Tech-Cigarette Debates Whether Electronic Cigarettes Are Safer Than Regular Cigarettes

E cigarette review website has expressed a frank opinion on whether electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Electronic cigarette review website has expressed its frank opinion on how e cigarettes prove to be a safer and a more suitable smoking mechanism as compared to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is not a new habit and it is definitely several centuries old. Nonetheless, it is increasing at a rampant speed and this in turn has prompted several smoking enthusiasts to consider puffing an e cig, as this seems to be a carcinogen-free alternative.

As per spokesperson, “The question, ‘are electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes’, is not tough to answer. The obvious facts pertaining to tobacco cigarettes have made it very clear that a single regular cigarette contains over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, several cancer causing carcinogens, tar and other materials that can cause severe damage to the human body. On the contrary, tobacco cigarettes are free from carcinogens, tobacco, tar, chemicals and other substances that may be considered harmful for the human body. The only exception is the presence of nicotine in e cigs. Nonetheless, smokers have the choice of selecting either a nicotine filled cartridge or a zero nicotine cartridge. Hence, options are numerous in the case of an electric cigarette.”

In an interview session with, Leon Morris said, “I was a regular smoker and I used to consume a pack of regular cigarettes daily. I then developed chronic asthma and the doctors attributed it to the build up of tar in my lungs that was owing to tobacco cigarette usage. As I could not quit smoking, I opted for e cigarettes and after a year of puffing on e cig starter kits, I feel much better and my breathing pattern too has improved considerably.”

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