At Best Electronic Cigarettes Do Want Kids Not to Smoke

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- The recent proposed electronic cigarettes ban for minors that was passed in Florida has been called by many to be a step in the right direction with many including the manufacturers calling it a welcome move as it makes Florida the 28th State to make such a ban to minors. It has been said that if the proposed bill of e cigarettes does make it all the way through the state legislature this year, it will go a long way in ensuring that the smoking devices are only available to the intended market of mature adult smokers. A state Senate committee had recently approved the proposal which have been made in light of the recent allegations that minors are able to use the smoking device and that this usage is growing.

This is in direct agreement with the statements and ethics of major e cigarette manufacturers who have been insistent that their products are made only for a mature market and that they welcome any measure by federal and state authorities in limiting their products to minors. The vapor cigarettes makers have been making on their part efforts to ban the sales of the smoking devices to minors including the use of credit cards and online banking means that which are not available to minors. The main thing that was not known is that the electronic cigarettes are being sold recreational smoking devices and yet they are growing in demand as well as in sales.

The major selling point of the electronic cigarettes has been said according to many to be the lack of tar as well as the fact that i8n the almost 10 years that they have been in existence, there have been no fatalities or causalities. In fact this has been further supported by the fact that the electronic cigarette brands have been achieving this under almost no regulations and without any oversight and yet this has been called by many to be exemplary and exceptional. In fact there many that are saying the e cigarette is being judged too harshly and really without justification.

Yet many are saying that the e cigarettes must be regulated in the same manner as regular tobacco cigarettes and that they must be treated the same, and then there are those that say they must be treated in the same way so as to prevent minors from accessing them. Yet there are more and more smoking that are choosing to buy electronic cigarette instead of the regular tobacco based variety and this had been said to be proof of the success of the smoking devices in light of their efforts to making better products as well as their efforts. The sales of the vapor cigarettes have been constantly growing since their introduction in 2003 with annual growth averaging in the ranges of 100%.

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