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As Per Research Electronic Cigarette Boosts Memory Discusses talks about the research claiming that electronic cigarette help in enriching the memory of the smoker.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- A latest research has been carried out on electronic cigarettes, which show a boost in the memory of smokers by smoking electronic cigarettes. Though electronic cigarettes have been applauded with various studies showing the benefits of a smoker in different ways but the memory boost is one of a kind say experts. adds that the product is being preferred by smokers only because of their qualities which are way above than traditional cigarettes.

The research which was carried out by US research head exclaim that it’s been proved on smokers that electronic cigarette reduces the craving for nicotine while providing uplift in the memory. The research was performed on 85 smokers who were asked to smoke electronic cigarette and then they were subjected to mood and craving tests and a portion to memory tests says experts. The research discovered reduction in craving for other smoking devices and elevated the memory of the smoker. A smoker commented, “As a former smoker I cannot help but express pure joy over the smokeless cigarettes. When I first heard of them I was extremely skeptical of such a product but now I smoke like crazy. I have the one of the best electronic cigarette by South Beach Smoke”.

Many brands of electronic cigarettes have mushroomed in the past years says The review website talks about brands like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, EverSmoke, and other brands which the websites lists in the top ten brands of electronic cigarettes in the US. Electronic cigarette apart from sharpening the memory of the smoker also helps in minimizing the habits of smoking other devices which helps in making the environment smoke free says an electronic cigarette review. The research highlights the added benefit that the smoker will have after switching to electronic cigarettes. Many smokers have reported of feeling better by smoking electronic cigarettes reports experts.

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