Automotive Press Releases

Twin City European Auto Repair Company Launches Interactive New Website to Maximize Customer Service

Proudly serving the Twin City area as a premier Bosch Service Center for over twenty-five years, Valley Auto Care makes scheduling services even easier for customers with a newly redesigned website platform. Valley Auto Care is staffed with highly trained technicians focused on all types of European and American automobiles from standard-sized sedans to German supercars.

Keyes Lexus of Van Nuys Kicks off Limited-Time Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Sales Event

Keyes Lexus announced the start of a special Certified Pre-Owned sales event running until June 1st. Covering dozens of vehicles in the dealer's inventory that have passed through the demanding 161-point Lexus Certified Pre-Owned inspection process, the Keyes Lexus sales event represents one of the most affordable opportunities in history for buyers to drive away in a top-quality Lexus vehicle. One of the country's longest-running and busiest Lexus dealers, Keyes Lexus provides unbeatable long-term customer service to every client, a commitment that has produced a number of highly coveted "Elite of Lexus" awards for the dealership. Car Buyers in Long Island, NY offers convenient car sale services extending to all of Long Island and the whole state of New York. People with questions like ‘How do I sell my car on Long Island’ can get top dollar at Sell Your Car For Cash, which claims to wrap up deals in a matter of minutes. Customers can enjoy the benefit of getting top dollar for their vehicle, without being too concerned about their vehicle’s model or condition.

Food Logistics Looks at FSMA and Seegrid Robotics

LogoThe need for traceability is a current trend in the food sector. An automated warehouse can help food and beverage managers easily track and trace products in the warehouse, whereas a warehouse utilizing only manual operations is more vulnerable to traceability errors. “Humans are prone to mistakes, but with the robotics side of things, you get consistency, reliability and your inspections go much more smoothly,” noted David Noble, VP of sales and marketing at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Seegrid. In the current issue of Food Logistics magazine, reporter Maria Hoffman discusses revamping warehouses with robotics, sharing that next-generation robotics by Seegrid are driving safety and efficiency. Hoffman described that food and beverage facilities have historically operated under more stringent cleanliness and hygiene standards. And new rules and regulations in the U.S. and overseas are raising the bar even higher. The recently announced Preventative Controls rule and the Produce rule—both part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)—are one such example. However, while regulatory compliance is getting tougher, robotics can help meet the new demands.

Cars of the Future Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

The 83rd annual Geneva Auto Show is currently taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. It is considered to be one of the most important major auto shows.

Rent a Car with Fudeks Ltd Through the Company's Relocated Website

When traveling to different countries, renting a car is recommended. Today, more vacationers choose to rent vehicles on trips due to convenience, comfort, and economic value.

Hyundai Plans to Phase Accent Exclusive Review by researches that Hyundai may be planning to phase off Accent very soon. Accent has seen many peaks and falls in its living phase. In the year 2005 around 30,000 units were sold. In the month of March 2006, 3,500 Accents were sold. As compared to this, in 2011, only 11,000 new Accents were sold in India and 2012 witnessed a steep decline. In Jan 2013, sales figures had dwindled to just 157 units.

Chubby's Cruisers Launches Customized Cruiser Bikes to Meet Increasing Public Demand

A recent survey indicated the number of Americans riding a bicycle on a daily basis is increasing by approximately 25 percent each year. The majority of these cyclists ride their bicycles for health and fitness reasons, but following closely as the second most common justification is environmental concern. Many cyclists also ride their bikes to avoid traffic related congestion, to save money on fuel and to avoid the hassles and expenses pertaining to parking. Due to this upsurge in biking popularity, Chubby's Cruisers has launched a campaign to meet increasing public demand with their top quality Cruiser Bikes at easily affordable prices. Gains Reputation for Helping People Find the Best Auto Transport Prices

Moving a car over a long distance might seem a simple task. A car is, after all, a moving vehicle. The easy way to transport a car is simply to drive it. However there are some situations where that just isn’t feasible, either for logistical reasons or to avoid subjecting a particularly rare or old automobile to the rigors of a cross country drive. Whatever the reason, there are businesses who engage in specialist auto transportation services.

Da-Les Auto Body Adds Website Guide on How to Create an Auto Body Yelp Review

In an effort to help their thousands of satisfied customers create an auto body shop Sunnyvale Yelp review, Da-les Auto Body has recently posted a screencast to their website that walks clients through the process. The Sunnyvale and Cupertino auto body repair and collision specialists serve the San Jose and Sunnyvale areas catering to foreign and domestic vehicles.

Critic Gives out Reviews and Comparisons About Best Motorcycle Gears and Accessories

Final Lap is an online critic which deals primarily with motorcycle gears, parts, and accessories. Aside from posting reviews, this critic also compares items with one another to determine which items are more superior.

Champion Offers Export Opportunities for Racing Motor Oils

LogoChampion, during the past few years, has developed a top-tier standard for racing and performance lubricants that suits the needs of International engine builders, race teams and performance enthusiasts.

Champion Is Seeking Performance Distributors for Synthetic Racing Oils

LogoChampion Racing Oils contain high zinc and phosphorous formulas designed to deliver the correct balance of chemistry to protect high performance engines. These products also contain Champion’s proprietary TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) which extends oil film capacity for better protection at high temperatures and contain special lubricity modifiers to reduce friction, and unlock the full potential of any engine.

North Hollywood Toyota Announces New Spokesperson

LogoScion, leading new and used Los Angeles Toyota dealer, has recently selected an official spokesperson, Veronica, for their 2013 Los Angeles Toyota commercial ad campaigns. The “Veronica” campaign marks a direction change for the Los Angeles car dealers. North Hollywood Toyota customers can expect to see Veronica in multimedia ads throughout the year.

Seegrid Robots and Jobs Reviewed by Plant Engineering Magazine

LogoRobots create jobs and help move workers to better, higher paying, fulfilling, and safer jobs, according to John Hayes, national accounts manager at Seegrid, manufacturer of driverless robotic industrial trucks. “Qualified workers are difficult to find. Automation doesn’t take satisfaction away. Automation is empowering, by eliminating labor in some areas, taking some non-value-added activities out of the process,” Hayes said during a recent material handling session titled: Fact: Robots = Jobs.

Southworth Products Corporation Sees Growth with Ergonomic Award Winning Liftn Buddy

Southworth Products Corp is the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries. From lifting and positioning work, handling pallets, to working with parts in containers or transporting loads, Southworth has a way to make the job faster, safer, and easier.

All Trucking Jobs Launches New Video Series

LogoWith the truck driver shortage growing every day, All Trucking Jobs has launched a new video series to help individuals considering a trucking career understand issues and practices from the company point of view.

Asigurari24 Insurance Company Launches Brand New and Easy-to-Navigate Website

Asigurari24, a brand new Romanian insurance company located in Bucharest, has just launched its user-friendly website. The company is an insurance broker that strives to provide its clients with insurance policies that are as affordable as possible. From car insurance to home insurance and much more, Asigurari24 is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of insurance needs.

Renault Launches Scala to Enrich the Sedan Space - Review by finds out that Renault launched Scala, the second sedan from its fold in August 2012. Unlike Fluence, its first sedan and developed indigenously, Scala is a re-badged version of Nissan Sunny, with some changes made to the exteriors and interiors. Scala is positioned as mid-sized entry level sedan from Renault, right below Fluence, and above the hatchback Pulse.

Renault's Hatchback Pulse Kicks off - Reports finds out that Renault Pulse is the French car maker’s third product in India, after it got separated from Mahindra partnership. The hatchback Pulse was first shown in India at the 2011 Formula 1 event at Greater Noida where Renault formula 1 drivers lifted the veil off the car for the first time. However, the diesel version of Pulse was officially launched at the Auto Expo 2012. Pulse which is targeted towards the popular mass consumer segment, is Renault’s attempt to mark a presence in all major car segments. In the mass segment, the Pulse competes with the likes of Maruti Swift

Renault Announces Hatchback Sandero - View by reports that Renault may be planning to fill the gap in the hatchback segment through Sandero. Renault has as many as three cars in the premium segment and only the less successful Pulse for the hatchback segment. Pulse has not been a successful car and Renault maybe planning to phase off Pulse, to be replaced with the more versatile Renault Sandero as soon as end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

Skoda Announced New Laura - Reports reports that Skoda India is planning to facelift its sedan Laura in 2013. Octavia, the name used globally, is titled Laura in India. Though when Skoda initially came in India, it used the Octavia name, but decided to rename it to Skoda Laura later on. The original Octavia was a landmark offering for India and stood apart in terms of the size, comfort, and handling associated to a sedan. However, presently Skoda is facing declining sales for Laura and with ongoing corporate re-branding, the Laura will be facelifted and re-launched with Octavia name, new livery, and looks.

Skoda Shows New Rapid - Reports finds out that a new version of Skoda Rapid was launched in Europe recently. believes that a remodelled version of the European Rapid can be used by Skoda India to fill the price void. Skoda India has been into a sleepy state and has not been active on new product launches. Rapid was the last launch from Skoda. Though the Czech car maker did launch some facelifts in 2012, they went un-noticed. The present price of the Rapid ranges from Rs. 7 -10 lacs, and the next sedan from Skoda – the Laura – comes in the Rs. 15 lacs plus bracket. In absence of any new major launches, Skoda can bring the new version of European Rapid and fill the price void.

Skoda Plans New Fabia in 2014 - Finds Out finds out that Skoda India is planning to facelift and re-launch its hatchback Fabia. Skoda Fabia was witnessing declining sales of as low as 133 units sold in Nov 2013, which is very low for a hatchback. It is expected that Volkswagen, the holding company for Skoda, will utilize its next generation MQB platform to make changes in the Fabia, rework on the pricing and again launch new Fabia by around 2014. A common next generation MQB platform will enable Volkswagen to leverage economies of scale and help up free funds for marketing of cars such as Fabia.

Car Enthusiasts Use Unique Cars to Teach Teen Drivers

Auto enthusiasts are using unique vehicles to get through to teenage drivers about safe driving practices. Survive the Drive is committed to motivating and informing teen drivers about the importance of safe driving.

Integrator Partnership Between Harris Handling and Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks Announced

LogoTom Currier, Co-founder of Harris Handling noted, “Like Seegrid, Harris Handling prides itself on providing solutions to their customers that increase efficiency and operational productivity while helping customers prosper. Seegrid is an opportunity creator and we are proud to be an integrator partner. We are confident Harris Handling customers will benefit from using Seegrid’s robotic pallet trucks and tow tractors.”

Pawlik Automotive Repair Wins Gold Best of the City Auto Repair Award for 2013

Pawlik Automotive Repair proudly accepts the award for WE 16th Annual Best of the City Auto Repair Gold winner. For five years running, Pawlik Automotive has been the recipient of the award. "We are pleased and humbled to be selected by customers for this award," Bernie Pawlik, owner of Pawlik Automotive Repair states.