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Author Pokes Fun at Amateur eBook Writers

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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- “Bad Amateur eBook Writer Romance Story” by Ivana Murleau takes romance to a new level.

Ivana Murleau (get it?) mocks every amateur ebook romance writer and their poorly written metaphors in “Bad Amateur Ebook Writer Romance Story” (ISBN 9781927124246)

This hilarious tale is about a sinking love affair between famed Russian ballerina Nadia Vlyanislavakastolynichivanivich and Bud Wieser that starts on the cruise ship Costa Concordia. The romantic novella includes every current news event on the planet; Mitt Romney, gay marriage, Lady Gaga etc. Nothing is spared.

“We figured people will be bored for the holidays and wanted an easy, funny, cheap read, other than FOX NEWS, to share with their family and friends,” says Murleau.

Self-publishing has become the new fad and many writers, rejected by traditional publishing houses, are going it alone thanks to sites like and

Most literature critics dislike misused words, because it conveys a huge disrespect for the tools of the craft. However, Ms. Murleau marvels in it in her new ebook.

"Bad Amateur Ebook Writer Romance Story" is so popular, at the Open Mic Press office, senior staff had to sequester the proofreader because of his disruptive laughter.

Ivana Murleau is the jewel in the crown for Open Mic Press, because of her earlier ebook hit “The Best of Drunk Texter”. Which is, to this date, the highest selling eBook for the company.

The ebook retails for $2.99 but many sites are offering it at a special holiday season price of $0.99 cents.

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