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ARKADEN the New York City Rapper/producer Announces New Album "REAL TALK" to Be Released in Stores January 1st, 2014

ARKADEN the New York City Rapper/ Producer and former US Army Veteran who jumped out of planes and was in Special Ops has taken his Rap Game to the next level with the release of “REAL TALK” the album for January 2014.

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Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- ARKADEN just announced his upcoming album, REAL TALK. The album will be dropping on the 1st January 2014. ARKADEN the 36 year old, Bronx New York City Rapper/Producer/ Songwriter made the announcement lately online over twitter and has been making some serious noise in the streets about this jaw dropping Album “REAL TALK”.

ARKADEN started his career after his tour of duty in the U.S. Army before picking up the mic just a few short years ago. ARKADEN "I started making beats, so I thought I would be more useful supplying the production." Arkaden began growing tired of waiting on people to jump on his beats so he started dabbling in songwriting first by creating hooks to go with his beats then eventually creating complete songs.

While exercising his skills in rapping/ songwriting his growing popularity and his recordings began being leaked by friends eventually spreading to the streets of New York. A team comprised of his engineer, producer, “Dotty Dose It” and “Mike Smooth” fellow artist’s was automatic.

After doing a lot of studio collaborations in earlier this year working on singles such as “Famous” featuring B Silva; Arkaden decided to buckle down and focus on recording solo tracks which will be heard in “REAL TALK”. After 2 months of hard-work "Famous" was dropped online and in the streets receiving rave reviews placing it on several music charts.

The Disk Jocks in the Atlanta Strip Clubs as well as Dj Philly Phill got a hold of the leaked song “Famous” when it started getting heavy rotation in the most popular night clubs such as Sues and more. Every guy and girl went wild with the Strippers as guys began throwing money up in the air because of ARKADEN lyrics on the track.

ARKADEN is currently in the studio almost every day mixing and recording with his latest song called "Back Shots" which he plans to drop on his upcoming album which talks about my “Journey to the top of the Rap Game”. This will be the first record and official street single off the album "REAL TALK ". ARKADEN has teamed up with Blast Songs for music promotion.

”People can expect features from the likes of Juicey J, Papoose, and Chris Brown and more.” says ARKADEN.

For bookings please email keepcalmmusicgroup@gmail.com or call 347-415-4412.

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