Automotive Press Releases

Patriot Chevrolet Announces March Madness Markdown Special on Select Models

LogoJoining in on the spirit of March Madness and college basketball, Patriot Chevrolet is announcing a markdown special for customers purchasing new cars. With their jump shot contest, those who buy a new vehicle from the leading Chevy dealer in King of Prussia will have the opportunity to shoot a basket on the showroom court and instantly receive $500 in cash before pulling off the lot. When the pressure is on, show off on the showroom floor to win cash prizes.

Absolute Reg Launches New Website to Provide Personalized and Cherished Number Plates Affordably Online

Personalized number plates are a great way for people to assert themselves out on the road, stamping a mark of ownership and uniqueness on their vehicles.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Painting and Detailing for Show Cars

LogoDiscerning show car owners are frequently hard-pressed to find a local auto shop that provides the complete range of services required to prepare a vehicle for an upcoming show. For those seeking these exacting kinds of auto body repair services in Philadelphia, Executive Auto Salon is proud to announce their full line of painting and detailing services for show cars. No matter the stringency of the painting and detailing requirements, Executive Auto Salon will meet and exceed them.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 3,400 Cadillac CTS Parts

LogoRecently, Car and Driver named Cadillac's CTS model to their 2015 10 Best Cars list. As an award-winning vehicle, many people who own a CTS place a high priority on ensuring that it is kept in great condition. For CTS owners who are looking to find affordable replacement auto parts and accessories, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 3,400 Cadillac CTS parts.

Champion Traffic School Advocates the Probable Road Traffic Safety Solutions to Reduce the Number of Car Accidents

LogoBased on the latest statistics in terms of injuries and deaths brought about by road traffic accidents, there have been millions that have been documented all over the world and is still increasing in number. There have been 1.24 million deaths worldwide in 2013 due to these devastating road accidents, meaning 1 person dies every 25 seconds. This data have been documented by the World Health Organization in their report on the number of fatalities due to road traffic catastrophe.

Champion Traffic School Reiterates the Most Predominant Causes of Road Traffic Accidents and the Best Ways of Preventing Them

LogoRoad Traffic Accidents have become very rampant in almost all parts of the world. Most of the news reports would feature devastating car collisions hurting a number of people and damaging a lot of properties especially vehicles. The numbers of car crashes and auto accidents have become extremely alarming which is why different states all over the world have come to a lot of theories and have innovated some ways to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

Honda Unveiled Their Third Generation Jazz at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

It is an update of Honda's third generation Jazz, which was launched in 2013 in North America. Initially, it will be available to the Indian market, and will be built there. The new model is 95mm longer than the previous car and has more luggage capacity. It is expected that the ability to fold the rear seats completely flat will be built into this new model.

Alfa Romeo 4C to Debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

They call themselves the 'Alfisti' - The true fans of the famous Alfa Romeo marque. For the last few years they have had very little to shout about, with the UK line-up limited to just the MiTo and Giulietta. Fine cars though these two undoubtedly are, they do not get the blood flowing in quite the same way as some classic Alfas of old.

Hyper-Cars Impress the Crowds at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is under way once more, and the prestige marques have been showing off some incredible new vehicles. These hyper-car makers seem to be bucking the trend of the recent economic downturn to produce ever more luxurious, and ever more expensive, new cars.

Subaru's 2015 Outback Sets New Sales Record in Australia

When the Japanese car firm overhauled their Outback, they deliberately designed it for countries with terrains like Australia and Tasmania. Both areas have rugged and challenging roads and tracks that require tough vehicles to navigate safely. It seems they have the balance between style and functionality right, at least when it comes to the Australian market.

Ford Tops the UK Fleet Car Tables Again Says SMMT

In 2013, 156,106 new Ford models were sold to UK fleet owners. This made the manufacturer the most popular for fleet vehicles. In 2014, 164,901 new Fords were added to company fleets.

Parts Geek Announces Expanded Soft Top Parts Inventory

LogoWhen it comes to owning a convertible that allows for its top to be removed or replaced, some drivers may desire a softer alternative aside from the original top or a hard top the vehicle comes with. Therefore, those who are looking for a lighter alternative to their convertible's original or hard top will be sure to find what they are looking for on In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce their expanded soft top parts inventory.

Record Breaking Used Car Sales in the UK Says BCA Used Car Market Report

The BCA Used Car Market Report showed that last year over 7.4 million units were sold. That is more than in 2006 when used car sales reached and all time high. The value of these car sales was £42.7 billion, which was up by 4.2% year on year. For the first time the value of used car sales outstripped the value of new car sales and did so by £6 billion turning the UK car market on its head.

Experian and the DVLA Says, Demand for Used Cars in 2014 Grows at a Record Pace

After years of difficult trading conditions, used car dealers have been able to breathe a sigh of relief. The latest sales figures indicate that for them the recession is over.

Survey Shows the Sales of Small Cars Have Grown at the Fastest Rate

This is largely related to the fact that UK companies have become very cost conscious. The recession has taught UK business owners to keep their overheads as low as possible, and one area they have paid particular attention to has been fleet costs.

BMW 1 Series Production Hits Milestone of Two-Million Marks Just Before the New Model's Launch

It's hard to believe that BMW's entry-level 1 Series was launched as long ago as 2004. Offering buyers BMW's hallmark rear-wheel-drive handling in a smaller package with hatchback practicality, it proved a hit with buyers.

South Wales Dealer Says, Easter Brings Good News for Used-Car Buyers

Easter usually brings a slowdown in the car market, as consumers turn their thoughts towards tidying up the house and garden after the ravages of winter. But this year's early Easter holiday, coming not long after the March plate change, means for people who are prepared to buy there will be plenty of cars to choose from.

Convertible Car Seat Review Launches New, Informational Child Safety Campaign

Convertible Car Seat Review, the leading online source for unbiased, in-depth reviews of convertible children's car seats, launched a new child safety initiative. Springing from the experiences and research that have made Convertible Car Seat Review one of the most respected authorities on the subject, the new campaign will aim at heightening public awareness of how crucial car seats are and how best to choose among them. Convertible Car Seat Review representatives will be available to the media, and a variety of scheduled events will help to further this important goal.

Florida Commercial Truck Insurance for Specialty Vehicles & Applications

LogoSpecialty trucks and commercial vehicles have unique designs, features, applications and usages, so why should they be restricted to commercial auto insurance policies which fail to account for all of that? ACI Insurance provides specialty commercial truck insurance for any and all types of vehicles and businesses, ensuring that the right truck for the right job also has the right insurance to back it all up.

Introducing an Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Owners to Hide Their License Number Plates

Stealth Plate Store is a reputed online store, selling a wide variety of license plate hiding systems for vehicle owners. They now bring an ultimate solution for vehicle owners to hide the license number plate, and it can even operate using a remote control. The spokesperson of the web store reveals that this new stealth license plate frame is a very useful product in this category and it comes with several amazing features. The device is easily installable, which hardly takes a few minutes. In emergency situations, a vehicle driver can quickly hide the license plate and can drive the vehicle unnoticed on the road.

Green Auto Lube Offers Oil Change in Spokane WA at Affordable Prices

In a view to provide environmentally-friendly service, Green Auto Lube will be providing its customers with the services of Oil Change in Spokane WA. Changing a vehicle's oil is a regular process that is done to increase the life of an engine. But, one must rely on a quality service provider; otherwise it might hamper the engine's settings. Customers are likely to benefit from the services of Green Auto Lube as the company will be providing bio-based oil to an entire fleet of vehicles including all types of cars, trucks, vans and more. Customers will get customized services as per their needs.

Champion Racing Oil Wins with Jack Elam and J&J Auto Racing

LogoGeared towards Sprint Car Race Teams, Champion is offering through the month of April a $500 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a new J&J Auto Racing "Deluxe Kit" and $1000 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a new J&J Auto Racing "Roller Kit". Visit or call J&J at 800-526-5406 for more information on the kits.

"I Ride with Billy" Motorcycle Run - A Fundraising Event

LogoThe "I Ride with Billy" Motorcycle Run is a fundraising event organized to commemorate Billy Baehne's life and his favorite worthy cause. Billy Baehne was killed on his motorcycle last summer, at the young age of 24, when a truck towing a trailer, pulled out in front of him.

Champion Oil to Display at 2015 SEMA Middle East Trade Show

LogoThe SEMA Middle East Trade Show allows participants to gain insight into the growing specialty market for Middle East racing and performance enthusiasts. Through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, participants will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which applications.

According to Analysts at CAP Automotive, Used-Car Buyers Given Help with New Finance Package

People looking to buy used cars are set to get access to more attractive finance packages as the market adapts to flourishing new-car sales.