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Artist Norman Rockwell Paintings on Sale at Amazon.com

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Gujranwala, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- A recent treasured painting made by American artist Norma Rockwell was recently uncovered, and is now on sale to interested art afficionadoes who are fortunate enough to come across it. Norman Rockwell (1884-1978), and his paintings are truly symbols of America. This American painter and illustrator is famous for his work depicting the many varied elements of American culture. Norman Rockwell was a prolific painter, providing different magazine covers for many years, and creating hundreds of popular pieces of art. His work, often depicting images of daily life in America, were a huge hit, and he was also often contracted to provide work for American wartime propaganda too. Artist Norman Rockwell paintings are much sought after. His most valuable piece was “Saying Grace”, a classic piece depicting a family saying grace over dinner in a public restaurant, which was sold to a private collector at a Sothelby’s phone auction for $46 million, a record high for any American artist.

A very popular series of Norman Rockwell’s work was the World War II era Willie Gillis paintings. These patriotic paintings follow the story of a young fictional character as he went through the World War II as a private. 11 Willie Gillis paintings were created by Rockwell, and published as the cover of the magazine The Post in the 1940s. Subscribers loved the Willie Gillis paintings so much that many believed them to be based upon an actual soldier. The series of paintings told the story of Willie from the time of his induction into the US Army, to his discharge from the army. A beautiful final piece was made, depicting Willie years later studying as a college student funded by the GI Bill. Inspiring, none of the paintings showed Willie in combat situations, instead focusing on his everyday life as a soldier during the war.

The newly discovered original painting portrays the character of Willie nervously carrying a package from home while his comrades follow him with devious grins upon their faces. The picture is a humorous and patriotic portrayal of military base life. For years the location of this original oil painting has been unknown to the public, until recently when it was discovered that the painting has been hanging in the headquarters of a private company since 1968. The heirs of the original owners, during a company merger, donated the painting to the corporation, which is now selling the painting.

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The idea that anyone would be willing to part with such a classic piece of American art can be shocking, yet it is now being sold on Amazon.com for anyone that is an art fan. This is an excellent deal for anyone that considers themselves an art fan. Having this painting grace the walls of one’s home is an excellent way to show one’s love for art, and will add an air of culture and American pride to their home. Guests who come across this magnificent piece of art would be sure to be impressed by the painting, admiring the owner for their excellent taste in art.

About Norman Rockwell Paintings Willie Gillis: Package from Home, 1941
Willie Gillis: Package from Home, 1941 was Norman Rockwell's famous series of paintings and is a classic piece of American Art. Willi Gillis was though a fictional character yet it became so popular in the World War II era among the American people that that many wrote letters to the Post inquiring after his well-being.

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