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Citi Auto Group Giving Thanksgiving Dinner to Family in Need in Need

Citi Auto Group, which offers the very best deals on a fine selection of pre-owned vehicles to families across the entire Philadelphia area, is giving a complete Thanksgiving dinner to a Philadelphia family in need.

Locomotive Market 2016 by Industry Size, Share & Key Drivers 2024

Locomotive Markett Top Industry Growth Factors & Segments, 2016-2024

Semi and Big Truck Leasing for Bad Credit Customers with Easy Rig Lease

Over the years, it has become hard for clients with bad credit scores to find an automobile service that will lease a vehicle for them. Due to economic inflation and downfall of the US, companies have been more cynical regarding what type of clients they do business with. But Easy Rig Solution deals with bad credit clients and has provided them with an affable and easy solution for truck leasing.

Affordable Semi Truck Leasing and Financing Without a Credit Check - Easy Rig Leasing

It is almost inevitable that a client’s portfolio and his credit history will be checked by a leasing company before financing anything, especially in the automobile business. That leaves behind little or no possibility for a person with bad credit scores to lease a vehicle. But Easy Rig Leasing has provided bad credit customers with an option. Easy Rig Leasing specializes in big truck and semi truck financing. They work with customers wanting to lease semi or big trucks for business.

Big Truck Leasing and Financing with Easy Rig Lease

Since the mark down of the US dollar in the previous few years, companies and leasing firms refrain from doing business with clients who have a bad credit score. Leasing big trucks has become significantly hard and there are only a few companies out there who actually work with bad credit clients.

Nationwide Business Pays Cash for Junk Cars

LogoOnce a car has had its time on the road, it is time to retire it and move onto something newer. Getting rid of the old or junk car seems like a hassle and it does not have to be. Instead of wondering how to sell a junk car, look to 888 Pay Cash for Cars for the right option.

MySayara Redefines Car Classifieds with Solutions to Buy a Car Online in the Middle East

LogoMost of the world relies on technology for research. This includes buying and selling cars as it is easier to perform price comparisons versus condition and vehicle features than roaming car dealership properties. When there is a need to buy a car, this service makes it easy and returns results in just seconds based upon the criteria entered into the search boxes. MySayara helps people local to the Middle East find the perfect car, no matter where in the Middle East they are located.

Twin Transmission Repair Gives Back to the Charlotte NC Community

LogoTwin Transmission, the premier transmission rebuild service in the Charlotte NC area is pleased to announce that they are a firm dedicated to giving back to the community. With more than three decades of service repairing and rebuilding transmissions in the Charlotte NC area, they are well respected firm both for their service and for their long warranty period. Their warranty is the longest in the business with a three-year/unlimited mile offer. Other transmission repair facilities only offer one year or 10,000 mile warranty.

SUVXperience Creates 2014 Buying Guide to Showcase the Best SUVs of the Year

The SUV takes the design aesthetic of both the four by four and the luxury sedan and combines them to offer the driver a sense of both comfort and safety on the roads. However, in some SUV’s that sense of safety is misplaced, and the cost of operating such a large vehicle can be prohibitive unless they choose the right model. SUVXperience is an online resource center that allows people to find out the latest news about SUVs together with comprehensive reviews to ensure they are making the right purchase. All these resources have just been culminated into a 2014 Buying Guide, showcasing the best vehicles for key characteristics.

VIN Free Check Offers New VIN Decoder Service Making the Secrets of the VIN Open to All

When buying a used vehicle the primary fear people have is of not really knowing a car’s true history. Dealerships are renowned for massaging the facts, so cold hard data can be hard to come by unless buyers know what they’re doing. Fortunately, helps people uncover accidents, incidents, complaints and recalls against a vehicle. Most recently they have helped people use their VIN Check to identify whether their vehicle is one of the millions caught up in airbag recalls. With their latest innovation they have developed a downloadable VIN Decoder software. to Hold 50% off Sale, one of America’s fastest growing distributors of car covers, announced today that it will be holding a 50% off sale on all items it stocks.  The company, which was founded with the goal of providing the best quality car covers on the market at the lowest price possible, offers covers for virtually every vehicle on the market today.

Experience Affordable and Responsible Green Oil Change with Green Auto Lube

Green Auto Lube will be providing an alternative re-refined lubricating option to serve the needs of Green oil change. It takes less than 85-89% of the energy to produce this oil when compared to crude oil. It is a better option and an eco-friendly product. It is believed that the oil will be good for all kinds of engines and is also better than synthetic or the standard oil available on the market. The service Green Auto Lube provides is dependable, customer-oriented and aims toward making America less dependent on foreign oil. The technicians involved in the processing and delivering of the product are trained, certified, and thoroughly professional.

Big Truck Financing and Leasing with Easy Rig Lease

Truck Leasing, be it semi or big, has never been this easy and simple. Easy Rig Lease have expanded their services to the cyber space and now a leasing dealership can be signed in a few very simple steps. The company deals with semi trucks and big trucks at big truck financing where they have an extensive range of inventory displayed.

Easy Rig Lease Offers Semi Truck Financing and Leasing with in House Financing

There aren’t many vehicle and automobile leasing companies out there that conduct in house financing. They require the clients to place a specific sum of money as down payment before any financing and leasing can be done. But contrary to popular methods, Easy Rig Lease performs in house financing for the convenience of their clients. Easy Rig Lease specializes in semi and big truck financing, not only do they conduct in house financing but they also work with bad credit clients.

Amazing Semi Truck Leasing Solutions for Bad Credit Clients

Semi truck and big truck leasing has been made easy by Easy Rig Leasing. While many vehicle and automobile leasing companies prefer not to work with bad credit clients, Easy Rig Leasing specializes in providing services to bad credit clients. “Here at Easy Rig Leasing, we have simplified the process of leasing vehicles. Many people with a bad credit history end up browsing through lists of vehicle leasing companies, but there are a very few out there that actually don’t hold cynical views about bad credit clients. It is mainly because people have developed a more critical and alert approach to their business; in times like this, people don’t really want clients with baggage” a spokesperson from Easy Rig Lease explained why it is hard for people with bad credit scores to find a leasing company.

Semi and Big Truck Financing Without Any Down Payment

When leasing a vehicle, it is essential that the company one chooses is reliable and flexible. Easy Rig Leasing has made it easy for clients to lease Semi and Big Trucks at affable monthly installments. “Here at Easy Rig Leasing, we have simplified the process of leasing semi and big trucks. Our main goal is to prioritize our clients and give them the best service that they can find anywhere out there. We have some very simple procedures that are suitable for both good credit and bad credit clients” stated the spokesperson from Easy Rig Leasing.

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of Fan Blades

LogoWhen cars begin to overheat, the result can be devastating. Heat in the vehicle’s engine must be controlled, and in order for this to happen, cooling fan blades are of vital importance. Engines rely on the fan blades to prevent declining performance that could lead to rapid deterioration and permanent damage. In order to provide customers with high-quality replacement parts, Parts Geek has announced that they have expanded their inventory of fan blades to include over 1,800 parts. With their wide selection, there are fan blades available for almost all makes and models that individuals are driving.

National Car Parts Gear Up for Summer

LogoNational Car Parts, promptly becoming one of Auckland’s premier car wrecking companies, are gearing up for the warmer months with an additional boost in marketing their car removal and car part supply services.

Car Wreckers Adelaide SA Prepare for Summer

LogoCar Wreckers Adelaide SA, fast becoming Adelaide’s most prominent local car removal company, are preparing for the warmer months in Australia with an extra marketing boost for their car dismantling services. Releases Various Auto Maintenance Coupons for Car Owners

Any car owner knows the importance of regular repair and maintenance of their vehicles. Car owners can now find a variety of car maintenance coupons offered by The company offers coupons online for car owners to carry out their regular vehicle maintenance such as oil change, tyre change, wheel alignment and other types of auto repair services and save money.

Canadian Super Shop Aims to Extend Car Tire Life Through Professional Care Services

It is now possible for car and truck owners to extend their tires’ service life with the help of Canadian Super Shop. This dependable automotive service Winnipeg shop announced the launching of its wheels and tire services to car and truck owners. The service that this reliable auto repair Winnipeg repair shop provides will significantly prolong the service life of any kind of tire.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 98,500 Mercury Parts & Accessories

LogoEven though Mercury brand vehicles were phased out back in 2011, there are still people all over the world that drive these once well-known luxury vehicles. As a leading online auto parts distributor, the professionals at Parts Geek make it their duty to ensure that they have many different parts available for almost every make and model vehicle—including ones for those brands that have been discontinued. Therefore, those who are trying to find replacement Mercury parts will be pleased to find that Parts Geek has expanded their inventory to feature over 98,500 products. Releases Info Graph of the Saudi Auto Market is the largest online used cars marketplace in the Gulf countries, the website also shares useful information about the automotive market to its users to help them chances of buying or selling a used car. Recently released an info graph of the Saudi auto market stats and figures during the first half of the year 2014.

Easy Rig Lease Now Offers Semi Truck Leasing with Take over Payment Option

Semi truck and big truck leasing has been simplified by Easy Rig Lease and their affable modus operandi. They provide their clients with a very amiable service. While most companies out there don’t deal with clients who have a bad credit history, they perform strict surveys on a client’s credit score before signing a leasing dealership. The leaves people with bad credit no option for vehicle leasing and they end up looking everywhere and browsing through directories and databases for hours. Offers Top Quality & Custom-Made Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycles are as popular as cars – in fact; some people even prefer them more than any other means of transportation these days. Not only are they trendy but they are also excruciatingly fast; which is what adds up to their overall appeal. However, safety measures have to be taken seriously while riding any kind of motorcycle. This calls for the most important accessory that arrives with them, which is none other than helmets.

Parts Geek Expands Windshield Wiper Motor Parts Inventory

LogoThe last thing anybody wants when inclement weather hits is a broken windshield wiper motor. Plus, having properly functioning windshield wipers—along with a functioning windshield wiper motor—is of extreme importance because a driver will be unable to see if either one of these vital components cease to function during a rainstorm, snowstorm or ice storm. Therefore, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that have expanded their windshield wiper motor parts inventory to feature over 4,300 products. What’s more, their windshield wiper motor parts are able to ship quickly as many are available for overnight or 2 day shipping.

Semi Truck Leasing and Selling Made Simple by Easy Rig Lease

In the cutting edge times of today, leasing companies have an array of rules and regulations when it comes to leasing a vehicle to a certain client. Due to the inflation of the stock market, leasing firm only lease to clients that can ensure a perpetual flow of payments without an delays. At Easy Rig Lease, semi trucks and big trucks can be lease regardless of one’s credit history. Easy Rig Lease specializes in financing big trucks and semi trucks for all clients.