Artists and Musicians Team to Draw Attention to 4/20's Spiritual Side

With the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado and Easter Sunday falling on April 20 this year's 4/20 is a landmark date.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Former Disney animator Neal Warner and the musical director of the John Lennon themed show "Just Imagine" Greg Piper have released a special music video to celebrate next Sunday's "high holiday". "I'm High" by their band The Tooners has been released as a single to radio and its psychedelic animated lyrics video is going viral on the Internet.

"We're not trying to glorify drug use," said animator and songwriter Neal Warner, "we're interested in drawing attention to another aspect of cannabis besides the medical, financial and personal liberties aspect. To us Baby Boomers, the legalization of marijuana represents an acknowledgment of the ideals of the Counterculture of the Sixties which included the Environmental Movement and the New Age Movement. Marijuana is actually classified by the government as a psychedelic* and despite their bad rap in this country, psychedelics are used in many other parts of the world in legitimate religious ceremonies. There is a heavy spiritual quality to natural psychedelics and cannabis is a part of that."

"Having said that," added Piper, "our single, "I'm High" is a humorous song taken from our live stage show, Rock & Roll Rehab which was performed at the historic Hayworth Theater on

Wilshire Boulevard in L.A. That show was divided into three parts; Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll with "I'm High" written for the "Drugs" section. Although its taken out of context it is still a fun but exaggerated description of what a psychedelic experience is like."

April 20 or 4/20 became the unofficial day of Cannabis when a group of high school students in San Raphael, Ca, in the 1990s decided to meet after class at 4:20 to smoke marijuana and the term 420 became a codeword among the students for smoking pot. It has since spread internationally and April 20 has become the International Smoke Out Day recognized by the estimated 250,000,000 members of the cannabis culture worldwide.

The Tooners' "I'm High" single is available on iTunes, Amazon and other online music services and the video can be viewed on Youtube or the Rock & Roll Rehab website:

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