Analyzing E Liquid to See the Reality of Electronic Cigarette Health Risks

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- The issue that has been on the minds of e liquid users has been the effect or rather the Electronic Cigarette Health Risks That Are Associated with them. There have been many reports that state that the e liquid/e juice contains many elements that will have the same adverse effects as regular cigarettes and in some cases they have been stated to be worse. This was given further weight that electronic cigarette health risks are associated with the presence of propylene glycol which is also found in anti-freeze. Whilst this is true for the e liquid does contain that, what is not known is that propylene glycol has been approved by the FDA and the CDC for use and it is even available in asthma inhalers.

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But the reality on the ground about the electronic cigarette health risks is that it is based on tests that are not federally approved or sanctioned. In fact many have claimed that these tests that the e liquid is being exposed to are wholly biased because they are being done in artificial conditions that are nothing like what is on the ground. Yet the reality on the ground is that there are many that are saying that by using the best e cigarette products they are now feeling better as compared to when they were with regular cigarettes. But the hidden card that the e liquid has is that in the almost 10 years that electronic cigarettes have been on the market, they have zero causality globally.

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The e cigarette brands have always been welcomed to tests and studies to be done into investigating to see if there are any electronic cigarette health risks. Many Believe That The E Liquid Has Made Vaping A Better Option As It Now Allows Smokers To Experience A More Personalized Smoking Experience.

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