in the US and other western countries. But its’ use as goes back centuries in the Cameroon region of Africa. The Cameroon region of Africa is also the only place where African mango fruit is grown and harvested. Watch this video for more information

The African mango fruit produces a seed which is called a Dika nut. The seed is sometimes spelled Dikka. From this seed comes an extract comes which is used as a weight loss nutritional supplement. African mango is also known as ‘Irvingia’ and ‘Irvingia Gabonensis.’ The name Irvingia comes from Edward George Irving, a Scottish Royal Navy surgeon who discovered the plant in the 1800’s.

In a clinical study published in 2009 showed weight loss and body fat reduction in study participants. The study participants getting the African mango extract lost an average of 28 pounds within 10 weeks. Once the results of this study was covered in the news, interest in African mango supplements for weight loss started growing. And then after a popular TV doctor gave it an enthusiastic recommendation, worldwide interest grew exponentially.

Some people mistakenly believe that eating African mango fruit or other mangos will help with weight loss. But, regardless of the nutritional benefits of eating mangoes, it is the extract from the seed that is used for weight loss and not the fruit itself. While African mango supplementation has shown dramatic results in early clinical trials, common sense should dictate that improving eating habits would be an advisable first step when trying to lose weight. And, where possible, increased exercise or physical activity should be considered for people trying to lose weight. Consumers should consult with a licensed physician prior to starting any exercise or supplementation program.

About is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. They are a retailer of nutritional supplements specializing in African mango extract supplements. The products featured on their website are shipped to customers worldwide.