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Appeal Launched to Fund Gary Joe Mitchell Project

An appeal for funds has been launched in aid of the Gary Joe Mitchell project, which would enable Hick-Rock band Will Tommy Jones to complete the recording of their second album

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- A funding appeal has been launched online in aid of the Gary Joe Mitchell project, which funds raised going towards the recording of the second album by Hick-Rock band Will Tommy Jones. The goal is to raise $5000 in total in order for the band to record tracks on their second album, with which they hope to make a global impact with songs that are enjoyed by both country and rock fans of all ages.

The deadline to raise the $5000 is 13th January 2014, at which time all funds raised will go towards the project even if the full amount has not been reached. The band is appealing to anyone who has an interest in bringing new music to the scene and those interested in supporting the arts to help by donating or sharing details of the appeal via their social networking sites with those who may be willing to help raise money for a project.

Those wishing to help financially can contribute whatever amount they like, but the band is offers a range of perks based on the amount contributed. Some of the products and perks that contributors can get based on the amount they donate to the fund includes signed albums, being listed on the credits as an associate producer, CDs, promo pictures, signed photos, free admission to shows, a free private gig by the band, and studio visits.

A spokesperson for the band said: "Will Tommy Jones has a diverse fan base with people of all ages listening to their music. The money raised from this appeal will enable the band to record and complete their second album, which means that they can enhance the lives of others with their powerful yet upbeat music. We hope that those who appreciate the arts and music will be willing to make a contribution to help make this happen, and every small contribution will prove invaluable in helping us to reach our goal." 

About Gary Joe Mitchell
Gary Joe Mitchell is a singer and songwriter, and is the lead singer of Hick Rock band Will Tommy Jones.