Crystal Stone Ltd

Announcing the Launch of Mesmerising Quartz Tiles in Latest Designs

Crystal Stone Ltd is a wholesale distributor of tiles that cater to the home decoration purposes of all customers.

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Durham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Crystal Stone Ltd is a wholesale distributor of tiles that cater to the home decoration purposes of all customers. They have launched the new mesmerising designs in starlight quartz tiles that can enhance the appearance of any room. Homeowners can remove your old decoration and use these to give a glittering new ambience to your house.

Starlight quartz tiles are durable materials and increase the brightness of the room. They are hard-wearing materials which are suitable for floors and walls. Homeowners can get a traditional or a modern look by using these in creative ways. 95% of quartz is added in the manufacturing process to increase their long-lasting nature. They have tiny specks present on the surface to reflect light in an outstanding way. These are very strong materials which do not crack or break easily. They are resistant to stains and scratches which makes them an ideal choice for floors and walls.
They are non-porous which do not allow the penetration of moisture into the surface. This allows easy cleaning of the surface without any stain retention. They offer a sparkling appearance at all times. They do not show their age easily which increases the value of any property. Black colour is a famous option in these tiles to get a unique appearance. Use of black and white combination to create a checker board pattern is highly popular. They do not need sealant application while installing the tiles. This reduces the cost of your home decoration.

Customers can also get some discounts when they purchase the tiles in bulk. They can get all different shapes and sizes from them. The experts in Crystal Stone Ltd will support the customers in selecting the right colour and pattern for your house. They can get all the queries solved by talking to the experts before buying the tiles. Customers can view all the new launches on the company’s website. They can some installation and maintenance tips along with tips about some cleaning products.

About Crystal Stone Ltd
Crystal Stone Ltd is a reliable supplier of natural and manufactured tiles, which always launches the latest designs into the market first, before any of the other tile suppliers. Customers can order some samples which will be delivered at your door step. Designers and homeowners can get the right choice of tiles which suits their décor and give a spectacular ambience to the surroundings.