James Blackstone

After Successful Beta The-CultureCreative.com Launched, Aims to Become Cultural Creative Movement Hotspot


Everett, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- With the rave reviews received for the beta version, the-CultureCreative.com is now open to public. Mr. James Blackstone, the site founder hopes to make the site a Cultural Creative Movement hotspot.

The site is presently focussed on a host of interesting topics like Stress Relief, Producing Electricity at home, natural health, Chi Gong and Anti Aging and features Facebook Integration to drive the movement through social media. The site advocates using natural methods to maintain physical and mental health. The website also discusses self sustenance and the law of attraction. When asked about the law of attraction and if it really works Mr. Blackstone said "A better question to ask is “does the law of attraction really work for you?” I’m pretty sure if you knew your wish is your command you wouldn’t wish for bad things to happen to you. It’s very natural for negative thought patterns to emerge accompanied with a negative feeling." Explaining further He said "Our core beliefs are stored within the subconscious mind and that in turn reflects on the way we act, so one must learn to reprogram the subconscious mind with positive beliefs and also teach their minds to see the positive things in life even if negative things happen." This is the core idea to law of attraction he says.

The website features a popular segment on effective stress relief techniques. Talking about this Mr. Blackstone said "Being calm before a stressful event or anticipated stressful event is paramount and one of many stress relief techniques. In order to accomplish that feat, it really pays to anticipate the event and thoroughly prepare for it. That will boost self confidence and minimize the impact. Another easy way to build self-confidence is to make sure you get lots of rest and some exercise on a regular basis. So rest, confidence, and great preparation allow you to reduce stress."

We will continue to share more research and guidelines on the site, thus the visitors will always have something to look forward to, an example being our guide on Chi Gong. "One can use relaxation techniques like Chi Gong to relieve themselves from the negative impacts of stress." To the question of what is chi gong in common terminology he said "It is the cultivation of life force, through various forms of physical, mental and lifestyle exercises."

The movement advocates self sustenance and features notes on sustainable forms of power. Replying to our question on how self sustenance can be achieved he said " Reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources is at the root of so many of Mother Earths, (and our own) pollution issues. And it only makes sense to seek out renewable energy sources to remove our dependence on fossil fuels. And to do this one must be able to produce electricity at home , safely and at affordable prices." With this raving start, Mr Blackstone said he is looking forward to increasing activity through guest posts from fellow movement followers, social sharing of information and commenting; all of which would lead to sincere discussions and fruitful actions.

About James Blackstone
James Blackstone hails from Everett, Pennsylvania. He has been associated with the Cultural Creative movement for over ten years now and is a strong advocate of information being the genesis of change. His project, http://the-CulturalCreatives.com aims to bridge the information gap and drive the movement forward.

If you’d like more information about cultural creative movement or to schedule a meeting an Mr. James Blackstone , please contact him via email at james@jamesblackstone.com.